British High Commissioner: Media making pornography out of crime

By Geisha Kowlessar
June 04, 2014 –

British High Commissioner Arthur SnellThe media in T&T could be a voice for change but instead they make pornography out of crime, says British High Commissioner Arthur Snell. Snell, a member of the Rotary Club, was delivering the feature address at the club’s luncheon at Goodwill Industries, Fitz Blackman Drive, Port-of-Spain, yesterday. Focusing on the topic, Taking Responsibility, Snell also zeroed in on the issue of childhood.

He referred to nine-year-old Jadel Holder, who was murdered with his brother, Jamal Brathwaite, 15, at their home at Coconut Drive, Morvant, on Sunday. Holder and Brathwaite were made to lie down and shot in the head at point-blank range. Snell said: “What does it mean to be a nine-year-old boy? “That’s a transitional age. You are a little child but you are now becoming aware of the adult world. Maybe you are just discovering that your parents are not always right.

“Sometimes you ask them a question and they don’t have an answer. The nine-year-old boys that I know still like a really cool toy that does something clever.” Before shock, outrage and horror could be expressed over the incident, he said, it was important to note how it was reported. He quoted media reports in which people who were interviewed shortly after the murders said sooner or later they were bound to happen. One neighbour reported the boys kept bad company while another described Holder and Brathwaite as “terrors.”

“So the message here is pretty simply, ‘Yes, it is sad but it was their fault. It’s not our responsibility…’ Blame the kids, blame the mother, blame the absent father and if that fails, blame the police. “Demand they take tougher action, arrest more people. Don’t worry there is no evidence, this has never worked—just do it again. It’s not our responsibility,” Snell said.

Saying taking responsibility was something people were not very keen on, Snell said it was his belief that Holder’s murder was the responsibility of everyone, including Rotarians and other citizens. “It’s too easy. It’s too convenient to say that these boys got into bad company. “I want to know what’s happened to a society where a small child who gets into bad company ends up shot in the back of the head. So who’s taking responsibility for that?” Snell asked.

He also referred to an instance in which a daily newspaper published a front-page photo of a man’s severed head on a table. On what impact this could have had on young children. Snell said his daughter, who was five at the time, was upset by the photo. “Perhaps Jadel Holder saw that picture and perhaps it taught him to value human life a little less. How many other children saw that image? What is the impact of this on young minds? he asked.

He added: “I am not questioning the sanctity of freedom of speech. I am questioning the sanity of the editors that decide to put these images on the front pages. “There is a very simple word that describes degrading, exploitative, sensationalist vulgarity in the pursuit of commercial gain. That word is pornography,” Snell added. Snell then turned his attention to those whom he termed his “own people”— diplomats.

He said: “We come and spend a few years here. We have our little vanity projects. We compete between the different embassies… who has got the best media strategies, who has the fanciest party. “We inhabit a little exclusive world of self-congratulatory circularity. We occasionally make carefully planned forays into pre-sanitised so-called ‘hotspots’ before we retreat behind the high wall of our embassies.

“And how many of us diplomats can honestly say we have done anything to change the world that Jadel Holder was born into?” Snell asked. He said it was far easier to bemoan the state of the nation at dinner parties and then simply move on.

No escape for politicians

On politicians, Snell asked what example they were setting and to what extent responsibility resonated with the political class. “In the Westminster Parliament, we used to talk of political decisions being made behind closed doors in smoke-filled rooms. In this country it seems that a different sort of activity goes on in smoke-filled rooms,” Snell said. He said he had lived in T&T for just over three years and had devoted a considerable amount of time understanding the politics.

“But I am genuinely unable to discern any distinctive policy of any major political grouping in this country beyond ‘when we are in power we look after our people.’ As far as I can tell that seems high on the manifesto,” Snell said.


