Waste worse than corruption

By Raffique Shah
March 25, 2016

Raffique ShahA recent World Bank report ranked Trinidad and Tobago as the country that generates the most “municipal solid waste”, on a per capita basis, in the world.

According to the report, every man, woman and child in this country, on average, every day, generates a mind-boggling 14.4 kilogrammes of garbage:

The world average is 1.2 kilos.

Waste in this context includes garbage from households, commercial and industrial businesses, agricultural waste and sewage sludge.

The report notes, “A lack of recycling facilities has contributed to the country’s dire waste management issues…One of the most pressing environmental concerns on the islands is the pervasiveness of littering,..”

Other notable waste generators are Kuwait (5.7 kilos), Antigua (5.4), Guyana (5.3)….

We are so far ahead of the rest of the world in being nasty and doing nothing to change our nastiness, and that without shame, it’s, well, shameful.

We are so comfortable as leaders of the “global garbage stakes” that we do not even bother to discuss it or do anything to reverse it: not an editorial comment, not a letter to the editor, not even a minister expressing concern.

You understand where we reach? Where we have been for so long that we take it for granted and we revel in waste, wastage and wasteful ways.

I know many readers will accuse me of not having pride in my country, maybe even being unpatriotic, when I point out that the report, which is specific to municipal solid waste, hardly touches the real levels of waste in this country.

We waste water, we waste electricity, we waste gasoline and diesel because we get them at highly subsidised prices.

Unusual weather patterns have negatively impacted rainfall, hence WASA’s reservoirs-levels, over the past two years. So you’d think that consumers and the utility will make concerted efforts to conserve water.

WASA could not be bothered with the many major leaks in their system that are not just wasting expensively-treated water, but threatening the stability of roads and people’s properties.

And the natives? They remain uncaring, leaving their taps running as they hose down their vehicles or yards and chat with their neighbours, each one trying to out-waste the other.

Because electricity is cheap, lights and appliances are permanently left on, so much so that a common refrain in most households is: who turned off the television? Ah lie?

Gas and diesel are cheap to the extent that we have more vehicles than people-well, almost. And few people walk to their neighbourhood parlours or shops to buy anything. They must drive.

Walking is the most natural and effective, and least costly exercise. But try explaining that to the “yuppies” who drive to check friends two houses away, but who waste money to work out in their tights in air-conditioned gyms.

We waste food, even as we complain about high food prices.

Recently, someone in officialdom noted that approximately 40 percent of schoolchildren who benefit from the $250 million-a-year School Nutrition Programme either dump or partially eat the 150,000 or so meals a day that are supplied.

One person said that the recipients eat the meat and dispose of the vegetables. They want the caterers to supply them with chicken-n-chips or pizzas!

The parents or guardians are partly to blame for this unforgivable travesty: you never waste food.

I know I am talking of another time, another generation, but my children, when they were of school-age, heard all about the villages in famine-hit countries in Africa and Asia that could be fed on what they were about to discard, how many children were dying because they could not get a morsel of food.

Many parents of that era were conscious of just how important food was, and taught their children never ever waste it.

The wasteful habits I have outlined here, and there are other I do not have the space to address, were inculcated in their homes, which is at the core of our irresponsible behaviours.

I argue that waste is more costly to the nation than corruption because the corrupt are a handful in the society, and even if they steal big-time, the loss to the society, quantified in dollars, will be far less than what almost all of us waste every living day.

Our world-leader role in municipal waste, in littering (has a litter warden ever charged anyone with littering?), in clogging waterways with plastic and discarded appliances, in keeping dogs that use the streets as open latrines, tells a sorry story about governments that talk recycling but do nothing, and a sorrier story of a people who are just plain nasty.

Those who are offended by my spelling out these unsavoury traits that leave us trapped in our Third World pit, save your indignation:

I never apologise for telling the truth.

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  • Lord Raf. Some good points but others not.

    Because electricity is cheap, lights and appliances are permanently left on, so much so that a common refrain in most households is: who turned off the television? Ah lie?

    Yes. Yuh lie.

    Gas and diesel are cheap to the extent that we have more vehicles than people-well, almost.

    How else people going to get to work? Or move around? Public transportation? Ha.

    Walking is the most natural and effective, and least costly exercise. But try explaining that to the “yuppies” who drive to check friends two houses away, but who waste money to work out in their tights in air-conditioned gyms.

    Try sitting in Ward 9 of SFGH after you get bounce from walking or riding a bike in proximity to Tdad drivers.

  • “The report notes, “A lack of recycling facilities has contributed to the country’s dire waste management issues…One of the most pressing environmental concerns on the islands is the pervasiveness of littering,..”…

    Littering is a learnt behaviour. People see plastic bottles in the drain and assume it is okay to throw their bottle there also. A few years ago I was driving through Mayaro and was appalled to see thousands of styrofoam cups littering the beach and surrounding areas. Plastic bottles are entering the oceans at an alarming rate and seeing it is not a biodegradable product it is affecting the fishes and other marine life. Along with plastic bottles is the huge problem of plastic bags.

    There are basically 5 types of waste (1) electronic, (2) biodegradable (3) recyclables,(4) industrial waste (5) garbage. The issue of waste and proper waste disposal is an environmental necessity. I have found that most people care about the environment but the will to act decisively by local/municipal government is seriously lacking. These issues has to be addressed at the local/municipal level, it will not be addressed properly by the central government except for funding.

    Trinidad is gaining the reputation for obesity and now being dirty. It is not a good record for any nation. Change must come and must come quickly. If we neglect the environment we will regret it but then it will be too late.

    Most developed nations have extensive recycling programs. Sweden is importing garbage to burn as fuel. The US and Canada have extensive recycling programs. This did not developed overnight but it took years of raising awareness starting in schools before it became a reality. And that is where we need to start…

  • Yoruba,
    Politics is a reality…you must defend your interests. I trust you understand that when i say “fight back” it is meant in a political/intellectual context…as in what we do on this blog…e.g. instead of rolling over and allowing this issue of Malcolm Jones to pass by you opened your mouth and exposed the TRUTH…malcolm jones’s issue is just ONE political issue….people like yourself, kian et al should ALSO have radio stations and television stations/tv programmes to combat the LIES….is THAT to “Emulate the wicked” ??? Too long PNM supporters & hierarchy have geen allowing UNC propagandist to steam rolld them out of and while in office…..either take it or “fight back”….put out TRUTHS and expose the racism…..silence emboldens them!….

    • With that clarification, we are agreed…

      Absolutely we must fight back, with Truth, and in Truth. And in particular, with the power of the Word…

      With that, our final victory is assured, no matter how bleak the matter may seem.

      Bless you my sister, and keep then doing what you’re doing.


