Daily Archive for July 3rd, 2008

Robert Mugabe: Victim or Villain?

By Amengeo Amengeo
July 03, 2008
The African Executive

Zimbabwe WatchWhen sharks smell blood, they go into a feeding frenzy and attack relentlessly. There is feeding frenzy about Zimbabwe that preceded the June 27 run-off elections.

Thwarted in their bid to install their man Morgan Tsvangirai in power, the forces of Western neo-colonialism continue to ratchet up media pressure. Some African leaders seem to have bought into this propaganda campaign.
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Ghost Scholars

Newsday’s Editorial
Thursday, July 3 2008

Marlene Mc DonaldWhere do the neophyte Ministers of the PNM regime get the idea that taxpayers’ money is not taxpayers’ business? Was this what they were taught at their retreat last year, which was also at taxpayers’ expense, to learn about their responsibilities? Or are they merely falling into the easy contempt with which politicians too often treat the citizens of this country?
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