5th Summit of the Americas News: April 14, 2009

The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

Mariano: Everything’s on track
Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Committee, Mariano Browne, says “everything is on track for a good summit.”

Manning pleased as big opening day draws near

Obama talks at summit opening
United States President Barack Obama will speak “live” in Trinidad on Friday at the Opening Ceremony of the Fifth Summit of the Americas at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, said Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

US Labour Secretary coming for talks

1,200 journalists coming for summit
Communications co-ordinator of the Fifth Summit of the Americas, Felipe Noguera, says about 1,200 media personnel from 34 countries will visit for the Summit from April 17 to 19.

Over 750 journalists registered so far

Media question ‘pooling’
When asked about the selection process, she [Globecast representative, Melanie Gibb] could not reveal details. However, she indicated that because of the number of countries covering the mega-meeting, only one member of the local media may be chosen for a pool.

NEWS UPDATE: Evo Morales suspends hunger strike
  …after Congress approves new electoral law

NEWS UPDATE: Bolivia Enacts New Electoral Law

No word yet on Bolivia’s Morales

Venezuela’s Chávez Pledges Support for Hunger Striking Morales in Bolivia
Morales had announced that he will skip the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and the summit of the Latin American trade bloc ALBA in Venezuela this week, unless the Bolivian Senate passes the law.

‘Corn soup, callaloo will set Evo right’
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning half-jokingly invited Bolivian President Evo Morales to try some Trini crab and callaloo to “set him right”, even as word came that Morales will miss the Fifth Summit of the Americas from Friday to Sunday as he yesterday entered his fifth day of a hunger strike.

Flight delays, youth talks start late
DELAYS in the arrival of delegates yesterday hampered at least two of the events which were scheduled to take place before the start of the Fifth Summit of the Americas on Friday.

Cruise ships dock for summit

Princess, Victory dock in PoS
WITH its horn blaring, the majestic cruise liner Caribbean Princess announced its arrival at the spanking new multi-million dollar Port-of-Spain International Waterfront at 5.15 pm yesterday.

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  1. i am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. As a citizen i experience the nonsense that is occurring in this twin island. As a youth i wonder what is the importance of the fifth summit of the Americas.Why should the government of Trinidad and Tobago rush to cover up the country, meaning cleaning places that hasn’t even been touched over the past years example the dump, moving the vagrants that lived there for years. why don’t the government leave Trinidad the way it is and so the foreigners will see the real dilapidated Trinidad and Tobago. Since the PNM has been in power the citizens has been treated like dogs, everyday someone is losing a member of the family, up to 6 murders a day. Now foreigners are coming to this country and the government and suddenly the government seem to take an interest in how the country is looking and they are spending our money which could have been put to good use like helping the people of this country but instead spending our money to cover up their dirty work! the prime minister of this country spends over 10 million on decorating for the summit, to me that is not right!!!! the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago put the government in charge t handle the financial affairs and to see about the country, cater to its needs, why waste tons of money that isn’t going to help the people in the long run but put people through hard times later on?? i wonder if the people of trinidad and tobago’s eyes are open to see the things that are going on in this country. you have to ask yourself, what is Barack Obama going to do for me and my family? why are they cutting down all the beautiful greenery just because some presidents are coming here? why is the president of the united states of America bringing his own medical assistance, water, his own security and many more? why don’t he use the things of Trinidad ? we are being treated like lower class people.i know this fifth summit of the Americas isn’t going to do any thing for me nor my family. i will just pray and ask god to save us from the after effects of the summit.
    from :a concerned citizen

  2. It’s a pity people cannot remove their political eyes and give a fair response. Due to ones political eyes, he/she is blinded. What is wrong with the Government cleaning up the place? When important visitors are coming to our homes, we all clean up the place and spruce it up. Even for Christmas we paint up etc and change curtains. So we are expecting visitors and we need to make the place look clean and sparkly. Let us stop talking “dotishnes” The President of the USA always walk with his medical assistance, water, security etc. Do these people read or watch TV? Be real people. It is a pity that we stoop so low in our thinking. Let me ask one final question. When visitors are coming to your home, do you clean it and leave it dirty. Do you sweep the house and wash the dirty wares? I guess my friend leaves she room dirty and smelling stink. Let the 5th Summit of the Americas begin. Hail Trinidad and Tobago. It is an honour to host this Summit. Let us all be gracious guests.