      • Yoruba,
        i must ask…without the ‘clarification’, what do you think was meant?? Please clarify “emulate the wicked”…

        Also, the link provided by Loyal to UNCOPP & Tribe Trini, Yoruba, could you believe ANDY JOHNSON wrote the article?? You See?? African skin,Indian Masks…My Lord In Heaven…The politics of Golliwogs in the UNCOPP is to attack Africans ot only in T&T, but the rest of the planet…Do you think Ms. Johnson would write on the wrongdoings of Indian politicians in Guyana?? Let’s see if he writes about Bharat Jagdeo who was President up until less than two years ago and the massive murders of political opponents i.e. African men, women and youth by CONVICTED Drug Baron & And Government Assasin Roger Khan…Roger Khan is rotting in an American Jail and got extended sentence for paying his american lawyer to pay for the murder of state witnesses (thought he wzs i Guyana)…Khan is directly linked to Bharat’s Ministers…one in particular, get this…used his Ministerial, diplomatic powers in a penned letter, to a Spy equipment supply store in the U.S. , to authorize the sale of said & otherwise illegal equipment to Roger Khan on behalf of The then Bharat Jagdeo led Government! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the Radio ,Television and media liscenses went to HINDUS & INDIANS under, not a president of guyana in the 80’s, but..Up til RECENTLY under Jagdeo!!!…will Andy Johnson ever write about THAT???? SICKKKKKKKKK! You see, unlike Africans, the indians in the caribbean & Guyana,with offical links to Narendra Modi’s party in India, belong to one big Happy Political Party headed by Hindutva! The PPP is the Hindu & Indian political party in Guyana & The UNC/PP is the Hindu & Indian political party in T&T…they streamline their tactics for suppressing Africans politically,economically and socially!So unlike Africans, Indians in Guyana & T&T,Indian political parties & communities have the same
        agenda…so Andy Johnson, on behalf of his Masters, wants
        to attack Burnham in order to indirectly undermine the African Guyanese political party in power now.

        • http://www.trinidadexpress.com/20160327/news/burnham8217s-reign-of-terror

          Andy Bojangles N##### Johnson…watch him work. This enquiry into Rodney’s death is a FARCE! These are Bharath Jagdeo’s witnesses? African Guyanese suffered THE MOST from Burnam’s “Reign Of Terror”!! The Indian communities that were closest to Brazil started a BOOMING Blackmarket trading of goods from there! Burnam’s African advisors BEGGED him to ‘ease up’ on his own supporters (African) by taking into consideration the reality that even thouh he Officially banned imports, the Indian community/opposition CONTROLLED the Black Market importing of said goods and with the eth o political divide, THEY benefitted THE MOST!!….BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, Burnam did NOT listen and this continued! This ‘enquiry’ into Walter Rodney’s death, is a political attack into Forbes Burnam, the african guyanese population AND their political party!
          ALSO, Andy Bojangles N##### Johnson, is using it to further his UNCOPP masters’ demonization of African political Leaders and Organization that are in competition with Indian/Hindu political parties/agenda. Make no mistake, Andy Bojangles N##### Johnson, is using Forbes Burnam & Guyana to put pressure on the ruling PNM & further the LIE that Indians are victims of African Racism in political leadership, when the reality is QUITE the opposite. Why doesn’t Andy write articles about Bharath Jagdeo’s “Reign Of Terror” and his PPP party Of Guyana that ruled guyana from 1992 up until 1-2 years ago?? Whatever wrong doings Forbes Burnam did in office, RACISM & Racist victimization was NOT one of them!
          HINT: If Forbes Burnam was such a racist victimizer Of Indians in Guyana, HOW COME the only “smoking Gun” that the Indian community and their representatives, the PPP political party have, is the murder of an AFRICAN Guyanese named Walter Rodney?? I wonder how rodney would have felt knowing that he was used by the indian community to undermine a fellow African Guyanese (justifiably) and this contributed to the BRUTAL,BLOODY Apartheid waged against his “brothers & sisters” (African guyanese) for over two decades,1992-2014 with full, unwavering support from the said Indian Guyanese population who clapped & cheered him on?? This is the psychological torture that is inflicted on the African population all over the diaspora and the continent…South African (natives) refer to “The Andy Johnsons” as “Rent-A-Darkie”…racist, hateful pro-apartheid whites in South Africa would get the Andy Johnsons over there i.e. the BLACKEST, most “H.N.-ish” Africans to undermine those who look like them…Steve Biko was a victim of this…the same people he fought for, that he was beaten and eventually murdered for, would be brought into court, hiding behind a screen and accusing hi of whatever their masters told them to say….what a DISGRACE!! Interstingly, the representative for T&T in this Walter Rodney death enquiry, is a BORN & RAISED Indian guyanese…also recent, former head of Law Association (succeded By Armour).
          Forbes Burnam’s wrongdoings are heavily being supplemented with LIES to Ethno-politically fattened up
          his Infamy. All of these “witnesses” testifying in this enquiry…is there any investigation to s0determine if they are being paid by the PPP??…make no mistake this is POLITICALLY relevant to Guyana as well as T&T!…and where there is political interest…why not lie on a dead african man for $$$$$$

        • Alyssa,

          i must ask…without the ‘clarification’, what do you think was meant?? Please clarify “emulate the wicked”…

          Simply the idea that we should fight back using the same wicked means as the enemy uses… nothing more or less …

          Re Andy Johnson, I noticed but chose not to comment. It is obvious the likely hypothesis he is party to the wicked agenda, and is being paid.

          Why Shah would write about Burnham, and scarcely a week later, Johnson the same, about matters that happened decades ago, when there is so much, closer to home and more recent in time, that cry out for attention, is really the matter for examination… And you are quite right to point that out …

          Clearly, the usual miscreants can lie just as effectively indirectly by omission as directly by the telling of an untruth. And they can lie also by setting the agenda in a way to direct attention away from the more salient and the more relevant toward matters that really belong to the periphery or really ought to be off the radar screen altogether. The UNC/PP has a lot to answer for, and indeed the PPP in Guyana. Their misdeeds are far more recent than whatever Burnham was guilty of decades ago.

          Andy Johnson, — like Anna Ramdass, Andre Bagoo, Gail Alexander and others, — no doubt is a paid propagandist. There is a subliminal, and only subliminal, equation drawn between Williams’ PNM and Burnham’s PNC. So to demonise Burnham is simultaneously to throw mud at the PNM and ipso facto the present Rowley administration. It is skillful propaganda. It is also not by accident that the job is given to Andy Johnson, rather than say, Anna Ramdass, or Andre Bagoo. I’m sure I don’t have to spell out why. I had not included Shah with that ilk before, but now I have to wonder…

          May the Most High expose and reduce to a nullity every wicked device of the wicked miscreants who seek to make His Chosen, the so-called “niggahs”, their slaves, and who in this land have requited hate for our love.


