Scale of squandermania mind-boggling

By Raffique Shah
October 19, 2015

Raffique ShahIf a mere ten percent of the sums of money quoted by almost every new PNM minister as having gone to waste or astray under the previous government is factual, then at least a billion dollars was squandered or stolen during the tenure of the People’s Partnership.

If the ministers were accurate and truthful in their allegations of profligacy, then an astounding ten billion dollars, at least, found its way into the bank accounts of assorted thieves and accomplices.

The allegations were so startling, they had me speechless. A billion dollars in fees paid to select attorneys for representation that could have been had at a fraction of that. Houses constructed at inordinately high costs, much more than what private home owners would pay-and that without the benefits of economies of scale.

The much vaunted early childhood education centres costing three, four times what they did when the project began under the Patrick Manning government. Roads restored by the heavily-indebted WASA after pipe-laying at exorbitant costs, and over surfaces well beyond the scope of works. Fraudulent distribution of “food cards” to the tune of tens of millions.

And they have not scratched the surface of what may have been siphoned off mega-projects such as the $7 billion highway to Point Fortin, the $1 billion wastewater plant, the $500 million Debe campus, the $1.5 billion children’s hospital, to name the more prominent.

It is not that we did not suspect that the politicians were squandering, maybe even stealing the oil dollars as they flowed into the coffers by the billions, at an average of US $85 a barrel for the duration of the PP’s tenure.

We expect politicians to waste taxpayers’ money: hell, it does not come out of their pockets, although a reverse-flow is not unusual. It’s our money that they waste or steal, and we have no say over the banditry except once in five years (nearly six, last time around).

It is the sheer scale of the squandermania that boggles the mind: not millions, not billions, but tens of billions-gone, buried in concrete and pitch, under over-priced bridges and roads, and in bank accounts that are beyond the reach of the short arms of our law enforcement agencies.

And you know what is more distressing? You and I know that not one political thief will make a jail, quite unlike the destitute mother who shoplifts to feed her starving children, or the underpaid father who “tief a lil ting’ to send his kids to school.

I challenge Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to show me otherwise.

I do not expect, nor do I want, the new Government to waste time and more money on commissions of enquiry, costly forensic investigations and similar devices that take us nowhere.

The Uff Commission sat for months, the CLICO/HCU probe for longer, but to date not one of the thieves who stole taxpayers, depositors or policyholders’ money has been brought to book.

Like the late calypsonian Penguin’s Devil, they “shaking up dey tail in people face”.

So no, I don’t think the population would want to see scarce good money thrown after the bad billions already lost.

However, where there is clear evidence of malfeasance, loose the lion on the culprits, whoever they are, whatever their status or office: they are capital thieves.

More important, the PM has a great opportunity to put an end to waste and banditry under his watch, as he promised on the campaign trail.

I note the cutbacks in air travel for all public officials, and the reining in of abuse of public vehicles as positive signs. Let every high official know that wrongdoing, especially fiddling with public funds, will be met with the full force of the law.

To misquote big brother Makandal Daaga when he spoke on the PP platform as he too enjoyed fruits-of-the-boom, “Never again!”

Now, a word to my colleagues in the State-owned media and other government agencies who found themselves wildly feeding in the multi-million-dollar trough, so much so you couldn’t tell the difference between hog, politician or journalist.

When all else fails, when leaders and institutions abandon the people, they expect journalists and writers to rise to their defence, to rescue them from abuse and pillage.

In the words of master-writer Frederick Forsyth, best known for his thrillers, especially “Day of the Jackal”, but who was and continues to consider himself a reporter: “A journalist should never join the Establishment, no matter how tempting the blandishments.

“It is our job to hold power to account, not join it in a world that increasingly obsesses over the gods of power, money and fame…

“A journalist must remain detached…watching, noting, probing, commenting, but never joining…” (The Outsider, 2015)

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  1. Questions over $1.6m a month helicopter
    “Why was this helicopter leased from a private firm when the government could have secured a used helicopter with less airframe and engine time for anywhere between US$450,000 to US$700,000? The cost of the lease of this Briko helicopter, I am sure, far exceeded the cost they would have spent on purchasing a used aircraft. All this is taxpayers’ money being abused and/or wasted,” an aviation source said.

    Millions spent on Caroni Green, little to show
    An audit into the controversial Caroni Green Initiative (CGI) project conducted by Ernst and Young Service Ltd has shown that more than $9 million of taxpayers’ money has been spent on the agricultural project with farmers and citizens reaping little returns.

    Parliamentary Secretary’s uncle implicated
    Khemraj Singh, 47, was named in the report for doing “poor quality land preparation and irrigation system” work on agricultural plots in the project.

    Moonilal defends stays at Hyatt
    “I am a member of the Hyatt Regency Club and used those facilities regularly to conduct business including its boardroom and hospitality centre,” he said.

    Govt to probe $239m spent
    Finance Minister Colm Imbert is set to probe why $239 million was allocated by the previous government towards the Couva Children’s Hospital when the project was being fully funded by the Chinese government.

    Khan: $239m to start hospital project
    The opposition parliamentarian has accused the new adminstration of trying “to stink up” the Couva Children’s Hospital, a flagship project of former People’s Partnership government.

