Rowley blasts TT support of UN security resolution

Sunday, September 28 2014

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarOpposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday lambasted Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar for Trinidad and Tobago’s co-sponsorship of a United Nations Security Council resolution on the fight against terrorism saying it was best for TT to have passed up on the occasion.

TT cannot afford to declare war on terrorists “at a time when you can stay away, ” Rowley said.

The resolution, supported by over 90 countries on Wednesday, was put to the UN Security Council by US President Barrack Obama in New York.

Rowley addressed constituents last evening at the People’s National Movement St Ann’s East Constituency annual conference at the San Juan North Secondary School in Bourg Mulatresse on a range of issues.

On the issue of TT supporting the resolution in the fight against terrorism, Rowley said “in any international issue, you put Trinidad and Tobago interest first.”

When people behead someone “little Trinidad and Tobago has to be careful to walk among the gears and don’t get crushed,” he said. He said when the backlash comes from TT’s sponsorship “they (current administration) know they will not be here to take it.”

In his hour-long address, Rowley never addressed the issue of Thursday night’s shootings in Laventille in which three men were killed and two others injured, and a subsequent shooting attack on the Besson Street Police.


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  1. Rowley was at St.Anns when he blasted the PM for joining the fight against community leaders aka terrorist. Word is there was a bed shortage at St.Anns.

  2. Ron and Mamoo: Don’t know what planet you live on but Rowley is right.
    Cockroach have no business in fowl party because cockroach will be eaten by fowl.
    When someone creates trouble, the have to live with it. Innocent bystanders should not drink bush tea for another person’s cold especially when they deliberately created the climate to contract that cold.

    1. “On the issue of TT supporting the resolution in the fight against terrorism, Rowley said “in any international issue, you put Trinidad”–Rowley

      Dr. Rowley is living way in the past, today with “globalization” the world is intimately connect, meaning small or large global issues affect all of us. Currently there are Trini jihadist up to and over 50 fighting in Syria. Two days ago a man was decapitated, his head found a short distance away. We can go back in the past and see how terrorism almost destroyed Port of Spain and the rise of murder is directly associated to the events of 1990. Yes we don’t stand alienated from the global theatre.

      Recently in Venezuela a number of Trinis were arrested with hard evidence, some were returned to TnT due to the pleading of the PP, however some are in Venezuelan jail to this day because of clear evidence of plans to destabilize that government.

      The truth is the US does not need our help or support to fight the jihadist elements. TnT however cannot afford to be an idle spectator in the international scene. We need all freedom loving nation to stand together and that take strong leadership, something that is sadly lacking in the PNM, they prefer to cozy up to the terrorist.

  3. International Relations is a very complicated subject matter that is neither easy nor easily explained. Sometimes, today’s enemy is tomorrow’s friend and likewise, today’s friend can become tomorrow’s enemy. Dr. Rowley is simply saying that given the volatility of world politics and ideologies, sometimes there best position to hold is that of an admirer, not a supporter. Being a supporter can gain you attention you never bargained for, whilst being an admirer does not elicit the same recognition.

    1. “A country like ours needs to be part of the global agenda against this terrorist movement that is spreading and it is going to spread. As I said, 15,000 fighters from 80 countries already there. These people move back and forth within their countries, they have been indoctrinated and radicalised by the ISIS agenda, which is global jihad. It is not intended not only for the Middle East. They want to establish a worldwide Ummah as it were, a Caliphate that is run along their own ideology, which is an extremist form of Islam.”-Ralph Maraj former PNM appointed minista of Foreign Affairs.

      1. This is not surprising coming from Ralph Maraj and similarly not surprising that you find it comforting. Again, the issue here is not about terrorism. The danger is about using and spending our international reputation to fight it. Saudi Arabia can because they have the military backing to do so, Israel can because they have the military and intelligence to do so but Trinidad can’t even conquer the common criminals in our midst, but by advertising ourselves as a fighter on the international stage we are in fact advertising to the world that we are capable of doing it. This is the real issue that Dr. Rowley is speaking about. I know the UNC strategy is to negate anything that Dr. Rowley’s name is ascribed to, so naturally you guys are saying that he is wrong to to support the fight against terrorism, let me be clear – HE IS NOT SAYING THAT. Do NOT misconstrue his words, please!

