Bulwarks of democracy

By Raffique Shah
April 12, 2015

Raffique ShahCollectively, the so-called trolls on social media may be a pain in the rear for bona fide journalists and columnists in the mainstream media, operating as they do behind anonymity and bound by no rules of engagement or laws of libel and slander, while we have so many strictures, from word-count to sanitised lyrics, we write under the gun, in a manner of speaking.

And yes, it hurts when these mindless cowards spew their venom, delving into journalists’ private lives, distorting facts, promoting fiction and wallowing in half-truths. The current crop seems to have taken a fancy to attacking female writers, probably believing that they would drive their victims to tears, or worse, into depression.

Even so, I think my colleagues in the media are crediting the trolls with powers and influence they do not possess. They operate in an incestuous circle where they massage each other’s egos. Indeed, even if it is true that most of them are hired assassins paid for by State funds—and I find that hard to believe—their diatribes are of such poor quality, they can convince only persons of their own ilk. No one with an iota of intelligence would even read their trash, far less digest it.

So let us not elevate them to importance by devoting entire editorials to them: this will be my only intervention in the discussion, whatever they may choose to say about me or my colleagues. In fact, I have a column-code of my own, which I imposed on myself many years ago: I read the comments people make, positive or negative, but I do not respond.

In my weekly columns, I express my opinion, and I often criticise others, be they politicians or public officials. But they must always have the right to criticise me.

I should add that long before the advent of the Internet and social media that have taken public discourse to new heights and depths, anonymous critics who served political and economic interests were given free rein in the mainstream media.

In the Sunday Guardian, an unnamed “special correspondent” wrote a full-page opinion (and that was when Guardian had the broadsheet format) that was right wing in the extreme, a virtual voice of business and Government. He (or she) savaged anyone who dissented with big business, and any social or political entity or party that sought to promote equity in the society.

In 1970, when the Black Power movement took the country by storm, Special Correspondent was the bulwark of the mighty, of those who controlled the economy. It was also in that newspaper’s interest to defend the PNM government which it had heavily criticised earlier. Indeed, Dr Eric Williams came to power in 1956 on a platform from which he had savaged the Guardian. I think he also burnt copies of the paper from time to time.

In the aftermath of 1970, as the PNM struggled to recover from its unpopularity, it harnessed the then-equivalents of today’s trolls. They would write letters to the editor under fictitious names. One such letter-writer was the head of Special Branch, Earnest Pierre. He wrote letters under the name Koonj Beharrysingh! We used to laugh when we saw or read a “Koonj letter”, and when I encountered him on the streets, I would loudly hail him, “Koonj!”

There was, too, the practice of the party in power harnessing journalists to work for the Government, although nowhere close to the scale of what’s happening today. Because mass media salary-scales are comparatively low, journalists grab these jobs that pay well but have little security.

When I was managing editor of the TnT Mirror in 1991 (when the PNM won the election), a good colleague and friend informed me that he was quitting his job for a political appointment. I knew he was not well-paid (who was?), but I also knew that governments were not permanent. I advised him as much, but he still chose to leave.

Within two years his contract was terminated—and he returned seeking his old job. I had already hired someone else, but I retained him as a freelancer. He never recovered from that blow.

Since the 1990s, successive governments have raided the mainstream media’s newsrooms in their quest to tap into professional talent. Many journalists have gone into political public relations—but who can blame them? Their “packages” are way beyond what media houses can afford.

The incumbent Partnership administration has taken the PR-for-hire recruitment to new heights, and depths. It has more journalists manning its PR fronts than any previous regime. And if what the media report is true, that scores of “trolls” are on the payroll to promote the Partnership, to viciously attack its critics, then we are talking new depths of depravity.

The harsh reality they have chosen to ignore is that while governments come and governments go, the mainstream media remain intact, even thrive, surviving vicious political assaults. Those who brand the Express pro-PNM today will crawl into its newsroom tomorrow, should they find themselves on the political pavement.

And you know what? They will be welcomed, such is the integrity, the professionalism, of the media houses that jealously guard their independence and remain bulwarks of our democracy.

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  • “No one with an iota of intelligence would even read their trash, far less digest it”.(SHAH)

    This statement also applies to most, not all of the “trash” that passes for journalism and critiques in the newspapers of T&T.

  • Yeah Tman,we got you,and I’ll reiterate,for de benefit of dem who ain’t aware.
    You are a true patriot,and like your adorable ,progressive PM,love all races,and regions of your country.
    You still believe vastly unregulated Chagurnas ,should be the future capital of T&T,and since you have no allegiance to the UNC dominant PP,still believe ,they have done an excellent job ,and should be given another term.
    You fervently believe that if myself ,Kian ,and Brother Hussain por ejemplo ,were to put our heads together ,and create a new media entity,that would focus chiefly on the socio -political injustices ,African folks have endured,is still experiencing in T&T,and the rest if the global community,that should be deemed racist.
    You see no problems however,in dem fake Jews in the Middle East,America,or Europe doing that. You were happy when Pat Chokolingo,back in de day ,created de Bomb,Blast,and Mirror,to counteract de neglectful dailies ,and main stream electronic media ,and with the help of then unemployed Raffique Shah,and Rasta man Kieth Sheppard,walked the length ,and breath of our T&T ,highlighting the plight ,principally of Indians.
    You think it’s cool for fat cat Indo Trinis ,to caricature ,and engage in racist rants against Afro Trinis,since such is part of democracy,but if Africans should fight back ,using similar tactics,then they instead should be denounced ,and even taken before the UN human rights bodies for such.
    Hey folks ,just in case you ain’t know ,this is a case of tit,of tat,that the PM in waiting, was referring to in his ‘dawg,/kyat’ reference,and ‘what’s good for de goose ,is good for de gander’-as we like to say on de streets.