    MSJ calls on Govt to take action
    THE Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) is calling on the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) administration to state clearly the manner in which the party intends to pursue allegations such as mismanagement of the country’s resources and taxpayers’ monies.

  2. Yet Rowley seems to have lost his voice as he tries to cultivate a more statesman like image. Will the Rott please return and clean up the mess.

  3. “I do not expect, nor do I want, the new Government to waste time and more money on commissions of enquiry, costly forensic investigations and similar devices that take us nowhere”.

    Millions was spent investigating the airport with lawyers becoming millionaires overnight and nothing to show.
    Imbert should take the beam out of the PNM eyes first, calabar, landate, Brian Lara stadium, over cost on all major projects one of their preferred contractors getting over a billion in cost over run alone. That has always been the nature of government spending with contractors carting off millions. These probes would only result in a waste of scarce tax payers dollars with lawyers laughing all the way to the bank.

    The Partnership have enough evidence of PNM squanamania but for some reason they are still “shell shock” to effectively put the short man in his place. Gone are Warner and Ramlogan the two men who always “discipline” the PNM. There is no question the partnership spent money but people can see where the money gone, they undertook massive infostructure development that has eased traffic congestion and improve the lives of citizens. Those things cost money and the government has to be the chief stimulator of the economy. They have to undertake large projects to ensure contractors get work.

    I remember having a conversation with a PNM supporter after the partnership came to power, it was over a year and he looked at me and said “what are they doing, they have done nothing to stimulate the economy”. This was just prior to the start of the highway and other projects. He understood that government must move the economy forward, they provide the chief stimulus for development, good capital investment.

    These forensic investigations amount to costly witch hunts. All the minister of finance have to do is sit down with the permanent secretaries and ask those questions.

    1. Mamoo, seems just like two months ago you did not hear about a commission of enquiry that you did not like, now it seems that you have a change of heart and you now find it too expensive and time consuming. Well! what a change of heart. I am sure you have become very frugal with money, now that the PNM is running the government. Gee! how minds change when they are not in the policy making majority.

      1. I still believe that Commissions of inquiry are necessary if there is clear evidence of monetary wastage. For instance Las Alturas was necessary because the buildings collapsed and it was an issue on safety.

        1. Mamma, given the vast disparities in terms of what we got for what was taken away from us, there is serious need to investigate, audit and prosecute where necessary. We cannot allow Kamla and company to leave government with all those disparities without proper accountabilities. We must ensure that proper accounting procedure were employed for that amount of peony spent. If bringing in Special Prosecutors to do the job is necessary (and I think it is), then we should do so to get at the heart of the problems. Going to the Police is definitely not an option.

  4. Desmond Cartey’s prophetic words ‘all ah we tief’ was yesterday, today and will continue to be so for tomorrow.

    1. Desmond Cartey could really speak then only for himself, and perhaps his corrupt cronies.

      Why do the corrupt always assume that everyone else is corrupt? But I already know the answer: Show me your friends, and I’ll show you who you are…

      Meantime, we all know what must be done:

      “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment” (Exodus 23:2)

      It would be a grave mistake for PM Rowley to fail in his appointed task, and let the crooks simply get away. That would be “wresting judgment”, i.e. perverting the course of justice. For that he would pay a price before his Maker, as well as a political price. After all, that is the real reason that he was elected. His speaking out in the Calder Hart matter is what gave him credibility, and he made statements in campaigning about how swiftly he would fire errant ministers. If he does not hold to that implicit promise, he will be counted as a failed PM, and will not be re-elected.

      I do not say that he must himself be the crusader. But he must empower the relevant authorities, i.e. the police and the DPP — for these are criminal matters — and let them know that he has their back. Same with whistle-blowers. This is in no sense witch-hunting. This is upholding the law, which is a sworn duty of every office-holder.

      The Chinese have a proverb: shoot one, scare a thousand. The same applies here. Those holding Government office must be made to fear the consequences of engaging in corruption.

      May the Most High give PM Rowley the strength, the courage, the will, and the determination, to do the right thing. May the responsible officers of the Office of the DPP, and of the Police Service, likewise do their manifest duty. May the Most High ease their way, by exposing the wicked, and protecting the innocent going about their duty without fear or favour.


      “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)

      1. Why do the corrupt always assume that everyone else is corrupt?
        Simple answer: This is embedded as part of our culture irrespective of race and religion. The sins of the parents do fall on the children. Let’s take a page from the recently concluded Canadian elections, the first thing Trudeau did was to congratulate his opponent Harper on serving Canada for the past decade. We are lacking political maturity. Also, on the popularity front the T&T media loves these stories (sometimes facts)and after all, what sells news? After Governments get into power in T&T, what takes place immediately -witch hunts-. That’s the practice over the years which relates to what we sow is what we will reap. The question then begs itself, how much fodder are we fed by the media to promote the wagging of tongues amongst the populace?

