Truth be told

By Suzanne Mills
October 10 2014 –

Armoured Personnel CarriersWhat I’m about to say will likely be deemed harsh, but it is my view that MPs serving in hotspot communities should not ask for or receive armed security and should definitely not be more protected than the residents who live in their constituencies and face the same threat from criminals as they do. It can also be argued that an MP who is guarded is less likely to do his or her best to bring crime under control and that until politicians stand the bounce for their misguided policies, they should not be spared from having to look over their shoulders.

It’s interesting to hear the Opposition Leader insist that we must determine who the perpetrators of crime are in this country, when he and many of our politicians may be unwittingly knocking glasses with these very perpetrators at cocktail parties. These are the mafia who are responsible for the murders in the ghettos, for the murders of young black men; these are the mafia whose trade in drugs is killing our country and these are the mafia that the police will never catch or arrest. If we must separate the criminals from the law-abiding, as the Opposition Leader insists, we need to start at the tip top of the rotten totem pole.

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2 thoughts on “Truth be told”

  1. Jack Austin Warner goes into Chaguanas West & Laventille without security detail…right? OR wrong?

  2. One cannot get to the top of the “Rotten Totem pole” Who would want to get there,? when it is safer at the bottom .

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