Vengeance could strangle you

By Raffique Shah
May 09, 2015

Raffique ShahI seldom agree with pronouncements made by Basdeo Panday, such is my mistrust of a man I came to know before he became a big name in politics.

From early o’clock, meaning in 1973 when he was parachuted into leadership of the sugar workers union by the PNM (yes, you read right…check your history) to take up from where the other puppet, Bhadase Maharaj, had died leaving a vacuum, I recognised Panday for what he was—an opportunist posing as a pragmatist.

That said, I also recognised his gift-of-the-gab, his theatrical performances on political platforms that were among the best this country has ever seen. His wit would rise to legendary proportions, and over the past decade or so, as his fortunes faded, he seemed to have developed keen analytical powers as he weighed in on developments in his party and on the wider political landscape.

Last week, when Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her MPs decided to eject Opposition Leader Keith Rowley from the House of Representatives, Panday said it was a “stupid strategy”.

“Whoever thought of this strategy should be fired,” he added. He argued that the motion of censure would win Rowley “sympathy votes”.

“This act would make the floating voters terrified of this Government…”

Even more telling, he warned, “What happened here is that the Government has used its majority to expel a person from Parliament as if the Standing Orders and the Constitution give them the right to expel every member of the Opposition and run a Government without an Opposition,”

These are two very pertinent points. The prospect of Rowley winning “sympathy votes” is real. Listening to and reading comments on the issue, one senses that people who hitherto might have had nothing to do with the suspended Leader of the Opposition, suddenly find themselves in his corner.

Worse, the Government had no right, maybe not even the authority, to take the action it did even as the issue in question, “emailgate”, is the subject of official investigations by the Police and the Integrity Commission. Parliament may be euphemistically dubbed “the highest court in the country”, but it is not a law unto itself.

By pursuing the course of action it did, the Government has reduced Parliament to a “kangaroo court”.

For argument’s sake, what if tomorrow the Police investigators declare that they have found some validity in Rowley’s claim that the e-mails point to criminal actions by some of the persons named in them?

Further, what if they conclude that they are half-baked, but that there was no malice intended or crime committed?

Also very relevant to the issue is an important parallel raised by my columnist colleague Sheila Rampersad in yesterday’s Express. She reminded readers that in Parliament in April 2005, then opposition MP Kamla Persad-Bissessar read into Hansard a damning letter written by PNM Councillor Dhansam Dansook, in which he accused two PNM ministers, Eric Williams and Franklin Khan, of demanding and receiving bribes from him, and of threatening to murder him.

Kamla’s “lettergate” proved to be a dud as both ministers, who had resigned based on her reading the letters into Hansard, were exonerated by the courts, and Dansook later recanted the allegations. Kamla was never prosecuted or persecuted for reading a false declaration into the records, nor was she suspended from the House.

Now that she has a clear majority in Parliament, she is abusing it in a way none of her predecessors did. Oh, Dr Eric Williams used his two-thirds majority to enact some dubious legislation (voting machines, the ISA and IRA), and he strutted around like an emperor, looking down on lesser mortals. When won absolute power in 1971 in the face of an opposition boycott of the general election, he introduced the Republican Constitution (1976).

Since then, though, I do not recall any other Prime Minister using his supremacy to railroad questionable legislation the way Kamla altered the laws governing elections (the run-offs and some proportional representation in local elections). Patrick Manning moved “dread” when he tried to fire Speaker Occah Seepaul, but he paid the electoral price for his folly.

Panday is correct when he says that Kamla’s virtual expulsion of Rowley from the House has driven fear into many people, most of all the educated and well-informed “floating voters”. Oh, her core supporters will cheer the Queen even if she delivers Roodal Moonilal’s head on a platter on Monday night (only he does not know it), alongside Rowley’s.

In fact, besides delivering the “sympathy vote”, she has gifted Rowley an important element in the run-up to the election—time to campaign. He no longer has an obligation to attend sessions of a lame duck Parliament, and with his colleagues’ boycott-support, they can campaign every day, every night.

Not that this guarantees Rowley and the PNM anything, as Britain’s Labour Party leader Ed Miliband learned the hard way last Thursday. By similar token, though, Kamla cannot take comfort in the Conservative’s surprise victory. She may well find that Cameron’s luck is not Kamla’s luck.

Or that vengeance is a dish, served cold or hot, might stick in your throat and strangle you!

