Grow up, take responsibility

Deyalsingh’s tough message after austere mid-term budget

By Adrian Boodan
Sunday, April 10, 2016 –

Terrence DeyalsinghIt’s time that nationals grow up and take some responsibility for T&T, says Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh.

Deyalsingh was at the time fielding questions from the media when he attended a health and fitness fair hosted by the Couva Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce, on Saturday, at the Chamber’s building at Camden Road.

When asked by reporters if the budget review was necessary, he said the lifestyle of government-subsidised freeness may soon be over.

“The budget review is necessary if one is perfectly objective, the price of our main income earners which is oil and gas have declined by about 75 per cent in six months so an adjustment is necessary. We have grown up in T&T believing that everything is free but at the end of the day somebody has to pay for the subsidised water rates, subsidised healthcare.”

“Healthcare is free, you can go over there at that Couva health facility and be treated for free but somebody has to pay for it. We cannot go on looking to oil and gas, and looking towards the State to be this paternalistic entity that it once was.”

“It is time for the children of the State, which is you and I to grow up and take some responsibility and this is what this adjustment is about, having us as citizens take responsibility for the state of our country and everyone do a little bit to alleviate the hardships that we are going through.”

However, Deyalsingh said there are no plans in the pipeline to make citizens pay for healthcare.

He avoided answering a question of what measures would be taken to deal with the thousands of illegal aliens in T&T who put a strain on the local healthcare system.

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  1. If government gets rid of waste, cronyism and corruption, the nation will be better served. Too many at the feeding trough. The West Minster system has taken the nation as far as it can go with the winner take all mindset. Once in power a government can borrow, lend, increase wages without seriously taking into account GDP. The GDP has to be starting point of all spending, not the promises of spending made by political parties that are often excessive and wasteful. It was good to see the rapid rail project shelved for the time being. This change of mind should be the accepted norm when the money isn’t available.

    Too many times projects undertaken by government is poorly excuted resulting in a drain in the economy. Here is a few example undertaken during the Manning years. World GTL
    $2.7 billion 33 cost over run, with nothing to show. The man in charge of this project was rehired by the PNM showing NO respect for tax payers dollars. Cost over run by the mighty PNM Rahael clan
    —Trinity Housing owned by the Rahael group constructed 138 units at Orchard Gardens, incurring cost overruns of $50 million.
    —Corinth Hills was done by the same company, incurring cost overruns of $128 million. —-Trinity Housing projects with cost overruns including East Grove in Curepe ($64 million),
    ——Bon Air (an original $13 million contract with $19 million in cost overruns) and ——Greenvale Park ($156 million in cost overruns.)
    —-Couva Junior Secondary ($172 millions cost over run)
    —-, Barataria Junior Secondary ($149 million cost over run),
    —- Pleasantville Junior Secondary ($150 million cost over run) He said Osha laws virtually closed down the contract for the Pleasantville project due to safety concerns.

    This is just a few examples of how reckless spending can be by government. Today if there was prudent fiscal management there would have been less loans to repay more money in the treasury and less pressure on the poor. But thieves abound especially since they know they can get away with it. They have a well stock bank account and a battery of lawyers to keep the slime ball out of prison. The man who steals a few Julie mangoes and is caught will face up to 6 months in prison. The man who steals millions get to be Prime Minister. Where is the Justice?

    I could go on, the problem with government is the few who get to full their pocket at the expense of the thousands facing economic poverty and uncertainty. The thousands get lectured by the government and their pockets picked via taxes. Not all taxes are fair some of it is really government stealing from the public to sustain their ever growing beaurocracy. To give hush money to their supporters.

    It is time to do a serious rethink of the West Minster system and a move towards governance that is truly for the people by the people. We have a sick democracy that is badly in need of healing.

  2. Health Minister woes investors for Children’s Hospital

    By Richardson Dhalai
    Sunday, April 10 2016

    The Couva Children’s Hospital which was at the butt of bitter platform and post-election exchanges between the People’s Partnership (PP) and the People’s National Movement will be opened after all, but with the private sector funding, staffing and operating the facility.

