A matter of trust

By Raffique Shah
May 26, 2013

Raffique ShahI CANNOT quite figure out why so many people are shocked by Keith Rowley’s “revelations” in Parliament last Monday, or alarmed that the string of e-mails he read into Hansard; at first blush, appears to be as bogus as Clifton De Coteau’s black mop. Parliament has long degenerated into a theatre of the absurd, a forum for dishonourable members to slander and scandalise each other, an arena in which targeted citizens are crucified before hordes of reality-television viewers, a fate far worse than that which Jesus Christ is said to have suffered however many centuries ago.

I have long tuned out of that chamber of torture, from as far back as when I was a member. For those who may condemn me for admitting to such contempt, I remind them that Dr Eric Williams often switched off his hearing aid in the House even as some of his ministers droned on. I used to switch off mentally. Since that era, when things were already falling apart, standards have plummeted to unprecedented depths. There is but a handful of parliamentarians, mostly senators, whose contributions are edifying or informative.

So when a friend telephoned me last Monday to ask if I was listening to the bacchanal in the House, I said I wasn’t. It would not be until later that night, on television news, that I heard some details of the e-mails the Opposition Leader alleged might have been exchanged between the Prime Minister and the Attorney General. The following day, I read them all in the newspapers.

My instinctive reaction was that they were bogus. I could not see two prominent office holders like the PM and the AG carrying on with such conspiracies—well, that was the theme of the exchanges—in full glare of the Internet. I am close to dumb when it comes to cybertechnology. But I have read and learnt enough to know that whatever one does on a computer, particularly on the Internet, is monitored somewhere in the world, and could end up in the public domain. E-mails especially are easily “hacked” or intruded upon, and no “firewalls” or encryption can protect users from having their exchanges exposed.

So why would the Prime Minister and the Attorney General conduct such sensitive exchanges via e-mail? True, stranger things have happened: there are numerous examples of prominent people having “secret” e-mails exposed, or seeing themselves posted in embarrassing videos on YouTube or Facebook.

Still, I could not envisage Kamla and Anand exposing themselves in the manner suggested by the e-mails, leaving a trail of damning evidence that could see them swing. I had not yet noted inconsistencies in Rowley’s dossier—unrealistic addresses, wrong dates and so on. But I asked myself, why would Rowley lay in the House documents that appear to be bogus? Surely, he could have had an IT expert examine them and give an opinion on their authenticity or otherwise before taking them further.

Instead, he sent the dossier to ex-President Max Richards, who is no tech-whiz, and Richards forwarded it to the on-and-off Integrity Commission that, more than likely, has not even examined its contents.

I can conclude only that given the chequered record of the Government, its propensity for breaking the rules in order to achieve dubious goals, Rowley decided to toss a half-picked cat among the parliamentary pigeons and see who would scamper for cover, who will bare their backsides. They have committed so many indiscretions (and that’s putting it mildly), from the Reshmi Ramnarine affair in the beginning to sticking with and supporting Jack Warner’s shenanigans to the end, one can expect anything from them.

I imagine it against such backdrop that Rowley probably threw caution to the wind, muttered “choo pool”, and did what he felt he had to do. In the aftermath, the Government that revels in recklessness and lawlessness is crying foul. They should ask why so many people believe that the contents of the e-mails dossier are partly or wholly true. They should ponder the DPP’s call for expert forensic examination of the e-mails and his contention that the police do not have the expertise to conduct such investigations.

The police, in turn, should not feel “a how” about being branded incompetent to conduct a probe of this magnitude. In the Sea Lots matter, a vehicular accident that caused three deaths and rendered two other persons incapacitated, it took several weeks before the offender was charged. Worse, it then emerged that a critical blood sample had been contaminated, hence inadmissible. So if they botched such a simple investigation, if their general crime detection record is woefully low, how can anyone trust them to bring a high-tech issue to a speedy conclusion?

When it comes to abuse of parliamentary privilege, the Government cannot point an accusatory finger at Rowley. They said nothing when, a few months ago, Warner abused that privilege to name persons he accused of plotting to destabilise the Government, which is tantamount to treason. The victims, among them Vernon de Lima who spoke on the Partnership platform in 2010, sought to have their names cleared, but to no avail: the Speaker did not offer even an apology.

Ministers have attacked the characters, threatened the security of journalists who were guilty only of doing their jobs. Other citizens have had their names dragged in the parliamentary mud, with no recourse, no hope for justice. During the State of Emergency in 2011, the Government used Parliament to proclaim a plot to assassinate the PM. Several men were arrested and detained. They were later released without explanation or charges. Nothing more was heard of that plot.

How can we trust a Government that has committed these atrocities and more? Must we blindly accept that your hands are clean and your heart is pure? That’s rhetoric for the herd. For thinking people, it’s not fit to be heard.

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  1. “The police, in turn, should not feel “a how” about being branded incompetent to conduct a probe of this magnitude. In the Sea Lots matter, a vehicular accident that caused three deaths and rendered two other persons incapacitated, it took several weeks before the offender was charged.” Uncle Shah
    Just happy , he did not , in typical fashion say , hand this investigation over to our Tethron pals , in Gang green, for sadly a low caste , kinky head soldier ,was murdered , about what , some two months ago, under the watchful eyes of cameras,and after one competent forensic pathologist claimed murder, and another asthma , his family ,is still awaiting justice.