  3. I agree with except as a matter of U.S. national security the President has to travel with that entourage. You had it right when you asked,” What is it that Barack Obama is going to do for me and my family”? The answer is nothing. It’s not his role because the person who is supposed to be handling such affairs is too busy trying to match wealth and global status. I’m not asking for a change in government although I probably should. I am asking for the government to change its policy of pandering to other leaders and start focusing on their countrymen.

  4. I usually keep my home clean because I live there not because I’m having guest. Now if the Prime Minister could take that approach to governing, then perhaps he wouldn’t have had to ask protesters to stay home.

  5. When the topic of the Needs of Persons with Disabilities will be address by the Summit of the Americas?

  6. some trinidadians are so stupid but i guess you guys dont know any better.the first african-american president of the US my home who the world so gloryfies is coming to trinidad,not barbados not jamaica not any other island but trinidad not to mention the other 33 heads of state for a summit, but typical stupid senseless trinidadians ask what’s Obama doing for me,well if some of you people did not know trinidad is a very important ally to the USA not to mention the 75% of natural gas in america that comes from you guys the oil,steel,amonia foods and goods we buy from you.this is an opportunity that any prime minister no matter who is the ruling party whould of taken not to mention the other caribbean islands that envy trinidad for being the host to a summit that none of them have ever seen. you people should be honoured to host such an event and support your leader,hey shane or what ever your name is you need to open your eyes and think on a higher level and stop asking stupid questions like who is going to do what for your family cause no one cares and dont think because im from the states life is sweet because its not and i know a great deal about your country so dont even think of telling me im not from there so how do i know..enjoy your summit people and cherish your country for it is one of the greatest and most powerful countrys in the caribbean,i know my mom is from there.and to you who dont understand what your government is doing they are simply pushing for trinidad and tobago to be a developed country opening trinidad up for business and we all know..well i cant say all but to make money you have to spend money so for the dumb people asking why they spend all this money this is just one reason and besides do you want them tho have the summit in the red house or woodford square!!yea i know about woodford square or in the stadium where you guys have everything lol…

  7. What will Obama’s coming do for me, one writer asked. He can do nothing for a closed mind. but, to the little child living in poverty, whose skin colour is like his and Michelle’s, I am sure it will mean a grat deal of inspiration. Did we ask thesse questions when Charles and Camilla came last year? Did we ask this when all the British royals came calling over the last one hiundred years? We lined our children up to wave flags and grin at them. Every small child in TnT, may find it interesting to learn the geography of the Americas now.Trade in goods could result, and a better chance at life’s gifts may be theirs. We send athletes to visit schools, even rural ones. did anyone ask what does Wendy’s going to a school, or Latapy do for the students there?, who are not interested in beauty contests or soccer?

    We should stop trying to qualify as the grumpiest hosts in the world, or the most churlish. We as a people, are better than that.A little extra cleaning when company comes makes sense, silly people, we all do it all the time. The challenge would be for the people of Trinidad to take pride in their place, nd keep it clea after the Summit ids over.

    i am sure Mr. Manning does not throw his child’s used papmers on the beach at Macaqueripe, nor leave abandonned Carib bottles on store Bay’s sands.

  8. This summit is a GREAT opportunity to show the world that TnT is a force to be reckoned with and this is exactly what Patrick Manning intends to do! Show the Caribbean ‘who is boss’!!!!

    What I am worried about though is the fact that the average citizen will be disturbed by this meeting…security etc etc. But I think that this is a result of the size of our island…Pos is a small city so obviously a meeting of this importance WILL affect everyone with business there.

    I am annoyed that maintenance work WAS ONLY DONE for this summit but, if it takes a summit just to get a bus shed repaired and painted, I will take it!!!! The city looks and feels refreshed…I hope that our population will not go and DESTROY these things like they have done to so many other things in the past. Let us show our govt and each other that we can MAINTAIN and care for our infrastructure!!!!!!!!

  9. This is my first trip to the beautiful twin island republic and i read this blog and wonder if was back home, but then i realise we are all from the caricom region. I am from Guyana. And one thing is for sure, there are always naysayers. we faced similar comments when we hosted CARIFESTA, the detractors who sought to demonize the government, withou realising that they were demonising their homeland and themselves. i think trinidad, particularly the government’s should be commended for this huge undertaking. some people are just negative and will never see positive. u just have to ignore htem. to surroudn urself with ignorance and hatred can lead to u becoming the same.