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  1. The High Commissioner is right. It is something that I have been saying for some time “don’t exploit the suffering of the poor for filthy lucre”. The media is like a vampire thriving on the blood of the fallen. It is always bad news that make it on their front pages. They hardly ever report the enormous progress the government is making. They hide the good news somewhere in their paper for the purpose of political appeasement.

  2. I am amazed that the British High Commissioner would give such a view so openly, especially the last sentence which would only polarize our community further. If he wishes to make the point of the de-sensitization of press reporters in articles that they publish i.e., reflective on the value of life right here in T&T then that would be all well and good. What is the connection of political manifestos have to do with such?

    1. why would it polarise the country. he said what everybody eith half a brain knows. this country’s politicians seek power for personal gain for themselves and their friends and family.
      the only polarisation this statement could cause is between right thinking people and the corrupt who are denigrating our country and stealing our children’s future

  3. This High Commissioner must be confused about his role in the independent nation of T&T. Does he believe that he is the Governor of T&T , assigned by the Queen? It does not matter if the contents of his speech are accurate or inaccurate. Is it diplomatically acceptable for him to critique the media and the politicians of T&T? Should he be recalled by the British government for publicly interfering in the affairs of an independent nation?
    The role of a High commissioner is to attend to Visas, provide services to his nationals in T&T, issue passports, attend to bi-lateral relations etc. I do not believe his role is to provide commentary on the affairs of the host country. Let us forgive him because of his youth and inexperience and because he speaks the truth.

    1. Forgive him for what? we should take up our responsibility towards our people the way he is showing. His child is a born Trini. I defend his defense of his daughter’s country!

    2. TMan, you are wrong again! This man is not just the British High Commissioner, he is the father of a son, who is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and it is his moral right to care for what could happen to his own son. There is no breach when you are acting in defense of your loved ones. Diplomacy has its merits and borders of ethical boundaries but when you are concerned about the life of your loved ones, it sometimes become necessary to cross those boundaries.

      1. I wonder if he is as concerned about the mistreatment of Black people in London. I just returned from there and observed the appalling living conditions and lack of opportunities for people of colour. Also, crime rates are higher in black areas and discrimination is common place.
        Kian, your extreme bias seems to be an obsession with you. Your negativity will poison your soul….have you considered therapy? I can be of help here.

        1. I think that you are getting very personal and out of control of your assessment of issues. I disagree with you on issues and explicitly state my disagreement based on the moral and ethical barometers that I think are deserving to be attached to a particular issue. What you are doing is stating a biased opinion on what you believe that I ought to think instead. Most of the positions that you espouse are based on what I consider to be your DNA, which means that you are pre-disposed to a solution before you examine it. That kind of thinking might be cultural or biased or both but negative is not the word for my expressions. I view my thoughts as objective and I give reasons for my objectivity. On the other hand you if you think something is bad you say so and expects to be left alone with your thoughts. I this area you have serious short comings. When you make a good point I do come out and say so but your standard of reasoning is collective rather than individual.

  4. When a high commissioner feel the need to speak like this then we know that “we gone”. Britain is one of our oldest friends and mentor in the game of politics and we learn most of our public behavior and Westminster system from them, but since we have lost the politeness, kindness, respect and tolerance that our forefathers left us, selfishness has crept in ‘big times’. Taking responsibility is a forgotten act in Trinidad and Tobago. It used to be that we are our neighbors keeper and vice versa but it is now a country where leadership has virtually “gone to the dogs” and there is NOBODY to look up to for a word of wisdom or enlightenment. Our Prime Minister speaks after the facts and when she does, it is always when consensus has already determined what the next logical step should be, then she acts. Wisdom is never forth coming nor is enlightenment a featured response. We have a three-blind-mice type of government with a social agenda that is exactly what the British High Commissioner says, “we take care of our own”, so if you are not part of those taken care you are then left on your own. Where are the people who consoles? Where are the p[eople who set the standRDS, WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO MONITOR and engages public behavior? There are None none none! We are in a state of the blind leading the blind and no authoritative sources that we can seek refuge in. We are in the pits@!