    This was revealed by Health Minister, Terence Deyalsingh, yesterday who said Government will soon be inviting requests for proposals from the private sector to undertake the task.

    “We have sent out the call to the private sector,” the Minister told reporters as he toured the first annual Health and Wellness Fair hosted by the Couva/ Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce, Camden Road, Couva. “Give us proposals where you can occupy an already built facility, where the state can provide you with the facility. You bring in the funding, you bring in the staffing, and you run and operate the thing and that is the most sensible position we can take now, with the price of oil and gas where it is.” The Minister also signalled a similar approach for the provision of oncology services in the country, disclosing he had also spoken to someone at the Health and Wellness Fair about a proposal for oncology services saying the nation was facing and “explosion” of persons being diagnosed with cancers.

    An oncology centre is being constructed at Mount Hope on the compound of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

    “In Trinidad and Tobago, we have an explosion of the rates for cancers and as people live longer, people don’t change their life style,” the Minister noted. “We have increasing rates of lung cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, so we have an oncology epidemic brewing, and if we don’t take action now, in five to 10 years we will not have the capacity to deal with it.” The politics still entered his discourse with reporters about the Couva Children’s Hospital yesterday as he took a jab at the United National Congress which has been calling on the PNM administration to take steps to open the facility.

    “As far as the Couva hospital is concerned, that facility was originally supposed to be in Chaguanas, you know that,” Deyalsingh stated. “The original plan was to build that facility in Chaguanas together with a hotel and shopping mall.” But the Minister pointed out, “When the last government lost the Chaguanas West by-election to Jack Warner (former Chairman of the UNC and MP for Chaguanas West), they then took a decision to spite Jack Warner and the constituents of Chaguanas West to move it to Couva. Then they dropped out the hotel and they dropped out the shopping plaza.” “And they took a decision to build the hospital on a seismic fault zone, we know that,” he continued.

    “They have left us with no budget for the Couva hospital; they left us with no staffing plan.” “Where am I going to get the staffing and the budget from to run Couva when the existing facility, the Couva District Health Facility has staff shortages and is crying out for financial resources,” the Minister questioned. “So it was an impossibility to staff and fund the Couva hospital.

    He added, “What we have decided to do as government policy, in an effort to use the asset, paid for by the taxpayers when oil was $100 a barrel, where oil is now 30-something dollars a barrel, it is to enter into public/private partnership.” He pledged that the Couva Children’s Hospital will not be allowed to “rot” and is going to be used to provide health care services to citizens, Health Minister “So it is the intention of this Government to use that facility which you the taxpayer paid for (it),” Deyalsingh said.

    “We are not going to leave it there to rot.”,226330.html

  3. Under the West Minster system power is centralized in the office of the Prime Minister. He gets to appoint the Chief Justice, DPP and basically has a hand in every major appointments. Those who are appointed are beholding to him. This centralized power structure becomes a social elitist club where mediocrity and mutual support rules the day. He is essentially an elected dictator. There is no real democracy.

    Under this system where one party govern in a winner takes all scenario the population is at the whim and fancy of a few. This is the chief reason why corruption and poverty will not go away anytime soon. So what do we do? We can make a marriage of several governance models and use its strengths to create a truly democratic model where people can have a higher expectation of their selected/elected leaders.

    Under the PP Minister Ramadhar was working on Constitutional reform. The whole idea of Constitutional reform is not new but has been the subject of much prodding and probing but it remains untouchable and unmovable. Why would an “elected dictator” want to consider a people centered approach? That is not the way a dictator thinks and act, he wants power until he is dead, fortunately a stroke or other health issues changes that and frees the people temporarily until the next one shows up.

  4. “Under the West Minster system power is centralized in the office of the Prime Minister,corruption , and poverty will not go away anytime soon.Under this system where one party govern in a winner takes all scenario the population is at the whim and fancy of a few.We can make a marriage of several governance models and use its strengths to create a truly democratic model.” Mamboo aka De UNC-Neo Constitutional-Reform Guru.

