T&T starts new era under PNM

By Gail Alexander
September 8, 2015 – guardian.co.tt

PNMThe People’s National Movement’s fourth leader, Dr Keith Rowley, now Prime Minister-elect, will be T&T’s second Tobago-born Prime Minister following yesterday’s 2015 general election victory.

Rowley follows Tobago-born late Prime Minister Arthur NR Robinson into history in this regard.

Mammoth cheers from supporters went up at PNM’s Balisier House headquarters at 11.40 pm last night when PNM chairman Franklin Khan announced the party’s election result victory, adding: “I now invite to address you, the new Prime Minister of T&T.”

Speaking to the media just before the announcement, Rowley had said: “We have been tracking these results and the PNM would have won the elections and from tomorrow (today) T&T will have a new government…the PNM has come out with the majority of seats…tonight is the beginning of another era.”
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Kamla’s car breaks down after concession speech

By Susan Mohammed and Sandhya Santoo
September 8, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

HAVING lost the election, Kamla Persad-Bissessar suffered a final indignity this morning, as she prepared to leave her constituency office in Penal where she delivered her concession speech.

The Prime Minister’s official car, PM 1, could not start, and had to be towed from the scene shortly after midnight. Persad-Bissessar accepted a ride home with a supporter driving a sub-compact.

Persad-Bissessar, who decided not to go to the party’s headquarters at Rienzi Complex, Couva, spoke with members of the media surrounded by a small group of supporters. None were members of her government.
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PNM wins 2015 General Election

2015 Election Results

By Multimedia Desk
September 07, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

The Dr. Keith Rowley led People’s National Movement captured 23 of the 41 constituencies to be declared winner of the 2015 General Election. The PNM improves on their 2010 showing where they won 12 seats to form the opposition.

The People’s Partnership who had 29 of the 41 seats and formed the government over the past five years won 18 seats and will now be on the opposition bench.

The Independent Liberal Party led by Jack Warner did not make an impression with the voting public and failed to capture a single seat.
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43 thoughts on “T&T starts new era under PNM”

  1. i agree with new era, but we need more pray in our daily works to make a positive impact, no matter who is our leader “without god we are nothing”

    1. So true…we need to include the Mighty One in everything that we do and that includes governing–there is no greater leader that our Lord!

    2. No gods are going to help you, you can pray till you to turn blue in the face. Without god, everything is possible, just look at the secular democracies of Germany Sweden Denmark and Japan. They use logic and common sense to govern, that’s the only true way to enlightenment. Hopefully someday Trinidadians will move away from their darkened beliefs and embrace a more practical way of life.

      1. Totally endorsed. Sadly as a nation we thrive on ignorance and backward concept. Even more sad is the fact that politicians endorse religion to keep the ignorant masses in the dark and enslaved. Regardless of the leadership we are lost and doomed and will NEVER be anything better than third world if this thinking continues. Religion has no place in government or education, it’s a PERSONAL choice.

      2. Dear Cara
        As one who has lived in Europe for many years I agree that those countries have a really great standard of Living, and it is true they are not very religious.

        However that is alright for them. They have dominated and conquered the world over the last few centuries, and so in this era it appears they don’t need to believe in something greater than themselves.
        However Rome did fall, and it is also my experience that while Italy is a part of Europe the people are very religious , so are the Eastern Europeans who have overcome a great deal of adversity in their time.

        The long and short of it is that those that have faced real challenges have triumphed because of faith. Countries like Trinidad and the rest of the Caribbean with a violent past of slavery and subjugation have come to this point in our nation’s history purely on faith . As our anthem says ”with boundless faith in our destiny”.

        I happen to know that Sweden has a high suicide rate as well as a high rate of domestic violence. Perhaps faith maybe the missing ingredient that can reduce that suicide rate in Sweden.

