Black Lives Matter: A Footnote to History

Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
October 25, 2016

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeI delivered these remarks at the “Battle of Ideas Festival” organized by the Institute of Ideas and held at the Barbican Center, London, England. The panel, entitled, “From Black Panthers to #Black Lives Matter: Race in America” was sponsored by Newsweek, the European edition. These remarks, “A Footnote to History,” were delivered on Saturday, October 22, 2016.

It’s great to be on a panel that allows me to reflect on the various ways in which I have had to come to terms with race in America over the last 52 years. It is true that the anti-police protests, demonstrations and riots that broke out in Ferguson, Missouri after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown led to the #Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2014. Some of us have been part of this struggle for a much longer time.

I will illustrate this contention by pointing to an event that took place in 1989. Hillary Clinton is an alumna of Wellesley College. On December 10, 2014, I addressed the Wellesley College Council. I drew their attention to the tremendous outpouring of sympathy that occurred, even at our college, when a middle-class white woman, a young investment banker at Salomon Brothers with degrees from Wellesley College and Yale University, was raped as she was jogging through Central Park, New York.

Five black and Latino young men were held and imprisoned for the crime. The police coined a new term, “wilding,” to describe the beating of random victims. On May 4, 1989, Wellesley College faculty spent a considerable time debating this horrible crime. I listened to the despicable manner in which my colleagues described these youths. The minutes of the council on that day read:

“President [Nannerl] Kohane reported that members of the Economics Department, the Alumnae Office and she [meaning President Kohane] have been in close touch with the family of the Wellesley College graduate who was attacked recently in Central Park. The family wishes to express gratitude to members of the College community for all the support they have received and for the respect for their privacy.

“There will be a twenty-minute prayer service at 12:15 in the Houghton Memorial Chapel on Wednesday, May 10, to which all members of the College community are invited to pray for the alumna’s continuing recovery. Later when her condition stabilizes, members of the College Community might wish to do something collectively for the alumna and her family.”

I noted then: “Quite clearly, this was a definite affirmation that white lives matter.” In 2002, the convictions of the young men were vacated after a rapist confessed to the crime. They received US 41 million dollars for wrongful conviction.

I ended my remarks to the council with the following declaration: BLACK LIVES MATTER; ALLOW US TO BREATHE.

Enter Donald Trump. On May 1, 1989, he took out a full-page advertisement in four New York newspapers calling for a return of the death penalty. He wanted the “criminals of every age” who were accused of beating and raping a jogger in Central Park 12 days earlier “to be afraid” (New York Times, October 23, 2002).

When Mayor Edward Koch stated “that hate and rancor should be removed from our hearts,” Mr. Trump replied: “I do not think so. I want to hate these muggers and murderers. They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.”

The exoneration of these five black young men did not change Trump’s stance. Michael W. Warren, a lawyer for these men, called on Trump to apologize for how he described these young men. Naturally, the word “apology” is not part of his vocabulary. This led Carol Taylor to remark:

“Of course, he won’t apologize, because he’s a rich white colorist male who is wallowing in the unearned privilege of his white skin color. Donald Trump don’t be chump. For dissing black boys so bad, where’s your full-page apology ad?”

Such dissing of black males and females has been a full-time occupation for white people in America. I arrived in New York from Trinidad and Tobago in 1964. In February 1965, Brother Malcolm X was assassinated in Harlem, and in October 1966 Huey Newton and Bobby Seal created the Black Panther Party as the revolutionary arm of the Black Liberation Struggle. Anyone who lived in New York or in any of the major cities in the USA would see them in their all-black attire willing and ready to protect the lives of black people. That was their self-imposed mission.

Over the last fifty years, the onslaught against black people has continued. My wife and I fought against it in our own ways. My daughters and their husbands have continued to devote themselves to this life-giving struggle, which we thought would be won by now.

During the Mozambican struggle for independence, FRELIMO coined the phrase, “A luta continua” (in English, “the struggle continues”). Regardless of who wins the US elections next month, for black people in the USA, the struggle for black liberation continues. #Black Lives Matter is a continuation of that struggle writ large.

14 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: A Footnote to History”

  1. Trump is a con man who speak the yuppie language and they are lining up behind him to make America racist again. His tea party supporters believe he is the white knight who will change America and recapture its former glory. Never in the history of US politics have there been a candidate who is a masterful manipulator of the media houses. Some major US news outlet are tune in to his every word. Analyzing every statement seeking to understand the mind of a pompous baffoon who would say anything. From name calling to delusions of grandeur to inciting hatred against his opponent Trump the master media manipulator at work.

    But what does this mean for blacks, and minorities across the US?
    Obama’s presidency has been challenging, however, the economy is growing and things are far better than it ever was. Americans are known to choose political outsiders when things appear to be going in a different direction, they elected Jimmy Carter an outsider to fix Washington. Trump has said he will “drain the lagoon” in Washington. Lot of talk but it remains to be seen.

