Daily Archive for October 30th, 2013

UNC Lacks Institutional Memory on Vote-Splitting

By Stephen Kangal
October 30, 2013

Stephen KangalIt appears that the UNC has no institutional memory relating to the impact of a third force in adversely affecting its electoral performance. Its well-known experience of 2007 and its course correction strategy of 2010 with the COP ought to be very instructive and to determine how it must act to avoid splitting the votes like split peas especially when that third force originates from amongst its traditional base.
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My View on the BBC’s Discussion on Motherhood and Equality

By Corey Gilkes
October 30, 2013

Dr Noel KalicharanOn Friday there was an interesting and important discussion on the BBC as part of its week-long commemoration of 100 women. The discussion explored the question “Is motherhood and impediment to equality”? Well with a title like that it was clear from what cultural context someone was thinking, but more on that in a lil bit. It was clear that many in the room felt the same way as the initial vote showed that 73% believed that it did and at the end of the discussion that figure only decreased by 3%.
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The clause that killed PR

By Dr Noel Kalicharan
October 29, 2013

Dr Noel KalicharanThis article does not concern itself with the pros and cons of proportional representation (PR). I write in my capacity as a student of mathematics, not as a Commissioner on the EBC.

Let me begin by posing a question and I want you to answer it without agonising too much about what the answer should be. Just go with your common sense notion about what you think PR is meant to accomplish.
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