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‘Desi’ Allum: patriarch and patriot

Desmond Allum
Desmond Allum
By Raffique Shah
June 20, 2010

MY mother takes a seat in the limited space available in court. It is early June, 1970, and the preliminary inquiry into the charge of treason gets underway. She looks at her 24-year-old son sitting in the dock alongside 60-odd soldiers. A stern-looking Magistrate Roopchandsingh sits on the Bench, and Attorney General Karl Hudson-Phillips leads a formidable, impressive-looking prosecution team. Like other parents and families of the accused, she is nervous, worried.
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Take your time, Chief Justice Archie

May 02, 2010

The following is an open letter to the Chief Justice, dated April 29, from Desmond Allum, SC.

Chief Justice Ivor ArchieThe Honourable Chief Justice,

Mr Ivor Archie,

Age and distance bestows such freedom which I now take advantage of to address these few lines to you.

As you probably know I have been in the United Kingdom for an extended period. Notwithstanding the distance I have been following closely what has been going on in both the political and legal profession arenas. It is of course in relation to the second topic that I write to you.
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