        1. What encourages corruption is not culture, opportunity and lack of accountability is what is responsible. Throughout the years politicians have been allowed to “get away with it” without being called to account.
          Responsible leadership can change that practice. Party identification should not be a passport to delve into the nation’s treasury and “rape” it for all its’s treasures. What we have is a culture that is too tolerant of politicians who engage in the practice of corruption and shows little or no respect for the national resources of the land. They act with impunity when called upon to account and when they do, they are returned to office unaffected by the lack of accountability. Take for example the last PP government. Just imagine a Prime Minister, takes out an international government to government loan without consultation with the people, builds a hospital that was not even a part of her party’s manifesto. Had a ceremonial opening of the hospital before it is fully complete. Looses the election, comes back to parliament as the opposition now asking the government, when is the hospital going to be complete. What does that say about such individuals? Are they honest? No!
          Are they competent? No! Have they been up front with the people? No! Have they accounted for the spending? No! But the people ‘rewarded’ her by sending her back to parliament. Isn’t that enabling corruption? And who is responsible for encouraging that corruption? – the people of course. When politicians so blatantly disregard all methods of respectability and trust placed into them and we in turn reward them by sending them back.

          1. We need to be blamed for their actions. What we need is infrastructural change with a view to being called into count and paying for it when there is lack of accountability.

          2. Actually kian, i disagree….’culture’ is a manifestation of a people’s belief system & concepts of right & wrong. There is tendency of modern, eastern christian culture to rationalize other cultures & religions as being the same & compatible. Wrong! In the bible & quran right & wrong follow the same highway to heaven…although what we call christianity today is really a european version of christianity peppered with a lot of old world european culture that pre-dates their introduction to christianity.
            Anyway…things like ‘thou should not steal’ ‘thou shalt not kill’ and “all are equal in the eyes of ‘god’” etc. Are not common to all religions & cultures…e.g. there is a religion where human worth in the eyes of god is discriminatory. In fact, although in christianity & islam taking ANY life is sin because all human life is precious…in another belief system only taking the life of ‘superior’ persons is wrong…’Inferior’ persons deserve any form of suffering. Also, unlike Islam & Christianity Inequality is the BACKBONE of the belief system & therefore ‘Superior’ persons should always have & be seen to have higher ‘Status’ than ‘Inferior’ Status by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!…in other words persons of this belief system are constantly seeking to prove themselves superior to those they deem inferior by using e.g. education, wealth, social standing etc. as a platform for proving Superiority & status…
            things like theft, cheating etc. will naturally be OVER represented among people of that belief system. This is obviously not to say that christians or muslims don’t do these things but rather, when they do it, it is consciously ‘wrong’ & is contradicting the belief system & this keeps those communities relatively in check…
            however…what of those WITHOUT the moral impediment….there are no breaks…there is no hesitation or guilt unless it is through socializing & adopting the mores & concepts of right & wrong from host societies of a different belief system. E.g…There is a lot of anti-african racist about & tampering with primary, secondary & tertiary education in T&T on a ridiculously shameless, classless, uninhibited manner by those who believe that they are deemed superior & it must be reflected in education…studying hard & obsessively is merely ONE tool of obtaining this objective…but why leave it to chance? This approach is also seen in business, land acquisition, sports (cricket) etc…
            Even though culturally afro caribbeans have become largely passive about obtaining land & don’t exhibit the insatiable lust for land as ‘others’ do….why leave it to chance?….the mindset is to, by any means necessary acquire every inch of state & other land for one ethnic group to ensure that their Superiority & ‘Master race’ status is enshrined economically!
            So yes kian, culture & thus motivations affect behaviour i.e. ‘corruption’
            Transcending Untouchable Status even fraudulently (changing surnames & historical facts) as well as trying to climb the socio-economic ladder while keeping down those who are inferior & don’t deserve to be on top BY ANY MEANS NECESSAR,.Is the name of the game!
            Brahmin Status or Die Trying!

  5. This is as regional as the bad cricket being played at the moment, by our boys.(THIS IS CALL , POLITICAL CORPORATE CORRUPTION)of the highest order, this would all be covered up by the police and defended by most attorneys, as I always say ,politicians work for the interest of some people and not in the interest of the people.
    This kind of shit happen in the UK, the banks defrauded us all the MPs done the same in the UK and nothing was done, other than taxpayers taking up the slack. This present government only need to find one or two persons, of the them and us brigade, who don’t want to go prison , and it will all unfold, the house will come tumbling down.

  6. Let the audits continue. When the results are final, let the public know the findings. I agree that the government should not be overly occupied with witch-hunt, so in order to bring the culprits to justice, the AG should appoint one or several ‘Special Prosecutors’ to bring the culprits to justice. I suggest Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj be appointed Lead Prosecutor General who would overseer the cases before the courts of justice.

  7. The famous desmond cartey speech was & is taken out out of context deliberately for political points…similar to the “hostile & recalcitrant minority”…why would a politician implicate themselves dotishly in that manner. Cartey was at the time trying to relay the reality of societal corruption, especially in the make work programmes & government owned companies to the lay man in the street. He was saying that whenever you leave early from work but being paid for a full hours …that is stealing…or when materials are placed in communities for the building of much needed infrastructure & they are ‘appropriated’ for private endevours that is stealing..”.all a we tief” in that context…’all ah we tief’ trinidad is a smart man society through & through…but over time in retelling the speech deliberately out of context it is now trumpeted as admitting to his own corruption….

  8. $116M debt for unused office-space
    SOME $116 million was incurred as debt by the former People’s Partnership (PP) government for an office building that was never put to use as headquarters for the then Ministry of Local Government, according to Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Franklin Khan, speaking in yesterday’s Senate Budget debate.

