Demolition of Greyfriars Church Halted Amidst Protests


By Ryan Hamilton-Davis
December 01, 2014 –


This is how Minister of National Diversity and Social Integration, Rodger Samuel, saw the demolition of the historic Greyfriars Church of Scotland on Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain, on of all days, Sunday, the Sabbath for most Christian faiths.

Samuel, a pastor, lamented the near complete destruction of the church even as his ministry has been in talks with its 84-year-old owner businessman, Alfred Galy, on preserving it as a heritage site. Even more outraged than Samuel was his adviser, Dr Nurah Rosalie Cordner who risked her life, climbing onto an excavator to stop the demolition crew of contractor, Don Ramdeen & Co, from tearing down the centuries’ old church.

A small group of activists also joined Samuel, and his adviser in their defiant stand.

The sound of the excavator disturbed the quiet of Frederick Street, on an overcast Sunday morning. Cordner got an alert about the demolition and stood between what remained of the church and the excavation when she got to the site.

The operator refused to shut down the excavator when she called on him to do so. She admonished the operator and the contracting company for disobeying a rule of law which states that the moment a person stands in front of any heavy machinery, it must be immediately shut off.

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8 thoughts on “Demolition of Greyfriars Church Halted Amidst Protests”

  1. This was the best Satire I ever read!
    You’ve described in detail the racial composition of Trinidad and the position/power they hold::
    1. The Chinese Mayor;
    2. The Christian Priest who is also an appointed MP (race does not matter for this position);
    3. Female Muslim Doctor and MP
    4. Afo-Trini Landowner/Businessman;
    5. Indo-Trini Contractor/Construction;
    6. Community (people)

    But more powerful, your message was clear:

    1. MP are risking their lives for the community,
    2. People care about each other and they will call authorities when they see unusual activities;
    3. Public Officials are available, even on a Sunday;
    4. Landowners and public officials negotiate with each other;
    5. Workers will risk their lives to save women,even an MP

    Great Article!

  2. So I think the PM is doing a great job and a newspaper better stay out of politics.
    Just a nice article and this is why we love T&T So MUCH!

  3. There has to be sites that are considered historical and therefore cannot be torn down unless the building is not repairable. Unless this happens building from the colonial era would be erased from the landscape. The historical society should petition the government to formulate such laws that protects and maintain historical buildings…

  4. These buildings from the colonial era belong to their descendants, many of whom are too wealthy or busy traveling the world to care about upkeep and maintenance.

    We need to move forward and not backwards (Per Mr. Shah).
    Eric Williams PNM era was riddled with corruption, but most of the documents are missing or censored. My question:
    When he died, why did his staff clean out his house before notifying the anyone.
    He loved cars, but nothing is mentioned about how many cars he owned.
    What was in his will and how much money, stocks, ownership, interest did he leave to his children?
    Why was he always mentoring little girls and not little boys?? He surrounded himself with his MP’s children (all pre-teen girls). Why was Erica upset with him and why was he so obsessed with her??

    He had some serious mental issues but like all leaders, the PNM paints a great hero…but he has many secrets that are covered up. Don’t believe everything you read…

    This building serves as preserving His-Story, not yours or any of the poor in T&T.

    1. Now Indira, you seem to have some information about him. Whereas, for myself, it’s like saying why was his former wives of different races despite being well supported by the Fat Arse Brigade(FAB) at home? The mannequin of Kamla touted by Roget in POS was self-defeating and compare the statement made by her in Parliament about him. Woman is boss!

  5. Gotta love you Loyal Trini..
    I wondered about his choice of wives and his roving “blind” eyes and deaf ears. “See no evil, hear no evil.”

    His mother was an elite creole (with some French Aryan blood) from a wealthy family. I believe that he was groomed to become PM from an early age by the wealthy elite of Trinidad (the descendants of the 25%).

    All of his papers and publications were carefully edited by close scholar friends, in fact nothing was ever published without an expert review. Williams was an average student and not the presupposed scholar. He attained a scholarship on his 3rd try, while V.S. Naipaul got it on his 1st.

    There are published documentation that delineates where the elite and their children…nonwhite Trinis, who are directly linked to the government and their investors, traveled all over Europe in the early 70’s, stayed at the best hotels, ate at the finest restaurants, had their condos paid for, lived in the best neighborhoods of USA and Europe, all during the time of extreme poverty in Trinidad. These elites that control how people survive have an ingrained policy of “out of sight, out of mind” with not a care in the world because they know they will have jobs throughout their lineage in T&T

    The requirements to become a senator in T&T are simple. You need to be 18 yrs or older and a citizen. These basic requirements are for the children of the 2 political dynasties.(maybe that has changed over the years).

    Perhaps this PM should take a lesson from Urugay and not follow in the steps of Alpha Condé..
    NYT had a nice article:

    Perhaps it’s time T&T update their text books and show the truth about both parties…

  6. When the British elite got their greedy hands on all the colonies, they took more than their fair share. There are millions of poor Brits who are sorry about the British colonization. But one fact remains..the Brits taught their former slaves who to control the poor and keep their investments going.

    There needs to be a Poor People Movement and it will happen soon. People all over the world are distressed at how the wealthy are getting greedier from China to Trinidad…

    It will happen soon, maybe not in my lifetime, but in my children’s..