  2. ‘Trinis are known to choose political outsiders when things appear to be going in a different direction, they elected political neophye Kamla, a clueless , delusional,Siparia outsider, to fix T&T.
    Kamla had said she would“create change” in Port of Spain, Arima, Couva, Beetham , Scarborough, Diego Matrtin, Los Bajos, and Debe. Lot of talk ,but since she did not deliver , or possessed the ability to take her country forward, she was kicked to de curb. ‘
    Well, if you weren’t a tribalist , had an once of credibility in your twisted soul, this is what you might have said , hmmmm?

    Speaking about Buffonery of Trump Mamboo, just when are you going to decide that it’s no longer funny , to continue your, ‘idiotic , neo trologian, cyber clownish acts,’ especially as it relates to serious issues ,as laid on the table ,by Dr Cudjoe?

    One thing we are almost certain of is, that you and kind, would not be as dismissive, or flippant ,re historical realities , if members of your tribe , or better yet , your much adored , White Euro folks ,were the principal victims, and Africans the perpetrators.
    ‘Diga me ,’ Am I right, or am I right?

    As you know folks , I was fortunate, to be raised , and so obtained council , from perhaps the wisest woman , that ever lived, in the form of my late , extremely wise , Tobago Granny. One of her favorite lines to yours truly was, – ‘what ain’t reach you, ain’t pass you.’
    Be careful Mamboo, for you never know , what lies in store , either in big brother America, suddenly insular Europe, or our T&T.
    In the case of the first 2 ,all it would take, in another suicide bomb , or ugly terrorist act, by a member of your tribe – be they from Pakistan , India , Nepal, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh, for the heat , to return ,as was done,’in the aftermath of 9/11, or similar terror attack in Europe.

    As for the the Brits , well , we know they are no different, for the folks who came over on the Mayflower , did not come from Venus , but Britain.
    If that Pakistani – Brit- London Mayor Senor Khan, walk down the wrong side of a dark street , he too can get the same treatment, as a vacationing Mamboo, or Grandpa Basdeo , Scottish resident , immigrant daughter,or scared , fleeing , illegal ,Brazilian Immigrant ,si?

    Back to your overall , ummmm…excellent points Mamboo,you forgot to add , that since 2010, the Siparia Queen as leader ,lost what looked more like five by elections, plus a general election.
    A new cycle has begone, as she is likewise destined to loose the November Local election, and no , she and the tribe won’t be able to blame the EBC, otra Vez.
    Tell us Mamboo, what are the plans for the next 2 decades , that your ideologically constipated leaders , will remain in the Political wilderness?
    In 1986 , when Baz , and his bandit pals , were kicked out of the NAR, he ran to chiefly White ,Euro fiefdoms , while encouraging , gullible ULF/UNC fans , to cry racial discrimination, plus demand Refugee status. What tricks do they have up their sleeves , since that refugee stunt won’t work again?

    As for the Businessman / politician ,for those of us in the know , nothing that Trump does , or say ,is of any surprise, for this was his style for decades. The only difference now is , that he is the Republican Candidate- who seems surprise , that he made it this far, in this Presidential race.

    The Central park jogging case , was a watershed moment , for Racial justice in Pax Americana.It’s not the first, nor will that be the last such .


    Black folks lives , were always expendable, whether on White Massa Plantations,Central Park accused victims,or White , tribal ,South Carolina.

    On such subjects, I usually don’t make too much of a distinction, between White hombres, and their female counterparts- whether they are running for President , or otherwise.
    Non Politician Trump , is callous with his commentaries, and so will pay a price. The more politically savvy Hillary , will make no such mistakes, and so , would avoid saying anything that can herm her chances.
    We however have no way of knowing , if push comes to shove, she too, would build a Mexican Wall, ban all Muslims, Arabs, or Hindus from America, or refuse to give scraps from the table , to desperate Africans , in America, or across the globe.
    When ever I think of Black America , and politics , the only words that comes to mind is ‘Catch 22.’
    Republicans don’t give a rats behind about them , but the Democrats will always take them for granted.
    It time to create a new Political Party, that can bolster their own interests.
    As for our 2 competing Tribal parties?
    ‘Me think ,’ their are parallels, si?
    Not sure which is more destructive.
    Race Matters!
    Great article Doc. Thank you.

    1. Nealos wrote “Back to your overall , ummmm…excellent points Mamboo,you forgot to add , that since 2010, the Siparia Queen as leader ,lost what looked more like five by elections, plus a general election”.

