Of sensuality and vulgarity

By Raffique Shah
February 16, 2016

Raffique ShahI wonder if the wide spectrum of persons who have used the words “misogyny” and “misogynic” to describe ex-Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee following his asinine statements on the murder of pannist Asami Nagakiya either believe what they are saying, or understand the definitions of the words?

According to the Oxford English dictionary, misogyny means “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women”.

And misogynic “is very close to the meaning of ‘misogynistic’, or ‘hating women’, but he may not feel full-out hatred toward them”.

Now I don’t know Tim Kee except as Mayor, and as someone who does not have a way with words to the extent that he often plants both feet in his mouth when he speaks. Witness his war with the Savannah vendors, which saw him backing down after uttering disparaging remarks, and his frequent bouts with other vendors and burgesses of the capital city over which he presided.

Based on these conflicts that were all triggered because he seemed to have spoken before thinking, I would say Tim Kee is a foolish man.

In the Nagakiya issue, before he knew anything about how she was killed (the autopsy was still pending, and whether she was raped has yet to be determined), he mouthed off on the way women un-dressed for Carnival, on their lewd behaviour that he had harped on earlier, and so on.

In other words, he seemed to have suggested that Nagakiya might have invited her own demise through her conduct during Carnival, which was a very stupid insinuation that warranted condemnation, and, indeed, his resignation as Mayor.

That said, does anyone among the few thousand persons who came down on him like the proverbial tonne of bricks really believe that Tim Kee hates women? That he has contempt for them? That he bears ingrained prejudice against them?

I don’t know the man, but surely he must have a mother, probably a wife, sisters, daughters, aunts.

Do those in the pack that attacked him believe that he hates or holds in contempt all these female family members, or women in general? I think not.

I should add my own position before the fem-pack turns rabid on me: nothing that a woman says, does or wears or does not wear, justifies advances from any man, far less rape. A person’s body, be it man or woman, but more so women because of their physiognomy, is sacrosanct.

And when it comes to sex, consensual is the only format that is acceptable.

What the ex-Mayor was trying to get across, though, his abhorrence toward rampant lewdness on the streets and stages during the Carnival, with women being the prime offenders, is a very valid issue that needs to be discussed.

Many people in the society feel strongly about this overwhelming affront to our sensitivities, so much so that they have voted with their feet: they stay away from fetes and street parades where such behaviour is predominant. Note the steep decline in spectators on Carnival days, from Jouvert ot Las’ Lap.

But they do not speak out against the vulgarity for fear of being pounced upon by the feminist and ultra-liberal lobbies that are aggressive as they are intimidating.

Me? I don’t give a damn. I’ve been around for too long, having established my bona fides as an architect of change and defender of human rights and women’s rights, for me to fear a backlash from anyone, any group or segment of the society.

I ask the women who claim full rights to their bodies if such rights include exposing their every crevice in public, before children, whose impressionable minds might tell them such behaviour is acceptable?

I ask them if simulating sexual acts of varying contortions, no holes barred, and their seeming fixation with rear-ending each other, on stage, on the road, before television cameras, is right?

Citizens surrender our rights to drive on most streets of cities and towns for the duration of Carnival, give way to masqueraders whose hired thugs even beat us up if so much as step close to their gyrating bodies, for what?

To see them simulate sex?

We pay hundreds of millions of dollars, pay thousands of soldiers and police officers to protect them (hardly us) during the festival, not to see the spectacle of colour, creativity and listen to good music, but to be assaulted by deafening noise and seas of near-naked, gyrating bodies.

To add insult, they tell us they have the right to bare their backsides in our faces, and we must accept their animalistic behaviour or, well, stay home and do not even watch local television.

They seem to not know that a woman can be sensual, ooze sexuality, without baring her all, without being vulgar.

But then, what do they know of sensuality who only vulgarity know?