    Stay vigilant people!
    Long live the Republic of Toba…. ..ummmm,….lo siento….T&T!

    • The reality here in T&T is that there are no more racially divided political parties. Your Mason hall kid is at the forefront of recruiting as many Indians that he is capable of finding to join, support and represent his party.

  • Hey Tman,get your facts straight,mi country hating piasano.
    Dat loud bang you are hearing in de back of your head ,ain’t only that of drunken nitwits ,running into chagurnas folks homes ,but fellow members of the tribe,scampering away from clueless Kamla ,and her UNC dominant,PP goons.


    There are those who naively think,that Trinis ,are just a bunch of ‘don’t give ah darm if Good Friday,falls on a Monday,idiots.’
    I,unlike you,and kind,don’t share such a dim view.
    The voting population of T&T-including our savvy Indo Trini,brothers,and sisters,’knows fully well, where their bread is buttered,’as we like to say on the streets.
    No one needs to be enticed from the Indian camp, to get behind progressive forces.
    Many recognize Kamla,for the self serving fraud ,that she is .
    Many have seen how their standard of living,have deteriorated drastically,under the stewardship of these crooked tribal /square pegs,in round holes chiefs,who claimed to have their interest at heart.
    Unlike ungrateful ,cyber yapping,comedians like yourself,Trini Rawoils,intricate ,caribou1,swordfish,and that mayaro drunk Mamboo,most members of de tribe,would do the right thing,come next elections.
    Even the biggest South of de Caroni dunce ,knows,that if Basdeo ,and his gang ,had won 98,out of 100 elections,and not the other way around,a woman such as Kamla ,won’t be PM today. No ,sariiii,she would instead be barefoot,uneducated,and hungry,with 50 kids in her 63-year old life.


    This sad ,despicable,dehumanizing sight, would be a more common daily scene,in La Trinity,and who knows ,perhaps stoning of alleged adulterous females ,and bride burning,ain’t it Tman?

    Why is that so,you ask?I’ll tell you.
    The only women that self aggrandizing bastard adore,are from within his own family,and the elite wives of his business pallywals/cronies.
    Nuff said!
    You know folks ,I often sit in my shoes and wonder,how much more progress we could have made as a nation,if Uncle Shah,and not Papa Baz ,of “dis is our time,” fame ,was the leader of the ULF/UNC?
    Well for one ,there would be no Kamla for sure.
    Any thoughts Tman.
    Only the sounds of Tabaquite crickets,Caroni river croaking frogs,and Patience Hill Tobago Cocricos ,folks!
    TMAN the cowards ,has disappeared,as expected.
    I luv this land, y tu?

  • Although the responses seem to be off-topic, I will still put in my two cents.

    TMan, if there are no more racially divided political parties, then there are racially divided people, who the political parties exploit.
    The Mason Hall kid cannot recruit Indians to join his party; people join a party because they choose to do so. Did Kamla recruit our local African chief, Makandal Dagga and his entire party, or did they join up because they chose to? Dagga couldn’t wait to go against the PNM, or the ‘African’ leaders of his beloved Trinidad and Tobago.

    Somewhere in the back of your intelligent mind, race is peeping out, because you don’t see it as normal for Indians to support and represent a party led by the Mason Hall kid, instead of a party led by the lady from Siparia or Penal.

    TMan, it is not always what you say, sometimes it is what you mean.

    • Make no mistake about it, Fronts, both Parties are always actively recruiting individuals of every race.The PP is trying to justify their multicultural policy and the PNM realizes that they can no longer succeed as a pure Afro-based party. The UNC is conscious of its Hindu-cabal image popularized by Jack Warner. Also, non-Hindu politicians like Terry Deyalsingh find a more comfortable home within the PNM or the COP.
      I believe that coalition politics will be the future of T&T, because the UNC and the PNM can longer win government on their own.The demographics, i.e the growing mixed population, and electoral boundaries will influence and support this theory.

      • The startling and most disappointing political fact is that political entities in T&T have no clearly defined philosophies. They simply exist in search of power and control in megalomaniac fashion, without any social or philosophical differences.Sadly, racial dominance through politics, has become an obsession. It is almost a struggle to decide which culture will represent the face of T&T.

      • So has this suddenly become news to you ,and others of the clan Tman? What de hell roles ,did you think Errol Mahabir ,Sham /Kamal Mohommed,Linda Babolal,Ralph Maraj ,and similar others ,were playing over the decades?
        The facts are dat ,had the wise ,Sir Ellis ,not flipped de bird ,on those two Deputies,and opted in favor of George Chambers,and President ANR,not slammed a sledgehammer,against his immoral rival,and eventual political traitor,Basdeo Panday,’you know what,’by giving the nod -after the electoral tie-to Patrick Manning,T&T,would never have gotten an Indian PM-male or female.
        It was only after those two events ,Indo Trinis departed from the PNM.
        Remember TMan, that your trade Union party ,could not muster ,more than 8-to 10 seats ,no matter what they tried ,or prays to opaque gods ,were conducted,si?
        Wait a cotton picking moment,but if that arrogant ,Eric Williams wannabe -idiot,did not hold an election, 2 years before it was due,and Jack FIFA Warner,did not hoist kamla on his back,and used his millions ,to organize a savvy campaign,then your Siparia Queen kamla ,would have lost her deposits as well,si?
        You ungrateful bastards,better start giving credit where it is due ,mi country hating piasano!
        Repeat after me the following:-1.It’s one term, and back to the political wilderness,where ‘you alze ‘belong.
        2.The Guyanarization of T&T,must never be allowed to take place.
        I love this land,y tu?