    1. You have misinterpreted the words of the Commissioner. His reference to “taking care of our own” was not specific to the present government but referred to all governments. Also, his negative reference to politicians referred to all politicians. Your negative obsession with the PM and the Partnership is your right. Maintaining objectivity is certainly a challenge for you. You criticize the thoughtful decision making and consensus building of the PM , but you seem to prefer the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotional feelings of the Opposition Leader who shoots from the hip without thinking. If we are “in the pits”, it is nothing new. We were in similar positions under successive PNM governments. My friend, think about what is motivating your indignation. It might be an excellent exercise in self-revelation.

      1. Surprise the usual tribal apologist, did not blame some PNM operatives , or rather, Afro Trinis ,for having the Ambassador in their pockets.
        T- Man my friend , I advise you to quit talking like an ignoramous-which I am certain you aren’t .
        The man has been Ambassador in T&T , for 3 years, during which time your PP government ,has been in charge.How the hell could he be referring to all governments-especially those from the past.
        OK ,….ummmmm… I take that back, for it was Kamla’s mentor Basdeo, who coined the phrase”dis is our time.”
        Listen to the braying /suddenly outraged donkeys.They love it when the media was given a tongue lashing , by their much adored, White ,Euro Massa, but are suddenly revolted , as he had the temerity, to take a few jabs , at their neo-tribal policy devoid, regime.
        One can only speculate, how many of them , would eventually jump off the Caroni Bridge , and Financial Complex, when the anachronistic Privy Council , finally give the middle finger ,to UNC high end financial crooks, and dear pals of Papa Basdeo, Ish , and Steve. To the entire world these two corrupt , white color bums , just suffered a major defeat , in their quest to avoid prison,for their various criminal misdeeds , but to the phony legal luminary AG Rammy? That’s Vindication, or or victory. Go figure!
        To the entire world , including our new hero, in COP Chairman, Ms. Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan  , this MP /Sports Minister Anil Roberts , out of control character ,is a Weedhead ,/dope fiend, that should have no part of her party , much less , a government portfolio, which can have influence on our young people, with impressionable minds ,but his PM , is still waiting on the swing vote , criminal cuddling bandit , to conduct his own investigation of himself, then submit a report to her, on if it’s really him rolling ganja, in a smoke filled room, laden with low end , simi literate , mental degenerates.
        ummmmm, and sing with me and the great Bill Trotman folks – “What de monkey see , de monkey do , and dem children looking at you. You a corrupt , dope fiend , monkey do dat too. You an abusive , bully mama , monkey…you a racist spiritual leader ..monkey do dat too..

        Hopefully, it won’t be too long before , our country is rid of these political comedians, or as the wonderful Ambassador might say -rogues , and vagabonds, si?
        My advice however ,to the PM in waiting, in Dr Rowley ,is this – get your political house in order Doc , for the T&T, that kicked out your arch enemy /political nemesis, in Sando arrogant , clueless ,vindictive , anti Tobago, Patrick Manning , and elevated Kamla in his place , ain’t the same today.
        They are less tolerant of political stupidity, and morally repugnant ,socially callous ,uncaring leaders, more hell bent on cronyism, and self aggrandizement.
        Be forewarned!
        We need visionary leaders , who can talk the talk , when out of power, then walk the walk, when granted such, ennnt?
        I love this land , Y tu?

        1. Listen, Neal what’s so wrong with smokin’ a lil joint in a hotel room, if indeed it was Anil. The paranoid taboos related to weed has long been lifted everywhere in the universe, including your favorite city, Zoo York. Politics is a very stressful occupation requiring some kind of relief. Why are Trinis so hung up about Gays and pot smokers. At the same time they are drinking themselves to death. So many FBIs in T&T (Fat Belly Indians….from rum. It is about time they move into the 21st century. Even Canada is presently passing laws to make it legal to sell sex but not buy sex…figure that out, my friend! Dookeran and his protégé Carolyn Seepersad Bachan are enjoying this opportunity to put Anil in his place. Maybe the Media should investigate Dookeran’s student days in Winnipeg…there is a lot to uncover….hyprocrites …all of them.

