Soca lyrics & moral decadence revisited

Dr. Kwame Nantambu
Posted: March 04, 2009

Ras Shorty IThis article seeks to clear the air as to my obdurate professional assertion that there is a direct correlation between soca lyrics and moral decadence, public pornography cum simulation of sexual intercourse and sexual promiscuity in T&T.

The stark reality is that when Lord Shortie introduced Soca music via his 1974 LP titled “Endless Vibrations”, his lyrics were conceived/conceptualized within the context of love; hence, the “Love Circle.” Sadly, some of today’s Soca lyrics have completely transformed the original “Love Circle” into today’s Soca public pornographic Sex Circle as patrons “get ready to juk, juk, juk”.

The notion of winin’, lewd pelvic gyration and/or sexual intercourse orientation, real or imagined, was non-existent in Lord Shortie’s original Soca music incarnation. The primary focus of Shortie’s Soca lyrics was a person’s first brain, particularly the woman.

I’m sure that his wife and daughters can attest to this spiritual/human/respectful reality.

Shortie’s message to the “little people” as in young people, was to be aware of ah fella called “Lucifer” with “ah bag ah white powder” who wanted “to spread shame and disgrace to the human race.”

Shortie’s Soca lyrics were not only steeped in finesse, class, taste, sophistication, imagination but also most importantly, respect for women. He never envisaged that women would ever be demeaned, devalued and defaced under the guise of his humane musical invention.

Sadly, today’s Soca lyrics have completely ripped out the very, innate soul of Shortie’s musical art form.

Indeed, things have changed and the sad tragedy is that some Soca artistes are in denial to accept the reality that the immoral lyrics of some Soca and Reggae artistes represent the same “bag ah white powder” prognosticated by Lord Shortie that then “Lucifer” but some of today’s Soca and Reggae artistes, are using to bring “shame and disgrace” to the face of morality, human sexuality and female human respect/dignity in T&T Jamaica.

Some Soca artistes have not only literally created a human-sexual monster of Shortie’s original Soca lyrics but have also shamelessly bastardized them to the nth degree.

Some of the Soca and Reggae lyrics put raw, explicit, classless, tasteless sex “:right in your face”; nothing is left to one’s imagination. They automatically become the socially accepted, albeit legal, norm for public pornographic behavior with clothes on.

Indeed, Lord Shortie is probably crying in his grave to realize that his own people have relegated his respectful musical art form to such disgusting, disrespectful and degrading depths.

This article is a public plea for Soca artistes to become more socially-morally responsible. I am neither calling for a blanket ban on Soca music nor do I bear any putative “vendetta” against Soca music. Soca music is we, but it must be morally-socially responsible in the tradition of its originator, Lord Shortie. Nothing more, nothing less, period.

In this era in T&T where 14,000 plus of our citizens between ages 15-29 years are infected with AIDS and in the Caribbean, 330,00 people live with AIDS, while women comprise 51% of all adults with HIV. Now is the time for Soca and Reggae artistes to become sexual role models to our “little people.” They are watching, emulating, imitating and acting out your explicit simulated sexual intercourse behavior per cell phone porn with their school uniform on, inter alia.

Back in the day, Denise Plummer told us that “woman is boss” in calypso lyrics. Sister Denise urged women to use the fortitude of their first brain. However, in today’s Soca lyrics, some female Soca artistes are publicly urging women to use all the attributes of the cardinal points of their second brain in pornographic behavior with clothes on— immorality has now surpassed its bottomless pit in TnT and Jamaica. In Soca music today, “Bumpers rule”. Ergo, the woman’s second brain is the sole focus as patrons get ready “to push bumper, plenty bumper.”

The lyrics of some Soca artistes have re-assigned the original “woman is boss” Calypso concept to the Soca derived woman is bass, as in buttom— the heavier the better. “We like it.”

Soca artistes need “to look in de mirror” and check themselves.

Let us act as open-minded professionals and don’t take things personally and myopic as we assess the bottomless moral cesspool created by today’s Soca lyrics. “Morality is what we should raise.”