  • Many people, including Bro.Shah, view the media houses as the “bulwarks of democracy.” I wonder about that statement when I read their coverage on politics, people, police and even the PP. My doubts about media houses are not confined to the local media houses. Foreign media houses appear to be similiar.
    How do you feel Neal, Mamoo, Tman, et al?

    • I always respect a media outlet that states its position on who are they supporting.
      In the U.S. there is FOX news that has a right wing Republican agenda or CNN seen as having a liberal agenda, or Toronto Star newspaper in Canada having a Liberal agenda.
      Once those positions are stated that is fine with me, but don’t say you have no political party that you are supporting and then use your position to support one party and attack the other. If you are neutral then you have to hit both sides. What is worst is when your writers are known to be bias and you are pretending they are not.

    • Chong Sing, media used in the broadest sense of the word is good. People associate media only with news mostly, but information might be a more correct association, because that is what the real purpose is. Raffique is absolutely correct in labelling media as the bulwark of democracy, because it is best practiced and most widely used as an expression of democracy. Under the heading of ‘NEWS’ people expect not only freedom but truth as well. And it is in this form of media that there is the most controversy.
      On the international scene on print media there is Reuters and Washington Post. On radio there is BBC and NPR. On TV there is FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNC. Depending on your taste for truth and authenticity there are some you would readily accept and some you would prefer to have corroboration before considering acceptance. One that readily comes to mind is FOX. Why FOX? – Its new is almost tainted with the fox product of ‘conservative politics’ where the reporting is by policy conservative.
      Others such as ABC and NBC almost always vet their news before publishing, so if a reader understands this process, then it would be easier digestible than lets say FOX or for that matter CNN. On the local scene, one has to be familiar with who sits on their board of directors slate than the quality of its reporters. Of the three major dailies, I read and accept one. That one has a more open policy towards its reporting, even reporting on matters against it but seeks to be inclusive in its coverage. One of the other major daily is old and has its origins in its colonial past, so its focus is more centered on business or commercial reporting. There is a tendency to ‘hide’ or place important news or news it does not particularly favor in the back pages or not cover it at all. The last one is the newest of the lot and has an editorial board that is very political in nature. How it covers news has a lot to do with the way its editorial board thinks about culture and politics than how it research news. It has a strong anti-PNM flavor to its reporting and defeats its purpose as serious newsmaker. I view blogging as the ultimate outlet for free speech and whilst the rules are much more relaxed and tolerated, one cannot expect to be taken seriously if lies/untruths/defamation/negativity/defilation are the basis on which their opinions are shaped. Commentary on matters of interest should be made interesting. ON this blog there are those who are staunchly anti-PNM or UNC and then there are those who want to deal with details on matters of political, cultural, artistic and religion. It is commonly found that on the side of the UNC flavored commentors, they have no patience when the leaders of their favored party is criticized. Although one expects that some degree of morality, ethics and principle should apply in our reasoning, it seldom occur to the UNC-minded that those reasoning should apply when considering a view of the UNC news makers. It is incorrect to view those who are not UNC minded as PNM. Just because one is NOT for the UNC, does not necessarily mean the PNM is the benefactor.
      Of course he PNM is a more principled party and as such does not possess the PR machine the say, the UNC uses to promote is policies. As a party, the PNM has a long history, during the course of that history, it has done many many good thing and have time and again done some dumb things. But one thing is for sure – it operates in the interest of everyone. In most part those of use who appear to be anti UNC prefer to be viewed as principled and objective rather than partisan in formulating our commentaries.

      • Who appointed you ,GOD. Take off your blinders , re-examine your diatribe, and go to confession, because you have sinned.
        This comment , my friend Kian is a joke. Your political bias is subjective, unreasonable, illogical, demeaning and just plain offensive.
        You are probably the MOST opinionated blogger on this site, spreading your bigotry, racism and pro -Christian bile in an objectionable manner.You reek of intolerance.
        How could you accuse others? PNM…a principled party? Do you know your history? Your analysis of the three major daily newspapers in T&T is laughable!…Are you suggesting that because you like one, it is the best?
        Your dinosauric analysis is delusional. I treat people like you.

        • TMan, I know you feel better by expressing your thoughts, however illogical and hateful it might be but it is exactly what democracy is. What you expressed is your mantra and we have heard it a thousand times. I expect to hear more of your hate speeches as issues are brought to the fore. My commentary will continue to be reflective of reason, research, commonsense and ethical. Hope you feel better by getting those words off your chest, good night!

      • I respectively disagree with you that the PNM is a more principled party than the UNC. They both have absolutely no class whatsoever and are both irresponsible in public behavior. I agree that the PNM have done many good things during there rule, but the UNC despite being rotten to the core have done more in less time than the PNM.

        I am not a fan of either administration but the only leader that stood out of having any vision at all was the Honorable Patrick Manning. Unfortunately for him, his vision was commendable but he had no plan. A vision without a plan is meaningless.