      3. You are right Cara no gods are going to help us but we believe in Jehovah God the only true and living God in whom we place all our trust with whom all and everything is possible! Our country is named after the Trinity Hills again the Trinity of God which is Father, Son and Holy Ghost so if you like the system of other countries better then you should consider migration. In many ways we as a country have been spared by Almighty God thus the reason we say “God is ah Trini”! God came through for me and if you give him the opportunity he will come through for you 🙂

      4. These nations also exploit like hell third nations like ours. It is ironic how they despise organisations ISIS which they indirectly created.

  2. Congratulations to the new prime minster Dr. Keith Rowely and his slate of candidates and to us the people of our beautiful twin island state. Looking forward to our new leadership steward ship especially in this time where we need good governance

  3. There seems to be a sense of humor associated with this election that a new Era dawns upon Trinidad and Tobago. I fail to see how that is possible due to the evidence of past historical voting tribunal traditions. The outgoing Prime Minister had no experience of being a Prime Minister and neither does the incoming one. They were both novices. Both are capable of folley as Prime Ministers. The true development of a nation lies in the growth of a country as a whole. The development of the transportation system, educational and health care brings development to a people of a country. The incoming Prime Minister has a hard task it’s either this Government continues with the ground work of the previous one or perhaps makes new ones. When Trinidad and Tobago has achieved the hard task of constitutional reform then I think the country will enter a new Era. Then we will be reaching those people who aren’t party supporters but citizens of the nation and not who belongs to a political party.

    1. Well said! Let’s do what’s right for our beautiful country and restore it to its place of glory. We have to work together to achieve this task. Until we work as one people, we will never achieve.

      What I see right now is people looking to see which government they could hold for ransom. Policemen, firemen, nurses, teachers as well as many other professions all looking to see what the country could give them. When they done get what they want, they strike! We should be asking what we could do for our country instead of the other way.

    2. Does one have experience being a parent before it happens? Do you have a line of former PMs in waiting after an election? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Perhaps another sore loser licking the spoils. Kamla was a dreaded failure. WE COULD DO WORSE AS A NATION UNDER HER MAXIMUM RULE. Dr. Rowley served under Manning and witnessed all his wrongs was even he was called endless names in the Parliament. In a way he has brought us to this point by being a whistle blower. People in Trinidad tend to forget their history. Dr. Rowley stood up to many wrongs of both Panday and Manning and so Kamla was a piece of cake for him to stand up against. Dr. Rowley could have been a suck up like most in Trinidad and Tobago and as far as I know he has not said we or my time come. So what is your real story? I end by singing BA BYE BA BYE KAMLA……

    3. Dear Concerned Citizen

      All Prime Ministers and Presidents have been in the job for the first time at some point in their stewardship.
      The difference between Dr. Rowley and Kamla is the body of experience that Dr. Rowley is bringing to the job.
      To my mind other than her time in Government prior to 2010 and subsequent to 2010 her career was not very outstanding. I imagine that is why she conferred senior council on herself. Normally that title is earned and conferred on you by a body of your piers.

      However one does not have to be the most experienced professional to be a competent Prime Minister, as long as you surround yourself with those that can provide you with sound advice. There is one other major ingredient that a good Prime Minister needs. He or she needs to be more concerned with improving the lives of all of the people and not the maintenance of power.

      Of all of our leaders the most disappointing are ANR Robinson and Kamla Persad Bissessar. Both were obsessed with the maintenance of power and squandered the opportunity given to them by the people.These are the only two leaders given a full mandate to run this country. ON both occasions both Indians and Africans in Trinidad & Tobago voted for these two leaders. They could have forever put the racial voting behind us as a nation. Instead both of these leaders have been the most divisive leaders in our history. leaving a legacy of racial hatred and mistrust.

      I have said many times on this blog, Kamla got a huge junk of the African vote in 2010. Had she served all of the people, instead of just her own kind, she would surely have won by another landslide victory, leaving the PNM to cool their heels another 5 years.