  10. Radha don’t confuse Trinidad and Tobago with the last Carifesta in Guyana. In the first place the PPP prepared a brochure telling people about the uniqueness of the Indian Guyanese population. the first Carifesta was created by Forbes Burnham and was a non partisan Caribbean festival. The last Carifesta was heavily weighted with ethnic preference. Besides, Guyana does not have a national Government. Guyana has a Government voted in by Indians, that Governs on behalf of Indians, and collaborated with a murderous vigilante squad that murdered over 300 young black men.

    When you talk about we Radha, people should know that means “awee” in ethnic terms. International advisors advised the Government of Guyana to phase out the Sugar and Bauxite industry, because they were at that time unprofitable. Because mostly Indians work in the sugar industry and blacks in the Bauxite industry the Guyana Government closed down the Bauxite company while heavily subsidizing the Sugar Industry. What about the 168 million dollars the President took from the pension fund paid into by mostly black public servants to give to his friend to build a hotel.

    My wife is Guyanese, and I pay attention to what is going on in your country. I can post comments from Indians on Guyanese websites where they refer to African Guyanese as black dogs. Then they come on websites like these pretending that Guyana is “all awwe ah wan”. You ain’t nutting more than a dam PPP sychophant.

  11. People who try to enlighten their domestic population to the absurdities and corruption of their government are not demonizing the government. The government did that to themselves for not taking the proper steps to lift the standard of living and the quality of life of their constituents. I really don’t understand the slave mentality that is gripping the nation. I suppose that when expectations are so low that anything that the government says, the populace will accept.

  12. Two men looked out of a prison cell. One saw the beautiful sky above him, the other saw the dirt below him. If we continually choose to see only the negative effects of our Country hosting the 5th Summit that is what we will receive. Why not put some positive energy, and focus on the positive gains that can be derived by our hosting this Summit. If the only good thing to come out of the event is our roadways being upgraded, then to all of us who havr spent thousand of dollars to purchase our vehicles Thumbs up. Life is too short to continually sweat the small stuff. We will never always agree with the way ‘our money’ is spent, but since taking about it causes no change, lets first change our approach to these issues, and maybe with some positive actions (not strikes), we may experiece some positive Change.

  13. Three men were trapped in an underground cold mine for approximately seven days, with what appeared to many as absolutely no chance of rescue and or evacuation to safety . One man had a watch on his wrist in which he was able to judge the length of time he was underground. His two other colleagues did not. Due to diligent work, the men were eventually found . The initial joy by management ,friends ,and colleagues , were quickly dampened due to the fact that the miner in possession of the watch was found dead, while his two buddies were alive and well with high expectations.
    The moral of the story as put forward by a few of us armchair Monday morning quarterbacks is that dire consequences awaits individuals, societies and the wider global community ,once hope is lost forever- as was the case for the miner with the watch who was able to check the precise length of time he suffered in his symbolic prison where rescue seemed hopeless and impossible.
    It is said in the King Olauda Equano James version Bible of Proverbs 29: 18 , that “ Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Let us the progressives continue to put country first, and do our part to make patriotism sexy again.
    The global village is undergoing its share of chaos that seems insurmountable to the weak of heart. Hang in there however dear friends, as nation building can be quite a difficult task.
    Warm Regards.

  14. I want to thank all those poeple who took “official pictures” of the Summit Village, the Piarco roundabout and all the cleaning up and so on. I recieved three files of the identical pictures, one frm a girlfriend in Ft. LAuderdale, one from a priest in miami and one from a friend in western CAnada. They were all bursting with pride about our being selected to host itotr volunteering. I have forwarded thos picture files to all my north american and other friends, only two of which have actually been with me to Trinidad. One comment from a guest in 1985″I remember the beauty of the green hills acros from your front porch(in Diego MArtin). the flowers, M– nestly kept house and the friendliness of the people” We know this is who we are.
    Let us rejoice, and pray a blessing on the intentions of all who come in peace.

    I support the governement’s decision to send back certain “professional protesters”. People who drink bush teas for other people’s fevers, usually get poisoned. One wonders where they get the money to show up at international events all the time. I, who worked as an educator, for fifty one years, cannot do that on my own.

  15. THANK YOU MISS EDWARDS!!!! Somebody who also shares my opinion that these PROFESSIONAL PROTESTORS should not be allowed into our island. This is the only concern that I have….yes you have to right to protest BUT you do not have the right to cause Trouble and Confusion!