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  1. Daly ‘troubled’ by manner of MP’s suspension

    By Ria Taitt
    May 910, 2015 –

    “Deeply troubling”.That is how Senior Counsel Martin Daly described the suspension of Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley from the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

    In a statement yesterday, Daly pointed out that a parliamentary debate could not be a fact-finding mission to determine authenticity of the material presented to the Parliament by Rowley in May 2013, when he read the e-mails into the records of Parliament.

    “The fundamental difficulty about this suspension is that it is not possible credibly to establish by means of a parliamentary debate whether material presented in Parliament, spoken or written, is true or false or authentic or bogus,” Daly said.

    “Truth and authenticity are essentially matters of fact requiring the facts to be found by a body properly constituted and equipped to receive and assess evidence relevant to the issue of whether the challenged material (the e-mails) is false or not authentic,” he said.

    He noted that in the context of speech and presentation in Parliament, the Privileges Committee was “obviously the body that should carry out the appropriate exercise”.

    The former Law Association president noted that the process of the Privileges Committee was transparent, involving examination and cross-examination, in the presence of counsel, and that the resulting report of the Privileges Committee could be scrutinised by the public, which could get an understanding and form its own judgment on the matter deliberated upon by the committee.

    “It must be emphasised that when the Privileges Committee sits there are defined thresholds of proof, which those accusing a member of the House of misleading the House by the use of bogus information must cross, and the member accused has the benefit of having his counsel present.

    “Whatever the conclusion of the Privileges Committee, the public will see the reasons for the committee’s finding when it reports back to Parliament. There is also opportunity for members of the committee to dissent from a majority view in the report for reasons that can be stated for the scrutiny of the public.

    “In addition the report may be debated thereby providing more of the clear light of public scrutiny,” Daly stated.

    He therefore endorsed the view that “the use of a simple parliamentary majority on the conclusion of a debate on a motion to suspend a member, without the prior intervention of a fact finding body such as the Privileges Committee, can readily lead to oppression of an Opposition by the party in Government”.

    “Put simply a proceeding before the Privileges Committee does not have the arbitrary character of a simple majority vote in the House of Representatives,” he stated.

    Without calling names, Daly also explained there was a clear distinction between the grounds and circumstances leading to the suspension, for instance, of former opposition leader Basdeo Panday and that of Rowley.

    “The point must also be made that contempt in the face of the Parliament, such as a refusal to obey a ruling of the Speaker, is an entirely different matter from allegations and counter allegations of truth or lack of authenticity.

    “In the case of contempt in the face of Parliament, what has occurred is immediately available for scrutiny by the public because parliamentary debates are broadcast live on the television and radio.

    “In those circumstances the public has the primary facts before them and can make its own judgment,” Daly stated.

    Daly also commented on the role of the Speaker in all of this.

    “I also have recent and grave concerns about the seeming lack of any independent guidance from the Speaker of the House who, from the moment he takes the chair, has a duty to be fair and balanced.

    “This is a duty that is superior to any party affiliation or obligation that a Speaker may have. In view of the pending expiry of this Parliament it is unnecessary at this stage to do more than record this concern and hope that we can do better in the next Parliament,” the Senior Counsel said.

    Daly also stressed that he had “great difficulty” in accepting the manner in which the Leader of the Opposition originally dealt with the alleged e-mails but he (Daly) had hoped that the Integrity Commission would conduct an “appropriate and expeditious investigation having regard to the potential for lasting reputational damage to those whom the alleged e-mails implicated in serious wrongdoing”.

    The former independent senator prefaced his comments by stating that in view of the current “super charged political atmosphere” he felt it was necessary “at the outset to restate that I have no party political affiliation and that from time to time I have received barbs from both sides. My comments are motivated by a desire that fairness should prevail in as many aspects of our life in Trinidad and Tobago as possible”.

    On Wednesday, Rowley was suspended from the House of Representatives, after the Parliament approved a motion of no confidence brought by the Government against him which also contained a resolution calling for his suspension, for bringing to the Parliament “unsubstantiated” allegations against senior office holders, contained in e-mails, presented during a debate on a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister in May 2013. Rowley’s suspension comes on the eve of a dissolution of Parliament, which must take place by June 17.

    This is the first time in the history of this country that a Member of Parliament was suspended via a motion of no confidence which specifically called for his/her suspension.


    1. Rowley wife working out of his office could “color” his judgment. I suspect the word “independent” means nothing in such circumstances.

  2. A Time for Focus and Calm

    By Sunity Maharaj
    May 9, 2015 –

    The Prime Minister should spare us the sanctimonious spiel about the duty of MPs to earn their pay by attending Parliament and the responsibilities that come with free speech.