          “Ye that love Yahweh, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.” (Psalms 97:10)

    • Alyssa, I can’t agree more! For too long, we allow UNC propaganda to take hold and stick with the aid of people like Roget of the OWTU, Kirk Waithe of Fixin T&T, Dale of I955fm and others with the same kind of “all ah we is one” mentality. One o0f the things we cannot deny is that the UNC does have a formidable PR team whilst the PNM, for all its longevity in government, is yet to gather the PR skills that the UNC has displayed over the years. We as bloggers, do have an obligation to speak with truth and affirmation.
      Most of the matters that are in the public are colored with political inaccuracies and moral accusations that stem from our christian upbringings. They, (the UNC), wallow in the shortcomings in behavior, of our christian doctrine, at the same time, their hindu religiosity does not correct their moral shortcomings. This gives them an advantage, because with the christian concept of morality, we easily fall prey because there are those amongst us who are too willing to pontificate and ‘cast the first stone’. In spite of all the evils committed by Kamla and her evil empire, her people never faltered in disavowing her. On the other hand, there are too many of us (Watson Duke, Roget, Wayne Sturge, Kirk Waithe, Morgan Job, Dale Enoch and others) who are ready, willing and able to fight the PNM, if they perceive any signs of weakness there. We, on this blog have an obligation to defend truth, fairness and FairPlay. The media is not an ally in this cause. I have from time to time called out many of the media reporters on how they report ‘news’. What many of them write is NOT news but slanted ‘ness’twisted for favor whatever entity they wish not to attack. None of the mainstream media support the PNM. Also there is almost no black executives on the editorial boards of these media houses either. So, we have to be vigilant in reading and analyzing what they choose to print and promulgate. So, yes Alyssa, Yoruba, Rodwell, Neal and others, we must defend truth. In most cases we do not have to color our responses. All we have to do is present the truth because that is what is really lacking in the media. Kamla arrested and jailed over four thousand young black men during her ‘state of emergency’ efforts, yet there is not ONE editorial, reporter or media executive to find that kind of evil offensive. They have ben silent and would prefer to remain so because, by silence, they are in fact supporting that kind of immoral act. As I have done before and continues to do now, I will always defend truth and assail hypocrisy. The latter is plentiful in the public domain and we do not have to look very far to see them. The media is full of that.

      • After writing the foregoing, I decided to read the Editorial of the Saturday Express. There, on the editorial captioned “Why T&T Govt silence on Brussels terrorism?
        Published on Mar 25, 2016, 2:00 am AST”.

        The writer of this editorial was not named. But clearly, he or she is trying to do the work of the government or worse yet, tell those who frame foreign policy what they should or should not do. I would like to ask the Express Editorial, what is the advantage in coming out in two to three days to say how sad we are about the tragedy in Brussells, as opposed to waiting for a fuller understanding of exactly what occurred before making a policy statement on the matter? This kind of opinion is exactly what I write about. To show the preference of his (or her) opinions, the writer went on to further compare the response to the tragedy of the Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar, in effect telling the government how they should instead act;
        “It is in this respect that Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s reaction to the Brussels carnage merits timely attention. For one thing, hers was the first by anyone in any position of prominence in T&T.”
        The statement says that Kamla’s statement “merits timely attention”. Again, writing in that capacity as an
        Editorial Opinion, I would like to ask; How does the writer determine the qualifying word ‘timely’?
        The point is this: Trinidad and Tobago is a small country, had we not been a producer of oil and having had many notable world successes nobody on the planet would be listening to us. This doers not mean to say that as a member of the world community we should not be counted amongst the worlds communities who should register our disgust with terrorism and the tragedy that the people of Belgium have to endure. As a sovereign nation we should do that. But when some politically oriented editor tries to force the government’s hand on how fast they should respond is nothing short of political folly.
        Does this politically charged editor know that there might be somethings the government have to consider before sending their condolences to the government of Belgium?
        Here, in Trinidad and Tobago, we too have a sizable muslim community and we also have many many people who wishes to tell the people of Belgium how much we also grieve for them. But foreign policy is not a matter of who says something first or last for that matter. There are many things to take into consideration before we go about wording our displeasure of tragedy befalling our friends.
        What we say and how we say it is more important than how fast we say it. The Rowley Administration have said nothing to indicate that they are not in concordance with most in our communities and around the world who condemn this act. I am sure that they will do what they have always done. But when an editor tries to involve his/her political preference in a matter to important as sending messages of sorrow to another nation, it becomes political nepotism on their part.

        In the next statement he/she clearly shows how politically biased their opinion on the matter is;
        “Certainly, Ms Persad-Bissessar’s condemnation of the terrorist attack came before any statement from the Rowley administration condemning the incident, beyond routine reporting that no Brussels-based T&T nationals had been hurt.” There is nothing objective about this editorial.
        What it tries to do is to tell us that Kamla cares more about what is happening around the world than the Rowley government. At this point in time there is nothing to indicate that this is really so. So this opinion is really worthless and of no sound and objective use.

        In the next statement the editorial political affiliation is more succinctly associated, when it said;
        “At the UN Security Council in September 2014, the former prime minister had co-sponsored with the US a resolution which, as she then said, “provides a useful platform for the launch of greater international co-operation in the battle against terrorism”.

        The editorial concludes;
        “Prime Minister Rowley should accordingly make clear why his administration favours keeping a lower profile than other international leaders in even voicing opposition to terrorism, or whether its silence derives from distraction, or simple absent-mindedness. ”
        This IS CLEARLY NOT A STATEMENT OF FACT; it pre-supposes that the Rowley government is keeping a low profile, because there is no statement of fact or evidence that the government chooses to be low=keyed on this important matter. This to me represents political interference by the Express Editorial and clearly shows its hand in favor of the past and evil Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar.

    • Loyal to UNC & Caste Trini is baaaaaack
      Do you think this propaganda about Burnham is NEW?? THAT is your contribution?? I refer to it as Propaganda, because indians in T&T & Guyana like to Demonize Burnham but HIIIIIIIIIDE(Especially by omission), the excesses of THEIR leaders. Cheddi Jagan & His Wife, MURDERED a Portuggese Guyanese Political Family! Jagan’s wife was a well known & feared WITCH, who terrorized the hHguyanese Locals for many years. Cheddi brought her from the U.S…just as Sonia Gandhi was a white waitress in England fit for Indian Royalty, Cheddi Jagan “Picked Up” Janet Jagan at a random social gatherint….she was a WW Nurse…some say she was an agent.. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT That WITCH was known to LEAD the equivzlent of “mongoose gangs” to hunt political opponents at night…she was known to attempt to mask her identity by applying “black face”. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT You woukd never hear news like THAT from the Indian Population….BURNHAM BURNHAM BURNHAM! To give you an indication of Janet Jagan’s mindset…a departure from her fake saintly status…when the PPP first came back into power in 1992, she served a single term 1992-1997, her party (PPP) had a “negro forshow”
      As the Prime Minister of (In Guyana, the President, NOT The PM is the ultimTe power) BUTTTTTTTTTTTT whe she finished her first term, she wanted to step down, and whe she did, as per law, the then “Negro for show” in the Prime Minister position would have lawfully, automatically became President…do you know what she did?? She ordered the “Negro for show” to STEP DOWN BEFORE and replaced him with Bharat Jagdeo, THEN she stepped down, and Jagdeo became President(1997) and of course as Jagdeo becMe the Master(President), the “Negro for show” returned to his Flacid Prime Ministerial position until the last general elections.