    Yeah Mamboo, and de more astute amongst our ranks,on this here Trini Center Nation, are quite aware as to how/ why, ‘you Alze,’especially dat self loathing / national ingrate in Chief- V.S Naipaul -missed de T&T glory days,when Mama England’s Royals,were in total control.
    Yep, it was when ‘dem Highly educated , YET ungrateful , savage , idiot African-Slaves,’were eventually chased our de land they toiled on for centuries ,only to EVENTUALLY make way for your adorable ,industrious ,more malleable ,Great Grandma, and Great grand Papa, when they stepped off de Fatel Razack,seeking fame , and fortune, as they fortunately escaped ,dem well known , caste infested ,discriminatory ,South Asian hell holes, ehhhhhh?
    You know what you can do with this typical, neo tribal diatribe ,that’s presently regurgitated ,as some learned discourse.
    Here is the deal mi Piasano, take it, or leave it. If you ,and your tribe ,ain’t happy with our system of government, then there is Dhaka Bangladesh ,Columbo Sri Lanka, Fiji, Islamabad Pakistan, Deli India,Kathmandu Nepal,and we can throw in your favorites destinations of Sydney, Otowwa , or London , where you country haters ,can migrate to, as they have done a great job , with Proportional Representation- but only in their University lecture halls.
    We in T&T however ,love our winner take all, ‘First past de Post’ system, and so that’s what would remain. Our late – cross tribal -Founding Fathers , in their wisdom, formulated our system of government , which has historically ensured peaceful transitions, and unlike Nigeria, Pakistan, Fiji, Cuba, Venezuela, Uganda,Zimbabwe, Iran, Saudi Arabia,Afghanistan, Syria,Burundi,Ukraine, and similar Quasi-Democratic fiefdoms,ours worked to perfection, and ‘we like it so.’
    Well, I ‘ll be dar….This bozo ,remains silent as a Mayaro drunken mouse , as his disgusting leaders , wish to hold on to the costly, anachronistic Privy Council , but want to tamper with our Constitution , under some opaque notion of reform.
    Ain’t happening, in dis lifetime Mamboo. Maybe, when you ,Kamla , Basdeo, Malika , Tman , and similar others die , and return , in your next life.
    Now here is something Mamboo , dat you lawless, fake religious bums ,don’t have to tinker with our Sacred Constitution , so as to rectify.
    I’m talking about eradicating STATUTORY RAPE in La Trinity! Good griefs, a 16 year old child ,is married under so called Muslim rites ,to a 20 year old husband!! If there was any justice in my country , this male would be arrested , as soon as he was finished giving his statement.,226575.html