      The PNM has mastered the art of winning elections or better stealing elections. Eric fixed the boundaries and boasted if I put a “crapaud” dey, dey go vote for it. Yes the EBC has been corrupted by the inside PNM mole operatives who functioned as neutral but are spies bought and sold by balisier house. The word going around was Syrian businessmen paid $5 million hush money to these moles, they were anxious to get their hands in the treasury. Nealos for a poor demented tribalist like you that is a lot of money but the cost over run money paid by Manning to these PNM business men was over a billion alone. Yes Nealos your dearly beloved PNM remains a cocondrum of thieves, obeah men and liars.

      It is not in the DNA of the UNC to steal elections. The PNM police arrested Sadiq sister and others accusing them of house padding. The case was thrown out. The one PNM accuse was found guilty of house padding.

      Yes Nealos the PNM has fallen asleep for the past year running the nation on neutral. The thieves and criminals are taking over as ordinary citizens run for cover. One minister gave his wife company contract for $19 million and another contract untendered for $17 million, not a PNM dog bark. Yes he and his friends are busy emptying the treasury. Over $63 billion raised in taxes etc in last year budget but nobody knows where the money gorn. That fella like to go to Parliament and say Kamla thief out the treasury, because he knows those who drink the balisier juice get “totolbay” and repeat what he says.

      The fact is Kamla under we were talking about Hospitals, Roads, Bridges, Schools, UWI Campus, Drilling School, Welding Academy, Nursing Academy, Aviation Institute, Water for All, 100 Houses per week, Land for the Landless, Health Tourism, Sports Tourism, Recreational Tourism, Green, Blue and Silver Economy. All of this without raising taxes.

      Under Rowley PNM this is what you get you PNM psychopath Nealos.. They had the largest budget last year with $63 billion and nothing to show. Where the money gone, 10,000 unemployed, gas tax, property tax, VAT, luxury car tax, no scholarship, laptops all gone, Point Fortin Highway closed, children hospital closed, UWI Debe closed, child benefit for unemployed mothers taken away, health card program closed. Highway abandon with grass one year tall. Tobago got huge increase in transfer payments average $80,000 per citizen compared to Trinidad $50,000 per citizen.

      The balisier brigade headed by Nealos cannot be happier.
      Nuff said.

  3. ‘Afro Trinis have mastered the art of winning elections or better stealing elections. Yes the EBC has been corrupted by the inside Afro Trini mole operatives who functioned as neutral but are spies bought and sold by balisier house. Yes Nealos your dearly beloved Afro Trinis remains a cocondrum of thieves, obeah men and liars…..It is not in the DNA of the Indo Trinis to steal elections.’Mamboo

    Now that’s more like it Mamboo. All this PNM / UNC nonsense, is putting yours truly to sleep. Just ‘say what you mean , and mean what you say,’ as we like to say on de streets.
    It’s individuals who can hinder T&T from sustainably progressing, not political parties.
    We get it, the African leaders won 95, out of 100 elections ,since 1962 , all because of gerrymandering , corruption , and financial influences by Syrians, and similar Arab invaders. Got that.
    Any semblance of political success,members of de Indo Trini tribe , achieved , only took place , when someone , from ‘Afro Kinky Head Nation,’fell asleep at the wheels, and so allowed a Basdeo Panday,and Kamla, to sneak in.
    You do have a point, and no, I cannot argue with such excellent logic.
    Well, that’s vintage Mamboo for you folks.

    Funny thing is , there a many from his tribe ,who share his skewed opinions- that everything terrible that occurred in T&T , since White ,loving Massa departed , can be traced to dem savage Africans , they are forced to coexist with.
    Put differently- everything great ,or any modicum of success , that was achieved as a Nation , are only due to the actions/ efforts , of dem less violent,more peaceful/ law abiding , family oriented, industrious , highly intelligent , Indians- our country was blessed with. Did I get dat right?

    Here is de deal folks. It’s quite natural ,for people to have a prejudicial view of another , and even love their race/ tribe ethnic clan , more than others, but here is where things can get a bit dicey.
    Where such persons, are in positions of power , and influence/ can shape policies, and decide who should get resources, or not, or the fate of ‘the others.’

    ‘Where you at,’ Sat Maraj, or better yet , ever patriotic ,Whistleblower -Principal Sita Gajadharsingh Nanga- and of course, ( least we forget) Dr Goopiesing -de agenda driven, one time Minister of Education/ex PM Kamla – Hindustani-Spiritual Guru?
    Yet some say, Nation Building is easy.Whosoever claimed such , tell them , it’s a lie!
    Stay vigilant people!