    When, in 2008, her own political leader was suspended for using a laptop in Parliament, didn’t she, too, walk out of Parliament with her United National Congress (UNC) colleagues and boycott the next sitting?

    When she read Dhansam Dansook’s uncorroborated and, ultimately, debunked allegations of corruption against two People’s National Movement (PNM) MPs into the records of Hansard, what “check and balance” on free speech did she then respect?

    As long as Vernella Alleyne-Toppin remains ensconced in the sanctuary of her Cabinet, the Prime Minister will have to speak out of both sides of her mouth in condemning any MP on the grounds that “It cannot be that any Member could stand up here and speak anything, say anything, without checks and balances.” She has done it; Alleyne-Toppin has done it; and so have any number of MPs, on both sides of the House, in this and previous parliaments.

    As she so very well knows, walk-outs and boycotts are standard elements of Opposition armoury in the winner-take-all system of Westminster which leaves Opposition parties at the mercy of the Government’s majority. She knows that, in the exercise of free speech, Westminster imposes no burden of proof on MPs who enjoy extensive latitude for bringing forward information which they believe to be in the public interest. As Alleyne-Toppin discovered, if there is a price to be paid for abusing this right, it is political not legal.

    In classic double-speak, the Prime Minister has sought to mask brutish politics in irrelevant legalities. In conjoining censure and suspension into a single motion, her Government effectively bypassed the authority of Parliament’s Privileges Committee. And, to Parliament’s shame, it did so with the full permission of Speaker Wade Mark who should never have allowed the motion to include suspension in the first place. A motion to censure is one thing, but to have allowed the complaining party to decide on penalty and levy punishment is to hijack the role of the Privileges Committee whose job is to investigate and recommend.

    Once again, Kamla Persad-Bissessar has proved that she is willing to go where no man has gone before. With the motions of no confidence and censure of the Opposition Leader, she is effectively operating on both sides of the House, claiming for her Government the constitutional rights granted to the Opposition. Clearly unprepared for the eventual coming of a Kamla, Westminster should now know better.

    So, no. We don’t need the PM’s sanctimonious defence of our democracy when her very actions have signalled guerilla politics, raw and opportunistic, uninhibited by concession to morality or process. To try to co-opt the public by asking what we, the people, would have done had we been maligned in the worst possible way, is plain trickery.

    We, the people, do not have the power that she and her Government have claimed in pre-empting the police, the Integrity Commission, the courts and the Privileges Committee. Our lot would have been to suffer through the long wait for our laggard and, often, inept institutions to deliver justice, if at all.

    But perhaps the most egregious consequence of the Government’s suspension of Dr Rowley is the ease with which 28,000-plus constituents of Diego Martin West, PNM and non-PNM alike, have been deprived of parliamentary representation. This is not a matter to be trivialised which is why the PNM is wrong to boycott Parliament while its leader is on suspension. You can’t be asking voters for the opportunity to represent them yet walk away from the job when you have it.

    Having wasted so much of time in the pointless “Get Rowley” campaign, the Government will begin rushing though the legislative agenda in the final weeks of this parliament’s life. In this, the public needs to hear all the voices in the House of Representatives, not only those in the Senate. Especially, given the latest revelations about the $60 million that went missing from the National Energy Corporation via First Citizens, the public wants answers from Finance Minister Larry Howai. As the then CEO of First Citizens and chairman of the NEC, he is probably best-placed to account to the share-holding public for what transpired at these two public enterprises. As we move deeper into the election campaign, however, the voices that most need to be heard are those of responsible society. The reckless language coming out of the mouth of the Leader of Government business should alert us to the possible dangers ahead.

    Not once, not twice, but three times, Dr Moonilal raised the spectre of “political unrest”. Out of thin air, and apropos of nothing, he dived into Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” and saw “riots in the street”. He conjured up images of July 1990, a time of “devilish, horrific moments, diabolic, shocking, brutish, evil and sinister plots.” “I have made the observation that when the backs of the PNM are against the wall, these devilish, brutish, shocking moments occur,” he said, leaving us to wonder what might happen if the UNC’s back, too, is against the wall.

    In an environment of power by any means necessary, the responsibility on all of us is to resist feeding the flames or burying our heads in the sand.

    We need to stay alert, be calm, speak clearly and draw the line on which we stand.

    Source :

    1. Not an unusual commentary from Sunity, expected her to blast the PM some more seeing she is the PNM media consultant. Come on Sunity defend your man with more vigor.