  16. I am happy that Trinidad and Tobago has the opportunity to host the Summit of the Americas. I am also proud that all eyes will be on what I believe is a potential powerhouse of the region. What I hope is that the leaders of Trinidad and Tobago (political and business)walk away with is a new sense of purpose and a heightened will to transform the rest of the country as they did in the immediate area of the Summit. It is time to capitalize on the energy of the people which will probably resonate through out the country for the rest of the year by expanding on the average citizens chance to improve their lives. I still believe protest is healthy for any nation, but I also believe that it has to be relevant. The leaders have to reflect on what transpires during their summit, and apply new ways of doing business in order to reach out to disconnected members of the community. I cannot pretend to have all of the answers and these are only suggestions as I see it. One thing is for sure and that thing is that it would be more than shameful if the leaders learn nothing from this experience after the people have invested so much pride and their tax money into this event. From now on, I for one would not like to hear any excuses for change in regards to productive spending by the Prime Minister, law enforcement, sagging tourism, and or corporate abuse without someone being held accountable. TNT the time for justice is always now so let’s get it done and let’s prosper together!

  17. I am really excited about Trinidad and Tobago hosting the 5th summit of the Americas because we are actually “THE FIRST SMALL CARIBBEAN COUNTRY,” to host a summit of its kind. And I support the government to do all that is needed for a successful summit.And I don’t know why SOME,”SMART PEOPLE,” of Trinidad and Tobago isn’t surpportive of this summit they say that “DE GOVERNMENT ONLY WANTA cLEAN UP DE PLACE FOR BARRACK OBAMA,”. It don’t matter if they don’t like it but at this time I feel really proud to be a Trinbagoian if I am so excited why can’t you people be to and stop being so negative to this situation . I am only 12 years old.

  18. “People who try to enlighten their domestic population to the absurdities and corruption of their government are not demonizing the government.”
    For the final time dear Curtis ,you can get your revenge come next election time along with the rest of the domestic population , as you lead the charge to vote them out of office with a party that’s honest and in possession of a more uplifting , progressive , globally aggressive agenda of benefit to all citizens.
    Since you might find such a task a bit overwhelming in our present political landscape, then don’t be surprise if the majority of that “domestic population,” you are concerned about are prepared to say the following: “ If better cannot be done , let the worst continue.” That’s basic 101 intelligent pragmatism for you son, and no Halifax or Saskatchewan educational logic cannot replicate that.

  19. First of all, I would like to admit I was excited to hear that the summit of the Americas was being held in Trinidad. But that was before the recession. All the developed nations of the world are being adversely affected and imagine for our little island. I think we could have been better off with all that money in our pockets, than having the average man getting the same pay to buy expensive groceries and fuel. The man who advised us to “Tighten our belts” in these times has seemed to forgotten his words. His ego has been inflated so much I fear to see what it will take for this man to be brought back down to Earth. Because the suffering of the youths and parents,supporters and non-supporters,all of us clearly isn’t enough. How much of us has lost our loved ones and have actually gained justice? We are all living in denial. The real issues should be addressed and the Real Trinidad should be seen by the foreign delegates.
    To Mr. Neal, it is ok to tidy up for visitors, but there isn’t a broom big enough to sweep the amount of problems Trinidad is facing. You can’t hide all of that and more importantly you shouldn’t.Mr. Manning is choosing to ignore the social and economic problems of his citizens.That is not patriotic.He should treat us better and then we would be happy citizens and then this summit would have been a joy in our lives instead of strife.And one more thing, you don’t have to be a non supporter of the current administration just because you disagree with having the summit.Right now, Mr. “Tighten your belt” has exceeded the budget for the summit…way to go you really tighten.

  20. It is a WASTE of money that can be spent elsewhere BUT it is a gambit and longshot the Manning is taking to plant TNT as a force to be reckoned with. It all goes well, Trinidad will be the meeting point of the Americas!

  21. Today I saw the opening of the Summit and I was extremely proud to see the amount of talent that exists in our region. While at times I found there were some unneccessary spendings, I looked at the positive. We finally got improved infrastructure, why complain? Whether it was done because of the summit or not, it benefits us all at the end of the day. Furthermore, I am not an avid fan of our local politicians because I find they often do not speak about issues but the Summit offers great opportunities for our young people to see what other countries bring to the table apart from those who constantly bombard our television sets. I think Trinidad and Tobago should feel proud that after all the money was spent, we hosted well because it could have been, we spent a lot of money and things fell apart. Kudos to all those who worked assiduously to complete this massive task.

