UWI backs protests against EU blacklist

Trinidad & Tobago Guardian
December 26, 2017 – guardian.co.tt

University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad Main Administration BuildingKINGSTON—The University of the West Indies (UWI) is backing Caribbean Community (Caricom) governments in protesting the European Union’s (EU) recent blacklisting of regional countries it considers tax haven.

In a statement issued, Vice-Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles said the UWI “stands with the governments of the Caribbean in protesting the recent actions by the EU and calling for a more transparent and equitable regulatory system and joins the call for the EU to enter into a process to resolve the issue.”

“To this end, The University of the West Indies will continue to put its expertise and research capacity at the service of governments, the private sector and regional organizations to craft appropriate policy responses,” he said.

On December 5, the EU named Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia, and T&T among 17 countries it considers tax havens. It said those nations were not doing enough to deal with offshore avoidance schemes.

Sir Hilary warned the unilateral move stood to have a deleterious effect on these economies, while accusing the EU of singlehandedly “derailing” and “undermining” the global financial system.
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3 thoughts on “UWI backs protests against EU blacklist”

  1. Buh I find our local financial types are doing enough so dem Lochos Withe Privilege like JP Morgan Chase and the Guyanese Trader rat that trip off the last financial meltdown in 2008 doh take out all ah the money from we CARICOM economies and leave we flat on we bottom with a doltish Bling and Swag lovin’ Governments who firing and starving the peoples, all the while sayin “We in Powah Now!” and mismanaging the economies.

    UWI and Trini and Bajan and Jam Rock, GY and the Antillians and Belize. check who on the Financial “Whitelist” and that is who we up against.

  2. Having a continued stranglehold on world developments, Europe and the USA,sees themselves as the Paradigm, while keeping their former subjects chained with customs and values. These Vampire Nations, have moved from hard core Slavery, to semi slavery Indentureship, and now Globalization, in their period of daily rest, before resuming their nightly blood digesting, Colonialism and Emperialism are also byproducts of their Vampire White Supremacy. At the fall of the Soviet Union, Western Europe and the USA were havens for money laundering, billions having been stolen and brought to the west, the owner of Chelsea football club in England, is a prime example, He and many others, are wanted men in Russia today. During the last European so-called World War, Billions were taken from Germany to England by the Jews, true White Supremacy double standards, this the world that we have adapted to, and live in. None of the European and USA multi-national companies saw it fit to start any of their manufacturing concerns in the Islands, never did they think of elevating the vast number of descendants, who worked 18+ hrs a day to enrich Europe and the USA, today, after 500+ hrs, the Caribbean continue serving through the Hotel industry, with Sandals, Hiltons, Marriots and many others representing the crumbs. the Carricom community, doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but to go along to get along, the factured Islands, showed their true colors in encouraging the USA to invade Grenada, some of the Islands involved, are today, paying a heavy price both Morally and Economically. As long as these so-called Christian worshipping Islands continue to be empowered by European holidays, the Die is Cast for their true Human Development. An example, is the Reparation movement, when ever statements like these are made by EU and the USA, mass demonstrations should evolve on their Embassies and other concerns, but i doubt that this will ever happen, just like in Slavery, very few did or wanted to escape, to be hounded by their like kind, on behalf of their Masters, it showed its ugly face at the last UN vote against Apartheid Israel, MANICU Leaders we now have representing. The days of Eric Williams,Michael Manley, Chadi Jagan, Walter Rodney, Maurice Bishop, Toussaint, and Dessalines are long gone, the cowards are too inept to pick up the mantle, British and American educated house slaves, are the ones in control, their voices are cramped, scared of the beatings.

  3. Before the EU calls for black listing they need to take a look at their own back yard. Although I’m not sure if the UK is involved in this call since there is current negotiations with Brexit. However, there is still the Isle of Mann, Ireland, Channel islands etc. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


    Imagine, in Monaco 1 in 3 people is a millionaire and Singapore is classified as a tax haven. Question: what are the 17 countries that are black listed and who really put this list together?

    If we were to go the route of the US, well here is Trump who to this date has not made full disclosure of his tax payments which is a prerequisite in assuming leadership.

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