Kamla: Section 34 Ruling Vindicates PP

January 26 2016 – newsday.co.tt

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarFORMER prime minister and current Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday said the ruling by the Privy Council was a clear vindication of her then government’s decision to repeal the controversial Section 34 of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Offences) Act.

In a statement yesterday, the Opposition Leader said the ruling in the challenge of businessmen Steve Ferguson and Ameer Edoo, and three companies, highlighted the swift action taken by the then People’s Partnership government to convene Parliament, on an emergency basis, “to repeal a law that was unanimously passed with the support of all Members of Parliament with the noble intention of improving the system of criminal justice.” “This decision of the Privy Council represents a victory for the rule of law and the Constitution. The decision affirms the supremacy and power of parliament. The effect of this decision is that the State’s right to prosecute those persons who may have benefited from section 34 in its original form has now been preserved,” said Persad-Bissessar who is an attorney.

Noting specific reference was made in the judgment to herself and then Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, Persad-Bissessar said, “This decision puts to rest, by a judegment of our highest Court, the criticisms of the then Opposition (PNM) of the action of the PP government.

The reasons behind the passing of Section 34 in its original incarnation remain valid.” “The legality and constitutionality of the action of the government I led in passing the repeal legislation has been tested and affirmed at each level of our judicial system.

This judgment is a resounding victory for the People’s Partnership Government which was the subject of much vilification and political attack by those who were bent on political exploitation of what was a Constitutional crisis which was created with their active participation and support in Parliament,” Persad-Bissessar noted.

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7 thoughts on “Kamla: Section 34 Ruling Vindicates PP”

  1. Doh try that Kamla, no so fast. Everyone should know what is behind section 34. I was targeted and got rid of by Yara who benefited years ago. I was damaged for life, escaped death many times. Fear does not affect me anymore. They took everthing of value from me starting with my health. They robbed Fedchem/ Yara of everything with the maxxed out operations for the last 70 years and our government got their hands greased pretty well. Yes the foreigners we attract here are common thieves elsewhere. Foreigners come here and having been coming here since the 70s (people say Amoco is now BP you want to know why since the $600 Billion USD Amoco stole from T&T in the 70s the years Carty said “all ah we thief … O’Halloran, Prevatt, Padmore, etc. the PNM mobsters…they kill Eric and raided the treasury and have been doing that ever since). They and their creditors in the private sectors must now pay. TIME IS NOW TO PAYBACK TIME. Yes I was targeted. I cannot forget the raping of this country. 1984-8 were the years Ish and the boys through NORTHERN CONSTRUCTION were awarded a contract to build the Tringen 11 Ammonia Plant (52% is owned by our government who never had a say in even buying one screw for the huge worldscale plant in Savonetta Couva. Needless to say Ish never had the ability, resume, or capability to build a fowl cob far more for an industrial plant. FALSE PAPERS AT OUR DEMISE. Well under the crooked foreigner Peter Grace they did build the plant for $180 million USD and pocket the remaining $70 million USD. Club 88 was formed in 1988 and while Robbie (Robberry) looked the other way our treasury money like the Amoco $600 Billion USD disappeared from our shores. So connecting the dots together one can see $70 million crossing the floor from Capital funds to Operating/Maintenance accounts and being and being carted away in the UNC. The IFC in NEw Yark reported $70 USD in three tranches asking the owners of the account where to renew one year after the pproject was formally closed. Needless to say the plant took over a year to commission and still cannot stay on line as long as it should. Also needless to say the plant is managed by foreigners who do not even have papers to run such a plant. Meanwhile Peter Grace was brought before the US justice system on fraud charges. Ish would try anything to get off and I have no doubt he and the other mobsters would, like Panday, want those years where they were guilty of robbing the treasury to have us all forget and forgive them. Kamla and her bunch were there in the high end of the party and know and of course there was section 34. But Trinis are so weak they will lack the punch to bring justice to these monstrous crooks. These crooks who have no soul or heart. We must always suffer the burdens from these their wrongs. I am going to go to every place of power to report them. Robbie knew and did nothing but bargained for a cushy President job but God said eh, eh. You think I ever felt sorry from Robbie. In 1990 God spoke. These other people will suffer but in God’s timing. I know that God has no favourites…MAN does. I read the trash on why Laverntile is a broken place. My daughter is a schol winner, comlpeted here degree at the distinction level, forced by Kamla to come home to serve and was jobless for more than one year. I was given a high end job in another country despite forced out by a foreigner king in my country and moves were made to have the international contractor I helped put backed a shutdown gas platform back in service put me on the breadline. He was threatened with loss of work in T&T. This was one of their victimisation stunts to break me. But the truth is governments come and they go and they do nothing for the people who live in Laverntile and other hot spots. Everywhere you go in Trinidad in the job markets, the school markets, the food markets like the government you must pull a string, pass money to get what you want. The fishermen, farmers, public servants, firemen, policemen, prison officers etc, remain suffering….pay scales in Trinidad given the foreign exchange rates are way below world standards as they try to make here another China, India or Bangledesh. And Hadeed now opens his big fat mouth….where was he all this time. The difference is that the rich there in those countries do not launder money elsewhere but spends more on the country while here they fill the Miami, UK, and Canadian banks with our money. I still remember when a USD was $1.25 TT. We had no crime back in the 80s and were far more were satisfied. THEN THEY DID A HUGE NUMBER ON US FROM THE 1980s. Everybody in North America knows that all electronics CELLS, LAPTOPS, etc last maximum 2 years…it is the NORTH AMERICAN racket that runs havoc in the poor third world. And of course the automobile industry as more rejects are wasted here for HUGE PROFITS in the third world. Government feeds off the system. But times will come when God will change things.

