Gypsy jumps off: “The PM is ungrateful, conniving”

By Kim Boodram
August 26, 2015 –

Winston Gypsy PetersREJECTED by the United National Congress after being screened to be the general election candidate for the Mayaro seat, Winston Gypsy Peters has lashed out at Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, describing her as conniving and ungrateful.

He has resigned the Minister of Community Development, and given up his membership in the UNC.

Peters broke his silence on his rejection at a press conference held the Hyatt, Port of Spain on Tuesday.

Attending the function was political leader of the Independent Liberal Party Jack Warner, but Peters told the media that he had no new political affiliation, yet.

Peters was in incumbent Member of Parliament for Mayaro, and the first person to turn up at Rienzi Complex, Couva when nomination forms became available last month.

The Prime Minister announced that Roger Morales would be the party’s candidate, however, Morales lasted only two days before being replaced by Ruston Paray.

Peters said that after all he had done for Persad-Bissessar, she had been undermining his efforts in the constituency for a year and a half, and that no one had supported her more than him.

He said that at the screening, he was asked by Persad-Bissessar if he would be angry should be not be selected.

Peters said he told the screening, “I’d be very angry, as I am today”.
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9 thoughts on “Gypsy jumps off: “The PM is ungrateful, conniving””

  1. I am amazed at the resilience of KPB and the daggers that are thrown towards her, emanating from outside and within her organization. What I find very astonishing, the said people who stands on political platforms and criticize, complain and condemn her and states that she is not in control of government are the same people who do not get what they want in government and start belching toxic seeds hoping it would sow on some minds during election fever. This too shall pass.

    Stacy Roopnarine was not nominated and the contrast in post-behavior is astonishing.

    Et tu Brute!

  2. Tell us something we didn’t know Kim Boodram.Tell you what,the more savvy, Afro Trinis ,and most importantly,the exasperated people of Mayaro-his neglected constituency-don’t give a hoot,about the misfortunes of Winston Peters,and one should add, his self serving, bandit Cuz, Jack -FIFA-Warner.
    I’m often reminded ,that in the prelude/run up to that infamous,post 9/11 invasion,and rape of Saddam’s Iraq,by America,it was General Powell,who once told his misguided,sim coherent,political idiot boss ,G.W Bush,”if you break it, you own it!”
    Gypsy once boast of helping to destroy his benefactor ,Basdeo Panday, political career,by getting into bed,with Kamla,and so propelled her ,and her UNC gang ,to undeserved, national power.
    Let him ,and Jack,live with the consequences of their stupidity,and here it is in detail:-,216187.html

    A ‘bastadized’ economy,runaway criminality,cronyism,and ugly nepotism,on steroids,the poor,disenfranchised -chiefly ,women ,and children-in a most precarious state,our mismanaged, fast depleting resourceful country, on the verge,of becoming a ‘failed state,’ thus making us,the laughing stock of the entire region.
    Did I add,no diversification of merit,limited job creation initiatives,and few if any foreign investors,with the inclination,and or ,confidence ,in our now corrupt cesspool of a land ,to do business here.
    That is of course,unless one naively think, that allowing 5000 Chinese rum shops,and unregulated restaurants ,from POS to South,back to Arima,Carenage,and Toco, is somehow investments?
    What’s dat,5 year Expos ,by ancestral vote getting blokes,selling our gullible citizens trinkets,is a positive?

    Thanks Ambassador Marlay,for honestly,giving our comatose nation, a heads up,re this monstrosity.
    Culturally corrupt bums!

    The voters that count,has a choice,come September 7th,hmmmmm?