      The Constitution of this country is a great piece of work. It does not need any major reforms. Politicians want to reform it so that they can bend the country to their will, all the while fooling the people that they are looking to empower them and sustain their voting rights.
      The westminister system of Parliament is the best and has served this country well.
      Those advocating Proportional representation really just want to be able to serve one group of people and still be re elected term after term. In other words they want to corrupt our constitution so that they can maintain power by practicing racial politics.
      We have the example of Guyana next door. If ever there was a failed state in the region , it is Guyana. They implemented proportional representation with the same motives as Kamla, the ability to ignore one group of people while being re elected term after term.
      As far as I am concerned Guyana is ground zero in terms of development. Hence, the reason why they are under populated and their people would do anything to live in another country.

      Prime Ministers concerned with the well being of a nation can naturally relinquish power with grace, class and dignity.
      Kamla simply does not want to accept tha she has lost the election. So she is looking to punish the EBC for making it possible for more Trinidadians to exercise their voting rights. She reminds me of George Bush who went to the Supreme court in 2000 to obtain an order to stop counting the votes. His presidency was a disaster and he left the world in more turmoil than he found it. That about describes Kamla’s effect on our country.

      1. Well said Sally. You have brought commonsense to this blog and those who wish to learn can learn a lot from you. On the other hand there are those whose mindset have stuck in time and only wish to be where they feel they ought to be. Life is continuous and changing, those of us who wish to change with the times will find ourselves on the path to knowledge. Those who remain are not likely to be relevant.

        1. Thank you Kian

          I guess it was too much to hope that this lady would leave quietly, she is intent on being the fly in the glass of milk, all at the expense of the nation.
          If her followers had any doubt as to her motives they should remind themselves of her conduct on election night, when she just abandoned the people who actually voted for her, and left them waiting at the Reinzie complex, offering them no support in their time of need.
          I fear we have not heard the last of her.

          1. In this country, we continue to learn about each other through our political, social and economic interactions. No one medium may provide the answers but we MUST look for ways and means to understand why are we at odds with each other. In my quest I have found some rudimentary explanations of commonality by which we can begin to learn:
            I hope people can look at this video and find it very interesting and informative.

  4. I pray that EVERYONE is treated equally and the racism is not an issue at this time. Schools in south is needed since most is north and difficult for students to attend. I pray for fairness and peace at this time.

  5. Well I guess I should congratulate Dr. Keith Rowley on being victorious at General Elections 2015 he is our new prime minister! As much as I loved The Honorable Mrs. Kamala Persad Bissesser as our prime minister since 2010 I am however very excited to see where Dr. Keith Rowley takes this country and whether it be in a positive or negative direction that direction will however influence my vote for 2020

  6. Thanks be to the Most High for this deliverance!!!

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

    In His mercy, He is giving us a chance. Enough of His children in this land have humbled themselves, and prayed, and sought His face, and turned from our wicked ways. Our prayers have been answered.

    More of the same will be required. The satanic forces that darken this society will ultimately only be overcome by light.

    I thank the Most High for answering the prayer to expose the wicked, and to protect the innocent.

    I thank Yahweh for Jack Warner. I pray he continue on the path of atonement and give up totally that dalliance he had with idols and idolatry. He has obviously mellowed since the days when to all discerning eyes he was in the grip of dark forces. May the Most High cover him in His mercy, under the blood of Yeshua given in sacrifice for all who avail of it. Welcome home, my brother. May the Most High cover you under His wing.

    I thank Yahweh for our brother, Keith Christopher Rowley. He is the anointed one to guide us through this hour of need. Like David was raised up, so has been our brother, Keith. That he may have been chosen became evident when he became angry in the face of the evil of corruption. “Is there not a cause?” (1 Samuel 17:29) was what David, equally angry, said before he went forth to take up Goliath’s challenge. So when brother Keith took on the Goliath of his own leader, that should have been the sign, if only in hindsight, of his anointing. But as it took David many, many years before he actually sat on the throne, and was severely tested all along the way with bruising battle after bruising battle, as well as moral test after moral test, so Dr. Rowley has been battle tested and battle hardened. Now he is “red and ready”! All praises be to the Most High!!

    It will not be easy for him. And he will most certainly need the continuing prayers of all the prayer warriors in the land. As will Jack Warner.