    1. The PNM supporters fared better under the Partnership:
      (1) Civil Service, most PNM supporters were employed under their arphatheid program. The Partnership settled over 132 outstanding agreements left by the PNM and gave over $2 billion in wage hikes per year and other benefits. Proving that the Partnership is pro labour unlike the anti labour PNM. This while most economies in the world were giving little or no increase. Barbados laid off over 2000 civil servants.
      (2) With unemployment at the lowest in recorded history PNMites fared much better with the PP than under PNM where unemployment was much higher. At 3% they laughing.
      (3) Housing– with 100 houses per week given out through random draws. The PNM benefitted the most since their supporters controlled housing and had the most applications. Random draws meant no discrimination as was practice by the PNM.
      (4) Social programs –they knew better than Partnership supporters how to access social services since many of their family was employed by the PNM. The Partnership increase social spending so they benefitted.
      (5) Education— with the laptop program PNM supporters living in depress areas such as Morvant , Laventille, Beetham etc that could never afford a laptop got a free one. The partnership built early childhood centers and open new schools expanding education in PNM areas.
      (6) Sports– sport has improved considerably under the partnership. The facilities are world class facilities. The cycling and aquatic center will benefit PNM supporters most who tend to gravitate towards sports. And was built in mostly their areas.
      (7)Healthcare– health centers are operating longer hours. They scored big with the Arima and Point Fortin Hospitals. These hospitals are being built up to world class standards in areas that have strong PNM supporters.
      (8) Transportation — Diego Martin Highway, Point Fortin Highway and hundreds of kilometers of roads fixed in their Constituencies.
      (9) Water from 17% to 75% 24/7 supply they benefitted. In Point Fortin they are receiving a regular supply of water where they had to use standpipe.
      (10)Millions given to PNM supporters to clean NHA housing. The biggest work program ever. The PNM would never do such for PP supporters.

      Under the PP tax was never raised. Today the PNM taxing the underwear off their supporters. Thieving the treasury back in style. Not a blasted PNM dog dares to bark.

  4. We get that , and since they were doing so well under the Kamla led PP. it’s why dem boooboolee citizens of ours, when and vote them out. Splendid logic.
    Tell me something Mamboo, if you dare, mi country hating Pizanno. Let’s assume that you Mamboo, are a 300 pound , overweight, lazy , unhealthy lifestyle living , type of guy , who just suffered your 2nd, mild heart attack, after enduring decades with diabetes,sclerosis of the liver , high blood pressure , and a host of similar obesity, drug abuse ,induced illnesses, over time.
    Your loving/ dear wife , and the rest of the family , concern for your long term health , decides to take you to a doctor ,for a check up. A sane, morally sound doctor , whose oath remains saving lives , then has a choice ,which is – tell you what you want to hear , or what you need to hear -if saving your life ,is the end game,and am I right or am I right,now?
    Mr Mamboo he says , you are in fine health, so continue tostart your day with three cups of Black , poisonous coffee , then proceed to eat 5 greasy Doubles , and Aloe Pies ,each day for breakfast from the dusty corner vendor . Hey don’t neglect to wash dat down with 5 Soft Drinks.
    Remember to pack your plate daily with Gera Pork, huge slabs of beef, Pig Tail corn soups, and we can throw in the occasional KFC, McDonalds,Pop Eyes chicken , and least we forget ,the occasional, Arab Trini Gyros, and weekly stints of Chinese foods.
    While at it ,you can likewise consume at least half dozen beers per day, and half bottle of your favorite Alcoholic beverages , in Fernandes Vat 19 Rum for good measure, plus Mayaro illegal Bush rum .
    Oh, and by the way Mr Mamboo, please stay away from all fruits, and vegetables. Most importantly, do not indulge in any form of physical exercise activity – outside of ummm… wink/ wink…,harassing the tired wife ,each night, as you’ve done over the past 60 years of marriage.
    Not totally satisfied with this medical advice,some members of the family , more concerned for your life, dragged you kicking and screaming to another physician, to get a second opinion.
    She in turn, gave you the complete opposite advice , and warned you , that your death will soon draw near , if you do not comply.
    A revamped , more plant based , diet, smaller portions , lots of raw fruits , and vegetables , and frequent physical activities , beginning with daily walks.
    So tell , me which of these 2 advice ,would you adhere to? I assume the latter.
    Well, it’s the same scenario, that citizens were faced with politically, a year ago, as our non diversified, stagnant , totally dependent on oil/ gas -economy , was grounding to a halt , due to mismanagement, feel good, neo populist spending , by clueless Kamla , and Finance Minister Howai-the former ,First Citizen Bank , White Color Bandit , in charge of the treasury. It’s the first time in the history of T&T , citizens couldn’t get US dollars – all because the UNC dominant , neo tribal , financial benefactors, gobbled up all, to satisfy their foreign purchasing taste.
    Tell you what , even a simi literate, mental degenerate , high school drop out criminal,languishing in Golden Grove , knows fully well, that a major source of revenue for any government, comes from taxation.
    Sorry but all those useless , electioneering , White elephant projects,and contracts , must be financed somewhere.
    How de hell ,can you get a loan from China, to build a Children’s Hospital, yet not able to have same operating fully ,during your term in office, even though you had a ribbon cutting , media fanfare, Mamboo?
    To all the different Labor institutions ,from Security/ Law Enforcement , to Health, education,who are demanding their collectively reach labor payments now,what should they be told?
    The people of T&T , are not generally as stupid , as your self serving , delusional ,neo elite leaders ,take them to be Mamboo.
    It’s part of the principal reason ,as to why, on three occasions in our nation’s political history, they never gave your tribe , more than one term in office , since 1962.
    This in turn , has always impacted negatively, the ULF/ UNC, and recently the fake alliance/ coalition PP brand, in their ability to govern, once at the helm.
    I’m talking about the fear of getting kicked to the curb , by the electorate.
    No ,we do not need any of your phony intellectuals , and media talking heads,compromised , co opted editors, and political pundits, to explain away to us , why Corruption, cronyism,ugly political purges – of rival tribes,divisive fear-mongering . were so rampant,during Couva King Basdeo, and Siparia Queen Kamla , sub par political reigns.
    Our resource laden country, was on the brink of becoming a ‘failed state ,’ due to the actions, of a politically inept , incompetent, leader, and her gang.
    Let’s wish the new leaders well, in their quest to rectify / steady , the ship of state, hmmmmmmm?
    Sometimes Mamboo, tough times , require tough / draconian actions. Fortunately for the present leader,he will have at least another 15 years in power ,to get it right.