  9. In the words of master-writer Frederick Forsyth, best known for his thrillers, especially “Day of the Jackal”, but who was and continues to consider himself a reporter: “A journalist should never join the Establishment, no matter how tempting the blandishments.

    “It is our job to hold power to account, not join it in a world that increasingly obsesses over the gods of power, money and fame…

    “A journalist must remain detached…watching, noting, probing, commenting, but never joining…” (The Outsider, 2015)

    Sounds good in practice.

    Not in real life

  10. Alyssa, I could not agree with you more. What we have just experienced was in fact cultural and ancestral plundering of the highest order that we have never experienced on such a large scale before. It can be argued that it is inherent in those who participated in such large scale corruption. To add insult to injury, their supporters returned them to office triumphally hoping that they would return to ‘finish’ the job and this is what I addressed as the practice of cultural corruption that can be changed. Loyal Trini, with all her stated loyalty to Trini is basically a supporter of such corruption, but only when it is
    committed by brahministic conceit. The subtle use of or telling of Desmond Cartey’s “all ah we tied” is by their nature a legalistic opportunity to justify the habit of corruption. As we speak, the Opposition is defending their performance of corrupt practices by using John Ohalloran escape to Canada (with our money) in the 1970s as good reason for their own corruption.
    Rather than prosecute Calder Hart, they preferred to use his name as a good example for their misdeeds. What ever faux pas that was committed by the PNM was always good reason for them to use when ever they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
    But the point I was trying to make is that with good leadership we can change that behavior in the practice of governance. It is now evident that if Dr. Keith Rowley really wants to stamp out corruption, he MUST start by first auditing all governmental assets, locating areas of disparity and where it is found that managerial, official, neglect and kleptomania exist, appoint Special Procecutors (not the Police – they are too incompetent),
    to bring those concerned to justice. For those who are unfamiliar or not aware of the use of Special Prosecutors, It is the use of special powers given to law enforcement officials to investigate, detect, pursue, locate, subpeana, charge and bring to justice anyone suspected of wrong doing. Whilst the use of Police might be essential in using this route, it is not the police who are responsible for laying out the charges – it is the Special Prosecutors. As proven time and again, we CANNOT depend on the police to even say something as simple as “did Kamla have marijuana at her residence”? If that cannot be done, then it is woefully stupid to depend on them to investigate corruption. If Dr. Rowley wants anything done, then he has to start looking at people like David West, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and John Jeremie for starters. There is no doubt that they would have to employ the use of experts in that field of endeavor in order to successfully bring the culprits to justice. The use of bankers, lawyers, financiers and professionals in money laundering is also necessary. So that means that the special prosecutors have to be able to be given a web of authority to cast over not just Trinidad and Tobago but all over the world, covering all different disciplines. This is the only practical route that is presently available to the government in order to rein in corruption that we have just experienced under the last PP government. No one doubts the inability of our local police to investigate crime. They act as the burial ground for information and justice. So, to start any investigation with them is fruitless and dumb. As Prime Minister, Kamla will tell you in a second to “go to the police”. She says that because she knows that that will be the morgue of your complaint. That is how the corrupt mind operate. They send you to the sources where nothing will ever happen. Corruption can be rooted out, we just need the WILL to do that.

  11. Speaking of bankers…. Vasant Bharath’s wife Arvinder Bharath (Born & Raised in India, Daughter of Indian Diplomat) is head of RBCTT (Royal Bank)….so the UNC has at least one head banker with official & unofficial ties to India…Also check out the ethnic makeup of the entire Hierarchy of FCB (First Citizens Bank)…

  12. Follow the crumbs
    Shelley Dass-Clarke was a news anchor for CNC3 (indian/unc controlled station that hounded PNM while in office) & ‘interviewed’ Kamla just before the may 24th 2010 elections which made kamla look good. Kamla & the UNC won office may 24th 2010 & 4 days later Mrs. Dass-Clarke resigns from CNC3 to work as political advisor to Albert Ramdin (Surinamese/Guyanese Indian) the Assistant Secretary General of THE OAS (Organization Of American States) on May 28th 2010…..2 years later in 2012 there is a news story about Albert Ramdin’s wife accusing Mrs. Dass-Clarke of having an affair with her husband the assistant secretary general of OAS and shelly dass’s husband robert clarke was allegedly arrested in washington & given a restraining order for confronting Albert Ramdin’s wife about his wife shelly, & threatening her & more…So you see the bacchanal already & a clear personal link between kamla, the unc, Albert Ramdin & Shelly Dass….now it is revealed that Neil Parsan, the nephew Of Former UNC/PP Minister Chandradesh Sharma who was appointed by kamla as Ambassador to washington has been seamlessly vaulted to the post of secretary of integral development of guess where? THE OAS….as soon as his ambassadorial appointment from the Government of Trinidad expires BAM! He assumes Secretary General Of The OAS with his fellow UNC colleague Shelley Dass-Clarke…so there is a UNC/indian cabal in the OAS….see what i mean about caste mentality…?