      • The PNM/PNC are the nastiest, racist regimes that would soon fall again..Bunnhan killed citizens & also killed the spirit of all Guyanese even Negroes!

        • Here is the subliminal equation, PNM=PNC, intended by the propagandist, expressed out in the open.

          May the Most High expose and defeat every wicked stratagem of the wicked miscreants in their wicked racist agenda of racial domination.


          • http://www.trinidadexpress.com/20160329/news/state-conspiracy-to-kill-rodney

            Andy Bojangles N##### Johnson ADMITS that Indian Political Party leader (PPP) Donald Ramoutar ORDERED this commission Of Inquiry into Walter Rodney’s Death!….FARCE! Juuuuuust before his defeat at the polls, after being outvoted in parliament he orders a POLITICAL Commission Of Enquiry fro decades past…NO CREDIBILITY! Did guyanese Taxpayers $$$$ or Drug $$$ line any pockets in this inquiry?? I call for an inquiry into THAT!….Call a commission Of Inquiry into Donald Ramoutar and his Political Godfather Bharat Jagdeo’s possible compliance with Roger Khan’s activities i.e. Murder & Torture Of Africa Guyanese between 1992-20014…
            Also, Andy Johnson should do an expose on UNCOPP Golliwog’s/LBA’s who SIS(UNCOPP front company) pays for their children’s education aboad (as we speak or recently finished) in exchange for bending over & spreading, LB-ing & undermining their own ethnic group….Andy Bojangles should also ask these UNCOPP Golliwogs if it worth it (whoever they are).

  • You got it right my sister. The thing is, and I am never tired of pointing it out. When you have experienced and witnessed Indian/Hindu racism in any country, you have seen what it would be like in any country. Because it represents the image of racism in any part of the world.

    In Fiji it is there. In T&T it is there. In Guyana it is there. In Kenya it is there. Even in Atlanta, what they refer to as the black Capital, Chaiman Rai’s racial prejudice convinced him he could get away with paying a couple of black men to murder the wife of his son because she was black. And she came from as family with far higher status in terms of Education than his son.

    When the British were contemplating who to bring as indentured labor to work the plantations, they made sure that there was some naturally social and cultural obstacle to there ever being a coalition between the new comers, and the former slaves, against them. After almost a century in India, they knew fully well that their safest bet were Indians. They knew that when it came to Africans that Indians would share their prejudice, and thus gravitate to their side in any conflict with their former slaves.

    Today history has shown how wise and astute they were in their understanding of the Indian/Hindu mindset. You cannot make this up.

  • ‘I argue that waste is more costly to the nation than corruption because the corrupt are a handful in the society, and even if they steal big-time, the loss to the society, quantified in dollars, will be far less than what almost all of us waste every living day.”

    That is a poor example, waste and corruption are interlinked. You would not have waste if there were people in governance who understood the value of a clean environment. Corruption steals money away from projects that can enhance waste disposal. Hence with billions wasted in projects that fill people pocket and no careful thought given to preserving the environment, money become the catalyst for waste and environmental degradation.

    Many Nordic nations have proper waste disposal systems because the environment is a priority. They make every effort to ensure that pollution is kept to a minimum. In Trinidad the billions squandered could have been used to put in at least 10 waste disposal systems. But politics and common sense is a misnoma.

  • Sir Richard Cheltenham a propagandist. Wow! biased filters are blinders really.

  • The only country in the world to achieve a near perfect recycling score is Sweden. As I wrote before to achieve better waste disposal in TNT it would require government effort and a lot of work in the schools. It is achievable but it will take years to change the habit of the dirty Trinis.


  • “We waste water, we waste electricity, we waste gasoline and diesel because we get them at highly subsidised prices.”

    It is within the nature of most people to waste. I am of the habit of shutting off the lights and it never cease to amaze me how others waste. I go to the building where I work and all the lights are on, with no one around. My immediate reaction is to go and shut the lights off. Why? Because I pay the bills. It is only when you pay the bills then you see the waste.

  • “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” United Negro College Fund. Advertising slogan

    Unfortunately,however , folks of ‘Afro Kinky Head Nation ,’ based in de good old United States, are dropping out of High School,are entering juvenile correctional institutions en mass,or joining the ranks of inner city gangs, rather than building their minds, in a positive ways, via meaningful, worthy – win/ win education.
    As for Africa, Latin America, and our Caribbean fiefdoms, where the rest are scattered? Well ,don’t get me started , for the jury is still out.

    “Your future lies in your school bags.” Dr. Eric Williams Father of the Nation. As fate would have it , he died 35 years ago yesterday.I am certain , that the good fellow, must be turning over in his grave today, and why you wonder?
    The big initiatives , that are being trotted out , in the post Kamla PP era,by our new progressive regime, as it converse with “stakeholders,”includes Police patrols outside of schools, to keep these seemingly out of control kids , in check.
    In addition, Minister Garcia,it appears, has plans to probably ,go up to Mt St Benedict to pray to St Peter,and Archbishop Harvey,or is it Dom Basil spirits, so as to decide ,whether there is any merit , in putting cameras in schools to monitor activities – not of those like an over zealous teacher , who has threatened to shoot them , if she can only acquire a gun- but to observe , those that former Roxbrough teacher ,turned PM,in Dr Keith Rowley , refer to as-and I paraphrase- wild animals.
    How old is his adoring , secret ,illegitimate son again people?Just imagine, if cameras were in Tobago country schools back when 17 year old , naive girls were enthralled, by dark handsome , oats sowing , male teaching studs … ….? Nuff said.

    As to de direct subject at hand ….. We love to waste, & it’s worst than corruption.Got that.
    The fact is ,as parents , we entrust teachers, with our children’s lives, with the unstated expectation, that the former , would fulfill their obligations ,to educate, nurture/ & or guide.
    Sadly, it ain’t always the case. Translation:_ what you see , ain’t always what you get, and no , dat did not begin yesterday.
    Not too long ago, a principal of a private school, ‘me think,’ was accused of forcing a kid’s head into a toilet bowl.
    Least we forget , thanks to maligned Hindu Primary School Principal Sita , we heard about the revolting , discriminatory acts ,by Kamla Spiritual guru ,Sat Maharaj , against young innocent kids of Afro Kinky Head Nation, attending his publicly funded , Maha Sabha Schools,and the attempts at cover up ,by then Minister of Education , Goopiesingh, and his tribal pally-wals.
    There was this recent monstrosity, by a Muslim male teacher , writing love letters to an innocent , 11 year old kid, and as can be expected , he was given a slight inconsequential rap on his pinky finger , by the UNC tribe , election around de corner , re fears of Islamophobia accusations, and such.