      2. TMan, in journalism one must maintain a certain degree of integrity and in this respect I wish to concede on one sentence of your reply where you said “His reference to “taking care of our own” was not specific to the present government but referred to all governments. Also, his negative reference to politicians referred to all politicians. ” Whilst I give way to that as not using the exact spoken words, you cannot escape that in our democracy we can only have one government at a time. UNC supporters operate on a medium that when things go good is Kamla and blame the PNM, when things go bad is the PNM. NO, my friend you cannot have it both ways. YOU BLAME THE GOVERNMENT IN POWER. In the United States today, if we have bad weather and the people don’t like it, they blame OBAMA. Obviously, in a scenario this is wrong but the point is, those who have sworn in to run the government are the only authorized representatives to run the affairs of the state, no one else. When you guys go wrong it your custom to say “PNM did it too”, expecting a bligh because you were caught with your pants down, but from a strict view and laws of governance. Case in point , we the UNC came into power, one of their first acts of absurdity was to cancel the delivery of the OPVs. even though hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on hardware, training and planning. That was a dumb political decision for which we are still paying the price but there was nothing the PNM could do about it because they are not the government of the day. So, don’t come with this ‘holier than thou’ attitude in the matter of a simple quotation. You and those supporters who see you only hope is to demonize Dr Rowley, will use any and every effort to make him your scapegoat, but, fat chance the people knows who is the Prime Minister and who makes those stupid decisions and they know how those decisions affect us in the street. The few and connected are very well off by this administration (no bones about that), but in the process every institution of government is in the pits! Yes in the pits! It would take a government of courage, knowledge, expertise, commitment and patience to bring us back to where we were pre 2010. You and all those whpo try to say otherwise know that but try to give us the impression that while the UNC holds the mantle, it is the PNM who are responsible for the state of affairs. Total rubbish, you guys are using the methodology to the caste system to govern and that WILL NEVER WORK IN TRIONIDAD AND TOBAGO. In case you too don’t know what I am talking about, the caste system pre-determines who are to be doctors, lawyers, professors and priests and the rest are supposed to obey and be respectful of them. The caste system determines that the Brahmins are the rulers and all else must obey. By the way, Kamla is a Brahmin.
        What you want the rest of us to do is apply the Brahmin rule to Kamla but that will not work period!

  5. Good show, Mr. Snell, you have lambasted the people who report crime, the people who talk about crime and others who may become the victims of crime, but not one word about the people who commit crime.
    Maybe in Mr. Snell’s world, if the newspapers stopped sensationalizing crime, it would go away.

    Mamoo, I like this: “They hide the good news somewhere in their paper for the purpose of political appeasement.” I can always rely on you for a ‘wow statement.’

    Loyal trini, you did not get it? Mr. Snell is saying, that looking after their own people is high on the manifestos of the political parties, and not necessarily after the needs of others like nine-year old Jadel Holder.

    1. The probability of a possible outcome of an event is between 0 and 1. A favourable outcome is one in which you are interested in allowing bias. Got it! Mr. Snell the Eurocentrist has breached diplomatic values by interefering with this nation’s values. Reminds me of Lady Diana referring to her royal in-laws as hypocrites after receiving so many gifts after visiting a developing nation but laughing at these said people during supper at Buckingham Palace. Children in the US and Canada have been mowed down by bullets by their own kind. These are the articles that we read about depending on the journalists to print and publish them. T&T is no different.

      1. What value system are you declaring here, loyal trini? Do we have a problem or not? Statistically, the children in those placea you call are safer than here. I want this country safe. I don’t care to compare to anyone else. Wether the statements came from a village meeting in biche, a rumshop in quiname or from the rotary club, it is true, and spoken from the heart.