In the final analysis, let me state quite categorically that I am also totally against the debasement of women in R&B lyrics as per Art Kelley and vulgar, immoral lyrics in Reggae songs. Debasement of women in any lyrical/musical art form is unacceptable, period—winin’ or “daggerin”.

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies and University of the West Indies.

18 thoughts on “Soca lyrics & moral decadence revisited”

  1. I think Nantambu is ill-informed about Ras Shorty I. Lord Shorty, later renamed Ras Shorty I, was known for his measure of smut. I wonder if Nantambu knows about “The Art of Making Love” (lyrics) and “For Kim” (song on YouTube) before he transformed himself.

    Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams was offended by Shorty’s performance of “The Art of Making Love” at Dimanche Gras while he was entertaining Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley and his wife. Shorty was not deterred; the following year he sang “The PM Sex Probe” which poked fun at the prime minister’s objection to “The Art of Making Love”.

    I find most of the Soca ‘Bumper’ (buttocks) songs to be harmless. Some Soca/Calypsos focus on serious issues and some are just fun songs for partying. The male drawing attention to the sexiness of the female and the female reciprocating is all part of the interplay of the sexes that makes for a fun time. Of course, there are some distasteful songs but, for the most part, I do not have a problem with those bumper songs that I have heard so far.

  2. I believe that Prof Namtambu is solid in his suggestion that Ras Shorty I was indeed a skillfull, creative and well-appointed proponent of the artform. He did indeed sing a number of evergreen pieces that informed, educated and entertained. BUT, that was the reformed Ras Shorty I. The original Lord Shorty was lewd and smutty, and skillfully used the double entendre to full extent.

    Heru’s comment is also right on point, as Lord Shorty did indeed embarass Dr Williams and many others with some of his songs.

    Ras Shorty is indeed a great example of a man who remade and reformed himself and became bigger, better and stronger as his career progressed.

    My perspective is that there is a place for both still and the organizers of our many shows and presentations must become more astute an provide incentives for persons to be proponents of the more mature artform of calypso. Some of the songs this year 2009 were quite good and many of them were great on the road also – so there is a lot of market and creative room available. We hurt ourselves in teh debate when we see it as either soca or calypso. The fact that hip-hop, rap and dancehall has taken off tells us that there is a market – a very vibrant one at that. Have we created a similarly vibrant market for calypso?

    In addition, this year we saw the rising of some future stars – Fay Ann Lyons swept the major competitions while being jumpy, creative and informing us about the way she is building and taking her father’s gift further and higher – Meet Super Blue was sweet and skillfull.

    We live in a world driven by market economics – I will not debate whether that is good or bad – it just is reality. Most decisions that we all make are driven by the way in which the markets impact us – which ever market. We’ve got to keep all the pieces but create the appropriate markets for each offering. One Love!

  3. Despite Dr. Nantambu’s inaccuracies about Ras Shorty I’s indulgence in singing smutty lyrics, those who have commented so far have failed to address Nantambu’s main contention.

    I think he is absolutely correct in suggesting that Soca artistes have a collective social responsibility to the people of TNT to use the stage for purposes of upliftment rather than to spread negative messages that contribute to the further decay of the moral fabric of our society.

    There is no redeeming quality to songs that purely appeal to the prurient interests, those that degrade women and those that disregard the risks inherent in advocating lewd public conduct. No civilized society should be made to suffer these excesses for the sake of so called “artistic freedom of expression,” or some fiction that states that there is a “constitutional right to freedom of speech, ” which is translated to mean that one may say anything, regardless of how offensive.

    Freedom of expression is not absolute. Making noise with a bullhorn by a hospital at midnight would get you arrested for disorderly conduct or being a public nuisance. Calling someone a thief, without truth to this assertion, would make you liable for slander. Then why should a thug on a stage be specially anointed and given broad, almost sacred license to pollute the airwaves with filth? Such a person does not deserve the cloak of legal protection because what’s of overriding concern is to promote the public welfare, not some individual’s desire to make a buck or gain fame.

    If you are going to respond to what Dr. Nantambu wrote, then stop using diversionary tactics to stray from what he is saying, while you remain in the middle of the road or on the sidelines, taking comfort in your own “intellect.”

