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Abolish Local Govt

By Raffique Shah
July 13, 2008

ParliamentAs if this country is not burdened by more than its fair share of woes, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry over expressions of outrage by those who see the sky caving in on Trinidad and Tobago because government postponed Local Government elections for the third time. What, pray, is the big fuss over staging local elections? The municipalities and corporations continue to exist-note I did not say function-as they always have, elections or no elections. In other words, they did nothing to benefit citizens during their official tenure. And they continue to do nothing as they await reforms promised by the Government since 2002.
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What Were you Expecting from Minister Le Gendre?

By Corey Gilkes
July 10, 2008

Esther Le GendreI just had to comment on last Sunday’s Express article by Ms Sheila Rampersad in which she expressed her great disappointment over Education Minister Esther Le Gendre’s attack on Mickela Panday in Parliament.

With all due respect to Ms Rampersad, I found her expectations of Ms Le Gendre and indeed the whole idea of women’s solidarity in our political context were naive to say the least. To any person who really looks at the political culture in Trinidad, the rest of the Caribbean and the North Atlantic – from where we have aped our political models and institutions – it should be quite clear that simply having women in the corridors of political power (a la the “Put a Woman in the Parliament” campaign) would not have amounted to much. Such naivete is right up there with the view that simply having a black man as President or Prime Minister means that now we have someone with Africentric values in a position of power that was created by the Eurocentric power structure.
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Calling Pastor Kwame in his Right Name

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
July 10, 2008

CrossThe following headline was blazoned across the July issue of The Anglican Outlook: “Hundreds say Farewell, Canon Griffith,” the former pastor of St. Clement’s Anglican Church. The photograph that accompanied the story showed his colleagues carrying his casket to its final resting place. Bishop Calvin Best presided at the Holy Eucharist while Lystra Bernice Griffith Brown, the canon’s daughter, delivered the eulogy.
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Exploding the Myth of Meritocracy

By Stephen Kangal
July 08, 2008

Trini PeopleI was in employment in the Public Service during the period when the meritocracy factor slowly and surreptitiously began to assert itself as the preferred alternative criterion to seniority as the determining consideration to effect promotions. This development constituted as an aspect of Performance Management in Public Service Reform.

That reform was driven by Gordon Draper’s “Management by Objectives” proposal designed to upgrade the Confidential Reports of public servants.
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Poverty is Not a Virtue

By Michael De Gale
July 08, 2008

PeopleT&T is not a failed state; it is a state whose socio/economic policies, ineffective leadership and lack of vision is failing its citizens. It is a state which has consistently failed to effectively integrate large sections of the African and East Indian populations into the wealth creating mechanism that would give them a stake in the country. This failure manifests itself in misdirected values, social deviance, questionable morals and increasing violence. Consequently, with the exception of the elite, a struggling middle class and an increasing number of foreigners, the great majority of citizens in this small but oil rich nation remain poor; marginally more than hewers of wood and drawers of water.
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Another Central toddler murdered

Three-year-old Roshni RamdialPolice were on a manhunt in Central Trinidad last night, after another toddler was murdered.

Three-year-old Roshni Ramdial, was pronounced dead on arrival at Chaguanas Health Centre. The child was beaten.

Roshni’s death followed the deaths of several other children who were attacked and killed during the past few months.

It was only last Wednesday, in Mayaro, that nine-month-old Rakeem Ricardo Clarke was clobbered to death with a dabla—thick wooden paddle used to flip roti.

A man and a woman were, up to late yesterday, assisting police in that investigation, pending an autopsy today.
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A mess of its own making

by Raffique Shah
Sunday, July 6th 2008

ParliamentLAST Friday, the House of Representatives debated a motion to confirm or strike down the Police Service Commission’s (PSC) nominee for the position of Commissioner of Police, Senior Superintendent Stephen Williams. Speculation was rife beforehand that the Government would reject Williams on the premise that he was too young for the top job, that the selection process was flawed.
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Robert Mugabe: Victim or Villain?

By Amengeo Amengeo
July 03, 2008
The African Executive

Zimbabwe WatchWhen sharks smell blood, they go into a feeding frenzy and attack relentlessly. There is feeding frenzy about Zimbabwe that preceded the June 27 run-off elections.

Thwarted in their bid to install their man Morgan Tsvangirai in power, the forces of Western neo-colonialism continue to ratchet up media pressure. Some African leaders seem to have bought into this propaganda campaign.
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Ghost Scholars

Newsday’s Editorial
Thursday, July 3 2008

Marlene Mc DonaldWhere do the neophyte Ministers of the PNM regime get the idea that taxpayers’ money is not taxpayers’ business? Was this what they were taught at their retreat last year, which was also at taxpayers’ expense, to learn about their responsibilities? Or are they merely falling into the easy contempt with which politicians too often treat the citizens of this country?
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Why Nelson Mandela?

By George Alleyne
Wednesday, July 2 2008

ANCThe news that the United States still officially included former South African President Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) on its terror watch list and that the US Senate only moved last week to correct this absurdity has come as a shock and eye opener to many.
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