    However this is T&T,a nation of two major competing tribes, where rules of law are only applicable to one group- or perhaps to be more accurate – one class.
    Instead of focusing on his job as an educator , a male ,South Teacher , can write love letters, to his 11 year old student,and pay no price in de end.
    Not to be ignored , an armed Prison officer , can abuse his subservient wife ,and 17 year old stepdaughter,the latter of which, in a fit of rage, can shoot him with his duty pistol. Her mama ,laden with guilt , can commit suicide, then de child can make a fake attempt to emulate her mama’s act, aware of the sympathy this can draw.
    She then , would be forced into marriage , by of our Sat Maraj , fellow ‘caring Hindu Priest,’ the day after she left the Hospital. Go figure!
    In de interim ,a Afro Tobago born ,Political leader, was almost derailed from assuming the post, as our nation’s rightful PM , simply because of an act he committed 45 years ago,as a 19 year old.
    He was again lambasted ,as a closet pedophile , by tribal , hypocritical cretins , and their minions ,all because he had de temerity to whine , on a 17 , year old – going on 35- female masquerader, during our recent Carnival festival.
    Yeah Uncle Deyalsingh , time for us to “grow up and take responsibility ,”all right, but not soley in the areas you wish to focus on.
    Look out for the health , safety , and education of all our nation children.
    While at it , tell your Minister of Education , Uncle Garcia, to hold his teachers , and Educational administrators accountable. Tell Cuz Dillon, that putting Police Officers,and Soldiers in schools to protect kids ,ain’t the solution, for out of control kids.
    Giving Prison Officers , high end HDC houses ,to protect dem from murderous Criminals , traumatized under their watch , in the various state Prisons , won’t save a single life, and no he don’t need a Sociology PHD study, to know that.
    Speaking of which folks, when are we going to get an update by the Police PR unit , on the mysterious disappearance, of a certain private school teacher, who prior to his now obvious murder,it was alleged ,had an inappropriate relationship , with a 15 year old female student under his care?
    Last I checked , there were questions asked of her incarcerated , traumatized papa, but dat’s where the crime trail ended . Nuff said.
    There is much work to be done our underachieving T&T,so let’s roll up dem sleeves, and push forward.
    Any cross national ,comparative analysis , would indicate , that our extremely small, Twin Island Republic , though rift with numerous socio – economic – com political problems , ain’t that bad, as many conniving doom and gloomerrs-who suddenly have a voice , after 5 years of silence- are quick to indicate.
    The issues , and more major problems ,we are daily confronted with, might appear mammoth , but that’s more so , because , we allow a few destructive , selectively outraged ,social barbarians , pretending to be leaders,to keep us fractured as a collective.
    Yeah , and they would like us to believe , that it’s only Indo Trinis who commit Frauds , indulge in incest,would sell their families for a piece of real estate , or dollar , indulge in suicides , or forced their underage daughters ,into unwholesome relationships. Neyet.
    They likewise would like us to accept that the majority of Afro Trinis , are lazy, over dependent , violent ,criminal minded, sexually insatiable , immoral bums , who are all envious of their Indo Trinis wealth , and less aggressive women,or would choose to make too many kids, then abandon them to a life of destitution.
    Do selfish Syrians , and other successful Trini Arabs- as many proclaim- have a fixation on running African folks out of the Lavantille Brazilian Favellas , with plans of their own ,to turn such ,into real estate gold mines? No se.
    Are these Waster down – Trini Whites, who occasionally refer to T&T as home ,perpetual whiners, who are fixated on their inherited ,neo colonial wealth, expensive Yachts, hight end Westmoorings, / Federation Park, Maraval, St Anns castles, Eurocentric festivals, and other T&T privilege ?Perhaps so.
    This however is the challenge we face as a nation. How to make this ‘toss salad, callaloo, jambalaya , … ummmm melting pot hodgepodge work,si?
    Stay vigilant, and keep hope alive!
    Long live the Republic of T&T!

    1. “Yep, it was when ‘dem Highly educated , YET ungrateful , savage , idiot African-Slaves,’were eventually chased our de land they toiled on for centuries”

      Sounds like a lot of bitterness on your part Neal that slaving ancestors somehow was driven off the land. I would beg to differ with your misguided view and say they were very happy to leave the land and move to the city. The land scared them because it meant hard work.

      Some missionaries went to Africa, bought tractors and all sort of farming equipment for the natives. They left and return 4 years later, eager to see how the natives fared. Of course Neal they thought that the land will be plough and produce grown and sold. To their utter dismay and surprise the farming equipment lay idly by and some even rusted. So they call the elders and demanded an explanation. The natives response was surprising, they said in their tradition after each harvest they would have a big celebration. With the equipment they were not able to do that.. Each field they harvest would mean a celebration. The work was done too quickly and so they missed their celebration. Fete and party has not change, even in today’s world.

      The African American family is in a free fall with a million black males in US prison out of 13 million and 72% choosing cohabitation over marriage. Nappy head Alyssa who like you reeks with racist tendency cannot deny these facts. The sad reality is that type of thinking now exist and is growing in TNT where the African male following his primordial instinct as a hunter choosing to father many children and live like an animal. The future for the TNT family unit does not look well because these players talk with honey flowing from their lips seducing the uninitiated.