    Send still clueless /inept,and now (according to suddenly awake gypsy )ungrateful Kamla,and her self aggrandizing,UNC dominant,PP -political goons packing!
    Where was this fool, on Section 34, Ramlogan prison gate/Range Rover gate,or when his so called,long time PNM friend Rowley was experiencing ,his PP neo racist ,anti Tobago beat down ,and eventual ouster as Opposition leader? How about when ploys to tribally twist our constitution, to give out of control T&T soldiers, powers of arrest,and worst yet, slip through proportional representation-as a power grabbing mechanism?
    Yeah, we know ,de same place ,when the political anti Public Servants-labor hating weasels,brought in a White Canadian as Police Commissioner to rule over Brown/Black folks,and introduced,an illegal,anti African people curfew.

    Yep,silent as a mouse,and eating ah food.
    Long live the Republic of T&T!
    I love this land,Y tu?

    1. Gypsy still doesn’t understand the larger picture. He is still “blind”:

      “The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart” (Deuteronomy 28:28)

      “For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.” (Romans 11:25)

      I pray the scales drop from his eyes. But regardless, he has a lot to answer for. Kamla too neemakharam is the least.

      As to Jack, he at least has owned up to his mistakes, and is seeking at great personal cost, to make it right. Even with all that, he is a mellower person than he used to be. The old Jack Warner often came across as a vicious character. So he has perhaps found a certain peace with a merciful God.

      But no matter. We’ve got to fulfill the Book.

      May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, protect the innocent, forgive and bring peace to the repentant, in all these matters unfolding before us.


  3. Winston Gypsy Peters
    You are nothing more of a case the sour grapes
    you are very ungrateful, you embarrass yourself by acting
    very childish and cheap – maybe you should concentrate on
    calypsos you are no good for politics.

  4. Insiders know that Gypsy was being willingly courted by the ILP and the PNM for sometime now while his constituency was being serviced by the PM herself.
    He is quite naive if he believed that he could successfully play games, anticipating and testing the wind for the most popular Party.
    His reaction is understandable, but he should have expected his demise. Gypsy is resilient. He has a ton of material for some new calypsos.

  5. Word is that Gypsy was in a love triangle with divided loyalties. Rowley said they sat together had some Jonny Walker and watch Barack Obama become President of the United States. Gypsy is known to be a close friend Rowley and Sharon.

    Then there is the world famous “green donkey” who believes the PM is out to get him. With all kinds of shady deals and sons living in the U.S. With a 142 bank accounts and attempts by one of his son to buy a million dollar property in Florida, Uncle Sam got wind of these high fliers and hauled them into a U.S. Court. The boys in order to get off with a light sentence started singing like a canary. The “green donkey” own sons turned against papa.

    When papa resign from the UNC and ran against the party where Gypsy was a Minister the next day Gypsy was seen hugging papa in a tight embrace and celebrating against his own party’s defeat.

    The PM decision was based on the trust factor. Could she trust Gypsy to remain UNC and not cross the floor if there was a 21-20 scenario. Kamla knew it was better to let go of Gypsy who was nothing but an albatross around the neck of the people in Mayaro.

    Gypsy true colors manifested shortly after not getting the nod for Mayaro and he launch a get rid of Kamla campaign.huh???
    Of course using the usual race attack. But people by now know the PM is not cut from “brown cheesecloth” unlike the green donkey and Rowley who are wrapped in “black cheesecloth”. So those accusations are empty, silly and not carefully thought of…

    Gypsy will run his course directed by the green donkey and Dr. Rowley….. But he is not worth a pound of salt or sugar, the more he sings is the more the PM decisions will be justified.

  6. I respect anyone who is in any office or position of trust who stands up for the right when wrong is being done.

    Do not keep your mouth shut. The upholder is worse than the thief. If you are not part of the cure, you are part of the disease.

    Live with it Gypsy. Move on and do not repeat your mistakes. Please do not cry but build bridges.