        • So let’s translate the diatribes of yet another country hating,Self loathing bozo,if we may people.
          His ULF/UNC ,led by Papa Baz ,and his protege Kamla ,won 2 elections ,in 53-years ,but in his estimation, they did more,for T&T,than Eric Williams,George Chambers,ANR Robinson, and Patrick Manning all put together.
          Quite an astute observation,Caribou1,and when exactly,did you figure all this out?
          Let me guess.It was during your 40 year exile,in distant lands.
          Perhaps it was instead, during ardent research conducted during the past 4-weeks ,you were attempting to find your way across this ghastly T&T,si?
          Hey folks ,is anything worst than an ungrateful,neo tribal fraud?
          His people thrived under African leadership.Peace ,and prosperity prevailed ,for most of T&T ,during their stewardship,our overall democratic ideals ,were adhered to ,and yet this comedian,cannot have the guts ,to give credit,where it’s due.
          Just where de hell would Kamla ,and her sister be today ,without Africans folks?
          I’ll tell you.
          Bare feet,and hungry,with 50 kids each,and abut 450 grand kids-most struggling,as they jump ,in and out of the criminals justice system.
          Worst yet ,covered with numerous ugly scars ,all about their,…. ummmmm….,person,the results of systematic floggings they would have experienced,from the hands,of savage hombres,they call husbands,si?
          Pray someone,answer me this question-with citizens like these, who needs enemies,hmmmm?

  • With every child getting a laptop in TnT, the natural impulse would be look for alternate information sites. The media is slowly going the way of the “dodo” bird. Ask how many people are actually buying a newspaper if you are in the above 40 category you are more likely to buy a newspaper. If you are in the lower 40 category you are not buy but surfing the web.

    It is not a localized Trini thing it is happening all over the world. Bloggers are taking advantage of this new found freedom where the Internet is the bastion of true democracy. Sure there are those who caricature politicians and provide a daily diet of defecations for their followers consumption. But over time self regulations modify behaviour and changes style. The PNM bloggers are the worst foraging on the lies being produced in balisier house and in true Gobbels style repeating such lies over and over again. Now they are being caught by the partnership bloggers and such lies are being exposed. Example Rawi boast that the PP spent $400 billion with nothing to show. The truth is the government spent $289 billion and not that inflated lie promoted by chief liar Faris. The lie that the government is only fixing south and central has been debunk by empirical evidence.

    The media is no longer the only source of news, let it be said that the truth is out there!

    • Correction! What you just wrote was a BIG LIE!!!!!! – a total reversal of what you actually do. Truth is you NEVER ADDRESS ISSUES. Lies are much more accommodating to your tastes than truth. It is ALWAYS what you want people to read and hear rather than what actually is the truth. In your world good is bad. Evil is good. History is heresy.
      God is the devil. The devil is god. No ethics. No principles. No morality. No fairness. ThE only thing that matters in your world is RACE – the Indian race.
      Everything you all write about other people is EXACTLY what you UNC operators practice.
      That is more reflective of your behavior which is pagan in nature. So, after all the lies you tell, I am not surprised that you are now saying other people are telling
      lies. Mamoo, you cannot substantiate anything you say period!

      • Here is proof of an out of control media likening the current administration to Hitler. Is that fair and unbiased journalism? Or is it balisier house propaganda? You be the judge!!!

      • It behooves me to correct your diatribe as you engage in these public defecation. I am always careful to stand on the side of truth, it is a far better weapon than the lies coming out of Balisier house. As the good book says “the truth shall set you free”. I cannot accomplish anything my misinformation. My postings deal with facts it is provable rather than your manufacture disillusioned world of being a psychopath for the PNM. Take off the blinders son and stop this endless and meaningless attack on the truth. The truth don’t need defending, it can stand on its own. Nuff said.

        • Mamma you are so right about the truth! Only thing is you must first know what it is.

          • I know it as long as it not coming out of balisier house. You know (a)emailgate, (b)the former AG gone to the NY mission (did not go there), (c) Faris claiming the PP spent $400 billion when they only spent $289 million, (d)$600 million that the contractor for the Lara Stadium did not get, even though the balisier brigade say he got, (e) Landate, where the Opposition Leader say he was cleared when the records show he thief. The list is endless but Kian if the balisier brigade release gas your third world brain tells you it is perfume! Get a grip boy!

  • http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,209738.html

    Now on to more pressing matters,ummm….. runway crimes,and the role Kamla ,and her uncaring,elitist PP goons , have played ,in allowing our T&T ,to evolve into a gun,drugs,and illegal immigrant haven ,by having soft,unprotected borders,cuddling neo tribal immgration,and Customs officials,while pushing a skewed ,discriminatory ,immigration policy.
    Let me see if I can translate what Miz Haung ,and de Afro pandering Inspector Alexander, selectively outraged,anti xenophobia guru, is saying:-
    Chinese are attacked ,by criminals,because they are perceived to be rich,like Cuz Haung who had 800,000 in his back pocket,when he was murdered.
    Chinese are living here for half ah century,and love rice and peas pelau,doubles,carnival,bacchanal,pagwah,and race politics,just like dem Afro/Indo Trini majority.
    She, and late husband,have been living in dis despicable ,racial crime den T&T,since age 15,and she have been voting PNM,and UNC ,ever since,donates to local charities,and is part of several civic, and community social empowerment groups.
    She, and all her kids ,speak fluent English,and the latter ,are fighting to obtain football,running,and cricket scholarships,just like most red bloodied Trini.
    Oooops,and did I miss something,folks?
    Hey Kamla,you and your PP goons ,have blood on your hands ,and here is why:-
    $5 TT million, to deport 5 West African immigrants,while condoning the tribe ,to have a five year continuous Fake Expo-where many can seep through the cracks,via marriages-and worst yet,give the Chinese Ambassador,the right ,to do as pleased,with his country’s illegals, that were caught breaching our laws.
    Sorry miz Haung,but join the line of the thousands of frustrated citizens,who have to endure the crime scenario in our country,after 4 national security ministers, a White Canadian Commissioner,followed by a disgruntled ,Hollywood/Bollywood/Nollywood actor,called Williams.
    Moral is low,and 40 thousand simi educated SRP-many of them ,closet criminals themselves,ain’t the solution.
    Let’s wish our people well,including it’s 110,000 illegal immigrants-and of course Mz Haung,and de rest of our fast expanding,non Trini,Asian community,si?