    Trust me when I say, there is no where in the Caribbean,or any mature , civilize democracy within the Commonwealth , that a character such as Anil Roberts,would overseer the disappearance of $TT300 million ,then have a judge, symbolically pat him on de romp, and basically compliment him ,for so doing,then he is given a heroes welcome ,of the kind given to him , by his Opposition leader.
    Yeah Anil , you love our local Justice system, and his angry that LifeSports , which was geared to alleviating the plight of only poor neglected Africans , got discarded.
    Just why de hell ,don’t anyone likewise care about poor neglected Indians in T&T? Ok, I get it, they are all doing fine, si?
    What ‘a comedy of errors!’ These political clowns , led by Kamla , ‘KEEP PEEING ON OUR LEGS , while telling us it’s raining,’ hmmmmm, Mamboo?
    Long live de Republic!

    1. Roberts has been vindicated by the courts. He explained that as the line minister he was “bamboozel” by the PNM operatives deeply entrenched in the civil service since Eric days. The audit conducted by these low level intelligence operatives could not stand in a court of law. Haha. Yes the paranormal media made a lot of noise, Anil lost his job “his” boss ordered an investigation. Your party the PNM never fired or investigated the actions of their Ministers. A name Marlene McDonald arise. Or the astute Malcolm Jones, Calder amongst other. Kamla ran a tight ship and got rid of any semblance of corruption. 19 resignations. By the way the investigation into the functioning $1.5 billion Airport is still ongoing. It is the best feeding trough started by the red and ready. Linquist report $110 million US (about $800 million TT)To prosecute Ish and company $110 million, to pay those conducting inquiry $500 million…. 12 years and counting.

      As for Sat not wanting 8 OJTs to work in Maha Sabha schools the simple reason is Sat would ask those who work in the Maha Sabha schools “can you make roti”.Obvioulsy Nealos these 8 couldn’t. Yes I attended one of those Hindu Primary School and we had Africana children in the school population. Sat did not discriminate against children wanting an education regardless of race. Eric said of these schools they were like “cow sheds”. Hence the roti request. Lol.

  5. ” Roberts has been vindicated. He was baamboozel by operatives , deeply entrenched in the Civil Service since Eric days…The audit could not stand in a court.
    As for the Maha Saba schools,I attended those Hindu Primary schools. Sat did not discriminate against African cow shed children.” Mamboo

    Hey Mamboo, you just may be right, and even if not, I agree. Let our politicians , and competing tribal gangbangers, South of de Caroni, and NNE of de East Dry river fight amongst themselves. We in contrast , will show luv , ‘for de other,’ si?
    Happy Diwali.Don’t eat , and drink too much ,during your spiritual holiday,si?,235200.html

    On a more serious note though,tell me -just why the hate for our Post Racial MP’s , and where has that loving spirit dissipated to , in just a mere 5 years, Mamboo?,144877.html

    Back then, Queen Kamla, could shake her ‘pampalang ,’to African drums, but today ,AG All Ah wi , and legal sidekick ,Cuz Young ,can’t gyrate to -Tassa drums, while attempting to serenade , ‘heavily made up-Trini-Bollywood -wanabee- Queens?’
    I luv dis land, Y tu?
    Long live the Republic.