      Back to the land issue. The worst dictator to live in the Caribbean apart from Papa and Baby doc was Linden Sampson Forbes Burnham. Burnham stole land under cultivation by Indians and gave it to Afro Guyanese in the hope that they would turn the soil into productive farming. Those lands given lay bare today because planting the land was anathema to those descendants of slaves.

      Nealos you and nappy head Alyssa has again missed the mark and barely understand tribalist thinking. The Africana in the TNT is not interested in working in the hot sun planting the land, that is why CEPEP is a 3 Hour ting. Think about it. He wants to be paid immediately so he can go and party. Planting the land is time consuming and weather dependent. I know because my parents with iron will worked all day in sun to ensure there was food on the table. God bless them.

      1. It would be fine if Mamoo harbor these thoughts and is just willing to share them with his fellow Dalits Erik Brahmins Trinidadian style but my sense is that he really wants to hurt the feelings of those whose intelligence and intellect surpasses his. These stories actually makes him feel good about his Brahmin status and writing demeaning stories about black people actually makes him feel good. Idiots feel empowered when they think they are insulting people who have proven superior intellect.
        I think we should sing a joyful noise to celebrate Mamoo’s happiness, now that he is aware that there are black people (like lazy jailbirds) whom he feels superior to. Idiots need to be applauded to you know. To think that is the mentality that black children were exposed to in school! No wonder why we have gone backwards as a country!

        1. Kian,
          Did you hear the former OJT Hindu Governor Of the central bank in his recent press conference?NO CLASS! He insinuated that his eminently more qualified successor is a slave! (To the white minister) he reffered to the current minister as “his master” (of the current governor) see?? Also, he had the NERVE, the GALL to refer to his eminently more qualified successor (current governor) as an OJT! WHY didn’t Ewart Williams (Jwala’s Predecessor whose shoes he couldn’t fill) do the same or worse to Jwala when he shamefully accepted the position? Eh? Eh? Kian, these people are of a vicious bush, village, caste culture….yoh cannot put them in positions of power of the general public….let them only have postions over their own…rule the mandir…stay out of public office…Imagine this….THAT, was in charge of the central bank….calling a press conference to Insult the current Prime Minister & Current Governor Of the Central Bank…200+ religious/Party CULT ‘DEVOTEES’ were squirelled in last year to FLOOD the institution…BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Express & Guardian worried about the Hindu SSA being re-staffed? Eh? Eh? This is the exact nadty, dutty, stink, classless bush/cane strategy that was employed from 1995….They Ethnically Cleansed Every single public office of Black skinned Africans, fill them with Religious/Party CULT DEVOTEES, THEN, when they are removed from Office, they cry racism!….only Hindus & Indians are allowed to practice Mass Firings Of Africans..that is ‘political’
          When Africans are in Power, they must not reverse the damage…or else it is “Racism”…The Express, Guardian & Newsday suppressed all of the evil against Africans in the past political term BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Now, they want to Talk Race….
          FIRE THEM
          FIRE THEM
          FIRE THEM
          FIRE THEM
          Get the Racist, Fundamentalist Casteminded CULT members OUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!!
          GET THEM OUT!
          GET THEM OUT!
          GET THEM OUT!

          1. “They Ethnically Cleansed Every single public office of Black skinned Africans…”
            Liars abound and you are the chief one. If at all under the past UNC administration the Africana benefitted the most with unemployment at 3.5%.

            Civil Servant under KPB received over 30% increase and $3 billion in collective bargaining agreement.
            The Civil Service is controlled by people of African descent with their union buddies.

            The Partnership also settled 123 agreements left by the PNM to the tune of several billions. The PP gave them first access to government housing plus large pension and other goodies.

            Nobody had it as good as the Africana under KPB. Some UNC members wondered way PNM supporters were left in key positions in the Civil Service or why it took so long to get rid of them. Today we are seeing the most racist PNM administration who are working hard to remove anyone in authority who is not a PNM supporter. Dillon being the most racist of the lot.