    Albert Ramdin an indian surinamese/guyanese gets a post as assistant Secretary general of the OAS responsible for all of the caribbean, Latin America & more & out of all the people in the african dominated caribbean, latin america etc he hires an Indian from Trinidad who is a UNC functionary…then another Indian from Trinidad, UNC functionary & nephew Of Former UNC Minister is Given a top post there…Remember Bhoe Tewarie was put up by Kamla as Trinidad’s candidate for the lofty, influential Position of head of the organization dealing with Africa, The Caribbean & Elsewhere? The aim of the UNC is to politically control the caribbean…Kamla objected in parliament to the caribbean court of Justice (hansard) because there were no Indians on the 6 member judging panel…when they got into office…we saw either earlier this year or last year an indian judge being placed on the CCJ from T&T

    1. *In 2005 Kamla stood up in parliament & did not support The Caribbean Court Of Justice On The Grounds That there were No Indians On the 6 member Judging Panel..

      *Shelly Dass-Clarke was elevated from CNC3 news anchor to Political Advisor to the Assistant Secretary General Of OAS Albert Ramdin…May 28th 2010,4 days after kamla won the elections on may 24th 2010..a week or weeks after giving Kamla a Glowing Interview..

      *Neil Parsan, nephew Of Chandradesh Sharma was recently & Seamlessly vaulted from his kamla appointed position as T&T’s Ambassador to Washington(2010-2015) to Secretary Of Integral Development at The OAS(Organization Of American States)

    1. Take a look at the revelations from the Asset Recovery Investigative unit in Guyana, and it is like, as put by a Guyanese, the PP in T&T and the PPP in Guyana were coordinating their corrupt endeavors. The parallels are simply uncanny, and an additional piece of evidence that national Political Leadership in the hands of some Indians will inevitably lead to them using the treasury to enrich their ethnic and political kith and kin, as well as themselves.

      Now you might scoff at this, but that is neither here nor there, since that is to be expected. There is been coalition of common cause among Indians from T&T, and Indians from Guyana. It represents the Caribbean diaspora edition of the right wing Hindu nationalist movement, the RSS. I have been cautioning people in the Caribbean to wake up and climb out of the denial prison that has allowed people determined to re-create a version of 18th century in our Islands.

      The manifestations of Indian Culture witnessed by Africans in the Caribbean, mainly T&T and Guyana, parallels that which they experienced under European racist culture. From the inception is consisted of behaviors and attitudes that assumed the same superior racial status over people of visibly African descent. And I make that qualification to erase any ambiguity that a dark skinned Indian in the Caribbean is seen by his or her fellow Indians through the same prejudiced prism that they see visibly African descendant citizens.

      When you come from a culture that invented the social stratification of humans into superior and inferior classes, and which was sustained for more than a thousand years, and still exist today despite education, the development of knowledge and understanding, that cultural influence cannot easily be removed from your psyche. That is why the British considered Indians as potentially their most likely allies to immerse into a population mix that was predominantly Africans who had just won the struggle against their enslavement.

  13. I’m sorry….how does that link disprove my points?
    ..Tman/Tgirl…are you sure you’d like to use “Tunnel Vision” & “Racial Outlook” with an acusatory ‘tone’ ? You sure?

  14. There is tendency of modern, … christian culture to rationalize other cultures & religions as being the same & compatible. Wrong!

    That is not by accident. I recently came across this book online, which may put it in context, and also illuminate the tree of which Brahminism is a branch, and of which “The Indian Plan”, — recently discussed, all too briefly, on this blog, — is bitter fruit:

    (excerpted from Willian Carr (1959), Satan, Prince of this world )

    An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their

    Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.
    We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the
    connection between us.

    We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive.

    Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so/B as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.

    We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute.

    We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy. Death will come to he who speaks.

    We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while
    pretending to do the opposite.

    We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle
    ways so they will never see what is happening.

    We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in
    food and water, also in the air.

    They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.
    The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will
    promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will
    feed them more poison.

    The poisons will be absorbed trough their skin and mouths,
    they will destroy their minds and reproductive systems.
    From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information.

    The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them,
    in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear. We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they
    can see far.

    We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images
    and musical tones.

    Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to
    Satan, Prince of This World push our poisons.

    They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect.

    When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood
    of their children and convince them its for their help.

    We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will
    target their children with what children love most, sweet

    When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals
    that will kill their mind and steal their future.
    When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other
    diseases for which we will create yet more medicine.
    We will render them docile and weak before us by our power.
    They will grow depressed, slow and obese, and when they
    come to us for help, we will give them more poison.
    We will focus their attention toward money and material goods
    so they many never connect with their inner self. We will distract them with fornication, external pleasures and games so they may never be one with the oneness of it all.

    Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say.
    If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives. We will use fear as our weapon.

    We will establish their governments and establish opposites within. We will own both sides.

    We will always hide our objective but carry out our plan.
    They will perform the labor for us and we shall prosper from their toil.

    Our families will never mix with theirs. Our blood must be pure
    always, for it is the way.

    We will make them kill each other when it suits us.
    We will keep them separated from the oneness by dogma and religion.

    We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how.

    We will guide them kindly and gently letting them think they are guiding themselves.

    We will foment animosity between them through our factions.
    When a light shall shine among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or death, whichever suits us best.

    We will make them rip each other’s hearts apart and kill their own children.

    We will accomplish this by using hate as our ally, anger as our friend.

    The hate will blind them totally, and never shall they see that from their conflicts we emerge as their rulers. They will be busy killing each other.

    They will bathe in their own blood and kill their neighbors for as long as we see fit.

    We will benefit greatly from this, for they will not see us, for they cannot see us.