      I know these two in the Guardian article. Imagine Nealos if this was you, what would you think of the police and the police service. They are really precious people who would do anything for you even stopping on the road once to help an elderly lady repair a car tire.

      The father is soft spoken but determined man I know he will not give up seeking to find his son, his wife is a strong woman. It is people like these when you hear the hurt in their voice makes me wonder what is wrong in Trinidad. An active investigator would be in contact with the family regularly. But not a word from the psychophants parading in uniform. They do t have any blasted emphaty for suffering families.

      They caught a guy using his son bank card to withdraw money the idiots in uniform question and release the guy. How about putting this guy on the polygraph to determine if he is lying??. Or charging him for theft. How about the man who threaten to kill his son surely he must know something. Threat is a statement of intent. It is to be taken seriously but the boys in uniform probably don’t think that was important.

      Obviously a bank card in the hand of a man withdrawing cash is a big clue. Which begs the question the premise of this article “does black lives matter”??? That is a question only the CoP can answer. Does any life matter in TNT.
      But Nealos I know you are a regular drinker of the balisier juice. That noxious substance can cloud your judgment, kindly use your influence in the upper ranks of the PNM to help this family…. Nuff said.

      1. “But Nealos I know you are a regular drinker of the balisier juice. That noxious substance can cloud your judgment, kindly use your influence in the upper ranks of the PNM to help this family.” Mamboo

        Pretty funny mi country hating Piazanno. On a serious note however , let the record show that family for me , entails all of T&T. I personally don’t get caught up in sensationalistic ,escapist media pieces- not that I’m downplaying the traumatic impact, of a child’s disappearance.

        I feel your paltry attempts, at professed pain for the victims here Mamboo,even though, I could not help but notice, another misguided delight by you, to not only politicize the matter, but likewise , take a swipe at Ag COP Phillips ,hard working boys / gals, of de grey/ Blue brigade,as well , in addition to your not too subtle , denunciation of all members of Afro Kinky Head Nation. Am I right, or am I right?
        No empathy for our Ag Commissioner Phillip,who now has to share office with his now competing ,Ag Commissioner in Uncle Williams , whose wife decided to kick him out of the vacationing home , so tired is she , and the kids , about his whining,and meddlesome behaviors, around the house.
        However I digress.
        Something tells me Mamboo, that due to these evil ways of yours , your Karma will dictate, that when you die, you’ll return ,either as a hungry Morouga Salipainter, or a Los Bajos Zandolee.
        The sad thing is, dat just a few days ago ,during your spiritual festival, you were praying to Lord Krisna, asking him to bless the Nation, while beseeching him ,to protect you , from these types of tragedies , and better yet, that he should give your – recently turned 67 year old-PM, Dr Keith Rowley long life as he tries to set our underachieving , economically raped country, back on steady footing, in addition to asking for protection for maligned, dedicated, caring Public Servants ,from any evils that lurks, in La Trinity.
        Here is de deal Mamboo. An alleged sex fiend , Private school teacher, disappeared some moths ago at his nome in Couva , and his loyal,now lonely wife ,is still awaiting answers , as our Police, follow what looks like tough leads, yet with no luck. How sad indeed!
        An exotic , flashy female businesswoman , with Casino ties ,likewise disappeared , leaving her 5 million dollar Benz ,somewhere on a dusty road , and yet ,as her traumatized family scrambled for answers,no one has lost any sleep, over her.Care to guess why? What a tragedy!
        Almost two months now , a blond hair,Indo Trini female member, disappeared – as we like to say on de streets -’in bright daylight , ‘after dropping off her kids to school, and as her family morn ,listening to hoax calls , they too are on the verge of giving up,as the matter drags on. Terrible indeed.
        So dis wonderful young man, who mysteriously disappeared ,are we to accept that he desperately wanted to be a Soldier, and since this was de case- according to his traumatized parents- he lived an impeccable life , huh?
        Well, I’ll be darn, and how interesting indeed!
        Speaking of Soldiers. At the hight of de Kamla led , PP reign , a 30 something year old soldier, was murdered in Lavantille,when his body was riddled with bullets.
        He left behind ,‘me think , ‘ 9 kids, and 9 baby mamas to morn his death- since they would no longer be able to survive without his hefty paycheck.
        A young soldier’s life was snuffed out , while on duty in Tethron Gangreen HQ, with – imagine this – the video cameras rolling, and yet to date , his family never got justice.
        You see Mamboo, I lay all these cases on the table , to make a simple point, mi country hating Pizanno,and here it is in a nutshell:- Often times , ‘what you see, ain’t always what you get,’ as we like to say on de streets.
        Put differently , and in plainer lingua. Our law enforcement blokes , tend to run into symbolic brick walls,’ with respect to solving these intricate cases,not because they are incompetent , as you and the exasperated parents are insinuating , but rather due to the fact , that ‘there is more in the mortar , than the mere pestle ,’hummmmm?
        Speaking of which , tell me again, how is that SM Jaleel , Coke case coming along Mamboo? There were so much high expectations, re a speedy resolvement, since ‘me think ,’some 50 DEA agents, and FBI blokes , were brought in as lead investigators.
        It may mean nothing to most on this forum , but let me reiterate the following, in de interest of full disclosure.
        I was fortunate to begin my career in 81 ,when Randy de Fox Borroughs ,was the Nation’s Commissioner,following the retirement of T&T last White Imperial subject ,in Tony May.
        I also served under Jules Bernard, a highly skilled administrator, after the demise of de Fox, of Scotts Drug Report fame.
        I likewise worked for two others , long before they were elevated to the big job as Commissioner, in Noor Kenny Mohammed, and Uncle Paul. Two of the best , I might add.
        You see Mamboo, there was a time when neo tribal politics, did not play such a significant role , in the selection of a Police Commissioner.Some much wiser than yours truly , might even say that Basdeo Panday.and his Protegee Auntie Kamla changed that- and who am I to disagree.
        Something tells me ,that all of these guys, would have taken umbrage ,with the fact that they would be forced to act for 5 years in a post, after replacing a White Canadian foreigner. Something tells me , they all would have preferred to resign in disgust , than allow a PM , and party, to force them to accept some 100,0000 plus ,undertrained SRP’s into their ranks- many of which , it has been established , possess… ummmm…. questionable backgrounds.
        Something tells me, that these are some of the facts which has contributed to diluting of the Police Service Brand, in addition to lowering moral, amongst the ranks/ file.
        Need I add also , this habit of forcing Soldiers, and Police to work together , in these overrated , joint patrol exercises. Least we forget, Soldiers , were meant to defend the country from outside threats. It sends a strong, and wrong subliminal message ,to Police ,Soldiers, and members of the public when they are forced to exist as domestic law enforcement entities- and in our case , here it is:- 1. Police cannot be trusted , and needs more competent overseers,in Soldiers.
        2. Soldiers in turn, are highly paid , but since we have no wars , let’s find something useful ,for them to do.
        3. As for the restless public? Well.. take your pick ,as to their conclusions- especially if ,they are chiefly from poor neighborhoods .
        Trust me when I say, our Police , and by extension , local Law enforcement guys / gals , aren’t as incompetent, callous , or even corrupt , as some would like us believe.
        The idiotic characterizations, plays into a well thought out false narrative , for a fraction of our population – with a penchant for tribal purges, and micromanagement, once at the helm.
        However , a different issue for another occasion.
        Let’s wish our Country well,si?