25 thoughts on “Of sensuality and vulgarity”

  1. Yep, and talking about vulgarity ,and misplaced sensuality , here are two good ones , that de all sex is rape , phony feministas,’ as well as our historically comatose/ co- opted 4th Estate agents , would choose to ignore folks.
    Female abuse , against not only Afro Trini females, but their culturally subservient Indo Trini female cousins.


    I’m almost certain this abuse was known to the authorities for quite some time , but it took the pending arrest of a animalistic pal, of -who else – but ‘potty mouth – national media whore in chief Ian what’s his name ,’ to garner , headline attention, si?

    It’s getting beyond tedious people, this repeated beat down on an African oriented /created cultural showcase, that is referred to as Carnival.
    Last year, it was El Presidente Cameo ,suddenly liberated esposa in economist -Reema , lambasting Carnival patrons ,for having the audacity to display their bodies , and worst yet , wine during the festivities.


    Notice how she and her henpecked hombre ,was ready to sue de hell out of a boorish , female ,radio comedian Price ,for commenting on that infamous exposed belly button – Sari -attire , during her prior UN visit.
    It’s always laughable , or mores so , revolting , when African idiots can be encouraged to join the bandwagon in denouncing our Afrocentrist , national art form- but a different story , for another occasion .


    Speaking of which , where you at , Archbishop Harris , on the issue of your fellow priestly , closet freaks , who has for centuries, preyed on young males , visiting the Cartolica Iglasas, for catechism ?
    We know silent as a Roman – Vatican mouse.
    Wish you well in your new career Mayor Tim Kee.

    Tell me folks , with citizens like these , who needs enemies.
    Not certain who is more harmful to my T&T, the bandits that ruled the political roost for the last five years, or the comedians that ousted them.
    I’ll heed the advice of some of my still enamored fellow progressives, and give dem time , to get their acts together, with yet more political distractions.
    My conclusion this far? UNC/PP gone , UNC/PP still dey!

    1. People like to point at the pnm as self (african ancestry) hating, and not supportive of its ‘own’ and base BUTTTTTTTTTTTT fro where i sit it is the entire african community i.e, PNM supporters do not show moral support for the party as a group…unashamedly and boldly…just some of the lower class…. ut they expect the party (made up if the same people) fto be different??….if you do not morally support you party throgub thick and thin, how will the lezders ha e the confidence to boldly do what YOH want??explain!

  2. SHAH just to focus on the JAP would you if you were a female walk up Woodford Street Carnival Tuesday after 8pm in a skimmpy Carnival Costume by yourself attempting to go around our Queens Park Savannah to meet friends in St Anns? Please it takes two to tango so do not put all the blame on poor Tim Kee.

    1. Not tim-kee’s fault…not her fault either…she did not ‘deserve’ to be murdered…the last name HUSSAIN suits you Jerry.


    2. How the hell do you KNOW which street she walked up and what time? I believe the police should be talking to you, because you seem to have information that NOBODY else has. By the way, as Alyssa said, your last name suits you quite well.

      1. TRY CONNECTING THE DOTS ANNIE MY DEAR. WHICH SCHOOL YOU WENT TO! She left the band at the square in WOODBROOK and while the band went downtown, she walked to Silver Stars to meet the boy who would get her to St. Anns. It was said she left Silver Stars and was found in the Savannah (just like the two dead boys in Laventile – who were told do not take that taxi…I DID NOT CREATED THIS STATE PNM DID MANY MOONS AGO AND CANNOT SOLVE THE CRIME OVER 10 YEARS NOW). You want answers to all the shit that is happening today …all the pull string we must face when their people fill the top jobs with false papers. Black youths cleaning windscreens for a meal when they and dem enjoy the best as they brainwash you just as in Africa and India. She rented a property at Picton Court on the Woodford street side. SO YOU CONNECT THE DOTS. Around Carnival TAXIS MAKE A KILLING IN FARES and most do not work. She was told do not walk around the Savannah to go to St Anns. YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! WHY DID THE JAPAN EMBASSY SHUT THE CASE DOWN!

