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I have a nation to run

By Newsday Staff
November 21, 2012 – newsday.co.tt

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarPRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar has offered “prayerful support” to the mother of environmentalist Dr Wayne Kublalsingsh — currently on a hunger strike — for his health and well being, but has also noted that she, as Prime Minister, has a country to run.

“As Prime Minister, I also have a duty and an obligation to the nation in ensuring that all matters are dealt with fairly and in the interest of everyone,” Persad-Bissessar said in her letter of response to Kublalsingh’s mother Vilma Kublalsingh, who wrote the PM on Monday asking that she meet with Kublalsingh.
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