    I have no plans to beat dis dead horse any further , as we like to say on de streets, but let me for the record state , that I don’t give a rats behind, if some exemplary,yet frustrated , not to closeted -bullying -female teacher ,wishes death and damnation ,on all Gays in the world, as that’s one’s religious right, but when such a teacher ,decides to go off on a rant , with treats to murder entire families , well, according to my late , extremely wise , Tobago Granny,”dat is ah horse,of a different color,” capiche?
    Fast forward to March 2016, and a dedicated hardworking , young teacher , accord to the news is kidnapped , and no word heard from him , or adductors since, leaving many to speculate , that he has already gone to the great beyond.
    Now we know how that script will usually play out in T&T , huh folks?Pro racial Criminality accusations, denunciations of corrupt , clueless Police etc , etc, but halt for a moment … as there is a fly in de ointment- if the words of a certain 15 year old student of his , is to be believed.
    The jury is still out. Nuff Said.


    It is time , some concerted effort , is made to look out for our children. Our civic, business , and political leaders , need to quit the pontificating , and blatant hypocrisy.
    Children are usually a reflection , of the older influential generation , that came before.
    Let’s get our collective acts together, and move forward in the right direction.
    There is enough blame to go around.Time to quit wasting our kids lives , and future existence , via abuse, neglect , and subpar stewardship , on all fronts.
    Those in position of authority, have a moral obligation to fulfill their duties. A sustainable future lies ahead . Time to make it happen.
    Stay vigilant people!

    • No responses by the resident racists to this objective and sensible comment?

      • I concur, in fact I have to go further and state that Neal knows how to call a spade a spade. Well written for the layman to follow in that we are our own worst enemies when our approach and attitude are integral in problem solving and exploring. The precedent that has been set is what we are reaping today with the youth.

        Take Caroni (1975) Ltd. for example: waste from sugar cane yields sugar as the product and bagasse and molasses as primary waste. Capitalize on the waste and you get value added products namely animal feeds and bagges boards and in the case of molasses re- alcohol. Capitalize on the primary waste (molasses) you get distillery effluent (secondary waste) rich in NPK the best irrigant for rice cultivation. Where is Caroni (1975) Ltd. today? As said in the previous article, ‘the mind is a terrible thing to waste’.

        • Caroni (1975) LTD. Was FIRST carted to be Shut Down by Former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday (1995-2001) because it was not producing a profit, but literally sucking $$ BILLIONS Of taxpayers $$$ due to inefficiency, WASTE & Corruption i.e. it was Not sustainable. There were too many Cepep/URP/’make work’ type jobs,DEEPLY ROOTED crass nepotism, racism, inefficiency and RAMPANT corruption in the organization (UNC Playground) to continue. Even when Dr. Williams bought the company, it was not profitable, but he did it like cepep to keep masses of INDIANS employed.!! Even though Panday was the first Prime Minister to move towards the closing of Caroni (formerly a private company named Tate & Lyle before 1975 when Dr. Williams bought it for masses of Indian Trinidadians to remain employed),he lost office,
          and his successor,Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning
          FOLLOWED THROUGH with Panday’s plan to SHUT DOWN Caroni BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Manning gave Panday’s/UNCOPP supporters the sweetest VSEP package in Trinidadian & Tobagonian history i.e. Money, plot of Land to plant & plot of land to build and live on! I wonder WHY when BWIA was closed down,(same time period & circumstances) where many Manning/PNM supporters were employed, why didn’t
          he give THEM sweet VSEP also?!?!?!? These lands were given with a CLAUSE that it could not be sold, and had to be used for the intended purpose i.e. growing food BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, Kamla came into office and passed a law allowing these plots of land designated for former caroni workers to live and plant with to be able to be SOLD (to unc friends) at ‘premium’ rates!!! Drive around these former caroni lands for yourself, and witness their RAPID industialization & homes being built…all Patrick Manning did was exclusively give
          Indian Trinidadians en masse two plots of land to sell to wealthy Indians for $$$ or to build businesses or homes. Thanks Patrick Manning! What a Disgrace!!! There are also weslthy Indian businessmen STEALING the land from some workers by merely moving in on their land and placing multi-illion dollar equipment,fencing, setting up business and producing FRAUDULENT, offical documents ‘proving’ ownership or merely buying out DOZENS of the former workers deeds AT A TIME! So essentially state lands were given to Indian businessmen at dog cheap prices to create or expand empires. Is this ety ically fair??? The aforementioned is just one angle…what about the UNCOPP??? THOUSANDS OF ACRES of PRIME LAND all over T&T (even beaches like locirot) ‘squirelled’ away..hidden in family hands…but Roget goes to Malcolm Jones’ house to Protest…I BET you he will never go Hassanali’s (immediate past president of Petrotrin) to protest, even though the company was run into the ground…but roget protests over Malcolm Jones from 6+ years ago…African people…trying to prove they are unbiased to the most biased of people!…

      • The only racists on this blog adhere reflexively to caste mind and brahminist hindutva ideology. That would include you, sadly. And it would exclude the so-called “Negro”, “kneegah”, “African”, “afro-creole” or however else the true Israelite of the Book is variously called. Please show me where any of us on the blog, matching any such description, advocates *oppression* of any other race as brahminist hindutva and the Indian Policy (Item #3: “…make the niggas (sic) your slaves …”) blatantly advocates.

        Massa day done! Here ev’ry creed and race finds and equal place! Discipline, production, and tolerance. These are the founding principles of independent T&T to which I think we all adhere. Still.

        But of course to the caste mind, the idea that they should merely be *tolerated*, is itself intolerable, and ipso facto, racist…

        Are you sure you want to precipitate another round of discussion on hindutva? For the time being, I say to you


        • You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity…. accepting that there is guilt on both sides.

          • The Israelite in T&T, variously misnomered as “Negro”, “African”, “niggah”, etc., is not immune to sin or wrong-doing. But in all our sins and wrong-doing, racist oppression is not one of them.

            There is no objective evidence to suggest any collective guilt on our part as to race-based oppression of any other race in T&T. You would have to dredge up stories of Burnham in Guyana and Idi Amin in Uganda to come anywhere close to making such a case. Even those I’m sure will fail on close examination.

            No. Here in T&T, we have not sinned against our God by preaching or practising the oppression or even the hatred of the stranger in our midst. History records that we have preached and practised, “Here ev’ry creed and race…” and etc. Even to our hurt…

            It is the indo that must acknowledge, confess, and correct practices intended to achieve race-based oppression of the “niggahs” he finds himself among.

            As to me personally, nothing I have advocated on this blog amounts to racism, … the doctrine or practice of race-based oppression. The opposite is true for those on the blog, yourself included, who tacitly uphold and reflexively defend brahminist hindutva no matter how odious and alien when put into practice in this land.

