Footballer charged with breaching peace

February 19, 2015 –

Kennya CordnerKennya Cordner, star striker for the national women’s football team, appeared in the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with using annoying language to provoke a police officer to commit a breach of the peace.

The charge alleges that on Carnival Monday night, Cordner was outside Ma Pau on Ariapita Avenue when the music was shut off abruptly and she allegedly called out to some police officers nearby, asking why the music was stopped and complaining that they could not even wine on the police.

She was subsequently arrested and taken to Woodbrook Police Station and charged with the offence.

Cordner pleaded not guilty to the charge yesterday and will return to court on Monday.

She was represented by attorney Martin George.

Cordner, who hails from Tobago and wears the same No 19 jersey as her idol Dwight Yorke, has represented Trinidad and Tobago for several years.

2 thoughts on “Footballer charged with breaching peace”

  1. Hey! If this story is as written. I’m willing to contribute to this lady defense. Why do we have these old outdated laws in Trinidad. Time we stop the silly practice of locking up people for words.

  2. Yep, throw de book at her! Disrespectful bastard!Off with her head!I say castration is in order as well.
    Oooops ,wrong gender…then maybe not,as one never knows, with these testosterone laden,potty mouth Chicas.
    Hey Ray,your point is taken,re some of our opaque laws,still stuck on our books.However,breaking them ,ain’t the way to effect changes,is it?
    If Barrack Hussain Obama sister from Siparia ,ummmmm…Kamla B ,and her neo-populist PP regime , get their way,one day pretty soon-perhaps before the next elections-Cuz Kenyatta Cordner,will be legally able to smoke all the weed she want, Anil Roberts style.
    She would likewise be able to date ,and eventually marry any fellow female of Choice ,in true Euro-American fashion,if that too is her passion.
    She would be allowed to walk with her magnum,Tech9,Smith &Wesson,or Glock(strapped on her waist, or stuck in her bikini jockstrap ) anywhere across crime laden T&T,in efforts to protect herself from mainly African savages,since Commissioner Williams, and his 20,000 ,highly trained ,SRPs,cannot do so adequately.
    Until then Ray,she has to comply with our laws,as she and others ,certainly would ,if they were residing in ‘one oh dem ,’more advanced /Metropolitan-Industrialized, Euro fiefdoms, many of these country hating bozos, love to brag about,hmmmmm?

    Hey Kenyatta, go make us proud ,by first qualifying for a World Cup,and better yet ,bring back some hardware,and you can walk all over T&T naked, or even stone ,and cuss our new Minister of National Security, papa Alfonso,and no one will raise a finger at you-trust me on dat.
    Otra vez,until then,obey the laws of T&T!
    Speaking of national heroes,and law breaking,and how is our Diego Miss Universe, Wendy doing these days folks?
    Yeah ,giving de middle finger ,to tribal self promotion hater,former AG Rammy,who hopefully would do time ,for one of his well documented misdeeds,before Caroni Water Buffalos begin to talk ,sing or better yet, do de Tassa whine.
    I luv dis land, Y tu?
    Stay vigilant T&T!

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