  2. “………. The effect of this decision is that the State’s right to prosecute those persons who may have benefited from section 34 in its original form has now been preserved,” …..Kamla
    This is the opinion of the now Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar; former Prime Minister, who promulgated the Section 34 laws in the middle of the night, when the nation was celebrating it Independence. One should not loose sight of what was the intention to the then government, under the leadership of the said Kamla Persad Bissessar, to undermine the law by setting Ish Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson free from prosecution for crimes they committed in the Piarco Airport development project. Yes folks, this is the same Kamla who is trying hard to convince us that she is ‘happy’, the law lord in the United Kingdom has clarified the issue and that she was on the side of ‘justice’. What a calamity! The woman subverted the law to ‘free’ her friends, the then Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley, got hold of her intentions, made it public and had her renounce it. When the public got wind of exactly what Kamla was doing the law was passed unanimously by both the UNC government and the Opposition PNM to renounce Section 34. Now, this goodly lady is trying to fool us and tell us how happy she is that the rule of laws has won? Kamla continues to LIE and confuse big time. I don’t believe that there is an honest thought that emanates from this woman’s mind. Her intent is to deceive and pretend. Were we to be completely asleep when she and her erstwhile Attorney General Anand Ramlogan tried to pull this one on the country. Both Ish and Steve would have been free criminals today. All with the help of Kamla and Anand. And today she is trying to portray herself as a purveyor of justice and truth! Has she no shame? Does she believe that with her law degree she is smarter than all of us who do not possess one? This is shameful for the past leader of a country and now Leader of the Opposition. What it also shows is that our justice system and the judiciary leaves a lot to be desired. In so many cases in recent times, the logic that emanates from our learned messengers of the cloth (the judiciary), we see rulings that just do not make sense. Many of their are vexing to the sensible and just minds. As has been done in many other parts of the system, why can’t there be a kind of audit of the justice system? It is generally felt that many of the judges are beholden to the politicians and men of great wealth. It is the same reason why so many get away with the raping of the treasury, while the small man always have to pay for petty misdeeds. Probe the justice system and lets come up with recommendations on how to make it more efficient and color blind.

    1. Section 34 was a good piece of legislation. The PNM lend their support to this legislation. It was the short man Imbert who suggested that instead of a ten year wait a seven wait was better.

      For 7 Years no PNM AG saw it fit to signed the extradition warrant to have Ish & Steve extradited, it was AG Ramlogan who signed the extradition warrant and kept them in jail for 1 year while they challenged it and if it wasn’t for the letter John Jeremie gave them they would have been making jail in the US by now but the media in Trinidad wouldn’t report on that.

      But you will not hear the facts from the astute PNMites instead their propaganda specialists Winnie, Yoruba and Kian with their Africana brains would have you believe there was an “Indian policy” document to free them…. These 3 with their Standard 3 education believe all the drivel coming from Warner and Balisier house….