        1. When you have a diplomatic portfolio as a career then you need to follow protocol. That’s policy for every nation even if you’re based in Afghanistan. You have the gall to talk about safety of children. Some of these men from Canada and US who go to places like Indonesia, Thailand etc. and use young children as sex slaves whilst at the same time making sure their own is safe and well protected at their respective homes. So now, go and check the stats that have been recorded right here in T&T based upon the cases that have been reported and you will be blown out of your socks as to the illicit activities that are taking place in homes with young children and fathers, stepfathers etc. Now you have bullets flying all over the place. Gone are the days when it took a village to look after the children. Go and roll a joint and figure!

          1. “..go and check the stats that have been recorded right here in T&T based upon the cases that have been reported and you will be blown out of your socks as to the illicit activities that are taking place in homes with young children and fathers, stepfathers etc.”RT

            Tell us something, that we ain’t know already know ,Royal Trini.Why de hell do you think , your fast talking , but do nada PM ,’ fired lifetime Social activist , Auntie Verna St Rose from her government, one month after grabbing power , with the help of Jack Warner?


            Tell you what Royal Trini-Every child’s death by negligence, ignored physical /sexual abuse , neo tribal -forced suicide,pro Islamist, criminal gang enhancement project, and government supported , racially skewed, anti African people policy , that is encouraged by her Hindustan Head guru ,Sat Maraj, is a blow to the future legacy of your Prime Minister, and her UNC dominant , PP party.

            Ambassador Snell lamented , that even after living in T&T for just over three years , to date, he was was unable to decipher if this country was truly moving forward, regressing, or more so, gravitating to ‘Failed state ,’ status.Can we blame him ?
            “… I am genuinely unable to discern any distinctive policy….in this country beyond ‘when we are in power we look after our people.’ As far as I can tell that seems high on the manifesto,” Snell
            Translation-“Dis is our Time !”Basdeo, and echoed by smiling ,Cabal Chair woman Kamla.
            Don’t we miss the days , when our President , was the moral champion of our country,and did not hesitate ,to fearlessly , push our political , and civic leaders , to do the right thing?
            We miss you President Ellis Clarke,ANR Robinson, and Professor Richard, and fully understand , why you guys were so despised , by ‘dem unmentionable barbarians.’
            A drunken MP groping , publicly berating , then threatening to fire an airline stewardess?Another fake Pundit MP ,and dead beat dad, pummeling his outside chick , in front of his outside child mother, and their illegitimate kid, in public, all with the full knowledge of his dear , docile wife?
            A weed head , sex freak MP, between bouts of hotel room orgies, boasting in gleeful fashion, for the benefit of the cameras, about his drug indulging exploits? Not only would these acts be denounced by all of the above three mentioned ,T&T Presidents, but would be cause for an early election, in any real, law upholding democracy.However , this is T&T, where, in the words of Baz,the ‘Faddah of their Nation’ “politics has a morality of it’s own.”

            Thanks Mr Ambassador for calling out these self serving , morally repugnant political bums , we are now stuck with.
            Don’t worry Mr Ambassador, for the diarrhea of the mouth ,comedian-critics ,such as Euro -T-Man, Royal Trini, and Berbice /Mayaro drunkard Mamboo, and others of that world , would love you again, once you are prepared to speak up , in support of their anti Afro -Trinis , phony genocidal, refugee claims , come 2015 when kicked into the political wilderness , by savvy voters, just as was done by your predecessor , in 1986.
            Ain’t this something? Folks with no conception of politics, and the subtle realities of Diplomacy,are huge critics of members of the Diplomatic core.
            Let me guess, these pitiful folks, naively believe ,that the only function of a Country’s embassy ,is to issue passports, hand out Visas,and help their lost citizens, with problems , in a host country, and what folly!
            There is work to be done people, so stay vigilant, si?

