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Millions in US$ for unreliable desal water

By Gerry Kangalee
November 16, 2021

lettersWASA recently, and once again, announced the shutdown for maintenance of the desalination plant (DESALCOTT) the supply from which it pays, according to the Draft Estimates of Income and Expenditure for the Financial Year 2021, $US72 million per year.

Yes, you heard me, millions of United States dollars for a water supply that is locked off every Monday morning much to the distress of consumers, particularly in the South Western Region of the country. (This is the third shutdown since September). Sometimes the reason is given as planned maintenance, sometimes as emergency repairs and sometimes as raw water quality issues. Make of it, what you will!
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French Creole Revision of History

By Cecil Paul & Gerry Kangalee
October 28, 2016 – workersunion.org.tt

French CreolesWe refer to a letter to the editor in the Express of October 27, 2016 in which one R. De Verteuil is “sick and tired” of Laventillians complaining “about how neglected and disadvantaged they are, and how much more money the government should throw in their direction”.
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NWU Condemns Signing of 5% Deal

By Gerry Kangalee (NWU National Education and Research Officer)
April 12, 2011

President of the PSA Watson DukeThe National Workers’ Union (NWU) condemns without qualification the acceptance by the President and Executive of the Public Services Association (PSA) of the 5% wage offer of the Government.

The situation smells to high heaven and is quite rightly being labelled as a sell out by all and sundry. It is rather suspicious that it came when resistance to Government’s wage suppression policy was once again, gaining momentum, after the high point public servants had taken it to last October.
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Replacing Privy Council with CCJ Not a Priority?

lettersTHE EDITOR: We must pay close attention to what our political leaders say, sometimes casually, sometimes not. In an interview with the BBC Caribbean Service (before it was shut down) while in London, our Prime minister said that replacing the Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice was not a priority for her government.
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