          2. Alyssa, This behavior of these same old neo-racists remains the same. Calling anything you don’t agree with “racist” or seeking to claim racial discrimination when you don’t agree with an act is as old as the migration of Indians to the new world.
            When the Afro Saxons and whites filled the corridors of administrative power, the claims almost always worked. As a matter of fact, this tactic is almost three thousand years old and in Trinidad it was always guaranteed to work, especially when uppity Afro Saxons had power in their hands. This claim by the UNC and their she-devil leader, is no different from their official modus operandi, ‘make the country ungovernable’. It also happens to be the Number one item on the policies played out by the so-called Indian Policy. If they want to talk about discrimination, why can’t the she-devil tell us why the now Energy Minister was fired from her job at the Energy Department? They see any act against an Indian as discrimination and those against Africans as routine. If that mentality is not racist, then we have lost our bearings on what a decent society is. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. May be that she-devil should resign for the same reason she accused Marlene McDonald. Nuff said!

      2. What a load odd crock. Man, your backwardness mamoo is really become suffocating. Africans worked for two centuries performing back breaking labor. And they did this without pay. hard work has never been something we shied away from.

        You little eichmen that have been flung like a plague upon the Caribbean isles make the Klu Klux Klan look like angels. That is why I always tell people that white people did not invent racism, indians did. White people learned about racism from their interaction with Indians.

        You are like parasites, contributing very little to the asocial struggles in the world, but pushing to the front of the line to enjoy the proceeds. All you social and civil rights welfare recipients are parasites feeding off the struggle of Africans. But the Caribbean is waking up. They need to send you all back to Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.

        1. Not Sri Lanka Rodwell,
          They would want to force themselves near white populations…thus is where they welcome “unity”. Sri Lankans are the Blackest Of the Black among indians and it is so for a reason…in the Ram Vs. Rawan play that is being forced down the throats of Africans in T&T since may 24th 2010, Ravan carries sita to ‘lanka….as in Sri Lanka….The Untouchables/Dalits consider Ravan their literal ancestor and ptrotest his villification in that ‘reenactment’…think about that play in the context of even modern racism….A Black skinned man is said to have ‘kidnapped’ a white woman and of course he takes her back to his ‘lair’ (amont other blacksinned demons i.e. Sri lanka) and of course the white SKINNED Knight ‘rescues’ his white skinned princess and BURNS the black skinned man alive….sound familiar….sounds like a redneck fairytale! We all know that the victor of the war writes history and the hunter tells story of the dead lion…wouldn’t it be funny to find out that Ravan’s side of the story is that he and Sita Eloped??

          1. Same PNM Follies in 2016

            Imagine, from may 24th 2010 – September 7th 2015, The state media were powerful limbs if UNCOPP/Mahasabha…UNC, Hindus & Indians ALONE were allowed to propagate their view and NO DOG BARK at THAT. Imagine after this gruelling attack on the psyche of African & PNM community, in comes the PNM and in a bizarre attempt to GROVEL to get a pat on the back from the very same 340,000 racists & self haters who voted FOR more KAMLA-BABA…The new PNM Host of Good MorningTT Allows the two NEO-PIMPS of The Black Power Movement in the U.S. ,Agents Of UNCOPP’s Hindu/Indian superiority movement,
            Kwasi ‘Faker Of Black Power’ Mutema
            Embau ‘Faker Or Black Power’ Moheni
            These two clowns, were allowed this morning to peddle their socio-political propaganda WITHOUT CHALLENGE! Imagine this PNM host even endorsed and encouraged their LIES that
            (1) PNM tried to stop African & Indian Unity (LIE)
            (2) PNM tried to stop Africans & Indians from
            Marching TOGETHER from caroni to P.O.S.(LIE)
            (3) Black Power 1970 was Primarily about African
            Indian Unity (LIE)
            (4) This is the stinkest political lie yet….
            According to the POLITICAL LEADER of NJAC,
            Embau ‘UNC Slave’ Moheni, The ‘Black Power’
            Title was GIVEN BY THE MEDIA, and the movement
            Was not about Black Power, but about Interracial
            Unity (Africans & Indians)!….