        1. Nealos you are like an old gilpin covered with rust. Note how you seem to justify the impotence of the police force. Must the citizenry live without any expectation of receiving justice from the defenders of our society? It is your old Africana brain at work Nealos. To illustrate my point, the Tobagonian male will be with a girl, when she leaves he will seek to humiliate her and soil her character. The poor girl will be helpless as her spurned macho man goes around telling everyone who would listen all the intimate details of their past relationship. There is no recourse for character defamation. And so you tried to make Michael Knight look like he was a shady character. And he got what was coming for him. That type of thinking defies logic. And it justifies criminality. Maybe it is the way the police thinks. That should be left to the judge and jury.

          In developed nations when someone disappears within the first 48 hours is the best and most likely time to find them. Everything humanly possible must be done at lightening speed. Social media today can be used to speed information, the public suddenly become your eyes and ears. Nealos this is 21st century policing. I was a fan of Buck Rogers a 21st century crime fighters long before the 21st century, today we are here. But it must be noted that the TNT police force composed of mainly islanders imported by the PNM as a voter bank blighted the entire policing system in TNT. They just wanted TNT money. Today many high ranking officers simply tell the new officers “don’t bother”.

          We must not rejoice in the suffering of others but like good citizens share their pain. In times like these party affiliation is irrelevant. Sadly there was no picture of Michael. As for police criticism it is based on ones expectation. The police officers sit on their hands if you call them out. That must change Nealos….