  22. {firstly} it’s always great to have such an event on our shores, my concerns are, would the government be able over the next (2) two years prove to us the citizens how the summit has benefited us. {finally} would it be possible to maintain the high level of the armed forces seen during the summit ?

  23. I believe the summit was a success and i have my reasons. I’m not pleased with some of the hickups however like the accreditation process; the fact that many businesses were closed as a result of nonexpectant sales. I’m not pleased that so many army and police official have to be at the beetham when the president was passing as if Trinidadian would want to hurt Obama or something. We love the man thats why so much of us was proud when he got elected. Sometimes the authorities don’t act like we’re civilized people or something.

    At UWI the stupid guard didn’t want me, a bonafide student, to pass through to get to class as if i wanted to be apart of those morons with there nonsensical discussions, why so much security measures? This is a calm country not Haiti or Somalia or something?


    The fate of all great nations is deeply rooted in civil disobedience and violence. It is a moral weapon in the fight for justice but one would ask; how can civil disobedience ever be moral? It depends on one’s definition of the term.
    In India in the year 1919, 10,000 people gathered in Amritsar to protest the tyranny of British rule. British Brigadier General Reginald Dyer trapped them in a park and ordered his troops to fire into the crowd for ten minutes. When the smoke cleared, 379 were dead; men, women, children shot down in cold blood. Dyer said he had taught them a ‘moral lesson’. Gandhi and his followers responded not with violence but with an organized campaign of non-cooperation. Government buildings were occupied; streets were blocked with people who refused to rise even when beaten by police. Gandhi was arrested but the British were soon forced to release him; he called it a ‘moral victory’. The definition of moral; is it Dyer’s lesson or Gandhi’s victory?
    One should always act with love and respect to one’s opponent and law breakers must accept the legal consequences for their actions. Civil disobedience is not something for us to fear – it is after all an American concept. You see, Gandhi drew his inspiration not from a Hindu scripture but from Henry David Thoreau who graduated from Harvard and lived in America. He is best known for his book Walden, a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings, and his essay, Civil Disobedience, an argument for individual resistance to civil government in moral opposition to an unjust state.
    Majorities do not decide what is right or wrong, your conscience does. So why should a citizen surrender his or her conscience to a legislator? We must never ever kneel down before the tyranny of a majority. In this twin island state, human lives are being oppressed – what wrong have these poor souls done to be treated in this manner? Manning and his administration are instilling fear in the hearts of these poor souls and worse yet, shame has filled their faces. Who are we to just lie here and do nothing?
    No matter what the people of this twin island state do, the government remains an oppressive regime – they are criminals and the law does nothing. We must take a stand against the tyranny and exploitation being experienced in our country. While the government attempts with all its might to put on the biggest carnival of deception to the world since our independence, we must respond!
    We must send a strong message to the world that all is not well in Trinidad and Tobago! We are a broken nation, constantly living in fear from the rampant crime, economic depression and corruption plaguing us. The time is right to rise up and come together. It is now up to every one of us to take back this beleaguered country from contempt and corruption.
    Join and support us fully in our attempt to change all this… We can do it with the help of God Almighty… The alternative to doing nothing is living in this abyss that is Trinidad and Tobago. Manning and his administration would say nothing that erodes the rule of law can be moral but there is no rule of law here, not where the people are denied housing, food, clean water, turned away from hospitals and not when they are denied free speech and freedom of expression and branded as criminals.
    St Augustine of Hippo said an unjust law is no law at all which means we have a right and even a duty to resist with violence or civil disobedience; Manning and his administration should pray we choose the latter.
    Umar Abdullah
    Waajihatul Islaamiyyah
    (The Islamic Front)
    17th April 2009

  25. Wendell said :- “my concerns are, would the government be able over the next (2) two years prove to us the citizens how the summit has benefited us.” He also subtly tried to imply something by the following: “would it be possible to maintain the high level of the armed forces seen during the summit ?”