  3. Lennox Grant said it best in today’s Express:

    “Emailgate”, exemplifying the T&T state of the art in “black propaganda”, was always going to trigger a response (terminal parliamentary suspension) as extreme as the threat it, and its promoter, presented.

  4. Just wondering… Ria Taitt a PNM candidate…her articles are great for the PNM campaign.

  5. Yes, Sunity, but “speaking out of both sides of your mouth”, is very different from presenting fabricated emails accusing the PM and her government of conspiracy to murder, spying by bugging devices and other horrendous charges which all were false.
    Rowley also exclaimed in the House that he stood by the veracity of the emails and was prepared to make a jail.

    1. Is the truth hurting you this much such that your comments are baseless. Perhaps you should take a stronger dose of aspirin along with the rum you drink. Who knows the truth may go away and then you can help your PM with her sorrows.

  6. “That said, I also recognised his gift-of-the-gab, his theatrical performances on political platforms that were among the best this country has ever seen. His wit would rise to legendary proportions, and over the past decade or so, as his fortunes faded, he seemed to have developed keen analytical powers as he weighed in on developments in his party and on the wider political landscape.”

    Shah this is the biggest lie you ever tell. Panday must have paid you to say that or worst Mikela is part of some deal with you. All UNC supporters think that Bas has lost it. A rearrangement of his celebrium. The old man never fail to criticize the current P.M. abusing the King’s language in the worst way. The PNM propaganda machine is sputtering and Goebbels is now at a loss to understand what new tactic to employ against our Caribbean Queen!!!
    Let’s see they try emailgate, farisgate, rowleygate, xpress gate. Although I think the Xpress women writers are trying the hardest.
    The truth Shah is like a lion and it is all the Queen need. Unleash that lion and Goebbels have to run for his life!!!

  7. There are two truism,I always hold dear ,even as far back ,from my days, as just another insignificant, ‘short pants Police,’and here they are:-1. The first is ,’he who alleges must prove.’
    This is more or less,self explanatory. If you make an allegation,then ‘cut through de chase ,’and prove your case ,with appropriate evidence.If not,then don’t be surprised, if you are thrown off the stage.

    If there is one lesson in leadership,I will like to extend to the PM in waiting,is that he should learn to delegate.
    Translation:- He should not have been the one ,leading this charge -whether authentic ,or fabricated-against the PM ,and her government ,re the affairs linked to this e-mail exposé.
    As Uncle Shah,our one time Sandhurst ,Coup School ,Tethron -Gangreen hero, would attest ,one’s got to have your Generals,and expendable middle managers /foot soldiers.
    Anyone remembered Admiral Poindexter,or Colonel Oliver North,and their complicit roles ,in Irangate ,as they tried in the end ,to cover the crusty butt,of that lying ,California weasel- fake Cowboy-two bit actor ,turn President,Ronald Reagan?
    That’s how the big boys do it Rowley-in, or out of power…Ummmmm,’plausible deniability.’ Yep,score a half point,in this case ,for Kamla.
    2.As for the second rule ,that served me in good stead ,re decisions ,on if to charge a perpetrator ,or not,and would have done the same for Auntie K,if she was properly advised. It states ,’you are the first judge.’
    Kamla was well within her rights ,to charge Rowley,and use her majority ,and ‘trustworthy-party hack,subjective’ Speaker, in Wade -MBA -Mark,to expel him,but was not prudent in so doing ,since the returns to her ,are minimal,at best.
    Like you Uncle Shah,I too am always a bit wary ,of overkill.
    Minus ,a half point for Kamla,due to this simi intelligent maneuver,since she is once more , getting her behind kicked ,in the court of public opinion-as occurred under Tobago East -Vanella -gate,neglectful baby daddy/statutory rape/African peoples,beat down drama.
    It was political overkill in Europe, re Italy/Germany ,after ,WW1,that brought on WW2. Prudence gave the world ,EU,NATO,The Marshall plan ,The UN,World Bank,The State of Israel,Non Proliferation Treaty,IMF ,etc,thus ensuring White domination ,peace in Europe ,during it’s post war reconstruction,and propelled he USA ,into Super power status.
    In the aftermath of the neo genocidal destruction of Japan,via a humiliating,Hiroshima /Nagasaki Atomic attacks ,more over kill ,would have encouraged, further humiliation, of an already broken people.
    Prudence in contrast,suggested wisely ,putting their Emperor to good use,as opposed to chopping off his head ,as expected…and the rest ,we can say ,is history.
    Thank you very much Margaret Mead.
    Without your efforts/advice,Americans might be speaking Japanese today,or perhaps ,would have suffered,a similar fate ,like the Middle East,where Islamist civilization,remained under threat ,as Christians ,and Jews, are united in their quest to control,or destroy,the common enemy.