            I withhold my peace from you, but to others I as usual say


          • Lol Tman listens intentively to David Muhammad’s programme. Typical.

      • You responded, and you are one of the chief resident racist.

  • “According to the report, every man, woman and child in this country, on average, every day, generates a mind-boggling 14.4 kilogrammes of garbage:”

    That is indeed mind-boggling. That average is 30 lbs of garbage per day. If you have a family of 9 that is 270 lbs of garbage per day. Every ten days they produce 2700 of garbage.

    That report is under suspect but it is not surprising seeing how bad the habits are of many Trinis. You travel throughout the nation and there is a major stink.

    Instead of people complaining they should just do what they do in India. Take the seniors raise some money, fix the problem and make the world a better place for all. I have a neighbour who pick up glass bottles from the roadside, clean it and sell it back to the beverage company. He has made enough money to build a house.

    • Lol…”Instead Of complaining hey should do what they do in india…and make the world a better place for all…” Mamoo

      That is the opposite of what is done in India…BLACK SKINNED SLAVES would be made to clean up Alllllllllll that rubbish WITHOUT PAY!…unless ‘allowing’ them to KEEP their pick of the rubbish is considered payment!
      In progressive industrial places, slavery is NOT considered an acceptable way to boost efficiency

      • Not to mention that if he went back to India, he would be recognized and treated as a hereditary caste coolie. Therefore, he would be one of the caste slaves forced to clean up without pay.

        Mamoo refuses to see that T&T, –as bad as it is, and especially under kneegah rule,– is way better for hereditary caste coolies than Mother India ever would be.

        There is none so blind…


        • Pastor Manning exposes the heart of Alyssa, Yoruba, Kian and Neal.

          • My brother Pastor Manning has not defined terms, rather misuses the terms racist and racism, and therefore exposes nothing.

            He rails against integrationism, and the consequent destruction of “black” enterprise and industry. He rails against proponents of integrationism such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whom he views as money hustlers using “race” as a weapon against the guilty white majority society, who weaken black society thereby, because any gains achieved through such racial “shakedown” programs are at the expense of true self-generated and self-sustaining wealth.

            This is a viable and respectable thread of analysis and argumentation, but it clearly cannot translate into an indictment of black people, even Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, as “racists”. The case is not made, the issue is not even joined, and so the case must be dismissed.

            What is racism? I have consistently maintained that racism is the doctrine or practice of *oppression* based on race. Mere racial animus or prejudice is not racism, but obviously may give rise to it.

            On that definition, “blacks” can certainly be racist, whether or not they have the power to practise it, but Jesse and Al do not fit the definition. The doctrine of integrationism is as far away from racism as can be imagined, since it invites integration with the oppressor on terms which leave the oppressed no more powerful than before, and if anything, even weaker, because more dependent.

            I agree with Pastor Manning to that extent. But then he must excoriate Rev. Martin Luther King as well, whose “dream” was unabashedly an integrationist one, unlike say that of Malcolm X.

            Pastor Manning’s entire diatribe was excoriating integrationism, and more specifically racial hucksterism in support of integrationism. He did not make a case of black “racism”.

            What unites Alyssa, Kian, Neal, Rodwell and me, is opposition to indo racism. We are anti-racist, not racist. The case as to *indo* racism has been overwhelmingly made as to the motivating animus in the caste mind of the indo, as well as in the observed practice of the indo whether in or out of Government, in all the countries where they share space with “black” people, and compete for power in its various forms.

            None of us suggests black oppression of the indo as a counter-weight to indo racism. Not even Idi Amin suggested such a solution. Quite simply, the indo need have no fear of black racist oppression, and especially not in T&T. What we assert and continue to adhere to is the founding principle of T&T propounded under PNM Government: “Here ev’ry creed and race finds and equal place…”. Etc.

            Pastor Manning has exposed nothing that merits the term “black racism”, for what he deems to be “black racism” in the U.S. context likewise involves nothing of which the non-black in the U.S. need fear. Quite the opposite.

            Does the non-black have something to fear vis-a-vis the blacks? The scriptural answer to that, is YES. For we who are variously called “black”, “Negro”, “niggah”, “African-American”, etc. are in fact the true Israelites of Scripture. Therefore, we are prophesied and destined to rise to rule. Obviously, if *we* rise to rule, then the rule of the non-Israelite, moreover unjust and unrighteous must come to an end.

            “If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity *shall* go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword *must* be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” (Revelation 13:9-10)

            By the grace of God, may it be so, and may we rule, when our time comes, in the righteous way that He demands.

            I withhold my peace from you, but to all others, I say


            “Therefore thus saith Yahweh, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, Jacob shall not now be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale.” (Isaiah 29:22)

          • Lol…i’ll firmly stand behind former prime mininister Patrick Manning’s character rather than Kamla, suruj, vasant, ans0anad, fraud, devant, ganga, partap, prakash et al…when dealing with Mamoo’s party, it takes political degradation to new, uncharted waters…Patrick Manning’s faultz as Prime Minister still kept him LEAGUES above any of the UNCOPP…

          • You have to be kidding Mamoo. Nepotism is as ingrained in your cultural heritage and understanding as the cultural and religious belief that humans are born inferior and superior.


      • Yeah right Mamoo. The world would be a better place if it looked like this


          • Pastor Manning, like you, are like gold fishes. For some obscure reason you lack the comprehensive ability to grasp what is racism. Response to racism is not racism. Black people agitating against a racist world is not racism. Racism is a product of religious and cultural belief systems that human groups are born inferior or superior, and that condition is irreversible from generation to generation.

            So the source of racism, the repository of racism is easily discerned by examining the traditional religious and cultural beliefs of groups in this world. And in every instant where racism has become institutionalized to oppress, the religious or cultural beliefs and practices of the oppressing group fits very nicely into the definition of racism.

            So Mamoo you can seek to get some support for your disfigured from what emanates from Manning, but that cannot alter or change what are facts, what is reality. You come from a cultural and religious understanding and interpretation that human groups are born inferior or superior, and this has been grounded and cemented into your nurturing. You are unable to understand anything that argues outside of that premise, hence your confusion. You can never understand the whys and hows unless they mesh with and are consistent with the context of Indian Racial Supremacy in T&T over Africans.

            The dusk of the political correctness that allowed you and others to have two bites of the cherry, exhibiting your racial prejudices while screaming racism when it is challenged, has fallen. The dawn of never more, never again, we will speak truth to racism cause it what it will, has come. sad for you yeah, but great for the suffering masses over the world who have to contend with the preening and primitive prejudice of narrow minded twerps.

  • “Our world-leader role in municipal waste, in littering (has a litter warden ever charged anyone with littering?), in clogging waterways with plastic and discarded appliances, in keeping dogs that use the streets as open latrines, tells a sorry story about governments that talk recycling but do nothing, and a sorrier story of a people who are just plain nasty.”