  3. Now , now ,now Sistaz Alyssa , I sense where you are attempting to this this , but lo siento , it won’t work. “Support through thick and thin,” is all well and dandy – as we like to say on the streets- but when a political organization ,with it respective leaders ,from Papa Deffy Eric , to that political bozo called Patrick Manning , repeatedly took African folks for granted/ gave dem the middle finger,solely appeased others ,once in power, there’s got to be a negative fall out,at some point.
    Sadly , said folks , are unsure where to run to, since each time they reach across the aisle , they end up getting kicked in de you know what, si?
    Which begs the question, is it time for a new Political order?
    Let’s keep it real now shall we ?
    If we do not wish to be dismissed as simple minded , partisan , cyber clowns , and more so , have the desire , to have our suggestions/ ideas , commentaries , be given some credibility , as serious , caring , neo nationalistic bloggers , then it’s incumbent on us, to call it as we see it.
    I ain’t know about others, but as for me , if I am prepared to use a sledge hammer over the past five years , at the knees of Auntie K, and her government, or throw a few rocks at the record of her political mentor Pappa Basdeo, then I must not shy away from attacking PNM blokes where warranted , simply because my late loving Granny, and the present PM , smoozed , back in de day , while selling peas, sweet potatoes, Yarms , and cassavas, at the same Scarborough market , capiche ?
    It is for this reason , I made it a point of order ,to enquire to my fellow progressives , traversing ,on dis here information highway as to the following:-‘ WHAT IS THE END GAME?’
    Hopefully it will constitute , pushing T&T towards the part of ever elusive ,Sustainable Development.
    How about encouraging an agenda that promote empowerment of the weak , and or ,disenfranchised amongst us?
    Can it be a goal of promoting equal playing field justice, and full Human Security for all?
    Not sure , if peaceful co -existence , and respect for the other, can be thrown in for good measure , but if so , it won’t hurt, can it?
    Trust me , when I say I ain’t talking about KUMBAYA , feel good mantras, for I don’t play those silly games.
    Here is the deal however. To achieve all of the above, political parties , and government has a significant role , but so does Civil Society initiatives .
    There is work to be done folks. I am here , and closer then many think.
    I am talking about in our Barber shops , on the streets, traveling back and forth , throughout my country , speaking with folks – old ,young , male ,female ,of all races , religions, and social class ,foreigners , and citizens alike, getting a close up ethnographic feel, as to what they are worried about.
    Many do not give a rats behind about these two political parties , trust me on that . Most wish to see meaningful changes. Too many have lost hope, and that’s where the new voices can come in.
    Our young people wish to be engaged , as many are worried about what going to be left for their future, as a result of the actions of self aggrandizing , disingenuous leaders, who preach one thing , while in the Opposition, but practice another when in power.
    As I have repeatedly said before , we all collectively, are responsible for the social mess, our country presently finds itself in.
    Likewise , it would take all hands on deck ,to rectify the fast crumbling socio economic – com -political infrastructure.
    It is very important that prudent activism prevail , wherein each party to the mess, recognize that our interest are inextricably linked , and so work together for common good.
    Well , that’s easier said than done, but such is the essence of what politics truly is, hmmmm?

    Speaking about Political parties , across de alleged ,T&T tribal divide , It was Canadian author ,Laurence J.Peter , in his great 1968 published book, Peter’s Principle , who once said ,
    “In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”
    Based on the UNC / PP government track record , over the past five years of PM Kamla’s stewardship, we de more astute, knows fully well , what conclusion should be drawn with regard to our Hindustani leader competence , or rather incompetence.
    The clock is ticking on Uncle Rowley’s, and no, I for one ain’t willing to give him a pass.
    Oil / gas prices fall or not, there are certain bench marks that must be met , before I decide if a A+, F, or U,is handed out in the future.
    Hope we are on the same page Sistaz A.
    Hey Sistaz A, these political clowns- in or out of power – cannot , in de words of Yankee TV Judge Judy , ‘keep peeing on our legs , while telling us it’s raining,’ yet still, (to quote you ) expect ‘moral support ,’ hmmmmmm?