    Yes, our young people need clean role models. Are you seeing what is taking place in TNT? Over 117 murders and we are only in March! Stop playing games and set an example. Dr. Nantambu took a stand and I support him in his plea for sanity!

  4. “Some of the Soca and Reggae lyrics put raw, explicit, classless, tasteless sex “:right in your face”; nothing is left to one’s imagination. They automatically become the socially accepted, albeit legal, norm for public pornographic behavior with clothes on.” “I am neither calling for a blanket ban on Soca music nor do I bear any putative “vendetta” against Soca music. Soca music is we, but it must be morally-socially responsible in the tradition of its originator, Lord Shortie. Nothing more, nothing less, period.”

    You can certainly tell that it’s a slow day in LaLa land aka “ Rainbow country,” when we have our esteemed Afro intellectual Dr. Kwame Nantambu pontificate about moral degradation of modern musical artist works primarily put fort by folks that are the by- products of once dehumanizing European African slavery . Nothing was spared R& B led by R Kelly. I have little time to re read , but I am sure Hip Hop Rap was placed in the mix, so was reggae , and most importantly Soca . Let me see what that leaves us with to listen that would satisfy the likes of the good doctor and other old school modern pseudo – moralist . Ahh yes ! Tchaikovsky, Beethoven , Mozart, Denise Plummer, Chutney Soca Kings and Queens, all the South American Latino and Portuguese music without the African influences , and the long list of Bollywood music geniuses that hate to kiss on screens but enjoy suggestive gyrations that can encourage the most spiritual moralistic soul in sweet T&T to commit some of the most atrocious acts imaginable after viewing or listening to them.
    Let me see if I fully understand the good doctor and some of his cultish followers like Trinaboard. Soca musical lyrics contributed to our growing national AIDS crisis menace , and might be one of the chief reasons why we have some 117murders for the year. With citizens like these , one can ask who needs enemies.
    Ras shorty is now placed on a pedestrian as some epitome of virtue for clean family lifestyles , supreme lyrics ,and other cultural norms. What a comedy! I only wish that our legal system was advance during his time as it is perhaps today, as I personally would have led the charge to arrest this barefoot fool and put him away for life for what he subjected his loving adoring wife and fifty children through during his mid life, weed smoking crisis up in the Toco and Manzanilla bushes. It certainly bordered on Human Rights abuse, don‘t we think? We are grateful for the musical genius contribution to the development of Soca when pre Sugar Bum Bum ,old schooled critics/ cynics like Grand Master Kitchinerstood on the fence . Has any of the children of Rash Shorty survived the social travesty as yet especially the beautiful Abbi Blackman? This man made the earth people back then look like five star living folks as he drastically dragged them from one extreme to another to satisfy his inner turmoil and growing nihilism.
    I know fully well why the good Professor is so enamored by Ras Shorty the nut back then, as it reminds him of some obscure ‘back to nature fantasy’ that he still holds dearly about Africa and tries to pass on to succeeding naïve generations. The irony is that urban, nuvo rich ,and growing middle class Africans generally wants absolutely nothing to do with that form of pre colonialist lifestyle ,as many are becoming more European than the European themselves with every passing day. Surprise , Surprise , African are garnering the global crumbs of the world as Asians and Europeans dictate the shape of the global village in the 21st century.
    How about a real debate about the greedy Fay Ann the Soca Queens that just made almost 3 millions dollars in competitions but is whining like a Bengal tiger along with some of her phony friends ,because the hard pressed government decided to with hold 23 thousand or less dollars perhaps to really pay for the free medical attention she got when she delivered her baby freely at our prestigious Mt. Hope Maternity Hospital.
    One would think that with all the money she and her loving ‘banana’ loving husband made through the years , they would choose to go to a private hospital to get the special care and attention they deserve for their firstborn child. It is still good to know however that our decadent Soca brads believed more in our local health institutions, than our esteemed Prime Minister and his perennial political nemesis – the Honorable Opposition leader Mr. Basdeo Panday, as both cannot wait along with dear relatives to hop on an expensive plane to run to Cuba, Miami, and England each time they get a head ache or belly pain , or chest cold, un like the numerous unfortunate suffering masses. Thank you Fay and Bunji for sending a strong message. See I can be critical and even generous hmmmm?