            These two Slaves Of the UNCOPP and racist Hindu and Indian supremacists are trying to ‘SELL’ the ‘rights to’ the black power movement….as when someone buys the rights to something, they can change it to suit their agenda. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT NJAC did nit OWN The Black Power movement, they merely PIMPED it!….Imagine a PNM installed Host of Good MorningTT Allows and endorses these two clowns to propagate harmful lies to Africans & The PNM….This need for racist Indians and the UNCOPP to lie about and attempt to change history as it actually happened, to something that THEY wish it was is DANGEROUS!!!! The Indian community did NOT tzke part in the movement (Black Power) in 1970! They did NOT support going against White Superiority, apart from their racist belief system & culture, White Supremacy alots to Indians based on their appearence, a higher position than Africans!! Their was barely a salt sprinkle of Indians in the movement in 1970, and many of them merely jumped in to the movement as a catalyst to marxh against the PNM & Eric Williams! My Gid! Imagine these two slaves, on behalf of Master Kamla & Master Suruj, trying to change the Black Power movement of 1970 to the Inter Ethnic Unity Movement….in order to give Indians credit for the movement and the subsequent social changes WOW! What a Bamsee Licking Disgrace these three are!
            Makaandal Daaga
            Kwasi Mutema
            Embau Moheni

            NJAC joins the UNC & the COP as the political arms of The Maha Sabha

  5. Me bitter Mamboo, ha, ha! Perish de thought! Why again , should I be , mi country hating paisano? Still have a hard on for Forbes Burnham , 50 years after he died , but silent as a Tabaquite mouse , over the role Dentist Marxist Chedi Jagan, his Jewish / Yankee , CIA wife Janet, ultra corrupt,closet homosexual/wife abusing Jagdeo , and the drunken trade unionist Ramoutar ,did to destroy Guyana , as they , with the help of a few self loathing, Afro Guyanese elites ,engaged in systemic acts of genocide against Black Folks.
    Give it a rest, and simply be grateful that your T& T , ain’t Guyana!

    There is some thing you self serving cretins ,need to understand , when savvy, learned folks myself , and my well known fellow Afro – patriotic -progressives , such as Sistaz A,Bro Kain,and Yarouba Israelite ,traverse,’dis here Trini Center Information highway,’ Mamboo.
    We do it out of love for country ,all of it’s 1.3 million plus citizens , as well as 125,000 plus illegal immigrants, who -chiefly within the past 5 years ,of the ghastly,Kamla PP reign,decided to call it their home.
    I for one subscribes to a tested verifiable truism , that one should ‘beware of a man/ woman , with nothing to loose.’ This was true in Dada ID Amin Uganda,Col Rabuka Fiji,Tamil/ Senalese Sri Lanka, and we can throw in South Central LA.
    It’s certainly true in T&T. So let your foolish ,naive , misguided, political neo -tribal fellows,only seek power , with a view to rape , and plunder national resources , then distribute , de Trini socio- political Largesse solely amongst the still low caste Indo Trini – South Asian clan- while giving Afro Kinky head folks, who support their power grabs at the polls , de middle finger.
    Let the greedy , closet criminal Business folks ,from within your tribe , continue to pretend, that they alone are noble , while bringing in dirty drugs, and deadly small arms weapons , so as to increase profits.
    Here is the deal – one day , ‘as sure as night follows day,’ – as we like to say on de streets- certain , ‘ugly, smelly , sticky stuff,’ would start hitting dem symbolic fans , and not even your Commonwealth , or worst yet,UN, would be able to save ‘you alze?’
    Ah word to de wise is sufficient!
    Neal is bitter!
    That’s funny folks. Well I did say wise , which ain’t applicable to you Mamboo. Am I right, or am I right?