    Ain’t globalization something people!

    I Luv dis land,y tu?

    • PNM fiction from the balisier brigade aka Neal “Hey Kamla,you and your PP goons ,have blood on your hands ,and here is why:-
      $5 TT million, to deport 5 West African immigrants,while condoning the tribe ,to have a five year”

      Why isn’t African Neal talking about the other deportees. Tribalism at its best..but here is the truth.

      “From 2010 to now, the number one country concerning deportees from T&T is not the African continent, or India, it’s Guyana.” Saying Guyanese were the single largest number of people deported from 2010 to now, he said that figure was 41.8 per cent of deportees. This was followed by Jamaica with 18.5 per cent, the Dominican Republic/Cuba and Caricom states, Asia, Central and South America.

      Ramlogan added that illegal immigrants from the African continent were “way down the list, at seventh place.” He added: “Since 2010 when this Government entered office, the total number of African immigrants deported from T&T is 70 people—70 in almost five years.

  • Shah are you forgetting who OWNS the NEWS now? As a matter of fact they own everything now. When your opinion hit a wall …that is when you deserve no reply from them as you speak the truth. They control everything now including their lies and propagandering. In North America you are no longer blacklisted by name as in my name. You are blacklisted even when you mention the name ISIS and ask who created them. Today Mr Obama talked about the crisis that is plaguing Italy. And who bombed the hell out of Libya. Was it Gaddafi they were after or the files he had on them (who made him the world’s richest man and who needed Africa to be in the mess it is today). The refugees of the wars in Africa and the Middle East now have no where to go And of course we are all dottish. Anyway in our country they are all well trained to muzzle us – the free thinkers. They bug everything today and when we become professionals and see their evil ways we suppose to look the other way or become blacklisted forever. It is an unjust world and war is the mightiest business after oil and gas and drugs while religion is being phased out everywhere. In the garden God told Adam there is evil and good and I gave you the free will to choose as we need to do today. Hence we know what that choice was as Evil reigns everywhere even in our children and put there through peer pressure as we work two and three jobs at the same time. And at the top exist numerous false papers. Money is our greatest evil. Who makes the most monies for their economies from these mega businesses? One day soon we will wake up and learn that Pope Francis is dead. They will kill off a good person if he is educating the masses on the truth. Heaven help us all. So for the bulwarks …they are just doing their do. They have everything at their disposal to protect the rich. DO NOT FORGET WHAT JESUS TOLD THE RICH MAN? And he went away so disappointed but we must learn it was never about self.

  • Shah there is no such thing as a Muslim Fundamentalist or a Muslim radical etc. You are Muslim and follow a faith. In the christian faith it is the same thing. a Catholic is someone who follows Christ. Jesus Christ laws are straightforward e.g. the seven Sacrements…we follow them. You try asking the others who call themselves followers of Christ about the Sacrements and judge for yourself. They just love money. They are full of BS and are only in the game to make money. We always need to separate the evil from the good. If we do not then we fall. You know these days you can spin everything as you wish but you need to know God is always watching over all of us. But North America must stop denigrating the Muslim faith or the true Christian faith. You cannot be a follower of Christ and not follow his ways or his instructions. You cannot SPIN the BIBLE every which way that is convenient to you.

  • Kian, thanks for your enlightening response to my comments. I always look forward to reading what you write.

  • ‘No probe into AG’s fees’
    Government will not undertake a probe into legal fees paid to attorneys hired by the Office of the Attorney General over the past four years, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has said.