    I luv dis land, Y tu?

    1. Lol…Neal..you miss my gist…this is not about giving a pass to pnm…but if i so choose to i will do it without an ounce of shame BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Firing a mayor or bei g part of the machinations to do so…a fellow african…for AN insensitive, politically incorrect, statement?? Really neal??yoh call THAT ‘throwing rocks’…if i understand my metaphors a ‘rock’ is limened to criticism…taking a JOB for a statement is a BEHEADING!…Also Neal…i wish you would squeeze all the juice out of my posts so you ca truly be satiated by the info…..I am not one of those…or should i say i am NO LONGER one of those ‘i for country’ negroes….to HELL with the soil and wharf water…..to say you only care Bout ‘country’ is to say you want to be impartial and equally side witth any and anybody….so yoh would love father clyde harvey & sat maharaj the same?? Or devant maharaj and fitgerald hinds the same…??. EH.. or more succingpnctly….you care and would further THE INTEDESTS of sat and father harvey?? The proble with that deceptivwly dotish way of thinking is it doesn’t make sense in the racist mult ethnic plural society….all the other ethnic grouoss have fully functioning social systems and lobbies….AFRICANS are the one dragging behind…THAT is where i want to focus my energies…Neal….i OBSERVED the behaviour of “T&T” in the last political term….it is an ugly, selfish & hateful society…African people can’t help their commu ities but want to help others….who don’t need their help….make no mistake neal…this is not about Dr, Rowley, Tim Kee or party politics…IT IS ABOUT RACE!! Anybody that denies this post september 7th is either a lie0ar or a rum drinkig ignorant fool! I stand by my comments….it is a vicious cycle…yess the onm a d Dr. Williams WASTED many opportu ities to take czre of their own and plan for their own exclusively….not in trickle down soxial theiry….HOWEVER. ..the fzct is if yoh do not i 2016 support your leaders in a straight up fight between them and enemies…what do you think is going to happen…it is a ideological war…WHY WHY pretend ,to not notice this and stand UP for your OWN (interests)…Tim-Kee’s comments were arrogant, condescending and insensitive but they were not meant to demean Ms. Nagakiya…lit was actually a man of his generation’s plain talk bad manners attempt…but he was wrong Nd ill spkke….that bei g said….how the HELL can you want him fired for that?? Tjat is party politics from the same people who foisted Anandsi,deviant,seweruj,jaishima et al…..andyoh want to HELP them?? Eh eh! Eh eh! do you even understand the repercussions of unseati g the mayor mid term?…do you even u derstand how it weakens government? The work required to ‘catch up’?, This move WILL haunt the PNM..and i do nit feel sorry……Notice come kamla listed this as a victory for herself and her pRty and against the pnm,,,,rather than justice for Ms. Nagakiya’s honour?? Which is supposed to be the insinuated purpose of the attack on the mayor…so to answer your question neal…NO! I am not for ‘country’…i reserve the right to be just as selfish ans narrow minded as all the other ethnic groups. …to suggest or imply thT ONLY africans should be the burden bearers of justice and euality in an ethnic contecxt is cruel and racist…!

  4. Mamoo, though i would not say i made a ‘misteake’ per se….i must ad it that appealing to your capacity for intelligent discourse was a bit…NAIVE….let me speak in a way you coukd underdtand…the only chamars i T&T are those who came from india & are under hindu control…the word chamar is what hindus in india allocated that title two and practiced eugenics for thousands of years…to use it merely pejoritively is ignorant…Indians in the diaspora who came to cut cane are chamars…how do you think tassa drums are made and beaten….no uppercaste touched animal skins…at oeast that is hindu doctrine…and mamoo….you LOVE that tassa eh? Lol….a chamar is someone who skins the animal (goat) dries it and shapes it into skins…fleshing etc….in hi du doctrine touching animal skins and untouchables like your family mamoo…is ‘unclean’ as in your bloddline and skin is ‘impure’…how come i have to tell you your ideology Mamoo? …so to call african people chamars is ignorant….YOU are of that seedline and doctrine not us…so roll up d tzssa mamoo…and drown out reality!….what irony!