    To prove my point , just listen to him :- “Nealos you and Alyssa has again missed the mark. Africana in the TNT is not interested in working in the hot sun planting the land. Planting the land is time consuming and weather dependent. I know because my parents with iron will worked all day in sun to ensure there was food on the table.

    Now he believe this was breaking news folks. Hey Mamboo , we , have no illusions about the morays of not only Afro Trinis , but Global Africans. We know why he hates his women, make too many kids , he cannot, or refuse to raise.
    We are aware , as to why his woman has no respect for her men, unlike your subservient / docile women , who would take kicks ,and cuffs, as well as spit in de face from your outside chick, all because she wish to keep the family home.
    We also know why he , upon assuming power ,would do everything to promote the interest of others, even though they despise him.
    NoW here is the clincher Mamboo, we know why Trini Africans won’t work the land, but are you aware that Indo Trinis likewise ain’ty working no land , like your grandma did , and why so?
    Mind you , we also know why leaders such as Basdeo , and Kamla , will do whatever necessary to , still distribute state’s lands to de tribe, even as our food import bill rises – since your dog with ah bone , me , me , gime , gime tribe , ain’t planting anymore. Well again …, they are , but Marijuana.Surprise , surprise , as to which party, and tribe was eager to legalize Marijuana.
    Yeah TMan , drug running, money laundering -Panama Papers style- is way more lucrative , ennnnt?

    Getting some simi literate Lavantille , Caranege ,Mt Lambert , or Malony Afro Trini , to kidnap Auntie , Grandpa , Dad , Mama ,or Uncle,that refuse to die , so that the will can change hands , bears better dividend, ain’t dat the truth?
    Don’t take my word for it , ask the security experts. 90% of the so called kidnappings, that took place in T&T , where our Indo Trinis are alleged victims, involved this scenario. It’s the reason, why most cases are never solved.

    What these naive comedians , led by the likes of Kamla racist , evil ,Spiritual adviser Sat, and the barrage of pro ISIS / Islamist local , anti T&T -Imams , fail to realize, is that they can chain up their kids , and indoctrinate dem with as much nonsensical ideology , as they wish , but at de end of the day- they too are Tribagonians, and will embrace the prevailing ,wider ,more popular norms , and values , existing in our society.
    They too think resource laden T&T , is a paradise , and hard work is a crime.
    Can’t explain why,folks ,but I get such sadistic pleasure , in exposing tribal jokers such as Mamboo, with their revisionist, self masturbating / Water buffalo -bull crap.
    Well, again, maybe it’s because I was given away by my 17 year old mama , when I was just 8 weeks old, or that my good for nada Papa, never spent 53 cents on yours truly , up to the point of his death – good riddance-at age 53.
    Or rather , it’s because I lost my loving Tobago Grandma , when I was 16 , because still neglected Tobago ,did not have a proper hospital.
    Love Humanity people!

  6. I have always believed that many Indians from Guyana and T&T had some perverse sexual obsession with Burnham. Their unnatural predisposition to massage his name seem to suggest that. And what is amazing, is that it is Forbes Burnham who up turned the white man western monopoly on cultural religious holidays in Guyana, and gave the Indians even more holidays than there were Western Holidays.

    There are two main obsessions one sees with Indian males. One is with the black man’s sexuality, the fear of it undermining their masculine image if there is any sexual connection between black men and Indian women. The other is with this erudite and supremely intellectual African Guyanese leader who denied them the “awee pon tap” Government for 28 years. When one considers what they did to Guyana in 23(I understand that they sold or distributed 95% of the agricultural and mining lands to Indians and foreigners), imagine if they had those 28 years that Burnham denied them. We would have had the Fourth Reich established by the kissing cousins of ole Adolph.

    1. 95% ??? My GOD!!! I wonder how much kamlasurujananddevanttimfuadprakash bought??? We need to figure out the percentage of land and beaches thT were bought and sold between 2010-2015!

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