  7. “I wondered about his choice of wives…”

    Hey Indrani / Indera Gandhi, based on your expert research, I was on the verge of stating , that de Faddah of our -entire-Nation, in Papa Deffy Eric , was way ahead of his time, as far as Post Racialism, but then remembered, that he only had a hard on / loved, White Women, Africans , and Chinese.One significant type, was prominently absent ,from the list of his amorous adventurisms, Y por que,mi Chica? Although I doubt it -since no evidence can be produced to substantiate such- you and fellow , self obsessed ,tribal,PP mouth piece , Royal Trini,might be on to something, he was anti South Asian folks ,huh?

    As for your extremely intellegent ,Literature hero, in that hateful, despicable , Euro Wannane ,English bloke, V.S Naipaul, let’s do a comparative analysis, and see how things stack up, si?
    That self loathing, national ingrate, based on his views , and writing, one sensed that he obviously despised all Europeans, starting with dem evil Colonials, who treated his Papa , and the rest of you allze indentured ancestors, as if they all
    had de Black plague, or leprosy, yet ,one observed he just like many of de clan,to this day, choose1 instead,to solely blame ,Afro Trinis, for all his , and your people, misfortunes.
    Sad , ain’t it?

    Seeing that you are so obsessed with the types of females , men are attracted to , hope the irony did not escape you , that he too married a White woman, then proceeded to treat her, like a piece of trash , all her life , until her untimely death.
    In addition, he only was able to acquire some literature fame , in the post 9/11 era ,in 2002 -after decades of unsuccessful lobbying- due to his disgusting penchant ,for denunciation of anything Islamic /Muslim. Not to be outdone however, the opportunistic bastard, went on to marry a desperate Pakistani Muslim woman.

    Go figure.
    Tell you what Indrani / Indera Gandhi, give me de Faddah of your nation ,Basdeo Panday, and all of our Nation, in Papa Deffy Eric, any day, our that unpatriotic bozo , V. S. Naipaul, and why you ask?
    Well, the former went to Mama England, to study law , but did a few acting classes on the side , then he turned down a Commonwealth Scholarship from ancestral India, to study Politics, opting instead to return home , to help his people, or so he claimed. Translation, Baz turned out to be a better actor, than many envisioned, as this elite creature, spent his entire life, pretending to care about poor , and needy, be it in his tribal camp , or outside. As PM, he was able yo outshine every leader in the Commonwealth, as far as blatant corruption – outside of Nigeria of course, then turn around and blame Afro Trini racism , left , right ,and center, each time they attempted charge , much less jail his tail.
    As for Papa Deffy Eric? Well ,once he had his fill of Europe, and America, he returned home, became a Spiritual Baptist, in theory, then proceeded to ignore Africans ,from the 4 corners of this country, while appeasing, Indo Trinis, but most importantly -much to your consternation- never showed any amorous overtures, to any of their delicate women.
    One would think that you of all people , would adore Papa Deffy Eric, but no, Basdeo, and VS, remained your idols.
    Since you as a Yankee educated lawyer, is so highly skilled, with powers of deductions, give me your honest views of any of the following scenarios , Sistaz Indrani / Indera Gandhi:-1. If Basdeo Panday, was PM Eric Williams, and his Party – heavens forbid- was in charge all these years , as opposed to the African dominant savages ,that was the PNM. Where would a female ,like say your Auntie Kamla ,be today-a Prime minister, or barefoot, unedaaaucated ,and hungry Grandmother, with 45 kids , and 200 grandchildren?
    2. If one time island scholar, V. S. Naipaul ,was a Jamaican, and not an ungrateful , non patriotic Trini, then after winning a Nobel Literature prize-for hating on Muslims -and not giving Jamaica any credit,during his victory speech, how do you think dem Yardee folks ,would have dealt with him? Give him their nation’s highest National award, like we idiot Trinis, or stone him, and ever member of his family, each time they attempted to pass through the Norman Manley airport?
    3. Which former PM would quicker get Piarco Airport renamed in their honor , under a PP, or PNM administration, Pappa Deffy Eric, or Basdeo Panday, the not too closeted White color bandit, with the uncanny penchant for checking his online stocks , or offshore Bank account balance, on his laptop,while sitting in Parliament, during important House debates?
    Watch folks , as de usually Cyber loquacious ,Indrani / Indera Gandhi, push her head , into a Los Bajos, Zandole hole, as she ain’t touching this , with a 10 ft pole .
    Maybe Cuz T Man is correct, when he stated dat de woman is clueless, re the affairs of T&T , and should instead ,”..find another outlet for (her)orgasmic adventures?”
    I’m stealing that line Bro T.
    Just as I was on de verge of defending de Chica”s honor, as Britney said in song- “ooops ,(she) I did it again”- she placed her hoof , in her gigantic craw, by attempting to once more ,denigrate African heroes, yet would stupidly act surprise , when members of Afro Kinky Head Nation, takes a sledge hammer , to the heads of those that belong to her tribe.
    Sorry folks , but America , just ain’t churning out dem smart lawyers, they once did . Then again ,maybe she went to ‘one oh dem’ unaccredited, online Schools ,out there in ‘Kalifornia,’ ehhhhh TMan?
    Hey buddy, you and I will sip an ice tea , or some of that expensive Vodka, next Carnival,when you ans the wife are vacationing ,as I see we patriots , can occasionally have a meeting of de minds, when it comes to our T&T.

    Yep ,we look with contempt at any fraudulent creature, who passes themselves off , as learned – especially if they try to talk from all 6 sides of their mouth, on subjects they know nada about.
    Luv humanity people!

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