  5. I am no “cultish” follower of anyone. You seem to believe that music and other forms of art have no bearing on the outlook and actions of people. This is totally false and removed from reality. Bombard children with smut and filth and lyrics that promote or appear to condone violence, from their cradle, and you get a society like the one we have now. Promiscuity, public health crisis and crimes that would eventually destroy the economic and social well-being of the nation, when combined with other factors.

    Not even you could deny that the music that originated in urban America has contributed to a glorification of violence and was also an outgrowth of it. A most vicious cycle.

    To be anti-smut is not to be pro-European. Quite to the contrary! When have Europeans provided anything worthy of emulation? They continue, along with their US partner, to commit the most heinous crimes against humanity and have become outlaws in the international community.

    I cannot understand why you believe that by having clean soca lyrics you would be driven one to listen to European classical music! Now, tell me, who is the real enemy?

  6. We seem to forget one thing in all this academic discussion. Soca artists are in the business of making a living, in their home country. They sing what sells. If someone came up with a clean song, that challenged nothing, that did not include the double meanings we are used to in our folk music, even if it had a wonderful beat, they probably would not make much money.

    A woman selling a tray of mangoes might have doodos, teen, starch, long mango and julie; if the crowd only want julie mangoes, all those other good mangoes, with equal amounts of vitamins and so on, would go to waste. Simply because the crowd buys what the crowd has a taste for. Those who believe they can change the crowd’s taste, should first get a grant from some international endowment for the arts. They would need it to live on, while they try to purify the lyrics we have become adicted to, and turn the nation inanother direction. As for me? The minute I hear something or see something on TV that I deem inappropriate, I turn the dial or the switch.

    To add to that, I have not bought a single calypso CD in years. So, lets see how much market there is for the pure starch mango of clean soca lyrics.

    (I love using analogies that tie into the simple life of country women, from a time when an intellectual discussion like this would have been considered a waste of time; because there were mouths to feed and water, including the goats, chckens and the one cow.)

  7. Intelligent retort Triniabroad , and I appreciate that. I do not believe in stifling the efforts of any artist be they Shakespeare, Chalkdusk, CroCo , Sugar Aloes , Bunji, Iware , Bob Marley, Marshal,Bisessa of ‘roll up the Tassa’ fame ,Snoop Doggy Dog ,50 cents , or any of our other countless Soca Brads inclined on making a living .
    The point is where do you draw the line in terms of censorship via old school moralism , and who decides what is smut ? Let’s give our kids some credit shall we, and focus on the real issues that foster hatred and envy that many believe can eventually lead to violence. How about the encouragement of equatible distribution of our national resources, and the guts to erradicate some of the destructive ,anachronistic colonial practices and systems that were forged into our collective psyche by savage European colonialist followed by several un mentionable neo – colonial educated leaders.
    Many kids have been able to read through some of our hypocrisy. We hate raunchy soca lyrics , but would leave the wife at home and go to the club and watch a pole dancer gyrate . We force them to watch wholesome TV shows but lock the rooms and watch our blues movies , or read some of the most destructive and volatile books . Say no to drugs , but you daily fire one at the local bar , and cannot end a day without your favorite Carib, Stag, or Hinikine. Get real friends.