  7. Those of us who witness the fall of Jack Warner and Gypsy are not surprised by the outcome of their allegiances to the leadership of the UNC. Some things are the way they are and nothing will or can change them. Being part of the UNC or putting your faith in it is one of such things. We foretold the demise of Jack since their rise in 2010. The only surprise we had was that it occurred later than most of us had anticipated. My mother always taught us that if something is not good in the morning, comes the night, it will still be not good. Many ran to Kamla thinking that compared to Panday, she is the lesser of two evils. Today, many of us who might have had doubts but preferred to give her the benefit, have come to realize that the doubts that we imagined were ten times worse than was really imagined. After sitting in Parliament voting with majority to censure Dr. Rowley and being quiet when the onslaught of degradation was brought upon Dr. Rowley by the likes of Vernella and Moonilal, Gypsy stood still and agreed with Kamla and her minions with all the filth bestowed on a good and decent man. Today, Gypsy is not ashamed to come and tell us that he is a friend of Dr. Rowley and that Kamla is an ungrateful and evil woman. Tell us something we didn’t know Gypsy. What were you blinded by all these years? After all that is known and written about, is only now you realize who Kamla is? Gees, you should have asked Neal, he could have given you a mouthful. But I do believe that being at the trough and feeding was more important than attending to the goings on of events in the country and so, you are finally awake and can dance and sing hallelujah!. Well, at least you did wake up. But some of your buddies are still in wonderland. Men like Samuel Rodgers, Lincoln Douglas, Clifton DeCouteau and Daaga are still in deep slumber and may only wake up when they are cast by the wayside. It is OK to have differences but when we allow differences to drive us into craving we end up getting the rotten end of the stick. We make better people when we can discuss and settle our differences and not run every week to another man’s party just because we had a disagreement. Maybe, just maybe the lessons of Jack and Gypsy might give some insights to those still undecided on what to expect from policies that are not borne in morality and justice.

  8. There is a misunderstood concept of what constitutes ‘leadership’ in this country. Prevailing attitudes and media promotions would have us believe that ‘popularity’ is leadership. Well for the information of readers Hitler was popular, but history knows what he did with his popularity. So while being popular is not necessarily a bad or good thing, it just denotes one’s standing in relations to community and the effusion of one’s personality. We are a lost people, still in the wilderness looking for ‘enlightened’ leadership. A leader is a well rounded person who have got a little bit of everything in diverse quantities to be able to mingle and sort out the feelings of the population. The qualities most needed are that of wisdom, restraint, commonsense, knowledge, intuition, persuasion, clairvoyance, respect, love, understanding, tolerance, energy, compassion, steadiness and firmness of resolution. When a leader has the capacity to exhibit those qualities with distinction then we can say we have a person to look up to and depend upon. What the electioneering of this election has shown is that those with the most amount of money say the most damning thing about the other and self promotes themselves. A discerning public can fall for those utterances of self promotion and be dissatisfied about that decision to cast their votes later. For example, in this election cycle, it is being said that SIS is putting out ads about their choices for the leadership of this country. Any fool can discern that SIS interest is not about the individuals who are concerned about the future of this country but the personal interest of SIS! SIS is the recipient of probably billions of dollars emanating from the nation’s treasury. So, why would they want a government that would exercise restraint and economic balancing of the nation’s spending? This in fact, disqualifies them from being an equal partner in terms of its sponsorship of political power. It is the use of our dollars and lack of our sense that gives the power to exercise such wealthy influence in our electoral system. And that is baD FOR OUR DEMOCRACY. SIS CANNOT exercise the aura of compassion without the receipt of taxpayers money first. The public CANNOT demand such an expression of faith from them either, so we as the voting population have got to be wise in how we exercise the ONLY POWER WE WILL GET IN FIVE years to determine who should be at the helm of our leadership to exact good governance. The UNC or PP is giving us KAMLA as their choice to run the country. The PNM is offering the experience and policies of the Peoples National Movement, with the selection of people they deemed to be qualified to run the affairs of this country. Those are the choices being offered and we should ponder on the offerings of that leadership to determine who is best to run this country.
    The best guide to determine who is best to stain your fingers for is to use the qualifications guide and see who are best suited with those qualities of leadership to guide the ship of state.

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