    Lord , can someone put a hand! To think that I thought that 10 year old naïve kids were not allowed to blog on serious and pertinent issues of the day that affects our country. Can you believe that Wendell is expecting a 2 year miracle on behalf of our country. Cousin Wendell, politicians do this every day across the globe . Go to big conferences and speak glowingly in front of the camera for the benefit of domestic and foreign audiences. Often the comments are without substance as is the case toady. Do not bet me on this , for you would never see any positive shift in economic ,and political policies in the Caribbean or Latin America unless the people decides to get engage and hold Washington’s hands to the fire, and support progressive leaders locally. Haiti would still be a social dung heap, Castro/ Raul would still have a vise grip on that unfortunate island, and citizens of T&T aka Rainbow country would still suffer – not only because of the government’s inabilities and or inactions -as you want to claim- but also due to the fact that we lack vibrant ,and viable alternative opposition to the PNM which the people can have confidence in.
    “would it be possible to maintain the high level of the armed forces seen during the summit ?” As for this one , I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were under the influence of a ‘Sex on the Beach,’ or ‘Cuban Libre’ drink made with our potent ,wonderful Vat19 Rum laced with some of our world famous Angostura bitters . So you really believe that your unfortunate cousins and relatives forced to still live in Lange Park, Westmoorings, Federation Park,and Valsayne ,are going to be safe in their 25 room 5 Million dollar mansions , because of high armed forces on every corner in our Republic like that which was manifested for two days during the summit? What are kids learning in school today can one enquire fellow bloggers? I had more common sense growing up , when only exposed to one channel TTT, viewed from the neighbor’s TV , because of abject poverty- the result of political neglect and having born into the wrong family.

    Ulama Umar Abdullah said the following:-“fate of all great nations is deeply rooted in civil disobedience and violence. In India in the year 1919, 10,000 people gathered in Amritsar to protest the tyranny of British rule.”
    The million dollar question for you Ulama Umar Abdullah is, when exactly will 10,000 or hopefully 10 million poor suffering low cast Hindus , and Muslims rise up and protest modern so call democratic India’s tyranny , neglect ,and discrimination ?The Sheiks have repeatedly spoken , but they are lifelong warriors , and were appeased via the selection of their President – or is he PM. I just cannot figure out the ways of neo- colonialist where- so- ever they exist across the globe.
    Can we not finally have the courage to create a law that would arrest , persecute, and jail any religious leader that dares to venture outside of his spiritual purview by uttering imbecilic , rabid, and often politically inciting commentaries disguised as a sermon to sleeplike followers?
    It might finally put to rest -after 19 years of inaction – Baker and other opportunistic Islamist Wahabi Front agents despicable behaviors in our country. If this is what we have to endure in the name of democracy, give me Joseph Stalin ,Mao, or Castro any day.

  26. Your point is quite valid RealTrini, and so you won’t hear an excuse from yours truly on that score . Answer me the following question however if you can. Would our seemingly insurmountable social and economic problems be eradicated if our country had remained dirty ,and not spruced up for the benefit of visitors via this exalted conference ?
    Remember my friend, that when it comes to their fellow citizens ,politicians sometimes operates in similar fashion as most of us everyday folks would with each other . They can tend to take you for granted if you allow them to.
    There for example is the case of the overweight big butt, illiterate ,young lady that sits on a chair eating everything in sight, while feeling sorry for herself . She should not be surprise when her spouse chooses to ignore her and look longingly at the pretty girl next door that choose to exercise daily ,and seeks to improve her lot. The same applies to the beer gut, down on his luck , unemployed male stooge merely contended to impregnate his significant other with a child each year while he lives in the neighborhood rum shop,
    and read his Bible , Quran or Bhagavad Gita everyday.
    The people tends to generally get the government they deserves my friend . Do me a favor and keep doing your national duty to be part of the solution, and not the problems that you so eloquently lamented about . Think about the possibilities for our people in terms of achievements , if they could only put half the energies into their work duties, and other socially uplifting non tribal activities , as we do for a much anticipated weekend Cura curry Duck lime, or construction of and or purchase of a Carnival costume.
    Surprise ! Surprise ! The savvy politicians knows that clearly well. Two days after Uncle Basdeo Panday daughter graduate from England she came home and ran for office , and naïve Oroupuce West folks voted for her overwhelmingly . Poor Ramesh and Jack Warner thought they were signing on to something that looked like change from business as usual , via the PNM and now have to put their political ambitions aside to accommodate their democratic leader. See any parallels with cousin Manning , or can you get a better grip as to why your country is running a distant third or more correctly fourth to other progressive Caribbean islands that fail to own a quarter of the human and natural resources that we possess? I wish you well in your quest.
    Your humble voice of reason.