    We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths.
    We shall repeat this over and over until our ultimate goal is

    We will continue to make them live in fear and anger
    though images and sounds.

    We will use all the tools we have to accomplish this.
    The tools will be provided by their labor.

    We will make them hate themselves and their neighbors.
    We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all one. This they must never know!

    They must never know that color is an illusion, they must always
    think they are not equal.

    Drop by drop, drop by drop we will advance our goal.
    We will take over their land, resources and wealth to exercise total control over them.

    We will deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they will have.

    We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever, keeping them and their children in debt.

    When they shall ban together, we shall accuse them of crimes and present a different story to the world for we shall own all the media.

    We will use our media to control the flow of information and their sentiment in our favor.

    When they shall rise up against us we will crush them like insects, for they are less than that.

    They will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapons. We will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans, we will promise them eternal life, but eternal life they will never have for they are not of us.

    The recruits will be called “initiates” and will be indoctrinated to believe false rites of passage to higher realms. Members of these groups will think they are one with us never knowing the truth.

    They must never learn this truth for they will turn against us.
    For their work they will be rewarded with earthly things and great titles, but never will they become immortal and join us, never will they receive the light and travel the stars.

    They will never reach the higher realms, for the killing of their own kind will prevent passage to the realm of enlightenment. This they will never know.

    The truth will be hidden in their face, so close they will not be able to focus on it until its too late.

    Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves.

    When all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them. This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion. When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin.

    Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial.

    But if they ever find out they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW.

    If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action. They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down
    and no person shall give us shelter.

    This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans.

    This covenant is sealed by blood, our blood. We, the ones who from heaven to earth came.

    This covenant must NEVER, EVER be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER be written or spoken of for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself.

    May the Most High continue to expose the machinations of the Devil and his witting and unwitting agents, and to unblind all His children who remain blinded to the works of the Devil that are all around us.


    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

  15. Yoruba, are you familiar with the british documentary “Children Of athe Empire”??? It is about different communities from different colonies in the former british empire, that migrated to Britain and their deescendents are british…So there is an episode in which Chris Bissoon a product of an indian hindu trinidadian married to a british caucasian lady…chris is a grown man and wanted to find his roots and so with the knowledge that his dad & siblings came to britain just before T&T’s independence…his grandfather was wealthy in Trinidad & his great grandfather had my migrated from jaipur, rajasthan in 1905….now chris comes to trinidad & interviews “Professor”
    Brinsley Samaroo a local “Historian” & former NAR Minister (86-90) & current UNC Functionary. When asked about why there were racial “tensions” in trinidad…This former Minister Of Government & University professor says two reasons..
    (1)The british practiced “Divide & Rule” with the Indians & Africans
    (2) The Africans resented (HATED) indians because they replaced them on the plantations…..
    that’s it !!!…Imagine that this Indian “Professor” & “Historian” & former Government Minister says to the whole world that the racial tensions in T&T is because according to him, AFRICANS hate indians for replacing them on the plantations…..NOTHING about Hinduism & its skin colour/facial feature/hair texture ideology of who deserves to clean toilets & who deserves to live like kings…..
    imagine that…no shame eh…so the poor innocent indian community is hated by dem evil africans & contribute no negativity whatsoever to the racial “tensions” between themselves & Africans…..ALSO get this….they also enlist the ‘guidance’ from another local “historian” who specializes in geneology & ancestry of indians between india & T&T…”Shamshu Deen”…& he on camera PROMPTS an elderly indian who they refer to as a “Survivor” lol…a survivor of indentureship…Mr. Deen is on camera prompting the elderly man to tell the interviewers that the overseers whipped them & forced them to cut cane…..and it was like slavery….my god….alyuh hear lie??? DAT IS LIE!
    No shame whatsoever!
    Imagine the mindset of a people that would blatantly doctor their history for political, religious, social & ECONOMIC gains! Watch what is coming sooner or later…there is this envy of african reparations movement in the Indian community…the snide remarks…the words of not endearment but scorn, ridicule & blatant opposition to the movement…publicly, by many Indians check the new express columnist who took over in ‘satire’ from kevin baldeosingh…his name is Darryl his article from the last 2 weeks titled “Britain doesn’t owe us reparations”…note the use of the word “US” as if his being indian is seamlessly tied in with the african community’s reparations movement…that obnoxious use of the word “we” has 3 functions..
    (1) The indian narrative (propaganda) that slavery & indentureship were the same & indians were tricked & forced to come to T&T
    (2) A form of racism emanating from the indian community similar to what whites did where he as an indian has to ‘guide’ these infantile, children (africans) on the right path…indians must tell africans what they need & what is good for them…we are not capable of making the ‘right’ choices…especially if in conflicts with their agenda
    (3) Kissing up to the british on behalf of indians, playing down the african community…remember as Dr. Cudjoe revealed in his research in the UK & his upcoming book…the most influential slaveholder in T&T was responsible for indians being brought to T&T & The caribbean…when all the other whites wanted to source africans from other colonies to fill the labour lost after the abolishment of slavery…William Hardin Burnley of Tacariqua, an educated & entrepreneurial , wealthy & Influential Slavemaster INSISTED that INDIANS be brought in because of their racist, sectarian belief system/religion, they would look down on, scorn & never unite with africans (black) against slaveowners & their interests (white)….yessss William Hardin Burnley knew the mindset would work exactly as it has from 1845 to now….undermining the advancement of the african community …siding with racist slaveowner interests against africans…1845 & 2015…..who the hell is Darryl Boodan to downplay the reparations movement? Where does this confidence come from to be so bold and obnoxious?……..