          2. ‘We miss you President Ellis Clarke,ANR Robinson, and Professor Richard, and fully understand , why you guys were so despised , by ‘dem unmentionable barbarians.’ Your forked tongue, anti Indian mentality, de-guyanarization poet -so you think?, skews your brain to the point of even placing President Hassanali as a barbarian. It is either you are so inebriated with babash that your pen reflects the prejudicial ink placing you in a cesspool of senility. One minute you are kicking out the Canadian police commissioner in T&T who was making inroads in solving crime compared to your days as a deadbeat cop and now you are welcoming the British High Commissioner in interfering with policies at home. Your Tobago Granny should give you some walloping on your behind.

  6. I believe that Mr. Snell is batting out of
    His crease and that his conduct should be reported to the UK Foreign Office.
    It is wholly unacceptable and a breach of diplomatic protocol for a High Commissioner, who is really a guest in our country, to comment adversely on domestic affairs. Would he have done so if he was stationed in the US? I doubt it.
    Mr. Snell receives certain privileges and immunities by reason of his diplomatic status and not otherwise on the understanding that he will function as a diplomat and abide by diplomatic protocols and rules.If he chooses to depart from those protocols then he should surrender his diplomatic status and return to the UK. In default of so doing he should keep his mouth shut on our domestic affairs and keep to the task at hand of fostering better diplomatic relations between our country and his.

  7. Have you ever wondered why so many secret videos on the exploits of government ministers are now surfacing?
    Who has access to secret technological equipment to bug hotel rooms and other places?
    The answer is simple. PNM supporters employed by the government. As the election approaches watch for more exposés, revelations, and secret files revealed by the Leader of the Opposition.

  8. You nailed it Kian, and again, it exposes the absolute hypocrisy of the ethnic cabal. Yes, if the nation is doing good, “is because awee in power”. If there are is a negative, “is them black man fault”. Unfortunately my friend, when the prism through which some view reality is shaded by their cultural learnings, that skewed perspective will always represent their outpourings.

    1. “aawe in power” Whose fault is it when the whole of Parliament was found to be culpaple in voting Section 34 by the Court of Appeal? Is it Black man fault? when the whole of PNM, UNC, COP have so many lawyers in their respective rank. Your tinted lenses are skewing and prejudicing ‘minds’ who cannot think for themselves but follow unwarranted diatribe.

      1. You got it all wrong Loyaltrini. No matter how much you may disagree on policy, there comes a time when something is presented to you and it satisfies all your logic, you will say “yes”. It does not matter if your bitterest enemy presents it, as long as it stands the test of reason you will agree. That’s what Section 34 is all about. While the principle was agreed to by all, the promulgation and timing was manipulated to those who were not deserving. So, whilst you are correct that all agreed. The UNC manipulated to include the criminals Ish and Steve in their plans by proclamation of the act in the wee hours of the night/morning. This is parliamentary dishonesty!

  9. You sound like Ms.Manning with breakfases what the heck is ‘bitterest’? These officials are elected and paid by us to represent us, if they want to sleep then that’s their damn business, meaning they do not have the stamina to debate buster. The 57 page document can be summarized as:

    Mendonca JA, Jamadar JA and Smith JA

    1. There was no error of fact by the trial judge or any factual error that would affect the outcome of this matter (paragraphs 22-37);

    2. Two settled constitutional law principles (paragraphs 38-42);

    3. There was no breach of the separation of powers principle (paragraphs 43-65);

    4. There was no infringement of the rule of law (paragraphs 66-76);

    5. There was no breach of the due process protections of the Constitution (paragraphs 77-84)

    6. If there was a breach of any due process protections contained in the Constitution they were not shown not to be reasonably justifiable(paragraphs85-99);

    7. There was no breach of any legitimate expectation(paragraphs 100-107);

    8. There was no abuse of process(paragraphs 108-111); and

    9. There was no populist pressure which would have any bearing on this case (paragraphs 112-114).

    ‘the promulgation and timing was manipulated to those who were not deserving’ what convoluted BS!