    This is a sad commentary on current realities. As I have said before the future starts in the schools. The primary school is where this effort towards environmental consciousness begins. It will not change anytime soon but with persistence and consciousness change will come. The change must start with getting rid of plastic bottles. Drinking stale water from plastic bottles leeching dangerous chemicals into the water will see a rise in colorectal cancers.

  • At least if it involves using the public place as latrines and garbage disposal bins, find a better example than India for T&T to emulate. Using the public space as latrines and garbage disposal dumps is not exactly strange to that land. In fact that practice has endured there for more than a thousand years, and is just as popular today, as it was when it began.

  • Re “…accepting there is guilt on both sides…”

    If this formulation is due to David Muhammad, then it is important for me to address it further. The only thing we must accept is Truth. If it is True, then yes, we must accept it. But if it is not True, then it is vitally important that we don’t.

    In my response to TMan I’ve already opined, thus far without contradiction, and also without any fear of valid contradiction, that we the so-called “Negro”/”African”/”blacks” in this land, who actually are scattered Israelites of the seed, are guilty of many things, but not the race-based oppression of the indo.

    Bad things happen to a people who accept guilt thrust falsely upon them by their enemy. The best example of that today is the German people, who have accepted the totally fabricated lie of the so-called Holocaust. So much so that they themselves do the bidding of the real miscreants, the so-called Jews, and have enacted and rigorously enforce laws against “Holocaust denial”. Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Sylvia Stolz, Ursula Haverbeck, David Irving among others have suffered imprisonment in Germany for the “crime” of investigating the historical truth of the so-called Holocaust, and finding all kinds of evidence to prove that it was a fabrication.

    I say “so-called Jews”, because according to the Word of God, there would arise a people who would call themselves Jews, but who are not, rather the chosen of Satan; Revelation 2:9, 3:9, Daniel 11:14. There simply is no other candidate for fulfillment of that prophecy but the caucasoid sons of Japheth, the Khazar Jews, who constitute the overwhelming majority of the so-called Jews today. They are allied with the Edomite so-called Jews who are decended from Esau, Israel’s evil twin, and with Sephardic so-called Jews who were known in Yeshua’s day as the Samaritans. Meantime the real sons of Judah, Benjamin and Levi are precisely the so-called “Negro” who have, also pursuant to prophecy, been cut off from the knowledge of who we are as true Israel and Judah; Deuteronomy 28:64, Psalm 83:4.

    In the case of the German people, an investigation of the real history that saw them defeated in World Wars 1 and 2, will reveal that it is the so-called Jew that waged a war of aggression upon the German people. The propaganda and brainwashing have been so thorough, that most of us will recoil at that suggestion, in fact the German people most of all.

    What absolves them is the Scriptural knowledge that their adversary has been the chosen of Satan. That is the key bit of information that absolves them. Once we are clear on that, lots of other bits of information fall into place, confirming what we should already know from Scripture, and confounding the false narrative that makes them out to be, not only villains, but villains in their very nature. That is a lie.

    But a lie believed might as well be the truth. And so the German people are today complicit in their own suicide as a nation of people. The same Jews who declared war on Germany in 1933, were the real victors of that war. Real history records that the international Jew brought the U.S. into World War I to ensure Germany’s defeat, and then brought the U.S. into World War II again to ensure Germany’s defeat. That international Jewish power — the synagogue or chosen of Satan let us be clear — today and since the end of World War II not only controls Germany, but also the U.S., the U.K. and the other allied powers. The source of that power is the money power that goes with control of the central banks of the world, and the very creation by fiat of the currencies of the world. That is the same power that has unleashed upon Europe, and most particularly upon Germany, the hordes of refugees whose real job is to complete the genocide of the so-called “white” people of Western Europe, and most particularly of Germany.

    The claimed German genocide of the Jews really always was an intended Satanic genocide of the Germans. And the Germans are complicit in their own genocide, as I have said, because they have accepted guilt while being without fault. Their immune system as a people has been destroyed, and so they are unable to mount a defence.

    The real guilty party has succeeded brilliantly, satanically, in transferring their own guilt onto the innocent victim. That is the case not only as to who is really genociding whom, but also as to who really was the perpetrator of “holocaust”. Understand what “holocaust” means: it is a whole burnt offering that a supplicant offers up to a god. The God of Israel required and accepted such offerings from the Israelite people while the temple at Jerusalem and the associated Aaronic priesthood were functional. But the offerings were of bulls and goats and sheep. Satan requires his chosen to offer up whole burnt *human* sacrifices.

    And so in fact it was. The Allies, controlled by the so-called Jews (actual chosen of Satan), offered up six such literal holocausts: the fire-bombings of Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg in Germany, and the fire-bombings of Tokyo, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Whether these bombings served a military purpose is arguable at best; but certainly they fit the purpose of literal holocaust.

    And when the Red Army finally overran Germany, the Red Army soldiers were under written orders issued by the so-called Jewish (actual chosen of Satan) commissars that then ran the Soviet Union, to rape and take away the “racial pride” of the German women.

    Now I’m certainly no Neo-Nazi, no skin-head, no far-right fascist. I’m an Israelite of the seed, a so-called “Negro” of the tribe of Benjamin, of the southern kingdom of Judah. I am the unlikeliest of defenders of the German people. But I am a defender of Truth. I have already opined on this blog that the German people, and many West Europeans, not all, are actually Israelites of the seed also, brainwashed into thinking themselves “white” people, as we have been brainwashed into thinking ourselves “black” people. The Germans in major part are actually not only of Israel, but in fact of Judah. They are our seedline brethren, but they do not know it, and neither do we. Some of them have fallen into the folly of thinking themselves “Aryan”, and therefore related to the indo-Aryan, when in fact the indo-Aryan are rather of the seed of Esau/Edom, and are therefore closer of kin to the so-called Edomite Jew.

    Be all that as it may, my main point is the importance of standing always on Truth. One’s life, individually and as a people, depends upon it. Truth is not something that is negotiated. If we accept a share of racial guilt when in fact we are not guilty, as a compromise to embrace an ideology of “solidarity”, whatever that really means, we leave ourselves defenceless, as the Germans as a people today are, in the face of a clear but covert agenda to commit genocide upon them.

    May we be accordingly warned. Sink or swim, our God demands that we must stand on Truth, and trust ultimately in His redemption.


    • Addendum

      These videoclips are relevant to the above post:

      The myth of German villainy

      Balfour declaration and how the U.S. got into World War 1

      Judea declares war on Germany March 24, 1933

      An important point: I do not claim that the Germans committed no war crimes. Just not what is claimed to be a genocide against the Jews, or “The Holocaust”. And I certainly claim that the Allies committed war crimes no less and I believe worse than those of the Germans. In either case, soldiers are soldiers, some honourable, some dishonourable, whatever side they are on. The idea that the Germans are unique or even special in their villainy simply is a lie.