    Glad to know that you despise Europe and North American cultural values , as you view them as part of the global problems in terms of decadence influences. If you are indeed genuine as claimed , then that makes you a minority on this board. I certainly wish that more of us would not only be disgusted with all that the global North have to offer, but also what our ancestral homes Africa and Asia had to offer as well . You know what I am referring to I am certain .The racial, and ethnic hatred disguised under some phony noble cultural norms, follow?
    800,000 Rwandan Tutsi died in a month in that beautiful country at the hands of machete wielding Hutus after many were encouraged to do so on the radio . The underlying issues were there long before some propagandist encouragements.
    South Asia led by India , Pakistan , Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, have all been locked in senseless sectarian wars and violence but musical lyrics had absolutely nothing to do with it.
    The folks in the Middle East led by Israel would be going at each other for the next century , due to underlying historical racist injustices greed , and other anomalies , but music had no part in it.
    European had two Tribal World Wars , and today is locked in some of the most potentially dangerous social problems any could imagine due to its neglect of citizens from former colonies that helped make it great .Hitler the former Austrian second rate angry artist helped orchestrate the murder of millions of Jews , when we see him in heaven , I am certain he’ll tell us musical lyrics had absolutely nothing to do with it .
    Lets stop blaming musicians for sometimes holding a mirror up for us to see who and what we really are within. I have a theory that leads me to believe that if Hip Hop / Rap and in our cases graphic Soca and Jamaican Dub music were absent in the lives of some of today’s modern artist and fans ,we would have much more violence across society as it provides a very useful outlet expression in similar fashion that slaves were subtly persuaded not to resort to violence against massa by burning down his plantations and raping all his women, agree?
    Am I saying that we should not attempt to raise our standards as the good Doctor alluded to in his original article? Absolutely not. However if Fay Ann Llyons made 3 million for singing shake your fat bumper while 9 months pregnant , all the whle claiming that her successes are manifestations of women liberation in Trinidad , while Chalkdust and other conscious lyricist can barely get 60, 000 then what do you believe that Iware , Buinji , Marchal ,Mantano, and Sherwin Winchester would do next year in terms of musical content?
    While we are on the subject , perhaps sometime in the future we can also attack some of your own sex symbols that are linked to other ethnic groups , but I have a feeling that you won’t want to touch that with a ‘ten foot pole’ , as it does not fit that ‘beat up day on one half of the national divide agenda’ that you and many primarily on this board are fixated on. Of course you are surprise that many across the nation won’t take you , the countless phonies and thousand of country haters/ bashers seriously.
    “Every now and then knock them down , they luv you long and they luv you strong. Black up dey eyes , bruise up dey knees , then they luv you eternally.” Dr Deosaran our esteem Independent Senator and Social Scientist , can you give us some statistics as to how drastic the increase in domestic violence became across our beloved nation when the Birdie sang that satirical song back in the days ? What a travesty and prudent example of self hatred that many fellow nationals enjoy unconsciously displaying !

  8. I agree with a lot of what you are saying and am especially alert to the fact that you have seen the connection between a discussion of art and the social, political and economic foundations upon which it rests. You have also called into account the historical role of the colonialists and the imperialists in shaping the current situation.

    I am not so nonchalant as to our problems to be able to advocate that “boys will be boys and girls will be girls” so let’s just leave them alone because they are only singing what there is a market for, in order to make a living. It is quite obvious that we also have a choice as individuals to avoid that which is offensive on the airwaves.

    Thus, what I am getting to, Mr. Neal, is wheteher persons involved in art have any responsibility to their communities, other than trying to eke out an existence by any means necessary?

  9. “Thus, what I am getting to, Mr. Neal, is wheteher persons involved in art have any responsibility to their communities, other than trying to eke out an existence by any means necessary?”
    I too share your concerns Triniaboard, and fervently believe that they do . The challenge therefore for us with our eyes on the symbolic ball is how do we raise the consciousness of these artist of influence , so that they’ll not simply “Bojangle for Dollars,” as one writer so aptly described them ? I am sure you’ll agree that we do not want our noble political leaders , and often disingenuous political gurus to only have the final say in this delicate debate as to what is acceptable.
    After all , many of the former and latter have done such a shoddy job in dealing with their own affairs , one should be scared to think of the final results if we were to hand over full scale the authority that were initially granted to us as parents, mature individuals , and leaders in our own right , that also listened to these seemingly degrading, sometimes misogynistic , and even destructive lyrics and not resort to criminal and antisocial behaviors in the process. Now if we like the examples of China, Cuba , Algeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Singapore ,Taliban controlled Afghanistan , and the Vatican then that’s “ a horse of a different color,” you’ll agree.
    Let’s continue to keep them honest, and focused on the final prize. Our kids, confused masses , and country deserves more than the constant diets of empty rhetoric come Independence day celebrations , and Presidential inaugurations ceremonies ever so often.