    1. Those who are charged with the most ‘learning and education’ are the most dangerous. Given a chance to do it, men like Bhoe Tewarie, Hamid Ghany, Brinsely Samaroo and others at UWI will change and publish history to our disadvantage in a minute.

    2. Alyssa,

      Thanks for citing that documentary. I looked for it on youtube but didn’t find it…

      But the story you tell rings true, and I have no hard time believing that indo intellectuals like Prof. Samaroo would be either as dense, devious or blind as you suggest. You are quite right to do what you are doing. The truth shall make us free. So keep shining your light.

      You must recall what Yeshua said of those sons of Abraham that literally “could not hear” His word; John 8. They were of their father, the devil. Not what *I* say, but what Yeshua said. They were sons of Abraham, but not sons of Jacob because they had not been in bondage to any man, neither were they born of fornication, hence were not children of Judah. They were Edomites, the same seed as the Brahmins–sons of Abraham, but not Israelite. They were prideful then, and still prideful today, caught up in the sin of Satan. But as was prophesied (Gen 27:40) they most certainly have held the dominion for some 2,000 years in India. And what they accomplished there in microcosm, the larger synagogue of Satan seeks to accomplish worldwide. (They will of course fail, as Written). So from that angle it is useful to seek to understand not just the broad scriptural picture, but the particular dynamics of the blindness/deafness/denseness that you so well shine a light upon. The irony that accompanies it is that fixed idea of superiority that they would indeed lie, cheat and steal to reinforce. (Imagine cheating at Common Entrance and SEA; recall the “Indian Plan”). To me it makes no sense, for true superiority does not need to be proclaimed at every turn, nor does it need to be advanced by the sorts of devious devices that are laid out in the “Indian Plan”, or in the “Secret Covenant”. True superiority is effortless, like keeping time to a rhythm…

      “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against Yahweh, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: Yahweh shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.” (Psalm 2:1-5)

      Re Darryl Boodan and his Express article, I could not get past the first paragraph. I’m glad you have the fire in your belly to clinically dissect all the nonsense. There are many of us still in need of the lesson, so much without guile are we, the true Israelite. But our people, though lacking in guile, are not at all stupid. God compensates us for our lack of guile with discernment. Any good calypsonian would burst his bubble in a moment, and do it with more wit and style than he could ever muster.

      I had no time for Kevin Baldeosingh either. He was not even a good atheist, as he often proclaimed himself to be. He hadn’t got past — so it seemed to me– the sophomoric in his rhetoric. So I ended up ignoring all his nonsense. In any case, any committed atheist is quite simply a fool, even and perhaps especially, the more sophisticated ones like Richard Dawkins. We are in the end-times, so by the grace of God some are waking up before it’s too late.

      On the issue of reparations, I pay no attention to demands. Why? Because reparations *shall* be paid. That is Holy Writ.

      “And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they *come out with great substance* (i.e REPARATIONS).” (Genesis 15:13-14)

      We the “Negro” scattered to the former British colonies are the fulfillment of that prophecy. Our 400 years (1611-2011) are formally up, but our deliverance, reparations, and God’s judgment, await. It is not historical coincidence that the King James Bible was published in 1611, nor that King James also authorized the slave trade in the British colonies, starting in Jamestown, Virginia, named after him, where the historical record shows the first “Negro” slaves to the British colonies arrived in 1619.

      In any case, the greater reparations will be paid in kind:

      “And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and the house of Israel shall possess them in the land of Yahweh for servants and handmaids: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall *rule over their oppressors*.” (Isaiah 14:2)

      You will not hear this preached in the gentile Christian churches on a Sunday morning, under an idolatrous idol of a Jesus falsely depicted as having white skin and non-woolly hair contrary to the Scriptural description; Revelation 1:14-15, Daniel 7:9, 10:6.


      “He that leadeth into captivity *shall* go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” (Revelation 13:10)

      There is a whole lot of “karma” awaiting the Brahminists! Oh the irony! Btw, the reference there to “the saints” is a reference literally to “Ha Qodesh”, literally the holy seed, the children of Jacob, which notably and principally, are today the “Negro”.

      So I do not agitate over reparations. It is clear from Scripture that the Most High Himself will “turn our captivity” (Deuteronomy 30:1-3; 28:68). It will not come about through the agitation of the likes of Khafra Kambon, who are a reproach to their real ancestors, the children of Jacob. None of our saviour figures could save us out of the captivity that God put us under: not Marcus Garvey, not Frederick Douglass, not Martin, not Malcolm, not Eric, not Stokely, and certainly not Daaga and Kambon. Sorry, their quest is idolatrous, and therefore doomed to fail. And the Most High has reserved that deliverance to “no man”.