  5. Most indians in T&T don’t even know the origin or definition of the word chamar…that they are insulting their entire group and not a single indian…to the it is just an insult with tremendous weight…some even know a bit more and assume it means or refers to ‘low caste’…NO…it is part of the NO CASTES…untouchables!…just as those who pick up dead carcasses with bare hands (wjhole or in pieces) from train tracks and roadways (human and animal) or those who literally root out burrowing rats (big like cats) from uppercaste land by stixking their hands in the hole and being bitten (bait)..d.they are paid by..get this…keeping the rats they catch (to eat)…so the chamars probably think they are superior to the rat eaters who think they are superior to the dead body scavengers…ALLLLLLL are untouchables/Harrijan (bastards of uppercastes through rape/prostitution)….so many names…same thing!

    1. Most Indians don’t care about the word “chamar”. The caste system became ineffective once they boarded the boat to Trinidad and other islands.

      The word chamar is better suited for the Africana construct. Today in the US 75% of Africanas are born in single parent homes. In Jamaica it is the same. In Trinidad in certain areas the 75% holds strong. The chamars lifestyle has been practiced by Africanas since the time of slavery.

      The Indians in TNT are strong on family and formed family structures that keep things in check. In my family the enforcer was my aunt who kept us all in line. If anyone in our family stole (none did) that would have been viewed as bringing shame upon the family. Yes most of the enforcement my aunt hammered into us was education, getting a good job, respect and living right.

      In Laventille in the chamar areas the boy goes out steal give his mother something from the booty. Gives his grandmother something and buys their silence. There is no vocal objection to that type of behaviour. That is why crime will always be high in those areas.

      1. “Most indians don’t cRe about the word “chamar”. The caste system became ineffective once the boarded the boat to Trinidad and other Islands.” -Mamoo

        The above statement is of course a LIE. A popular FABLE amongst 4he indian population…right up there with “hostile and recalcitrant” and “cowsheds”.These lies are meant to fool those who don’t know…’the caste system’ as i have mentioned in previous posts is merely ‘Hindu’ Theology. The fist weterners to start sayi g ‘cthe caste system’ to define Hi du ideology were onserving the colour coded system of stratification in India and had no idea that it was THE RELIGION, and therefore they spoke of it as it was separate and to this day the way we use it i conversation ‘the caste system’ is somewhat deceptive….it is akin to refering to Christian theology as “The god created the world in 6 days system’ or ‘the jesus christ died on the cross and rose ahpgain and all meb are euqal under god as his children system’…see?? It makes no sense really….all 4his is merely Christian Ideology found in the christian sciptures/the bible….Hindus believe that all em are NOT created equal (Vedas/holy scriptures) and that superiority and inferiority are HEREDITARY…they believe that Brahmins are hereditzry descendents and representztives of god on earth….that they cMe from his head etc…anybody who uses words like Brahmin are admitting to belief in caste ideology…the clues are right in the facts of T&T population….also….scholars on Hinduis & caste along with Dalits who experience this point out that the ramayana is one 8f the ‘carriers’ of caste ideology’….’ramleela’….the burning of a black skinned idividual for being with a light skinned individual….did you know that dalits consider this Offensive as it is based on actual ancestry and ‘Rawan’ was an ancestor.?it
        is the CORE philosphy of the religion….to deny this is
        to deny the Hindu holy sciptures, the baghavad gita
        etc….which no hindu would do.The conundrum in the indian diaspora is that Hindus do not want to expose the truth about their ideology to African people because it is going to cost the Politically,economically and socially…so it becomes a political discussion i.e. “oh no we don’t believe in caste….that ended on the boat becUse some rice fell and we all no matter caste had to eat the same rice”..LIE that is dotish as saying Muslims came to T&T without believing in the Quor’an because when they boarded the boat to T&T in India, there was no beef & chicken and they had to eat pork to survive….that woukd we a ridiculous lie….Islam is contained in the Quor’an and the quor’an is followed by Muslims….as long as Hindus follow the baghavad gita, the vedas (hence ‘vedic’ schools in T&T) they are Hindus…i.e. ‘the caste system’ is the religion and the religion is ‘the caste system’…also since we cannot rely on lies what we know as fact is that the indian population has i fact demonstrated an unwillingness to allow inter ethnic intimate relations as a whole as a result of scorn for black skinned africans…everykne knows this and THAT is the HALLMARK of hindu ‘caste’ideology..scorn and hatred for those deemed ‘inferior’ because of skin colour and fscial features…arricans do not need Mamoo and others to stop lyi g to know the truth…it is contained in documented history. ..oh and by the way here is a former brahmin pundit and son of a famous Brahmin Pundit (among
        hindus in T&T ) expose the religion in T&T up til the 1970’s….http://www.amazon.com/Death-Guru-Remarkable-Story-Search/dp/0890814341
        So, the above writer disproves mamoo’s lie about caste being abandones in the 1800’s, he exposes that it was alive even in the 1970’s…so…is Mamoo now going to clai caste mysteriously vanished between 1970 and now?? Lol..Johnjy walker scotch whiskey’s tagline is “Keep on walking”…i imagine Mamoo with a lifesize bottle of puncheon with the tagline “Keep on LYING”