    The chief prayer must be that these Israelite brothers of the seed, humble themselves before God, and seek His guidance that they might serve the people.

    “Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor…” (Daniel 4:27)

    May our Brother Leader, Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley, the man of the moment, the Anointed One of God, hew to this advice. Rule in righteousness, and serve the poor, and God’s hand will be upon you in all you do, to your own salvation, and to the salvation of this nation.

    The outgoing Prime Minister has been brought down, just as she was raised up, by God. She failed herself, and she failed this nation. She too deserves God’s great mercy, but the first requirement is that she humble herself and repent her manifest sins. She is not in that space just yet, but she too merits our prayers.


    P.S. Kian, I responded to your earlier nod in my direction, but the moderator did not see fit to publish it. Perhaps this one will get through. In any case, he is my witness that, under guidance, I called the result, 23-18, exactly. All praises to the Most High!

    1. Yoruba, thank you for the undeniable support you have given those of us who battled the forces of evil to bring a better understanding to those who read our blogs. There is no doubt in my mind that you brought wisdom and christian understanding to those of us who went contrary to better thinking. Once again, we have achieved our objectives and may The Most High bless and protect our new Prime Minister, The Right Honorable, Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley. I also pray for those whose effort to besmirch his character has failed. May the Most High open their eyes so they can see their wicked ways. May He also bless Trinidad and Tobago.

  7. Congratulations to the new PM elect and the PNM for their victory at the polls. Congratulations to PM elect Rowley for his gracious acceptance speech and his vow to be PM of “all the people of T&T”.
    Let us hope that this new government will achieve as well as the outgoing administration.Communities, especially the communities which supported the PP, will continue to thrive as they always do, investing and creating wealth in this twin island nation.
    The analysis by the PP will now begin as the popular vote is now examined as compared to the electoral minority (18) which the PP accomplished.
    An examination of the electoral map of T&T will also now begin with an eye on the response of the southern areas which responded positively to the PP as compared to the North which rejected the coalition.It superficially seems that the areas which benefited the most from the PP gave their support to the PP.
    The results of this election which gives us a government which did not win the popular vote will revive the constitutional reform campaign of former PM Panday and demonstrate how correct he was in his former analysis.The PP won the popular vote, but now forms the Opposition.
    Can we say that the people has spoken and the people are always right? The conflicts based on race will continue. The red areas won by the PNM are all heavily populated African areas. The yellow area won by the PP are all heavily populated Indian areas.
    New constitutional arrangements will be revived to end this disparity and winner take all system.
    The chairs will be shuffled. The PP appointees will be replaced by PNM supporters. The Indians will complain about discrimination just as the Africans complained under the PP. Then the music trucks will be re-engaged and carnival will come. We will hug each other and fete.
    I feel a need to quote Neal here.
    Stay vigilant people!

    1. Reality dictates that when we go to the polls we cast our votes for a Westminster form of representation. Kamla ran on an American Presidential campaign theory of governance and yes, the people responded to her in that way. Dr. Rowley ran a campaign based on the constitution of this country, an inclusive society and the population responded likewise. So, with that in mind I must say that Kamla’s money was well spent based on what she campaigned on and likewise Dr. Rowley followed our system of representation and won the hearts of the people. While the mathematics you write about is correct, that was not the way our constitution dictated a viable electoral count. But if it gives you pleasure in entertaining that count, then you are surely entitled to it.

  8. Tman,

    I applaud you for recognizing the gracious and magnanimous nature of Dr. Rowley’s speech. Indeed, he passed his first test as the newly elected leader of Trinidad and Tobago with flying colours by refusing to be triumphalist and boastful in victory.

    However, I cannot help but note the cynicism and bitterness in the remainder of your post and that is indeed unfortunate.

    You seem to forget that many PNM supporters voted the People’s National Movement out of office in 2010; thus, your allegations of tribalism on the part of “African” supporters ring somewhat hollow and is suffused with no small measure of bitterness.

