Daily Archive for January 29th, 2007

Portrait of America in TnT

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
January 29, 2007

AfricansIt is a universally accepted truism that Trinbagonians are the world’s perfect copycats of the modus vivendi of another foreign country. It is also a universally accepted truism that Trinbagonians copy the absolute worst aspects of daily life and values of that alien culture.

It is this truism that is progressively eating away at the very core of sane, civilized human existence in TnT. Not too long ago, there existed the “Portrait of Trinidad” during which TnT was a true, de jure paradise and Trinibagonians were “poor and polite.” This was a time when sanity, human respect/dignity, inward-looking way of life and indigenous values ruled. This was a time, indeed,” when neighbour looked after neighbour.”
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