  10. I agree again, that leaving “censorship” of lyrical content to a government such as the one we presently have the misfortune to suffer, may lead to many more problems than we bargained for. The examples abound that this PNM regime cannot be trusted with something as important to our progeny as their cultural heritage.

    Then, I have to be in full support of your perspective that the solution lies in educating the artist, raising his or her social consciousness and transforming the role of the artist to one which not only has entertainment value, but plays a critical function with regard to shaping the society we want for ourselves, our children and generations to follow.

    I would really like to hear your response to this idea and how something like this may be implemented.

  11. Well , there it is , a common understanding and meeting of the minds between Triniaboard and myself . How nice indeed. You asked about implementation. In the several countries I mentioned , a policy of course is easy to introduce and garner quick compliance with the necessary force like for example a bullet at the back of the head or similar actions. We however in Rainbow Country still like to view ourselves as a democracy , and so tweaking basic social ways of life can be a bit more challenging you’ll agree. Part of the solution lies in pushing policies in a non politicized manner . These questions of “cultural heritage,” as you call them , aren’t PNM or UNC affairs as such. I emphasize the two parties only because I do not anticipate any Political coalitions or Alliances any time soon , so they are who we are stuck with in true British and North American fashion, it appears. Please do not ask me who is Conservative / Republican, or Democrats / Labor, for even they and Dr. Ryan or Ghanny won’t be able to tell us either. That however is another debate .
    The education of course must not only be limited to the artist , but also to the wider mass of buying public as well as corporate sponsors , organizers that book services , media personalities that converse with them etc. As many of our much smarter bloggers than myself suggested , our artist are prudent capitalist and would often go in the direction where the money and most profits can be gained . Need we say BANANA Man Bunji ? I particularly like “ The tight pants tight , your jeans fit tight ” myself.
    What do you think the impact is when Dr. Stalin received his honorary UWI degree for his sterling contributions to conscious kaiso? That’s sending a subtle message . A couple months ago I heard that the Cancer Society was bawling for lack of governmental funds, and kids are still dying in sweet T&T because we cannot get monies to get them a bone marrow transplant in Miami, or the specialist Cuban Hospital favored by our PM . Care to guess how much was generated in the various band lunching and feats since Xmas? What if we publicly demand that a percentage of the monies go towards such just causes and create fine national non ethnic or sectarian awards to give them like was done for Sir Bob Gildoff Ethiopia actions, Bono’s African focus ,and Rap icon Jay Z ’s global water efforts?
    A quick note . Many of us Triniaboard , and even some of our more fortunate locals take this internet access for granted, but should not. It is a costly luxury for many of our desperate masses too busy trying to purchase the basic necessities for consumption , and desperately saving for their yearly trip abroad to purchase more important stuff like their Gucci glasses, 400$ US Nike shoes etc. The point is that this forum that we are using though useful is limited to those with the means, and is more a case of preaching to the converted . Our discussion must get main stream .
    With few exception we all in our tame / safe milieus can be made to see the logic of each other point of view on this excellent forum , once we eliminate our subjectivities, agree? It is imperative therefore that internet access become more affordable for all, and electricity , and computer in every home becomes a basic right as everyone get a chance to traverse e the information highway. How about a library in every village , with free internet access like is done in beloved Canada, USA, France, England, and Geneva .
    I hope my lengthy response shed some light to your poignant question. You see Triniaboard , I have come to recognize as you too perhaps that criticisms ,complaining , and finger pointing is the easy part , but tangible solutions can be much more complex . “Make your bumper turn on me frontline …on me frontline .. Looking Hands up if you are an uptown gayl… Do that for me one more time … ”I like that one too .
    Hang in there friend.