  • “Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something.” ………..Plato
    There are many voices on this blog who have to say something just because they can. It does not give me pleasure in “attacking” someone, just because I can find words to so do. But at the same time, I am not going to remain quiet when propagandists believe that it is in their best interest to attack without any consequences. If I may burrow a slang from brother Neal, my extremely wise mother used to tell my brothers and me, when confronted with silly questions “is the answer that brings the row”. And so my friend TMan I’m ready with some answers for you. You asked “Who appointed you ,GOD.” Well my answer to that is, seeing that you are questioning my relationship with GOD and since you come from a culture where there are thousands of gods, who knows? I might be one of them. “Take off your blinders , re-examine your diatribe, and go to confession, because you have sinned.” Yeah, you are right I have sinned. I have sinned against the the wishes of the devil that is bringing my country into disrepute and my confessions will help those with eyes to see, will see, nose to smell the stench of absurdity in government to pour disinfectant on it. “This comment , my friend Kian is a joke.” Yes, it is a joke because when faced with reality, the only way your propagandist mind can deal with it is to look at it like a joke, ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha! “Your political bias is subjective, unreasonable, illogical, demeaning and just plain offensive.” No.no.no.no. TMan! Your problem is that you cannot deal with truth and fact, you have to consider it lies so that you don’t have to deal with it. “You are probably the MOST opinionated blogger on this site,” No TMan! I have views just like you and everyone else. Only thing is I take my information from the same sources that you quote, only that you take the information and interpret it to you own liking and likeness. “spreading your bigotry, racism and pro -Christian bile in an objectionable manner.” OH? Yes! I am pro-christian with one god, my god is a jealous god and I serve no other. That I will boast about. “You reek of intolerance.”
    Thats you point of view TMan – others might see it differently, I think I’ve had enough feedback to know that most do not agree with you. “How could you accuse others? PNM…a principled party?” Yes TMan, it is the only principled part we have and history will prove me correct. Not to your liking of course, but thats the way it is. “Do you know your history?” Damn right I do and I am absolutely sure a thousand times better than you. “Your analysis of the three major daily newspapers in T&T is laughable!” Might be laughable to you but most right thinking people would agree with my analysis. “…Are you suggesting that because you like one, it is the best?” I always look for the best and I will like the best. You have a problem with that?
    “Your dinosauric analysis is delusional. I treat people like you.” Oh! I’m sure you do. My dinosauric brain allows me to go into the origins of things and therefore understands the concepts of thoughts better than you will ever do. You see TMan! You are paid to propagandise and what ever you put into writing has to be “your truth”, if “your truth” meets the approval of someone willing to accept it then you made your satanic sell – you have earned your keep. But I have nothing to sell. I offer insights based on my knowledge and experience. All of the authentic information that I gather is from the the same sources like you, it is just that you package it in propagandistic format and I tell it like it is. SEE?
    I know that you are from a culture that tells us that Rawan was a bad fellow and so, each year you crucify him and link his identity with the likes of mine. But from my reading of the mythology Rawan was a very educated man. He was educated in 12 disciplines, amongst them he was an astrologer, herbal medicine man, philosopher, healer etc etc. He did not lust after Sita. He wanted her for his son. In essence, he was really a good man but you guys really don’t like the man! So, I am not surprised that when truth is put to you in a form that you don’t like you feel very offended. Just one more thing TMan. I stand by whatever I write because there is nothing to be gained by trying to fool anyone. There are those reading what I write, so I try to give them the benefit of my knowledge. If you don’t want it fine? But you don’t have to be insulting about it. OK TMan?

  • TMAN wrote: Make no mistake about it, Fronts, both Parties are always actively recruiting individuals of every race.The PP is trying to justify their multicultural policy and the PNM realizes that they can no longer succeed as a pure Afro-based party.

    And here you have the seminal discordant and disfigured features of racist reasonings. The PPP associated with multiculturalism, and the PNM associated with racial pandering. And this comes from someone whose heritage can be traced back to the origin of racist ethnic social stratification based on the myth that dark skin is inferior and light skin is superior. Please, as I always point out, de black man has no cultural heritage associated with such beliefs. IF he had, it would have been more difficult to conquer him and oppress him. it would be more difficult for racist to have their cake and eat it too.

    The PPP is just a racist political plantation where some token blacks have been lured to because of their confused psychology. The PP in T&T is no different than the PPP in Guyana. Organizations with some supporters who make some US right wing racist look like choir boys. And I aint even start to go where I can.

    • Rodwell is alive and well. Once again he presents his singular theory and he is sticking to it.He fails to detect the implicit assumption or connotation in the statement, “The PP is trying to justify their multicultural policy.”
      His mind is clouded by his favorite and only theory which he gleefully expresses every chance he gets….”the origin of racist ethnic social stratification”.
      There is absolutely no similarity between the PP and “right wing racists in the US”.
      Rodwell needs to go on a fact finding mission to T&T. His judgment is clouded by the racial discrimination he often suffers in the the Dis-united States of America.

      • You really want to convince people there is no racism in the PPP. Fact – JAW caused/influenced over 60% to come out and vote for the PPP in 2010. Fact – whenever vote turn out in T&T is below 50% PNM wins by default. Fact – In the 2010 General Election UNC needed the 300,000 odd extra votes (persons who fell out with Manning and his self oriented ways) to win the election and JAW used his monies and his stature (ONLY BLACKMAN TO MAKE IT IN FIFA Executives Section)to do just that. Fact-JAW is of African descent. Fact – UNC is a party of parties. Fact UNC is 99.99999% an indo party. Fact – PPP is a grand party of parties held together by monetary gains (leaders are mostly lawyers, doctors, company owners etc. who are making plenty money off the system). Fact – the other Afro members of UNC-PP are uncle toms who are there by default and do not have any say in anything of significance in the party. Fact – after they got rid of JAW of African descent who was making popularity gains in the PP arrangement …yes they got rid of him and soon after targetted Mr. Rowley another person of African descent and spread the word “we do not want a black-N PM”. Let us now connect the dots and see who really are the racists. Of course there are many other stories in this period on FACEBOOK, other social media Utube, Twitter, even LinkedIn etc. that shored up their racist behaviour/chants along racial lines and tones. My God tells me all the time that you cannot bury the truth. It always comes back to haunt you big time. From 2010 to now we have seen so many instances of greed for millions, selfishness, racism etc. from this PP arrangement and their families. And of course the lies that come with them. We learn in our families that we must rule by example. IF NOT, our children will grow up confused, in disciplined, no morals, with no proper standards, unethical behaviour etc. Most people particularly of African descent have fallen behind as they are being asked to work three or four jobs 24/7, just to make ends meet in their small humble homes. This we know must change yet the government gives them 2 and 3 percent wage increases after tax when they serve themselves with 2 and 3 thousand percentage wage increases where in the same period inflation on the far cheaper goods and services we need are 20 and 30 percent increases. WHAT KIND OF GOVERNMENT IS THIS – democracy or DEM MOCK CRAZY. Yet CRAZY says “In time to come ……..The PP is unreasonable and in 2015 they want to dole out millions mostly to their people or for their people to eventually rake in as they dole out across the different sectors ONLY to purchase VOTES for themselves. And the lies are designed to say PNM never gave you what we are giving you. And the irony these are gains is that we were expecting all this dole outs since 2010. And the BS does not stop there for she is boasting she fired over 20 Ministers with her rants when these persons should not have been hired in the first place. FACT – the firings showed her lack of leadership despite all the BS, she repeats herself that she never knew what they did when they did it etc….when the FACT is they never had any respect for her in the first place. LESSON – when you undermine your boss to gain leadership of the party no body even THE MOON DAT LAY will never have respect for you. And of course the drunken sessions…. People let us respect our land and ourselves and rid ourselves of this shameful government. In the least they are very bad racist managers of T&T.