    Speaking,of the re-elected, Conservative PM ,David Cameron.In the run up to his recent victory,he did talk up a storm-as we like to say on the streets-about his government plans for future EU-with or without Britain.
    Prudence would dictate he avoid overkill,so as to not piss off /further antagonize Germany,and the other big players.
    Why so,one ask? Britain has more to loose ,than Greece ,if they opt out,so ‘those of us in the know,’ are quite aware ,as to how that script will end.
    Sorry Kamla,this is where you must step off the stage,for unlike Cameron ,you weren’t be around,when the elections dust is settled,so as to make important decisions,re affairs of state.
    No sariiii,for only dem clueless, well paid ,tribal ,braying -cyber donkeys, led by the likes of Tman,Trini Rawoils,intricate ,and lifetime drunk Mamboo,would think that a PM ,who fired, 25 of her handpicked government -political officials,during a single term of office,deserves a second crack at that job,by the electorate.
    Ain’t happening boys!
    Not certain however ,if PM Rowley,should eventually make it is duty ,to see that many of a government-pass or present -as well ,as party supporting cronies,do jail time ,for their numerous acts of criminality,during an atrocious political reign,should be viewed as revenge.
    Hey Basdeo,any opinions on statute of limitations for crimes -especially of a White color nature?
    Excellent piece nevertheless,Uncle Shah.
    Yep,Basdeo is indeed a slick bastard ,and since his ,political demise ,at de hands of Queen maker ,Jack- FIFA- Warner ,has walked the tight rope quite skillfully,ummmmm,occasionally throwing some ‘full toss,’long hops ,and ‘no balls ,’towards de Siparia Queen ,and her government,knowing that these won’t produce much harm.
    No need for me to tell you why ,Uncle Shah-savvy bloke that you are ,but for others ,not so astute?
    Well,Nehru incarnated ,has big plans for daughter Malika Inderia Panday.
    What he does not know however,is that he will be the last Panday,to ever sit in the big chair.
    Why so ,one might again ask?
    Well ,another truism ,remains a reality,and can be encapsulated with an often used quote -which I’ll paraphrase:-‘Fool me once,shame on you.Fool me twice ,then I’m de idiot!’
    Tell dem Uncle Shah,Trinis ,aren’t idiots!
    Love Humanity people!
    Stay engaged,and vigilant T&T!

  8. This letter, as posted on Facebook is hardly a significant victory for Kamla as she claims, this is a letter written by a lawyer to a lawyer. It is NOT Trinidad and Tobago law nor is it delegated by any jurisdiction of the courts in Trinidad and Tobago, so for Kamla to go about claiming ‘victory’, is not only premature but downright dishonest. The first question I asked was why is it that Kamla, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago did not call a press conference and presented it in that forum? After reading it I understood why she was coy about it. This letter is self explanatory and an answer to why she chose Facebook as the medium to explain her ‘vindication’. As always, expect anything from Kamla. One does not hire a lawyer to tell the truth. You hire a lawyer to tell you what you want to hear. So, with this in mind, is justice served? Hardly. Kamla also told us that the Commissioner of Police did not discover any bug in the office of the DPP as Rowley claimed. Whilst one would be inclined on hearing that information to vindicate her, the truth is that the Commissioner went on to state in the report that, on examination of the scene (the DPP’s conference office), it was discovered that Infra Red interferences were discovered, to have been used to infiltrate the office. This means that devices using infra red technology was in fact used to spy on the DPP plain and simple. We (the public) are still of the mistaken belief that a bug means, that a physical device has to be planted in a spot to ‘listen’ to what is going on. Today’s technology has gone way past that. We must be vigilant on the use of words and how they are used to present to us. Because, as a vulnerable public it is crucial for us to understand how lawyers choose their words. As laymen we must be intelligent on how we allow ourselves to interpret words meant to persuade.

    1. Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man…. some famous person once said this.6

      Those who are hoping for a different conclusion on Rowley’s email scandal are going to be sadly disappointed.