      Bob Marley was right in that we have to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. The answer is to be found in the Book that our forefathers wrote, and was handed down to us through our enemy. There is a deep irony in this that we ought to reflect upon. God put us into captivity as *punishment*. Otherwise, we would not have to put up with the indignities of Brahminism and Hindutva advanced by a disloyal sectarian minority come lately as “strangers” in our midst. But that too was prophesied; Deuteronomy 28:43. In the end, “Ye *shall* know the truth”. That statement of Yeshua has the force of prophecy. So shall it be in the end. So me must confess the sins that got us to this sorry pass, return and keep the laws of the Holy Covenant, and it is He that will deliver us.

      May the Most High bring His children the wisdom and understanding we need as we wake up to our true identity and condition as a people, and to the prescription necessary to make us free.


  16. K N O W Y O U R V A L U E

    “In matters of fashion
    one may swim with the tide
    In matters of principle
    one should stand like a rock”
    ……. Thomas Jefferson
    One of the many realities of the Kamla Persad Bissessar’s stewardship of government, is that her presence at the managerial helm has forced us to do soul searching …..a lot of soul searching. Prior to the 2010 elections, we were a people not satisfied with a party that took us into independence and built the infrastructural safeguards of our society. We wanted change. This was so, because the current leadership (under Patrick Manning) seemed to have either lost his will or wanted to make governance more to his personal liking by ridding the party (of all persons – Keith Rowley). Basdeo Panday was not an alternative because many found him too racial and divisive. We wanted someone that all of us can be proud (and probably boastful about) to replace stale and less scandalous leadership. In keeping with the 1986 ‘All-ah-we-is-one’ concept we wanted a leadership that transcends race, region, religion, party and culture. So, in keeping with world trends of female aspirations to national leadership we welcomed the Kamlamania with astonishing fanfare and a show of non-partisanship. So much so that we gave her the largest majority in parliament after the NAR routing of the PNM in 1986. As it turned out, corruption happened to be only one of the many sins of the Kamla led government. Apart from incompetence, nepotism, racism, hindutva
    and general divisiveness happened to be the hallmark of her style of management. Her style created a general malaise amongst the population that if allowed to continue would have generated civic decline and a manifestation of ungovernable proportions. The resurgence of the PNM under the leadership of Dr. Keith Rowley have saved that potential decline of civilization as we know it. It is necessary to conduct a post-mortem on her government in order to get a sense of exactly where we stand as a people and what harm (if any) she has done to the value of the country.
    On attaining office she immediately dismantled the regional security arrangements to keep the country safe from the importation and dealings with drugs. She also diminished the capacity to muster a challenge to the drug dealers by cancelling the OPVs. The staffing of the Public Service was deliberately changed with people of her choosing, sensitive and strategic departments of state were equally changed not for the benefit of the country but to serve her management style. On the social scene she bought the confidence of the christian community with monetary giveaways and encouraged her own religious leaders to have a more prominent role in national, religious and social development as well. Her role therefore was not merely to change and challenge the political landscape but to transform the social and religious structures as well. All of this happened because she was wrongly viewed as an inclusive and un-dangerous operative of the Indian community. When she scolded the Caricom
    Community that “Trinidad is not an ATM” remark, she was being blatantly racist. It can be interpreted that what she was telling the other Caribbean states was that “Trinidad and Tobago was now being governed by an Indian Prime Minister, unlike Patrick Manning who was very generous with them”. This was a warning that the Caribbean states should “keep away” from Trinidad. So, with the loss of her brand of leadership we should continue to carefully analyse the value of her leadership to this country and examine the damages that she has done to our psyche. We are only now starting to become knowledgeable of the damages of corruption under her rule. And we should approach the findings with a serious view to mending the ways that we formulate our voting habits when we change good leadership for bad ones. If in 2010, we had placed values on how we identify and construct attitudes on what kind of government we wanted, I doubt seriously, that we would have chosen what turned out to be Kamla’s style of governance as a preferred choice. We therefore have to examine not only Kamla’s governance but also how easily we formulate principles based solely on fashion, that we too can elect a woman prime minister. We also have to continue taking a deeper look into the principled look at those who continue to want the benefits of nationhood, but are reluctant to invest in the struggles and pains of what it takes to have shared responsibilities in attaining one nation and one culture. We, therefore have to continue working on the principles of what it takes to be sincerely called a Trinbagonian.

  17. Speaking of the “T&T is not an ATM” pronouncement by Kamla almost as soon as she got into office towards victims of the then hurricane & floods in other neighbouring Islands in the caribbean, she also stated that T&T had to “get something in return..”….did anyone ELSE notice that recently, earlier this year…the same kamla administration, as announced by Vasant Bharath i believe,, donated $5 million dollars (maybe US $) to Nepal?…..a country with a noted Hindu Population & influence?…..did anyone hear Kamla tell nepal…all across the other side of the globe….that T&T is “not an ATM….,”…or that we “must get something in return..”….
    i haven’t heard any media outlet talk about THAT….the disparity in treatment in similar situations… kamla felt more inclined to give to hindus (with state money) in nepal as opposed to africans next door in the caribbean.?….is that so kamla? Or is it not about race & religious preference…maybe earthquake victims deserve more sympathy than hurricane victims?…hmmmmm?
    Give me a BREAK!

  18. It seems as though, people in T&T , say what they feelings are and always the same in Jamaica, the only people frighten for the politicians are bajans. we all must realize, in the Caribbean all parts of upper level crime/criminals is protected. But one day it will all come tumbling down.

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