        1. Alyssa with your standard 3 education it is always taxing my patience. I imagine you were a failure in life and as such you embarked on this silly notion that Indians are as backward as you.

          Here are the facts: (1) 23% of the Indian population in TNT claims to be Hindu. (2) 18% of the Indian population in TNT are not Hindu.
          Now the 23% do not practice Hinduism in the caste form because those things remained in India after they left. The Hindu priest today many of them are not Brahmin. Hindus will marry their daughter to a man who is educated and can take care of them.

          The other 18% of Indians, 5% are Muslims, the remaining 13% are either Presbyterian, Pentecostal/Evangelicals, or simply not align to a belief system. As such one can say Indians are not a homogeneous group. The Presbyterians and Muslims were known to support the PNM during the early years. Kamal and Errol provided such representation as founders of the PNM.

          And that concludes my history lesson to you.

          1. Lol…Mamoo what exactly in your post REFUTES my previous post?? Today is saturday!Aren’t you suppsed to be entertaining children at parties?

  6. The idea that carnival was hijacked by radical feminists and leftists and turned into a nudity festival is creative to say the least.
    If you want really want to find the genesis of our ever more naked society it might do us well to look at Jamaica which coincidentally has the highest number of churches per capita in the world.

    The people who prevent the outcry about all the nudity during Carnival are not feminists and leftists but rather our very neighbors who almost certainly attend.

    Finally, misogyny is not removed by the fact that someone has a wife or a daughter for a mother. In another era certain people could say things like “Some of my most trusted slaves are Black”. That would hardly mean that individual liked black people.

    1. EAL, do uou recall former Minister in Kamla’s cabinet Surujrattan Rambachan, in the face of allegations that he harbours ethnic hatred for African People, he responded by saying that his maid of many years is african, and that she looks after his children’s needs UNDER THE INSTRUCTIONS of his wife…do you recall this?incidentally, his son was accused of using ethnically abusive language on the PNM facebook page during Kamla’s reign…Also, Dr Rowley’s famous err in naming Anand Ramlogan as the individual who allegedly visited the NY Mission of T&T and inquired about it’s ethnic composition i.e. how many Indians and voicing disapproval with the ratio…Apparently the incident did happen but It wasn’t Anand but allegedly someone named Seweruj