  27. Message to Mr.Umar Abdullah:
    You and David Abdullah have the same name, and a drastic attitude to change.

    Now, if you were born in TnT you would know that we are a different people. We are not Wahabbists, we are not Islamists, we are not the Janata Hindu Party. We are Trinidadians, a trifecta of peoples living in a land named for the triune God.

    Rising up and overthrowing anything with violent revolution is NOT the way. Intelligent discourse is required. A coming together of all our people as problem solvers, is important.

    We do not accept imported causes pushed by people aligned to a faith that is not the faith of all our fathers. We love to work together but go our own way when it comes to religion.We want our friends to be priests ,pundits ,bankers, businessmen and rascals of all groups.

    This country is free especially because we have a Laissez Faire attitude to so many things.It keeps us from going totally insane, like the peole in some Middle Eastern countries seem to be, or some in Eastern Europe. We eveolved from different causes, and we move as we do, because we are a unique people.

    This love we have of this place, this land where our navel strings are buried, rises above inciendiary passions, to the reasonable place where we can agree to disagree.

  28. I hope all goes well with The Summit on the Caribbean Princess! I am from Canada and my daughter works aboard this ship. Hope all goes smooth and she has an opportunity to see the island.Be safe,be happy! Love Mom

  29. Synthia Trembley of Canada, concerns reminds one of a certain expression. It was best selling author Teri Mc Millian who once wrote a book entitled ‘ a day late and a dollar short,’ some years ago.
    She as you recalled was that famous African American a writer that took sadistic pleasures in exposing and chronicling the lovelorn and sometimes romantic peccadilloes of chiefly black middle class , confused women as they attempted to use and exploit less educated , but street black lovers. That was until she was forced to drink her own poison , when she left her country and tried to get her groove by settling for a Jamaican con artist that pretended to care about members of the opposite sex.
    Just to let you know Synthia , the conference went well, and according to the Minister of National Security was a huge success. http://guardian.co.tt/news/general/2009/04/21/joseph-summit-security-successful
    If your daughter did not ring and request that you sell the four cars , the half million shares in the Halifax Stock Exchange ,and put the house up for sale to get the ransom money for the dangerous sweet T&T aka Rainbow country criminals , it also mean that all went smoothly aboard the Caribbean Princess, and she is safe, as well as happy as she view the island. I would let the grateful nation also know that you and all of Canada wish them well.

  30. The Prime Minister’s Role
    After the Summit of the Americas

    Waajihatul Islaamiyyah (The Islamic Front) would like to send a strong warning to Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his administration to ‘make it right’ after the Fifth Summit of the Americas.
    This summit ought to be a purging of his heart, mind and soul and should begin with a clean slate on Tuesday April 21st, 2009.
    In keeping with the theme “Securing Our Citizens’ Future by Promoting Human Prosperity, Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability”, the Prime Minister must note that the common factor here is the human lives that make up these 34 states, more so, since the most important resource of any country is its people.

    You must take care of the people (or his children as he would put it) but in recent times the citizenry has been treated as bastards.
    The time has come where Prime Minister Manning is to step up to the plate as a real leader and deal with the issues affecting the human lives of this twin island state.
    This ‘band-aid’ policy is not going to work anymore.

    Six hundred million dollars ($600,000,000.00) is a lot of money.
    We are giving him (the Prime Minister) the benefit of the doubt, despite the fact that social organisations across the region complained that governments have not fulfilled commitments assumed at earlier editions of the summit, on issues such as access to information, freedom of expression, decentralisation and participation by civil society.

    The main conclusion is that the majority of the governments have been backsliding; that is, they have taken concrete actions that actually run counter to the commitments signed at previous summits.

    Apart from the summit agenda, we have real issues that include:
    • Poverty as it relates to preventable maternal mortality and deprivation.
    • Adequate health care, food, housing, land acquisition, education, access to clean water, proper roads and unemployment relief as it relates to government policy.
    • Human rights as it relates to government operations and behaviour (e.g. to prison life and prison reform).
    • Environment as it relates to government projects.
    • Public security as it relates to crime, corruption and arbitrary detention.

    All these are issues of great human concern.

    Any attempt by Prime Minister Manning and/or his administration to shift from these and other related issues would result in no other choice but for him and/or his administration to suffer the consequences… which would in turn hamper the health of this dying democracy.

    Umar Abdullah
    Waajihatul Islaamiyyah
    (The Islamic Front)

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