Escapades of U.S. Crime Consultant Bernard Kerik

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Bernard KerikTHE EDITOR: When VS Naipaul states “we pretended to be real, to be learning, we mimic men of the third world’s third world” in reference to our post-colonial middle class elites he surely hit the nail on the head. Let’s look at the latest fiasco.

Jack Warner with much fanfare brings Bernard Kerik to T&T. The “international crime consultant” flies in from Guyana where he is a consultant to Bharat Jagdeo’s government. He meets with the Minister of National Security to discuss anti-crime measures. What is really going on? Who is this Bernard Kerik who is described in the New York Post of Wednesday January 3rd 2006 as: “…disgraced former [New York] police commissioner Bernard Kerik.”
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Young mom who spoke to cops shot dead

By Rhondor Dowlat,
January 03, 2007

JailA woman who was earlier spotted talking to officers attached to the Anti-Kidnapping Squad (AKS), who were enquiring about a person believed to be linked to the kidnapping of Xtra Foods Supermarket CEO, Vindra Naipaul-Coolman, was later gunned down in front of her house. The woman’s killing was one of two murders recorded yesterday — the second day in the new year. Both victims were gunned down.

The first murder for the year was recorded at about 1 am when a 47-year-old man of Mount Hope was ambushed by gunmen outside his home.
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