Kamla Congratulates Rowley Six Days Later


From former PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarDear Friends: Candidates, Volunteers, Supporters,

Democracy truly is a precious thing and the result of an election is an expression of the will of the people. All persons who are elected should take those responsibilities very seriously indeed and I congratulate the hundreds of thousands of you who exercised your right to vote and made this possible.

Again, I take this opportunity to congratulate my opponent Dr. Keith Rowley on his victory. I wish him all the best for the sake of all our people. Indeed, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago deserve competent and effective governance and it is my hope that this new government can continue our legacy of performance and delivery.

Personally, I am very proud that so many promises were delivered during my government’s time in office. The People’s Partnership leaves our country in a far better position today than what we inherited in 2010. I hope the new Prime Minister will use all that has been achieved thus far, and build on it so as to ensure that development continues.

My passion was to serve in public office because I wanted to make a difference – because I want to make a difference and improve lives. As the saying goes, with power comes responsibility. I held office and power and used both for the betterment of people’s lives. For the sake of our country let us all hope Keith Rowley now follows that lead.

We may not hold the reins of power but we will do our utmost to be patriotic citizens and an effective opposition.

Rest assured the United National Congress and the People’s Partnership will be back stronger than ever before. In the meantime we will do our patriotic duty as members of the Opposition and we will prepare a programme that puts people at the centre and our country at the front.

I thank all our candidates, volunteers and supporters.



8 thoughts on “Kamla Congratulates Rowley Six Days Later”

  1. Unimpressive! The democracy of which she speaks knows that when you perform in accordance with the people’s wishes you are rewarded and when you go against those wishes they reject you. Kamla was rejected by the people, that means that the people were NOT buying what she was selling. So, why not tell the people that you recognize that you were not in tune with them? Instead she affirms her performance was what we should be proud of even though we know better. Not a sign of a good leader. Even though your emotions tell you differently Kamla, you should have swallowed your pride on the night of September 7 and congratulated Dr. Rowley. Even your non supporters would have been proud of such an act, but you persisted in your rejected affirmations, giving the impression that you were right and the people were wrong. If you intend to be just as contrary in opposition, it means that we cannot expect you to make any contributions on building a better society. The politics you fed us with were politics of division. To name a few you fed us with something called “multiculturism” – that by definition means everyone for himself/herself. You tried to advance mixed-race politics – that is what the apartheid government of South Africa tried on the African people and failed. You tried to introduce hindutva to replace the Judeo/christian system of living. Those are just a few notable policies that we found abhorrent about your administration. It would be better for you to acknowledge that you did some wrongs that did not sit well with the people and if you were offered another chance, you would try to do better but please don’t tell us that Dr. Rowley should continue with your failed policies – that is a no no! You should use this time to reflect on where you went wrong and use your time in opposition to make us proud of you again – that is possible if you try but please don’t ask us to support your failed policies, that is asking too much.

    1. Let’s not dwell on Kamla’s failures. The new PM has a bigger problem: spiraling crime in Black communities.

  2. Kamla lauds Rowley online

    After criticism for poor concession speech

    By Geisha Kowlessar
    September 14, 2015

    In the face of heavy criticism for not congratulating newly-elected Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley in the wake of the People’s National Movement’s general election victory last Monday, former prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar finally sought to do so by posting a message on her Facebook page yesterday.

    Addressed as “A letter to citizens of T&T,” Persad-Bissessar hailed this country’s democratic process, describing it as a “truly precious thing” and adding that the result of an election was an expression of the will of the people. “All persons who are elected should take those responsibilities very seriously indeed and I congratulate the hundreds of thousands of you who exercised your right to vote and made this possible.
    Full Article : guardian.co.tt

  3. Well you were dwelling on Manning’s failures years after he left office TMAN. I mean, how graphic this tendency to request for Kamla what you and others denied Manning.

  4. Amazed is the word for what is happening.

    It seems as though, like has been in the past, no one ever sees it fit to congratulate the incoming PM on their victory. But again she has established a ground rule for others to follow. I remember, correct me if I am wrong, that the last PM had to increase the security detail around the previous PM because the party loyalist wanted his head on a platter.

  5. It is the right thing to do moving forward. Rowley through manipulating the voting process won. The PNM friends in the EBC increased the voter registration in the marginals, the increase over 90% strangely favored the PNM. They had the time and resources to make things move their way that is why they were declaring victory well in advance.

    These things are not new, since the time of Eric the boundaries were fixed to ensure PNM victory. The PNM message was simple so that the illiterate ones understood it. The PP corrupt, they only giving contracts to their supporters, Kamla is a drunk, marijuana smoking bisexual. The PNM never wasted their time like the PP putting outa vision statement. What they propose to do in the next term. Bacchanal is a better sell for PNM supporters. The PNM supporters kept on message using, the print and electronic media to get their message out. It was a hate campaign, plain and simple.

    From the inception Rowley opposed everything the PP did. Today he is asking for help to govern. Let us see how long this honeymoon will last.

  6. Most of the pollsters and even the UNC had the UNC ahead in this election. Even on the day of the election UNC was campaigning and trumpeting their victory.

    The UNC tried to keep the entire election campaign in bacchanal with their “Get Rowley” demonizing campaign.

    The UNC kept up the demonizing Rowley message using the print and electronic media to get their message out. It was UNC’s hate campaign that turned off many, mostly non-Indians, and caused them to lose, plain and simple.

  7. Are you trying to tell us that the PP did not have their own people in the EBC to make sure PNM eh do “mischief”. The UNC was in power.

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