Not having the Capacity to Manipulate God

By Stephen Kangal
November 26, 2013

Stephen KangalGod can be neither at the side nor at the front of the Prime Minister if the tenets of Hinduism are applicable. She said that she puts God in front of her. Then she walks after Him. Consequently all that she does is what God does because in her own words, repeated ad nauseam, she walks after God. All her foot-steps are determined and fashioned by Him because that is the only way she can walk behind God.

Now this is a simple statement. But it is pregnant with meaning, insinuation and propaganda. It constitutes an infringement of the fundamental principles of the doctrines of Karma, Free Will and the universal concept of Divinity itself.

The concept of God is One who is all powerful, omnipresent and omniscient in all religions. We imperfect and sinful human beings do not have either the right, capacity or the privilege to manipulate God.

In all sincerity we cannot claim to have placed God in front of us and then to be walking behind Him. That claim itself portrays our actions as being infallible because we would then be walking in God’s footsteps and He is infallible.

God very much walks behind us or He is observing us from above. He wants to see what we are doing. If we put Him front, that I insist we cannot, because He will not be thus manipulated, then we can play the fool and God will not see us although He is omnipresent and omniscient.

Now mind you our PM may be well-intentioned but she cannot claim to be putting God in front of herself, you or me because God is not subject to our whims and fancies. He knows His place.

He allows us the free will to choose between right and wrong, between good and evil, between the worship of the Devil or of Divinity. That is the expression of our free will to choose. It is that option of choice (cause and effect) that determines our Karma.

So that I reject categorically the statement/claim that we can put God in front of us. Such a scenario has implications, that, on the basis of deductive reasoning, can be considered sacrilegious and a violation of the mechanics and principles of Religion, Divinity, Free Will and Karmic philosophy. These claims and insinuations cannot be associated with the claims of a Head of Government of T&T that admits of the supremacy of the Almighty and All-Powerful in our Constitution.

5 Responses to “Not having the Capacity to Manipulate God”

  • Deuteronomy 13:4 Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him.

    How does the actual quote from the Bible relate to your article?

  • You can walk after the Lord but you cannot put Him there in front and say that you are walking in His footsteps. Walk here means following the precepts of the Lord and is not a physical fact of walking. God may choose to walk in front of you on His own volition.

    • You seem to be putting words in the mouth of the Prime minister. If the PM said that she is walking in the footsteps of God, then you must be the only person privy to that statement.
      Your interpretation of the PM’s statement is not only literal but shows a lack of knowledge of the scriptures.

  • The Prime Minister cannot logically place God in front and she follows. Anyone with a basic education knows that. What I believe the Prime Minister means is an acknowledgement of God according to her own “light” in guiding her decisions. She affirms her belief in a higher power when it comes to her decision making process. That is cause for humility as it allows the individual not to focus on “self” but rather a humble dependence on “her understanding” of God. It is important for a leader to utter such dependence because dictators are born out of a self propelled world view.

    The thesis statement for Western democracy is “all men are created equal and endowed by the creator with inalienable rights to serve God as their “conscience” dictates”. That means freedom of religion, conscience and belief as guiding principles of human existence.

    All leaders come with a certain sets of belief that guides them through life. Mr. Manning for instance depended on a “prophetess” to guide him in his decisions. Eric was a follower of the rosicution secret order. Robinson an Anglican and Panday a deep devotee of Hinduism. Belief in certain tenets dictates decisions.

    Moving away from religion to reality. 90% of our lives are per planned. Our ethnicity will determine much of how we perceive the world. Our nationality will dictate our cultural values. Our location in terms of where we live will determine how we are raised. Combined ethnicity, nationality, location and religious belief — all made for us until we can decide for ourselves. That is why we must not judge others too harshly. The person born in Saudi Arabia, would be Arab, Muslim and if a male highly privileged but if female an underprivileged– there is your 90%. You can select a person from any part of the world and with a general knowledge of the area predict most of who they are as a person.

    So where does choice enter into the equation. And how does the 10% choice changes everything for us??? That I will not answer as I choose not to my 10% at work.

  • Give God the glory to have a Leader of such responsibility to put God first in every thing that is done in Her power.I believe such a person has a heart of compassion and is seeking the welfare of the people of our countries. Let us not jump to conclusions. She may have found relationship in her heart to make such a confession. we are all God’s children. “For I say unto you, keep away from this woman and let her alone; for if this plan and this work is of Her it will come to nothing; but if it of God,you cannot overthrow it-least you be even found to fight against God (Acts 5:38-39).”

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