  10. Quoted from the desk of Janet Gibson:

    The section 34 fiasco as it was called then is much ado about nothing.

    There was or is no such thing as early proclamation. Proclamation is what it is, proclamation.
    Section 34 along with a host of other sections was proclaimed on 31st August.

    The question is was there a set date (in the future) after 31st August for proclamation.
    That will determine late or early proclamation.

    As I have said on numerous occassions, the legislators do not know their role.
    MP’s / Legislators believe that parliament is a place to score points and indulge in empty
    debates about pictures of KPB’s house and cut and paste emails.

    The role of an MP / legislator is to make law. The population has over the years become accustomed
    to the maximim leader / PM as being the boss so the role of the legislator /law maker is lost to the mind.

    Opposition law makers must sit in caucus and examine the draft proposals presented by the Government.
    Hammer out those proposals and make meaningful contributions to the formation of law.
    The opposition lawmakers must rely on information provided by various government departments in their
    contribution to the formation of law.

    Opposition lawmakers cannot now vote to proclaim law and then cry foul when the law is imperfect.
    Incite the nation to march against a non-issue called early proclamation causing mass confusion.

    The opposition lawmakers who have legal training (Mc Donald, Hinds, Al Wari, Cox and others)
    are aware of this and should not hood-wink the population into believing that only the Government is to

  11. The bottom line is that the Justice system is severely flawed. This case has been tied up in the courts for over a decade. either because of the inefficiency of the courts or the legal manoeuvering within the law by Ish and Steve.
    Section 34 was duly supported by the entire Parliament. Was the law applicable to some and not others. Did the applicability to Ish and Steve suddenly make it a bad law?
    Proclamation of laws are regular occurrences. So it seems that it’s a good law if it frees a drug dealing murderer , but a bad law if it frees Ish and Steve, two men who have not been found guilty of anything for over a decade or more.

  12. Of course these two corrupt , UNC financial backing clowns , and close pal of ‘De Faddah of your Nation,’ in Basdeo ,”have not been found guilty of anything for over a decade or more..,”T-Man.
    They have been using their stolen loot, to prevent the course of justice, and worst yet, possess, an un-elected, fake legal luminary, turn AG, who will not fail to use his entire State apparatus , to protect them, and subdue media outrages.
    The so called backward Jamaicans recently convicted , and sentence to 35 years in jail, one of the most popular , Dancehall ,musical celebs in the world, foe his atrocious ,criminal misdeed.
    They gave /extradited ,a community , drug pedaling , neo terrorist bandit to Eric Holder , and his FBI boys, for past atrocities .
    However , you criminal cuddling bozos , would find any, and every excuse in the world , to defend this monstrosity, while simultaneously, giving your Tin pan soldier, turn Minister of National Security , top dog , the green light to bring in over priced ,armored vehicles, to shoot down ‘Afro -Black hen chickens ,’ in places such as Lavantille, Beetham, Never Dirty Morvant, Upper Gonzales Belmont,and Caranege .
    Ummmmm, and how is that weedhead , drug fiend Sports Minister , affair coming along again?
    Yeah I know , you and your PM , won’t dare to touch an influential, out of control swing vote chief , and Islamist ,criminal appeaser , with a 10ft pole, and why?
    “Politics has a morality all of its own,” and so said Papa Bas, aka ‘de Faddah of Your Nation,’ si?
    Translation-We could denounce any, and every past, governmental collaborations, with community activist , when out of power , but once in , can thus get into bed with them, all for the almighty vote.
    Oh, and by the way, our kids are out of control, but the only ones who should be blamed , are their parents ,many of whom, are doing time , for victimless crimes , such as having a few ounces of weed, like their Sports Minister.
    These Hypocritical Country hating bastards!

  13. The media in England could be a voice for change but instead they make pornography out of crime and the working poor and racism.

    This British High Commissioner is surrounded by white smoke.

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