    • No yoruba….not THAT post, “you do not face racism with racism, but with solidarity”…Tman definitely took it from him, even though he is quoting someone else…when i said “typical” it was NOT in reference to David, but african hating TROLLS like Tman, who believe it is their “Duty” to listen in and critique what Africans SHOULS talk about, and what the African Agenda “SHOULD” be…its a “Typical” case of acute, racist paternalism.

      • I hear yuh…

        THat’s a phenomenon in and of itself, and intensely interesting. It bespeaks f-e-a-r. But as harmless and docile as we have been as a people, the question is what do they feel they have to fear.

        Perhaps the answer is well reflected in the cricketing events of the last weekend. The simple fact is that at some point we, the Israelites of the seed, will rise to rule. That is written. So those you call TROLLS feel a need to monitor every move we make, knowing that when we rise it is that they will fall…

        Hence in the U.S. the COINTELPRO program that treated the so-called “Negro” as a domestic enemy, and people like MLKJr, Malcolm X, etc. were actively spied upon, though objectively it was hard to argue that they posed any real threat to the Republic…

        The real threat is as perceived by the chosen of Satan, the ones that control the U.S. behind the scenes… Just as they declared war on Germany, they have been waging covert war against the “Negro” for a long time, that includes genocide of the “holy seed” as one aim. They are trying to destroy the “Negro” male through an agenda of race-mixing (e.g. Kanye and Kim), and of batty-manism and trans-genderism. Integrationism is central to that agenda.

        The local parallels will be obvious. Satan is after all consistent in seeking to destroy the holy seed. It is only a ploy of reverse psychology by which the “Negro” male is seduced into desiring strange flesh that the devil tells him is forbidden. There are many facets to this problem, the rabbit hole goes very deep…


        “For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this trespass.” (Ezra 9:2)

  • As I peep through de wastage / corruption periscope -as usual- was articulated so cogently, by our Uncle Shah, I can’t help but ask ,’ain’t this something folks?’
    Here are a few examples ,that gives the matter some perspective , as we try to figure out which is worst ,and or ,has a greater negative impact on our underachieving Twin Isle Paradise ,La Trinity:-
    1.A Trini Indian female ,married to a much older , yet Historically unscrupulous, Central businessman-we should add,with friends in high places-preferred to destroy( waste away) her obviously traumatized kids minds, by staying in a muy dysfunctional relationship,and or ‘take kicks and cuffs ,’ for over a decade, then one day, made a fake daring cyber escape , that caused a social media frenzy,only to eventually ,put her tail between her legs ,like a Los Bajos, or Barrackpore Zandolee, and refused to press persecution in the end , so as to see this bastard ,do serious jail time. It’s de way of de tribe —- ehhhhh Mamboo? Don’t answer- my country hating piasano.
    Yep, and right up there , with that phony Businesswoman /Bollywood wannabe -Sasca Singh , and her much publicize ,Grand Bazzar beat down , and cover up , from her philandering MP sweet man , in politically disgraced , UNC -Trini -Bhramen, Pundit Sharma- who forced the young lady ,to prostitute her soul , for wealth/power, by using his political influence, to get her high end , secret , business contracts, not accorded to others across T&T.

    2. I was recently told by reliable source , dat de the late husband of murdered ,Trini Billionaire,Pennywise heiress ,was offered 1 million dollars , to pursue divorce of his repeatedly abused wife ,the offer of which he eventually accepted .
    She in turn , perhaps ,so much in love , would secretly visit him, after the divorce , and in the end , was savagely murdered, as the social coward -culprit , committed suicide , by shooting himself. In the end, kids are left , without mama , and papa , and case is conveniently close, by wealthy , traumatized family , with the ability to save face.
    3.Not too long ago , a local activist , and well known , Black / Blond hair media darling, was stabbed to death , by her much younger husband ,after enduring decades of physical , and emotional abuses.
    Let me add for de record , I don’t often loose much sleep ,over wealthy , upper crust folks with means of walking away, who instead- for their own selfish reasons- choose to endure pain , and suffering ,but in this dysfunctional situations , there were two children , who likewise , indirectly endure the abuses.
    Did I mention , that one of her kids , the son , has a serious gun charge pending? As for the daughter , one can only guess, if she is likely to follow the part of Withney Huston/Bobby Brown daughter Bobie, and ….?
    As for the papa, well… rumor has it ,that he is hanging out in our St Anns Mental Institution , suddenly pretending to be crazy, but in much better quarters , than a certain , recently captured ,32 year old , who sort some quickie freedom , after awaiting a trial for 12 years.Go figure!



    So who are the real victims here , in my number 3 scenario? The 12 year old kid , who was apparently conceived like Jesus, and so has no Papa, who due to Mamas decisions , has not visited school in 2 years?
    Is the MP ,and Education Minister , Mr Garcia ,correct/ out of place , for attempting to get to the bottom of her story, before intervening?
    Do we have social mechanisms in place , that would take this kid away from his mama, and nurture him , in the correct manner, to prevent the inevitable from occurring?
    What are this unemployed woman’s real needs – a house – money ,psychological help , a job,or re-education , so as to acquire necessary , work skills?
    She called him fresh,and proudly stated,that she preferred to stay hungry,as opposed to giving in to a good samaritan.
    The question is , was she naive in thinking that the elderly man, who offered a place , was offering help ,only because he wanted to go to to a white , revengeful ,sky god heaven? No se.
    Here is the deal folks. Government ,has a role to play , but outside of passing more useless laws as is the norm in La Trinity,many of the issues articulated here , are not the ones our country’s politicians , are presently capable to directly addressing-especially , with still plummeting oil/ gas prices.
    Civic leaders ,working together with corporate business folks , and civil society , must take up the slack.
    Speaking of the twin enemy , in corruption ,Uncle Shah, the Panama Papers were leaked ,and there it was , Auntie K’s pals , in the Chinese , are implicated , the Russians too , Britain’s Cameron , is backpedalling , Iceland PM recently resigned , and most of the rest of Europe , along with a few social bums from other parts of Asia , and the Middle East ,are cowering in fear.
    Where is T&T , on that front? Anyone over the past decades , was siphoning out our precious wealth,to place in illegal foreign tax haven accounts,with links to sanctioned states, and if so , would the culprits when caught, pay a price , or instead cry raci….. perse…?


    Time would tell, si?
    Maybe waste is worst than corruption, or is it the other way around?
    No se.
    ‘The poof of de pudding , is in the eating,’ as we like to say on the street, hmmmmmm?
    Stay vigilant T&T!
    It’s a jungle out there in de Global Village , and our Twin Island paradisio , ain’t immune, y por que?
    ‘The interlocking global elite ,’ is the new enemy. Don’t let them fool us over escapist religious ,or political ideologies , and worst yet ,tribal differences.
    Time to organize,stand up, and push back! A ‘lil bit oh solidarity,’ won’t hurt , for sure.
    I luv dis land , Y tu?

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