    To speak plainly, the Partnership betrayed the mandate given to it by the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar spurned her opportunity to be a transformative leader, capable of uniting people from all walks of life in our country’s navigation of its domestic, regional and international issues.

    This election should represent a learning moment for Mrs. Persad-Bissessar. However, when she states that she does not believe that the Partnership did much wrong in its campaign, I fear that the stumbling blocks in her heart will prevent her from learning the lessons of her failed campaign. She, along with many in her party and government, were blinded in their own self-deception and when the reality of defeat began to set in, the Partnership’s fate was already sealed, the die already cast, regardless of its various devious subterfuges and fabricated stories against the Honourable Prime Minister-Elect.

    In a final insult to her supporters, she did not even see fit to address the faithful at the Rienzi Complex last night. To me, this was quite disappointing and I actually feel for the Partnership supporters who bled blood, sweat and tears for the “Kamla 2015” campaign.

    Hopefully, you will see the merit of my argument and work to repair the image of your party.

    1. You seem to have not noticed that I also implied that the Indian population also voted in a tribal manner.

      1. Implicit in your argument is the assumption that Afro-Trinidadians and Tobagonians think the same way as their counterparts of East Indian ancestry.

        Prior to 2010, one could perhaps make this argument. However, voting patterns in the 2010 General Election turned this conventional wisdom on its head. Ergo, I suggest that you rethink your previous reply to me.

        I would also suggest that perhaps you take some time, when the sting of defeat is not as fresh and acute, to conduct a sober and reasoned assessment and analysis of why the Partnership lost the recently concluded general election.

        I have already stated my reasons why, and I think they are pretty sound. If there is any flaw in my logic, you can point it out to me and I will review my position.

  9. My admiration is for the swing voters in the marginals, even though they did not support the PP in this election. They seem to be the only group in Trinidad who are not influenced by race.It would be beneficial for all political parties to really identify who these voters are.
    The focus of the PP was probably too heavy on the South which was neglected for decades under a string of PNM governments.
    The focus on the “no-Rowley” campaign obviously backfired. It was probably excessive, although justified.
    The length of the campaign was a mistake.
    The reality is that the new government has one elected Indian, Terry Deyalsingh . The Opposition has no non -Indians except Lee (Point a Pierre). Is that good for the country?
    The PP government was a coalition of all races.

    1. Is this the same man who is always accusing people of talking race? Now it seems that is is all he is talking about in light of Kamla’s demise. Bye bye Kamla Bye Bye! Even the UNC will no longer tolerate Kamla, if and when they have their internal elections.

  10. Congrats to Dr. Rowley and the PNM for winning the general elections. Since the PP came to power in 2010, they have lost every single election against the PNM. This started with the local government elections, the Chaguanas West and St. Joseph’s bye-elections, the Tobago elections and now the general elections. It is thus evident that the population of T&T has repeatedly rejected the policies of the PP. I was stunned when Kamla said last night that she did her best and did not know what she could have done better. That statement was a self-condemnation of her ineffectiveness to lead the PP. It meant that she was acknowledging that she did not know how to win an election for the PP. Maybe it is time for the PP to look for another leader. Please find one that knows how to evaluate the reasons for failures and knows how to use it to win in the future.

  11. The real winner in these elections is Austin Jack Warner, a man who knows how to fool people. His daily attack on the Prime Minister bore fruit. Accusations of alcoholism,marijuana use, even bisexual liaison provided motivation to ILP PNM supporters. With this bacchanal expose rich with adjectives soured the mind of the “floating vote” and a determined PNM moved in for the kill.

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  13. I saw Kamla in an upbeat mood she accepted the will of the people,Rowley was sombre and worried because he now realises that he is in the hot seat with a slim majority,bills that required a special majority will need the support of the opposition,while as opposition leader he and his team never supported the GOVERNMENT on nothing,even with a little country that has a murder rate higher than new york city THE BILL TO RESUME HANGING,PROCUREMENT,CAMPAIGN FINANCING,SO IN HIS MIND he is on his own,in a crisis of low oil price when he takes austerity measures those depressed communities who voted him into office,will feel it first,a hungry man is an angry man,he will face the baptism of fire.Locked in a corner as leader of the opposition he always ran,bad time to become prime minister.Kamla took solace in being relieved of the hot seat.

