Daily Archive for October 19th, 2009

Seismic Vibrations Radiating Beyond the Boundary of the IPL

By Stephen Kangal, Caroni
October 19, 2009

TT CricketersThat the Almighty God is a born Trinbagonian has been established irrefutably time and again. Connecting to Him via TSTT is billed as a local call in Caroni. I cannot say the same for elsewhere since I do not know.

Here is Mother T&T (Dharti Mata) fossilized and embedded in the rock of a creeping and arrogant administration. They daily unleash waves and waves of punitive fiscal measures against a people permanently under siege from the forces of evil and darkness. We are facing a bleak status quo and a cancelled future. But God does not and cannot sleep especially when Trinis are in trouble.
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