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Global media hit hair-tug of Sancho

Sunday, June 18 2006

…Did Crouch break the dreadlock?

Crouch appeared to grab Sancho's hair before scoringMANY international media houses yesterday hit the controversial tugging of the plaits of TT defender Brent Sancho by which England striker Peter Crouch broke the nil-nil tie to which TT had held the Brits up to the 82nd minute.

First with the story was the Daily Telegraph whose “Controversy over Crouch ‘tug’” on Friday said Crouch’s goal was overshadowed by controversy when television pictures, which appeared to show him pulling Sancho’s hair, were highlighted by German commentators and pundits, despite the referee missing the incident. The Telegraph said Crouch had “appeared to grab his dreadlocks before climbing above him to steer David Beckham’s cross past Shaka Hislop.”
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The Nature and Nurture of Ethnic-Based Politics

By Stephen Kangal

Any analysis of T&T politics that has evolved in the last 50 years must begin with an appreciation of a core ethnic base that supports each of the two major parties. The Indo- T&T core has traditionally supported firstly, the PDP followed by the DLP, SDLP, the ULF, the NAR and now the UNC. The core rural support group is the same- only the names and labels of the political vehicles have changed. Indian leaders have in fact been political hawkers using the expanding ethnic base to sell their political goods and reap in huge personal benefit returns without commensurate rewards being realised by the governed.
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A reply to the Trinity Cross issue

The Issue of The Trinity, revisited By Linda E. Edwards

By Corey Gilkes
June 08, 2006

I have no doubt and am certain that Ms Edwards is correct in her assertions that certain elements within Trinidad’s Hindu and (perhaps less) the Muslim community are pushing a narrow agenda with regard to the re-naming of this nation’s highest award. This agenda, apparently, goes back quite a long time to the early days of the Federation when certain high-ranking elements in the Hindu community organised a petition to the colonial authorities in London in an attempt to delay the granting of the Federation fearing that their culture would be overwhelmed by a dominant Afri-Caribbean culture.

But let’s hold up a bit and ponder a few things; things that were (inadvertently?) pointed out by Ms Edwards herself.
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A Missing Link in the DaVinci Code

by Joey Clarke

Straight off: I haven’t read the book or seen the movie – yet. I have, however, seen most of the going documentaries, and have processed a good deal of analysis, especially from the internet. I’m also conversant with the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, whose authors recently attempted to sue DaVinci Code author Dan Brown for plagiarism. So the material is familiar enough. Anyway, the book itself is not what I want to discuss.
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Inappropriate Teacher and School Stuff

By Linda E. Edwards

What has happened in that “prestigious primary school” in West Trinidad, as reported in the Guardian on Saturday, June 3, 2006, is stunning in its barbarity. Educators at a school allow a security guard to rape an eleven year old girl a second time, in order to “catch him in the act”, and then allowed him to leave without calling the police?
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The Issue of The Trinity, revisited

By Linda E. Edwards

Mixing a callalloo and stirring up a hornet’s nest both involve stirring. One creates a delicious green soup, the other a vicious attack by angry wasps.

Is the issue of the Trinity Cross as the nation’s highest award connected in any way with Indian Arrival Day – now a national celebration of that Muslim ship that brought so many people to Trinidad “looking for wuk”? It depends on who you talk to or listen to.
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Tragedy in TnT failed politicians

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
May 28, 2006

The recent triple conviction of former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday for “failing to disclose a London bank account to the Integrity Commission” has not only caused a mighty dark cloud to descend across the horizon of TnT politics but has also spoken revealing volumes as to the real nature of ministerial performance on both sides of the political spectrum.
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Paying Tribute to Pioneers of Pan Africanism

Modibo Kambon Karamoko
Secretary, Afrikan Nationalist Patriotic Movement
Trinidad and Tobago

We must pay tribute to great pioneers such as Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Edward Wilmont Blydwn, Kwame Nkrumah, Yosef Ben-Jochannnan, Kwame Ture, Robert Mugabe, Akintola Shaka Agaja, Elijah Muhammed, Patrice Lumumba and many others. Pan Africanism is an international African philosophy created by Africans in Africa and in the diaspora. The pan African philosophy is geared for unification, liberation, cultural and economic independence of Africa and African people everywhere.
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