  7. It is interesting to see how people reveal their insecurities. Mamoo has been trumpeting the superiority of himself and the Indian race over the blacks by touting their hold on family life. By the same token, he has established that black life is poor and void of any family control and stability. In his view, ninety percent of black family life is poor, whilst Indian life flourish by strong family, educations and traditions. His notions of superiority, is nothing new to black people. Ever since our arrival in the Western world (yes Mamoo, we ‘arrived’ too), every white psychologist have done ‘research’ to prove their theory that white people are superior to black people. Not to be outdone, hinduism have sealed it in their scriptures that, not only the brahmin is superior, he is followed by fellow superior castes like Vaisyas and Kshatriyas, way ahead of he lowest of the low – the dalits. These terms are not commonly used in Trinidad, but the intent on proving Indian superiority is always present in every transactional analysis. While Mamoo was busy telling us how superior Indian family life is, the national headlines were filled with stories of a super rich, young hindu family torn apart by abuse, wife beatings, fights and general family breakdown. What a boast! In hindu life, there is common practice of brother sharing brother’s bed as part of the ‘family’ togetherness. This way, Mamoo is right about family. Of course the family do ‘everything together, thats what it’s all about. The children will, of course, carry the same name, so there is happiness in the family. There is also common occurrences of incestuous behavior – thats family togetherness!.
    For the past twenty years, we have had only top scholars in SEA but where are the adult scholars? Look! the truth is man will always try to control man with claims of who is superior and who is inferior. Yet there is no evidence of any group living a superior life to any other group. The whole claim is nothing but a feel-good claim. In fact, in people like Mamoo, his insecurities are so telling that his only defense is claiming superiority, But then again – superiority of what? If he is healthier than me, I will consider that superiority but until then, talk can’t help you Mamoo. People like Mamoo who yearn superiority over black people are really suffering from eugenic xenophobia and needs to be pitted for their insecurities.

    1. Kian the next generation of killers are raised in homes. If you destroy the home you are destroying the nation. I wish for my black brothers and sisters to have strong homes. And everyone else. Research shows that if a child is raised by a single parent for the girls they become promiscuous or not able to have a relationship with a male in a normal way. The boy becomes distant and turn to violence as a means of survival. In the Bible bastardization is frowned up and for good reasons.

      In my experience I have family who raise children without both parents. This I have discovered have nothing to do with race but there is a universal factor.

      (1) these children turn out to be super smart and high achievers. With their deceptive character used to get ahead. Boy or girl.
      (2) the girls tend to become promiscuous and controlling. They don’t generally stay faithful in a relationship.
      (3) the boys turn to drugs and friends who can provide them with a sense of belonging and family. Aka gangs
      (4) sometimes the girls do not have any relationship with men and stay single all their life. They cannot seem to have a relationship because of an absent father and no one to relate to.
      (5) the boys are most likely to end up in jail or dead at an early age. They live in poverty and turn to crime to survive.

      The point here that family matters, stay together love your wife.

      1. “I Wish for my black brothers & sisters to have strong homes” Mamoo

        Mamoo, when you say your Black brothers & sisters you mean
        Indians & Africans right? Beczuse mamoo…Indians (like yourself) ARE BLACK!…whether you like it or not!

        Mamoo, whe you say ‘strong homes’ do you mean Homes like

        Kamla’s ?
        Kristian’s (The wealthy stone seller)
        Tim “Mr. Discipline” Gopeesingh’s ?
        Chandradesh “yuh hittin a brahmin boy” Sharma’s ?
        Glen Ramadharsingh’s ?
        Devant Maharaj’s ?
        Reshmi Ramnarine’s ?

        1. Also Mamoo, the recent case of the severely Battered wife that is currently making rounds on social media, and her husband, the auto shop owner who Ian Alleyne was slyly trying to ‘breaks’ for…would you say that they have a ‘Strong’ Home Mamoo??