  3. “However, the TTDF’s principal concern lies with Mr Maraj’s statement that “We can’t have this potent security resource on which we spend hundreds of millions, sitting on the sidelines supposedly scanning the horizon for an invasion that has not materialised for 50 years, whilst the citizenry is under permanent internal siege”. This is an excerpt of the reply to Ralph Maraj, taken from the Editorial under the heading: Defence Force responds to Ralph Maraj
    Published on Feb 13, 2016, 6:06 pm AST

    I wish to commend the official Defense Force response to Ralph Maraj, who as a journalist, former government minister, politician, talk show host and writer/producer of major shows, wrote what appears to be a naive article on the use and purpose of the the Defense Force. The response was written with aplomb and conviction and I admire the fact that the military (which does not as a matter of course get involved in civilian conversations), made it a point to put the record straight. Ralph Maraj who sees the hundreds of millions spent on the military and his friend and party comrade Kamla Persad Bissessar best description of the purpose of the Defense Force as “sitting on the sidelines supposedly scanning the horizon for an invasion”
    (his words). For a person having held such prestigious and high offices it appears (by his comments) that he is naive and ill-informed about the purpose of having a Defense Force as our safe guard against enemies of the state, be it an invasion, local uprisings as has been seen in 1970 and again in 1990. In essence, both Ralph Maraj and Kamla view the Defense Force as “a waste of time”, if they are to be trained and maintained in Tetron Bay whilst there is no eminent threat to the country. In the case of Kamla, she wants to use the military as policemen.
    Ralph thinks that money is too much to spend on keeping men in uniform waiting for an “invasion”. They are both absolutely un informed and naive about the purpose of the military. As a former military person, I too feel a sense of concern if these are the kind of people, elected to govern our country with such limited understanding of military affairs. In 1963, hurricane Flora struck Tobago. The Defense Force had to despatch forces, to go into island an secure strategic areas. They also had help people who were displaced from their homes. If not the military, where were we to get the resources to mann such an undertaking?
    If not the military, whom do we call upon to undergo such tasks?
    Does Ralph and Kamla want us to go to their mandirs and beg for help? Our military performed such tasks in Jamaica, Grenada and other parts of the Caribbean. They provide an essential service in times when mere mortals are not trained to handIn 1990 when Abu Bakar decided to take matters in his own hands, the Defense Force was there to restore us to normalcy. Today, we need to expose the presence of the military in places like Laventille to restore a sense of normalcy in the community and we should be glad that they are there for us. When they leave, these troubled areas, I’m sure they would have restored some semblance of dignity and hope in this community. Yes Ralph and Kamla, while our primary aim is to defend our borders against aggression from outside, our most likely deployment would be against internal aggression and nature’s destruction. The only trained forces that can withstand the challenge of such terrain and uncommon conditions is the military. I am sure that both Ralph and Kamla pay large sums of money to the insurance companies to insure their homes against fire and destruction. They do it, I am sure without any hesitation even though it might be very unlikely that they will ever need to make such a claim, they do it without complaining. The military is somewhat of an insurance against the the upheavals that are likely to disrupt life as we know it in the country. The big difference is, with the military, we are sure they are there to help us and we don’t have to go around recruiting untrained help from communities. They are there and that’s their purpose. It is my hope that the Defense Force official response and my comments, can help to educate those who wish to govern us, but are lacking in understanding of the nature of our presence can learn the science of our presence and not the politics of expediency.

    1. Well said, Kian!

      Ralph Maraj has made those sorts of comments before, though, and I’m sure he’ll continue to make them. He has his agenda, and that’s paramount.


    2. IRALPHMARAJ.5 FM…the trusted name in Hindu/UNC Politcal Doublespeak. Ralph Maraj, as per the UNC/HINDU agenda….AS SOON AS Louie Lee Sing sold the station (suspicious as it was bought during UNCOPP’s reign and was the only PNM voice) Ralph took over all the programs of any politcal value…he took over wayne chance & Lisa’s programme, He Took over DRrian & Natalie’s programme & He took over Jenny’s programme…The same thing was done at Power 102….siewdath came in and took over Spawn & The PNM lady’s programme, the he took over the Harvey Borris Programme, then he took over Richard Noray’s programme….and that Self Hating Negro with the whip in the field….the UNC agent Morgan Job, posing a
      Unbiased,honest ‘intellectual’ slandering the pnm, dr williams etc…did you see the ‘debate’ with Kamla on the eve 8f the election? Did you see Morgan Job dekiberately ask her petty, soft, leading questions? He even stepped out of his ‘crease’ to criticize a question from Isha. Morgan Job is the character from the movie Django (played by samuel L Jackson) .Siewdath then sent in that other Negro Garth
      Christopher !…did you know that he is Drupatee’s Husband….i look at her very different after finding that
      out…. The same thing done at Poer 102, was done at the now IRALPHMARAJ.5 FM…He effffectively emasuclateed Darrian,Joh , and all the africans who have any voiv9ce by being in that programme…they shoukd have walked out! His presence there is like siewdath’s was on 102…PARASITIC! can’t even remeber the original name of the station…but THAT is the name now!Disgraceful….

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