  12. The honorable professor would have us believe that the soca artist is single handedly responsible for the fall of Trin-bago Civilization. Is this a case of life immitating art or art immitating life. We’ve all grown up with wining and sexually suggestive double entente in our music. Ras Shorty I certainly was no saint as he is made out to be but who can forget the suggestive lyrics of the Mighty Sparrow songs like Jean and Dinah, Mae Mae, Saltfish, Fatman, etc. Long before the modern soca artist came along our society indulged in so called “slackness”. This reminds one of the old debate in the US when Rock and Roll first emerged and the uproar it cased (the Beatles, Elvis Presley years). I grew up on very very lewd soca and dancehall reggae which I love to death, does that therefore translate into horning my wife, having risky unprotected sex back when I was single or other types of moral decadence. I went to school and learned my lessons as the old people use to say. Again, I ask does my love for the type of lewd soca music the good professor skewers make me morally bankrupt or decadent? Someone once commented about the late great Bob Marley, the fact that he grew up in the Ghetto and that his music was not violent but positive and wondered why this tradition was not the same. My answer is simple this – The times that Bob Marley and indeed our good professor grew up in are vastly different times from today. The experiences of our youth are vastly different from those that their parents experienced. Back in the 60s and 70s in Trinidad there was hope, hope that if you went to school and did well you would get a good job somewhere and live a nice middle class life – after all as Dr. Williams once said back in those times “money ent no problem”. By the 1980s money had definitely become a problem and finding a job even more so (unless you knew someone – you know how that goes). The younger children started seeing that their older brothers and sisters would pass their exams, get their O’levels and A’levels and still couldn’t find descent work – except at Narwani’s and Co or many of the retail shops around town for mininmum wage. Not everyone fortunate enough to be able to leave and go to foreign countries in search of a better life. This is the reality that many youth wake up to each day and at the end of the day the question becomes “why bother”. If you cannot see a future then you often live for the present. Wining is free and nothing can lift the spirits like a good wine. Nothing lifts my spirits more than to see a nice bumper just rolling down de street, down to de ground or where ever it chooses to roll to. Nothing’s wrong with getting on wassy and mashing up de party. The honorable professor should try it sometime.

  13. If a “Doctor” starts his dissertation with an absolute inaccuracy, he should not only not be read, but should give back his degree because he is too stupid to have one. That being said, vulgarity is a worldwide problem, it needs reasoned discourse by persons who can espouse a world view and see beyond the end of their noses.

  14. I´m not agree with the position that indicated socca music is a explicit porposition to “have sex with the cloths on”, It is a beautifull and energizing rytm and


    God I miss a healthy discussion on any matter of social relevancy in the bloggersphere once more. Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional inter tribal horseplay of UNC /PNM power brokers , but enough is enough ,already.
    After all , didn’t Madame Kamela the UNC head guru , and Jack her ‘Footballcentric ,financial ,sidekick,’ not decide in a new festive spirit, to save the grand political castration of new arch nemesis Panday for after Carnival, and isn’t Manning prepared to avoid calling snap elections until the future Opposition leader organize her forces – again , hopefully soon after carnival? A sure sign that decadent ,Big brother America have notting on we, eh?

  16. in response the comment there about ”the greedy fay-ann lyons” is absolute bullshit. It is that same stupid mentality that is destroying the music industry in trinidad because everyone has this stupid of ”it’s only 2% of my money they hold back tha is small thing” and that throws principle out of the window. This event was not a joint promotion between promoter and artiste, this was a competition and if you cannot provide what you say you would then DON’T DO IT. I’m fed up of people with this jackass mentality.

  17. On second though Fay Ann and her husband are not the greedy, blood sucking leeches that some of us thought they were.As such, they are more than justified in grabbing every cent that they believed was due to them. Pity they could not afford to get a spot in a more luscious hospital to make their baby, but choose instead to deprive one of the millions of ordinary bare feet , hungry and pregnant Trini women who daily fight for beds , and medical crumbs, as they strive to survive in that medical complex death trap/and or hell hole that passes for health care where Manning , Panday and their collection of children won’t be caught dead in even if you threatened fire and brimstone from some revengeful god or krishna .

  18. Garfield Blackman aka ras shorty i was an inspiration to music to the people of trinidad and tobago

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