      2. It is not my style, to engage in this kind of character assassination of people, whom you classify as social misfits. Economic prowess, while notable and embracing, is not the single state of wellbeing that a human deserves to be socially rounded. Marriage, while blessed by the creator as a means of familial development is a creation of religion (man). God did not forsake children because they were born out of wedlock. No, that is the behavior of MAN (like yourself), who use biased reasoning to salivate their opinions. Crime and drugs are NOT the creation of people born out of wedlock or come from broken homes. In truth, it is the economic mainstay of people who live in gated communities, drive fancy cars, go to expensive restaurants, wear expensive clothes, send their children to the best universities, travel to far and distant lands and buy luxury gifts and homes for their families. Based on your accusations, I assume that description like this is what you consider socially uplifting. Isn’t that so, Mamoo?. Crime, whilst bad for the masses, is many times used by the famous and wealthy to do their dirty work for them. Many times that dirty work involves, money lending, return of favors, regaining territories (economic), getting even and settling scores with competitors. Those who come from economic stagnated communities, that you describe are the unfortunate ones used to commit those crimes ordered by those that you respect and put on a pedestal. Drugs come into this country and distributed, not by the people that you describe as unworthy of sympathy. They are purchased, imported, guarded and distributed by the same people that you give high respect to as accomplished individuals. The un-fathered ones that you loathe, are used to carry out the nasty business of retailing the substance. They do it for economic gains too, only that their mission of distribution and retailing is more dangerous, brutal, inhuman and consequentially disturbing.
        It is their part of the mission that you and I find most disturbing, because their filthy work and circumstantial
        evidence come to close for our comfort and safety. While their behavior is to be condemned in the most telling forms, we have to understand that, they are only part of a cycle that emanated from the most privileged of our society. It also is supported by the most respected in our society. The means to which these crimes are maintained are sanctioned by the behavior of the privileged class, who go to their maunder, churches and mosques. They pray, give lavish parties, praises families like you are doing now and elevate people to high office to continue doing their dirty work for them. They do it all on the backs of the people you so hatefully describe as fatherless and motherless and lacking in family values. It is not outward values that count Mamoo, it is the inward ones. Those that harken unto the values that Jehovah God has set for natural and communal living. Those values that are not trumpeted for show and tell. Those values, when committed and expiated for good moral reasons and purposes, are really the true good citizens that you want to say that you are. Those people do not go around telling people how good they are, they just do good deeds and those of us who notice will appreciate and recompense for their good work. In the meantime, stop bashing people who lack economic skills to uplift themselves. Your theories are baseless and as I mentioned in a previous post, you are suffering from eugenic xenophobia.

  8. Correction: “The means to which these crimes are maintained are sanctioned by the behavior of the privileged class, who go to their maunder, churches and mosques. ”
    “The means to which these crimes are maintained are sanctioned by the behavior of the privileged class, who go to their mandirs, churches and mosques.”

    1. Notice the deception in constantly referring to Roger Alexander as Ian’s “TV Rival”?? This is meant to tai t the issue and create doubt Nd the illusion that Roger Alexander’s arrest of Ian was motivated by their shows’ rivalry…CNC3 or as Jack Warner a recently former Hardcore UNC refers to them as UNC3, is brainchild of the UNC! Remember whe the station was created?? The same time period when the syrians gave sat maharaj a radio frequency…do you know who is the HEAD of ‘The Guardian Group’?? CNC3 is part of tdhe same company…Ravi Tewarie…is he related to Bhoe Tewarie?? and if i am not mistaken this move happened under the last political term…coincidence?? Have you noticed that it is Dominated by Hindu Indians?? Notice the cast they put in front for news?? Phenotypically ‘Mixed’ africans and a large amount of Indians i.e. they define which africans are acceptable…CNC3 seems to want to Narrowly satisfy Indian Hindu politcal thrust

  9. Wow…Jerry…you keep issing the point!Nobidy is disputing the circumstances under which she died…the facts are not all in…BUTTTTTTTTTTTT,your language suggests that she DESERVED to die as ‘punishment’ for her supposed lack of dicretion or because she erred on the side of caution… she was a foreigner from an eastern culture whok like many foreigners, think caribbean people are so laid back and nice, they are incapable of horribke acts. Also, we are yet to find out if the crime was intentional,randowm….e need more facts to conclude….but yes jerry….it is not safe to walk around those areas at night…

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