          1. “Note how you seem to justify the impotence of the police force. Must the citizenry live without any expectation of receiving justice from the defenders of our society? We must not rejoice in the suffering of others but like good citizens share their pain. “Mamboo
            Yeah Mambo, we get that . I am defending Police Officers , as there is something to be gained , for so doing.
            Anyone ,stupid enough ,to naively believe, that lack of Justice for citizens , in T&T, is limited solely to de actions, and or in actions , of Police Offices, should be look at with derision.
            Here is the deal Mamboo. Last I checked , no one rejoiced, when a certain XTRA Foods CEO Heiress , Senora Naipaul,was chopped up ,like a slab of raw pork about to be Jerked , by criminals ,who were paid , by certain unmentionables, to get her out the way,
            We can guess why justice was never served, as her sleazy husband, and adoring Stepdaughter ,never got the heat , as deserved , for any possible role in this tragedy.
            I am almost certain , that it was because Mr Patrick Manning , felt the pain of former Chief Justice Sharma , why he called him into his office , and gave him a heads up, as to the plans Police Officials had for him, re his criminal attempts ,to protect his pal Basdeo Panday, and look what that got Manning.
            I don’t need to guess ,why both characters in question walked free, but the suddenly silent African Chief Magistrate/ Chief State Witness name, was dragged through de mud, just before he conveniently got sick, then died.
            I for one, felt the pain of glorified , so called independent ,business woman ,Sasca Singh , when she was beaten to a pulp at Grand Bazzer , by her sexually wayward ,Pundit Sweetman , MP Sharma , and would have loved to see the Kamla cuddled, PP weasel, do some serious time for his action.
            Realist that I am however, I am quite aware , as to why justice was not served, and why his gold digging Chica, weren’t charged for wasting police time , after she suddenly became silent.
            All of T&T shared the pain ,of a historically abused housewife, who had to run to Social media , to let the world know, what her animalistic real estate/ car dealer hombre ,and Crime Watch , close pal ,who merely got a pat on his butt , by the DPP,as his dutiful wife , with two shakes of a Couva Ducks behind , flew back into his financially secured arms ,as a show of TRINIDADIAN/ South of de Caroni love.
            Most citizens , including yours truly , felt the pain of an underage 16 year old girl, who after years of possible sexual abuse , was forced to use her Prison Officer -Step Papi work pistol, and pump 14 bullets into him , while he allegedly was physically abusing her mama.
            Like good citizens ,many shared the pain of her mama , who through obvious guilt , committed Suicide , by drinking poison.
            Even greater pain was felt , as the equally traumatized daughter ,then attempted suicide, then 48 hours , after leaving the hospital, was married off to de highest village bidder, by a caring Pundit.
            We flet the pain of hundreds of criminals , who perhaps never got justice , since AG Rammy ,de Ram goat lover , tried to investigate himself , over the Prison g
            Gate cover up fiasco.
            Our late, national legal luminary ,Dana Seethal , made millions, working for both the state , and privately , in important cases , across T&T. We sure felt the pain for her and family, when she was gunned down , one night , on her return from a Casino extravaganza
            Finally , I feel the pain , and I am certain , so do many citizens, over the plight of Indo Trini kids , who since our independence , have endured ugly bouts of fully sanctioned ,statutory rapes,at the hands of their esposos, since they were forced to marry at age 9, 10 11, 12 , 14 , and 16.

            You also stated Mambo, dat “the Tobagonian male will be with a girl, when she leaves he will seek to humiliate her and soil her character. The poor girl will be helpless as her spurned macho man goes around telling everyone who would listen all the intimate details of their past relationship. There is no recourse for character defamation. ”
            In contrast , it is most common , that the Trinidadian male , would do much worst, often even resorting to murder. Something tells me , that if questioned, many big Brother Trini females – especially those from your tribe – if given a chance , will opt for ‘Tobago Love,’where at least , they will survive, si?


            I’m not too certain about you Mamboo-since for all of this your idle talk ,about caring for the suffering,both you , and most of your fellow tribal hombres, remain callous ,closet savage , insensitive brutes- but I most certainly ,feel the pain of these two Piparo female victims.
            Let the record show that as an agnostic Buddhist myself, this is a major philosophical component of my belief- namely ,seeking to end suffering , amongst all sentient beings.
            Be a difference maker, and join me in this process, unless of course, you wish to return in your next life ,as a Mayaro Salipainter , Zandolee, hmmmmm?
            I wish you well.
            Stay Vigilant T&T.

  6. Learned Doctor, tell me something,who does black lives matter to? Certainly not to black folks because they killing each other and that’s no problem.But when a policeman shoot and kill one of them suddenly “black lives matter”.(Especially if it’s a white policeman.) As I said before Doc take your intellectualism and money and try to educate them. Please learned doctor try and stop your people from killing each other.

  7. “Black lives matter’ is a necessary and relevant movement in the USA. The organization and its followers have never claimed that Black lives matter more than the lives of Whites. They are simply addressing the need to recognize and eliminate the racist violence against Blacks by law enforcement. The Black lives matter movement has also never discounted the need to prevent and reduce the violence of Black on Blacks. These are two separate issues and should not be intertwined.
    It is truly ironic that Blacks in the USA are the first to protest and defend other minorities, e.g. Latinos, when faced with discrimination.

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