        • Very well said Jerry. I want to emphasize the point being made about the ‘firing’ of over 20 ministers. It has been said and continues to be said by propagandists of the UNC that the firing shows ‘strength’. That kind of ‘strength’ can be measured in different ways. For the purpose of really understanding the word we should visit and understand it’s meaning – noun
          “1 enormous physical strength: power, brawn, muscle, muscularity, burliness, sturdiness, robustness, toughness, hardiness; vigor, force, might; informal beef; literary thew.” It would appear that in order to arrive at that work some kind of condition has to exist first. In the case of Kamla’s strength, all of the 21 or so ministers that she fired were first condemned by the public. Kayla never initiated the case for firings, the people did. In other words the people first rejected her ministers and stated unequivocally that they did not want them. That fact came out loud and clear before the firings. Another fact is that these people were first hired for ministerial positions. In most democracies, those being considered and rendered suitable for such a position are vetted by way of intelligence gathering, work experience, suitability, education, competence and a host of other credentials that are not otherwise readily available on the streets. So, if a minister is so named because he/she like the PM and she offered that ministerial position, it means that nothing was put into the investment of that offering. It also means that those ministers were really ‘nothing’. As the song writer Billy Preston says “nothing from nothing leaves nothing, you gotta have something to be with me”. I am saying in essence Kamla’s strength in these firings is not an indication of strength but weakness. Why? Because the decision to fire was already made by the public – they did not want them. All she did was followed their advice because as he is the one with the authority to so do. The other case is that those were people not worthy of the appointed position in the first place, so her firings were confirmation that she made a mistake in the first place. Not a single one of those fired had anything going for them totally on their own in the first place so guts were not the needed word to fire them. It is amazing to see how this government behaves. First they want to choose who their opposition should be. Kayla has to learn that we are a democracy. It is true that some of us mockingly call her “Her Majesty” but that is NOT a literal salutation Kamla. There is give and take in a democracy. We know that you put Wade Mark as Speaker of the House and more often than not he accedes to your wishes but in a R-E-A-L democracy the stupidity of the Prime Minister in wanting to punish the Opposition just because she has the majority in the house is a case of folly and puerility. Kayla has to understand that the rules for a parliamentary democracy was not made based on the readings of the Gita (I know she swore by it) but those rules and regulations which we adopted from our former masters were based purely on judeo/christian concepts that offered ‘give and take’ a special meaning in Parliament. There is no exactness in that exercise. We must get the most out of our parliamentarians and we can’t know that if at every twist and turn they are stymied by the Speaker of the House because they do not hold a majority. What is Kamla afraid of – the truth?
          There is no doubt that we are learning something new from Kamla everyday. And what we learn of her does not enhance her character but rather cause us to wonder, why in the first place did we think she was good enough to be prime minister? We learn each day that we were duped and try as hard as you will Kamla, we are not going to make the same mistake again. You are being found out for what you are and DO NOT COUNT ON OUR IGNORANCE to get elected again. We understand the lies, untruths, propaganda, misuse, misinterpretation, PR, the inducements, cunnings and smarts employed in order to dupe us into making the same mistake twice. You have given us a lot to think about in the last five years and we know you are behind ALL of the steps and missteps that you so cowardly use an excuses for your cunnings. We notice that the worst condemners of Dr. Rowley are the Judas’ of the PP. Namely: Andy Johnson, Rodney Charles, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, Morgan Job, Gladiator, Errol McLoud, Cleavon Raphael to name a few. They have gotten their 30 pieces of silver and will do anything to justify the claims made by Jaishima Leladharsing, that those belonging to this particular group will do anything – for a few pennies. Well, Leladharsingh looked at them an knew he read them right. In the days of slavery, they were the first to go tell the master that their fellow slaves were not pulling their weight. And so, they gain NO respect from us either. Racism has flourished under Kamla. Every move she made had race as her precursor. For example one of the real developments we had was a culture in Trinidad and Tobago. In order to please Sat Maharaj, she willfully changed our culture to ‘multiculturism’. What the hell does that mean? No one can explain that and what it is hoped to be achieved. Chutney is a fact of culture, calypso is a fact of culture, mauves langue is a fact of culture. Cote see Cote la is very descriptive of what have emanated from our cultural heritage even though their influences came from lands afar. The true fact is, what we really have in Trinidad and Tobago is culture not multiculture. Why must we continue to live a lie by this government? Everything that they do is lie lie lie. These issues must be confronted, vented and debated to arrive at a better consensus than what is being pushed down our throats. This is a government of madness.