    1. What is inspiring YOUR thoughts? We have a new person at the helm. And I want to give him a fair chance. I do not know Mr Rowley as I would like. Nevertheless we Catholics know GOD is always in charge of things. And I have no doubt He is right now. Anyway nuff said on that. This is why Trinidad is the way it is. With persons like you life in T&T will always be what it is. One thing is certain we are not ONE as a people. We are divided as the man with the cork hat of yesterday (from Butler to NOW) wants us to be so that they can steal our wealth. But I would certainly like to know Mr Kenneth Mackhan what is your real story.

      1. Mr Hussain

        You should allow others to have differing opinions. For if we all had to rely on your ‘gospel’ our social media lives would be so unbearable. Practice a little silence.

  14. Together we aspire together we achieve. Believe that Trinidad and Tobago was meant to be a model nation and move forward. May the triune God bless “La Trinity” and Tobago, may His peace and wisdom govern my native land.

  15. Your comment is still obtuse. Here is what you are proposing. Kamla who lost is in a better mood than Rowwley who won. It is obvious that you are a UNC supporter, and like many of that clique, you have this insane notion that divinity empowers you with the power and right to attribute feelings to people. And you make those attributions in a manner that sates your political innards.

    Idiots like you is who Miss Cudjoe was channeling in Tobago when she called on PNM women to fight back. Idiot supporters of the PP like you incite rage in the hearts of many of us, because what we see within you conjures up deja vu imaginations of what our ancestors had to contend with. You become the face of the PP, the representative image of Kamla’s five year rampage. And when I listen to Miss Cudjoe’s emotional and determined narratives that, “in five years they did everything to destroy the country, but in five days PNM woman gun fight back, I believe that the image in her mind that she sees as the enemy is someone like you Mackhan, somneone who thinks like you. And the more our people are exposed to people like you, the more determined thy will become in their commitment to fight back.

    You guys from the inception began unleashing emotions that were originally based on suspicions, but conformed over the past five years. The genie is out of the box, and I pray that Keith Rowley channels the moral essence of our religious commandments delivered from Mount Olive and enshrined in the beatitudes, in his effort to bring peace and stability, respect and equality, to the governance of our twin island republic.

  16. This election has indeed been an eye opener for me. I am glad that the results of the elections was in favour of the PNM. Many people aired their views and were visibly and audibly disgruntled. I saw the evolution of people that I thought were friends, into ugly racial creatures that made my heart leap (shaking my head). In my mind I was not only scared but confused. I thought Trinidad and Tobago was a place where people of many different races and cultures lived harmoniously, but at dawn of a new era I realized that I had been deceived as the comments of the “Coolies and Niggas” were revealed.
    This is Trinidad people, and our nationality is Trinidadian any one thinking otherwise and refusing to live with persons of different creeds are in the wrong place and would always be a problem in our Twin Island society. We have already allowed the Changing of the name of the highest award in Trinidad and Tobago, the Trinity Cross, into the Order of the Republic. Would we as a people allow Racism to further divide us? I hope not! May the mercy and grace of God continue to be upon every Trinbagonian. Amen.

    1. Dear Annointed
      Do not be scared or confused. We are a country where many different races live in Harmony.

      However we are also human and ever so often in the history of any nation, the scepter of evil can visit us, capitalizing on or deepest fears and insecurities. The scepter of evil I speak of is the kind of politician willing to destroy the harmony of a nation to sustain political power. The kind of politician willing to create instability just to hold on to political power. Unfortunately that is what happened to The Germans in the 1940’s in the person of Hitler, and that is what is happening to us in Trinidad today in the person of Kamla.

      I myself find it hard to believe any Trinidadian is capable of what Kamla has shown herself to be capable of. We have to pray that the Lord removes her from our political arena before she has the chance to do anymore damage to our country.

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