  9. As I told you repeatedly Tman,no one gives a rats behind,about your PM misfortunes ,on not trapping the PM in waiting,mysterious /non existent emails,bogus conclusions by Kamla paid ,White Euro American lawyers,or illegal suspensions of the MP for Westmoorings,& we can throw in Diego martin.
    Kamla, and her misguided political handlers,might get some traction,if they instead,can unearth some evidence,that falls within the following parameters:-
    1.That Dr Keith Rowley,was one of the masked gunmen,who ambushed,and slaughtered ,legal luminary ,Dana Setahal.
    2.Uncle Willy ,our Ag Commissioner of Police ,was able to find some new DNA evidence, linking him ,with the gruesome murder of Extra foods heiress, VINDRA NAIPAUL-COOLMAN,who was repeatedly raped ,then sliced like a Palo Seco hog,or more so,some ,half ripe tomatoes ,in the Puna market,by savages.
    3. He too ,brought in containers laden with chickens ,and deadly drugs ,but just like a certain UNC business supporter from Central,only claimed the chickens,but likewise said ,the drugs weren’t his,yet never paid a price.
    4.He was in fact the real culprit,who hacked a certain ,famous ,local blond hair Oprahlike T&T journalists to death ,after a night of passion ,in her St Augustine apartment,all because she was about to reveal to the PP media operatives ,that her 20 year old son ,was also his love child.

    While on the subject,of Auntie Vindra Naipaul Coolman -unsolved murder,and or marathon trial-were jurors,are falling down like flies ,at a John Goti Mafioso kitchen table -any news on when her daughter is going to get married?
    The child has been through so much in her young life already,and must be traumatized,beyond relief,or maybe not …ummm main beneficiaries ,of estates,aren’t usually,though they’ll publicly pretend ,that such is de case-especially in T&T.

    Sexually abused ,by a tom cat step pop ,in true Woody Allen/Soon-Yi style ,then had all her business exposed ,in our media ,and finally viewed with suspicion,for being complicit in her mamas murder.

    Ok,you are good ,but these are taboo subjects, whether in the great USA,or our T&T,and private matters,you may not be privy to,but how about the date of the T&T elections?
    Progressive Guyana ,is leading the way,on how to give de political middle finger to politicians ,and their archaic regime ,that has outlived , it’s usefulness .
    Never thought ,in my wildest dreams ,that I’ll one day say de following,but here it is -Thanks Guyana!

    Wait a cotton picking moment!Well I’ll be dar…!
    There they go again folks ,attempting to put on de non existent-victimhood cloak.

    For 20 plus years ,the tribe ,led by the PPP gang ,raped ,and almost ran the country to the ground.
    They loved the Guyana elections commission,during said periods,but suddenly,as they feel ,they might loose this elections-the EU forced socialist Ramoutar to call-they are screaming like constipated hyenas,about possible fraud,and requesting recounts.
    See.a pattern here T&T?

    It’s de way of the tribe ,from Georgetown,to Port of Spain,Sri Lanka , to Fiji.

    I warned you folks, as to the real reasons , they remained obsessed with having ex military commanders,as our National Security Ministers,and wanted to go so far,as to give Tethron gangreen blokes ,powers of arrest,along with expensive,unusable APT Armored personnel Tanks /carriers -to allegedly fight crimes.
    These country haters!
    Stay vigilant T&T!
    Guyana under dem PPP,has evolved into a borderline ‘Failed State.’
    Our T&T in contrast,’is a different kettle of fish,’as we like to say on the streets!
    Oh ,and for de record ,it has nada to do, with Kamla ,and her UNC dominant,PP goons.
    No sarriii!
    We have oil ,gas,and a large literate public,quite aware of their fundamental rights!
    Listen people ,and here is the deal as of present in our Republic:-Right now ,just like in neighboring Guyana,this PP regime ,is so unpopular among citizens,that if Inspector Alexander,was to do a sting operation,and Dr Keith Rowley,was to be caught naked ,running through the streets of Larnge Park,or Federation park,with and Israeli Uzi,and an AK47,in Rambo fashion,shooting at random ever soul he sees in sight,he would still pull off an election night victory,come September-or rather ,when Kamla’s ,ardent ,close ,neo racist ,spiritual guru,Sat Maraj ,give Kamla de green light.
    Let them keep messing with us,and as my late ,extremely wise ,Tobago Granny,would often say,back in de day-“what dey get,dey teck!”
    I’ve said it once,twice,and three times,my lady,but it’s worth repeating for the benefit of the uninitiated,to my cyber machinations.
    ‘De man,or woman, who can make me hate this land of mine,ain’t born yet!’

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