      • http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,210264.html

        Go tell em Basdeo,and and delusional, party mouthpiece Monilal.
        If anyone should know about White color banditry,then,it must be you Papa Baz,aka ‘de National Divider in Chief.’
        After all,you and your cousins in Guyana ,have stolen more,while in power, than all the regional leaders put together,since they acquired independence,from White ,evil.,conniving Massa.
        Dem Guyanese -from Chedi Jagan, to Ramoutar-to their credit,took 20 years,but you ,and Kamla ,sadly,only 8 years . Every time we tried getting you in prison clothes ,you and legal goons ,cried tribal prosecution,and resorted to intimidation,against scared law enforcement heads.
        The morally bankrupt UNC/COP dominant PP regime,is nada but a celebration of tribal,country hating corruption,at it’s worst,for T&T,the region,and entire commonwealth,as a whole.
        Basdeo Panday,of “politics has a morality all of it’s own” fame ,by his actions as PM,set de tone,and proved to be the most corrupt PM ,in the history of our country,and since his ardent protege Kamla,embraced his “dis is our time”philosophy,has allowed -via treasury raids,rape of our state institutions,selfish nepotism,cronyism,and ancestral tribal forays-has allowed T&T,to degenerate,to new /unprecedented lows.
        Yeah Kamla,please call that overdue elections,and let the people decide your fate.
        Many cannot wait to kick you political bums, to de curb,and or ,back to that political wilderness, where ‘you alze’ belong.

        Speaking of which,so ‘where you at,’Dr Keith Rowley,aka de PM in waiting?


        Yeah we know ,putting dem symbolic ducks in order,as we like to say on the streets.
        UmMmmm,expanding your brand ,as a non tolerant -champion of anti corruption, stern discipline /sound ,post tribal -visionary leadership-who unlike(well intention,neo imperial, Papa Defy Eric Williams,clueless George Chambers,and Black poor folks ,despising ,fake Christian Patrick Manning,before you,weren’t be afraid ,to bare your knuckles to anyone,where warranted ,to advance our country in a positive direction-when it comes to critical matters,of deep socio -economic-political importance.

        Translation:-‘My house is strong ,and no one shall push it down…who God bless no man shall ever curse… he shall never hunger or ever thirst,….he shall be first,….I will not be afraid of what man can do to me….whosoever diggeth a pit,shall fall in it, ehhhhh “Vanella, Manning,Penelope ,ex AG Ramlogan, dead beat dad /female.abuser, Pundit mp Shama,and Kamla?

        Sing along with Ras Shorti I founder of Chutney Soca..OOooops,our National art form ,Soca.
        Well,..same.difference,and who is checking?


        Long live de Republic of Tobag…oooops T&T!

        It’s a jungle out there folks ,so stay vigilant!Don’t be side tracked, by escapist ,psycho babble,as perpetuated by intellectual peons,party hacks ,self serving revisionists clowns ,and worst yet,dem most obvious, paid ,country hating ,cyber whining agents .
        Call names people.,and ah go whistle…ehhhh TMan ,Mamboo,Trini Rawoils,intricate,Swordfish ,and Caribou1?

  • We live in a world where finding fault in others seems to be the favorite blood sport. It has long been the basis of political campaign strategy. It sells newspapers. Whenever we meet anyone, our first, almost unconscious reaction may be to look for imperfections.
    Our nation and our politicians are riddled with numerous imperfections. What is problematic is how we interpret and view the imperfections in others. When we discolor interpretations of individuals with our own biased and subjective parameters of race, religion, sexual orientation,physical appearance, gender and intelligence, then we are as imperfect as those we seek to condemn.We often are all not mindful of this fact.

    • We are very much aware that you are trying to moderate your views because the guns are aimed at our queen Kamla the I of Trinidad and Tobago. She no longer has Anand Ramlogan to divert attention from her and so has to expose herself from the shadows. We also know that you and others arte protective of her because she is the PP and there PP is she.
      But her behavior is erratic and that is what we have to deal with. She wants to choose her own Opposition and she does not want any criticism. Those two are critical to maintaining a democracy. As the saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen”. She knows what time it is, so, all she has to do is cll the election. May 24 is the end of the line of her five years. she needs to go to the people for a new mandate. No amount of blogging can escape that reality. You and others should be mindful of that fact. We realize facts are only ‘fact’ when it is in your favor. The reality of fact is that she cannot evade calling the date because no amount of anti-Rowley campaigning can change the image of her performance which is dismal and contentious. The sooner she calls the date the better.

  •  “When we discolor interpretations of individuals with our own biased and subjective parameters of race, religion, sexual orientation,physical appearance, gender and intelligence, then we are as imperfect as those we seek to condemn.”
    There it is ,’in ah nutshell,’folks,the Trini machinations ,of members of ‘de me,me,-gime,gime-dog with ah bone-brown -neo triumphalist tribe,’as articulated by our Christian prestige school educated hero Tman.
    He and kind,can come on Trini Center Nation,and repeatedly indulge in character assassination ‘of the other,that they naively feel, are their sub human-inferiors,but when you decide to not only expose them,then simultaneously take a sledgehammer,to de head,knees,shin ,elbows,and any soft tissue sector of the person, all of a sudden,you are the uncouth,uncivilized,racist, and bias cretin. Go figure.
    Their leaders can trot their Mandela kumbaya,along with de Rodney King ‘why can we not get along punchlines,ever so often ,use/discard,ride the backs of Afro Kinky Head nation,while they in turn ,repeatedly turn de other cheek,for these neglectful bastards to kick.
    Don’t be intimidated people,or lulled into complacency,for too much is at stake.
    If anyone was to ever look at you,then claim that nation building was going to be easy,then tell dem,dey lie!
    You have a moral responsibility,to stand up/push back,with a view of enhancing your country’s national interest.

    Stay vigilant people!

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