PNM, Rowley Win

PNMAfter months of heavy political campaigning, the PNM edged victory in the September 7th general election, prevailing over the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led regime with 23 seats to the PP’s 18 seats. Although a visibly tight race, the PNM managed to capture some key constituencies including the two in the island of Tobago to secure its victory.

In the view of some political commentators, Dr. Keith Rowley was gracious in his victory speech as the country’s choice for leader. He declared, “From the results, I am pleased to announce that the PNM would have won these elections and Trinidad and Tobago from tomorrow would have a new Government. I think that I want to thank all the people in our organisation, members and supporters, for the very hard work that they did in bringing us a successful end in what was in effect a very difficult and duelling election. I want to thank Trinidad and Tobago for demonstrating once again that we can conduct ourselves in a manner that is worthy of the name Trinidad and Tobago.”

However, commentators were critical of Mrs. Bissessars’ choosing her Siparia constituency over the UNC base of Rienzi complex as the venue for her concession speech, as well as for not congratulating Dr. Rowley directly on his victory.

Next on the PNM’s agenda is the swearing-in of Dr. Rowley as Prime Minister as well as an Attorney General followed by other government ministers.

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  1. Congratulations to Dr. Rowley. Now the kidnappers and killers could pick up where they left of. Hope I am wrong on this. However, the PNM work harder when they are out of office. About a week before I was getting a feeling…..23/18 was the figure that came to mind.
    I think the partnership depended too much on Kamlamania which did not materialized. They did not work the streets as the PNM did, passing 4 and 5 times without a pass from the PP. Nevertheless the people have spoken….

    1. That is right Mamoo, the people have spoken.

      I agree with you that the UNC depended on Kamlamania. It should be team work, one person cannot do it all. In order for a political party to deliver there must be team work.

      If they don’t deliver the people will speak again.

      The Trinidadian politician must come to the realization that the days of safe seats and ethnic voting has to come to an end.
      This is why I believe in the Westminster system.
      One man one vote. Which ever party wins enough seats they form the government.
      Proportional representation in Trinidad will further encourage the racial politics. If a political party wants to win a majority of seats they must endeavor to serve the entire country

      Hopefully Kamla has learnt that you cannot win elections by only serving one group of people.

      The politics of any nation is a shared experience. Hopefully Dr. Rowley has learnt from the mistakes of Kamla and will keep his promise to serve all of the people all of the time.

      1. “Hopefully Kamla has learnt that you cannot win elections by only serving one group of people.”

        We expect Keith to share the bread evenly. He has promise a ministry of rural affairs. We are confident that he would do much better than the partnership.
        We expect more Indians to be hired to run the country and more young people be given a chance. We know Keith loves all Trinis even the ones that did not vote PNM. The PNM must be the beacon of light it was meant to be, uniting the nation and taking care of all citizens. Everyone is looking to balisier house for manna.

        1. More Indians to be hired than what they already have?????Let’s do a little audit…..All state boards headed by………Fire service Defense force,All Medical boards headed by…..Central bank and all senior staffers ………90% of state lands given freely to……….CAL board ratio…….Airports Authority board ratio…..CPEP contractors……Box drain contractors……….Wasa board ratio……You want me to go on Mamoo??

          1. I wish You can tell me where you got those figures.That deserves some serious scrutiny.I have heard allegations of this in the past but can`t substantiate them.I live out of the country.

        2. That is right.
          The bread must be shared evenly for the country to prosper. The voters must be vigilant to ensure that these promises are kept.

          I can only judge Dr. Rowley by his words and subsequent actions. I don’t know him personally and so I don’t know what is in his heart, and I pride myself on being intelligent enough, not to judge a person by rumours but by their actions. whether or not he loves all Trinis It really does not matter. As he has said, he is the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago so he must serve everyone, his personal feelings are irrelevant.

  2. Dear JB
    Be happy for our country and our democracy not for Dr. Rowley

    Don’t think in terms of him doing something for our country. It is our country we all need to make sacrifices.
    Many years ago, President Kennedy at his inauguration speech said….” Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”
    This is the kind of mentality we need to adopt in Trinidad.
    It can’t be up to one person. We have to learn to contribute and sacrifice as individuals.
    Unfortunately in Trinidad we have become a nation of takers. Always looking for what we can get.

    It is not enough to change a political party , lets change our attitude as well

    1. One of Dr. Rowley’s pledge that I am most interested in is the idea of teaching the children of this country our own history. To me one of the most disturbing things Kamla’s government did was to pursue the prosecution of Ken Julien.
      I don’t think Anand Ramlogan and Kamla were aware of Dr. Julien’s contribution to the economic development to this country. He almost single handedly developed the Point Lisas complex. He had a major influence in the development of our energy sector. He single handedly developed the UTT system. It was definitely small minded of Kamla and Anand to attempt to spoil the name of such a great compatriot. Instead of trying to defame him they should have honored him with the Order of Trinidad and Tobago award but their thinking only allowed them to honor people like Sat Maharaj.

    2. So true Pres. Kennedy was right, also you are right a nation of takers, going to work for four hrs getting pd, for eight hrs, and still ask for raise of pay, let us start to work. Dr Rowly is the man let us support him

  3. Most definitely. We can’t continue stifling our growth individually and collectively. 53years young, it’s time to grow up.

  4. Trinidadians and Tobagoians has spoken . . Congrats to the P.N.M. good luck in the future of this lovely nation

  5. I hope that the swearing in today goes smoothly for the new PM. Many of us recall the problems created by public servants, who in the organization of the swearing in of Kamla, sabotaged the process causing numerous problems.
    The actions of the security detail of Kamla after her concession speech in Penal were very disrespectful. Her security abandoned her after the official car had mechanical difficulties.This is a sign of “things” to come under PNM rule.Many question the reasons for “mechanical difficulties”.
    looks like a return to suffering in the Southland.


      1. Dear Kian

        I totally agree. It was extremely unprofessional of the security team to leave her unprotected. Any where else in the world and those officers would be looking for a job today. We really have a lot of growing up to do as a people here in Trinidad.

    1. Let us give the new PM a chance to govern. His statements so far have been very encouraging, especially his call for nationalism. His supporters need to hear that call.

    2. Dear Josh

      I am curious to know in what way is Keith Rowley , Patrick Manning and Jack Warner alike, besides the obvious fact that they are of the same race. Or is that the reason you think the country will be ruined?

      Wake up Josh the nation has just been saved.
      We have been spared the wrath of the International community black listing the country if the Current group of UNC candidates were returned to office.
      The UNC now needs to clean house and return the party to what is was prior to Kamla.

  6. Dear TMAN
    That is the right attitude. Dr. Rowley is as much your PM as he is mine.IF Dr. Rowley does well as a PM, we as a nation and therefore as individuals, all stand to gain.

    There are hard times ahead and the nation needs to see itself as one nation. Elections come and go and Political parties win and loose. No one is entitled to the job of Prime Minister.
    The people appoint you as they see fit. All politicians must be prepared to pack up and leave office as the people direct. That goes for Kamla and Rowley .
    All anyone can do is re-commit to better serving the people and seek another chance on that basis. This is what the PNM has had to do on more than one occasion.

    The fact of the matter is politics is a stage, the politicians play their part and then exit the stage so that the next one can make his or her contribution.
    There is no room for bitterness, to be angry at defeat is like making some kind of claim to the role.

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