  4. Hypothetically speaking, had all three people been citizens of TNT who were beheaded, would the U.S. and other governments wanted to do anything about it?
    If thats not good enough reason to not act, we should ask what would happen to TNT if it were on the ISIS radar?
    There are so many leaks and fractures in TNT domestic society and policy that need to be addressed before TNT can take a firm stance in its global policy.

    1. During the 1970 black power revolution who was the first frigate that arrived on the shores of T&T and set off some shells? Terrorists are not only moving about and around only, alot of them are home grown supporting movements such as ISIS. Therefore the home grown arm chair politicians such as some bloggers here need to understand the difference between political awareness from political consciousness. I’m sure the Tobago Granny told the wajang grandson never take anything for granted because she knows the hand that feeds can be bitten by who she is feeding. To ‘do’ or not to ‘do’ is the question.

      1. “1970 Black power revolution… frigate on the shores of T&T,…set off some shells..feeding hands, Wajang grandson To not do do?” Go get some rest, Royal Trini, for you are rambling on , in an incoherent fashion!
        Now ‘wait a cotton picking moment,’and, didn’t Papa Sat Maraj, not make a decree , soon after the shellacking of his party, in the recently concluded THA elections,that no member should consume intoxicants during this Holy period, so why is Trini Royal , defying his head guru? Maybe de Legalize ganja bill was forced into law,by these PP governmental blokes?
        Ok, I take that back ,as no one actually still listen to this delusional , octogenarian irritant Sat anymore ,…outside of his ardent political disciple, Auntie K.
        Last I checked , he admonished all Trinidadians, to punish desperate,historically neglected Gonians, for having the audacity to vote their conscience , as part of their hard won Constitutional Rights , and one of several PP female bashing , drunkard MPs, in Dr Glen , ignored him?He then demanded that Auntie K fire him, and before one could say, curry Salipainter, or jerk tatoo, he Glen was chopped down to size, as an irrelevant back bencher.

        Seriously, Trini Royal mi Amigo, no need to talk in this convoluted codes.Simply say what you wish to say in plain language, as the American , Canadian , and or British blokes ,ain’t going to take back your ill gotten citizenship,acquired in .ummmmm ….1986, simply because you choose to speak your mind on one of their numerous neo imperial policies.
        Hey , speaking of my late, extremely wise, Tobago Granny of mine Otra vez, her advice to yours truly, was -“plain talk, bad manners!”
        Let me guess,unlike me , you unfortunately ,grew up in a Tabaquite Catholic orphanage,operated by sadistic nuns, si?


    Ain’t this clear vindication for de Tobago Wajang, turned high end geologist, and of course PM in waiting?
    Hansard, would indicate, dat he purposely warned , the female political neophyte , and her delusional handlers, dat in de words of my late , extremely wise, Tobago Granny, dat “monkey knows which tree to climb!”
    Leave grown folks business alone , as it can have dire consequences.
    Focus on developing our T&T.
    In International Relations we refer to this barbaric reaction,to assaults by Global hegemonic powers, and their close allies, as ‘Political Blowbacks.’
    May global peace , one day become a reality, and equal playing field justice , become more than a catch phrase.

  6. The myopia is real in the PNM
    Firstly, other Caribbean partners have also ‘co-sponsored’ this resolution including Jamaica
    Secondly T&T has already been listed as having persons leaving our shores to join in the growing terrorist threat from ISIS.
    This means all and sundry, from cockroach to fowl, has been drawn in this fight.
    Far too often, the PNM members let petty politics influence their opinions in such an obscene manner.

    I hope they never return to government.

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