    Rumor has it , that is death ,was due to his decision to spill de beans ,of certain common , unwholesome activities ,within his organization , but I ain’t have jail clothes , so i’ll leave that alone.
    As my, extremely wise , late , Tobago granny would say,’pot have no business telling kettle , he bottom …..,’ well.., you get de message , eeehhh folks?
    I Luv this land!
    For de record however , let me add, de Guyanarization of our T&T must never be allowed to occur. There likewise ,Opposition members , patriotic critics , and cross tribal progressives ,are negatively labeled, castigated, politically harassed , demonized , and denounced, by all and sundry ,while apologist , and benefactors ,break bread , and gloat about culturally driven achievements.
    Speaking of which, I spent two weeks in Guyana , and up to the point of departure ,could not get a chance to see a monument in honor of murdered Afrikans folks in Jonestown, or visit a real museum, to honor Dr Walter Rodney, and yet? Well, I did jog across the soon to be demolished Demarara Bridge .Stay tuned !


    Still optimistic , and plan to do some follow up visits.

    1. Neal, Guyanaization has already begun. As Raff has said, it has now become the norm to call the names of ordinary citizens in the Parliament, anything PP, no matter how ridiculous, the Speaker allows. The Opposition is another matter, they are most often chastised, monitored and warned by the Speaker. I noticed an opposition MP was warned for repeating something a previous opposition speaker had said. It’s a house where only the members of the government are allowed to make uninterrupted contributions. The government can have Reshmi, SOE, allegations of assassination, Section 34 etc and what we hear from them, it was “missteps”. Can we truly say that this government offers hope? In parliament the PM, just because she is the PM, “steals” the speaking position of the private member who brought the motion, instructed the Speaker to bring him before the Privileges Committee, he obliges, then send the matter to the police for investigation (does that make sense?), it may not but then this is the new reality – Guyana!!!@!!

      1. ” In parliament the PM, just because she is the PM, “steals” the speaking position of the private member who brought the motion, instructed the Speaker to bring him before the Privileges Committee,”(KIAN)

        The Speaker and the PM are simply followed the rules of the House which permitted her to constitutionally and legally speak.
        The PM did not instruct the Speaker to do anything, knowing full well that no Member of Parliament could instruct the Speaker to rule in their favor.
        These are the kinds of desperate, prejudiced and misinformed statements which are filling the airwaves of T&T. The question has to be posed, Why are some people finding it so difficult to accept this government even from the first day they took office? Here with this “steals” reference, we have a typical example of deception and an attempt to portray and stereotype the PM and her government as dishonest individuals. How disgraceful!
        Now we have certain disgruntled elements exaggerating and providing lies and innuendoes to rationalize their inability to accept this government. If they are so bad they will be voted out….the people are always right, just ask Manning.

        1. TMan, I agree that you role is to try to make the government look good under any circumstances. I write as an observer and the source of my information is the media, my own personal experience, publications, public information, protocol, and public behaviour of elected officials. Your comments seems to suggest that the PM can do anything she wants to do and at anytime because she is the PM. If your reasoning is correct, then US can send a drone to the home of Ish and Steve because they are considered enemies of the US by reason of their ‘wanted’ status by the Justice Department. The point here is, you just dont do things because you can do it. The law says that a person should not kill another, yet people do. This is an occasion where a private motion was brought against the PM, she did not show up to debate it, the motion was discussed in the parliament and she had qn opportunity to make her contributions on the floor and she refused to do it then. The mover of the motion sat down, listened to his detractor who denigrated him in every way and form, he sat down like a man and took it. the PM chose to abstain then. When all the debate was exhausted, she could have gotten to add to the fury, by protocol AND PARLIAMENTARY PRACTICE the mover of the motion speaks last in order to address his critics.n So, he got up, replied to all that was said and satisfied himself that the motion was now in the public domain for discussion. This is when your goodly PM rose to speak. That was rude and unparliamentary of her and this deserves to be said. Your comments is nothing more than a distraction that twists parliamentary practices like a kingdom in the domain of the PM.

          1. Parliamentary practice also frowns upon four no-confidence motions in a three year period against the PM, the last being the most frivilous, based on improper and highly questionable evidence.
            FYI, Rowley was not seated in the House for most of the Opposition replies.
            Your reference to drones as a comparison is bordering on ludicrous.Smart parliamentarians follow the rules of the House and use them to their advantage, all perfectly legal.
            As I said before the people are always right in a democracy and if they are disgruntled enough with this government they will turf them. You see, forming government is the only avenue for upward mobility and employment prospects for most members and their followers on the Opposition side. The PP and their followers represent individual initiative, free enterprise and personal success. They would be successful in or out of government.

  2. Many years ago Explainer’s calypso “Kickin in Parliament” gave a summary of what goes on in our Parliament today. I am amused when the Speaker referrers to MPs as honorable. What is honorable about most of the present crop of MPs?

  3. I am disappointed that Raff brought up the “Reshmi affair” in this article. The persecution of this girl by Rowley and PNMites exploited by the media is frightening. One media outlet ran an astounding over 20 wajang stories on this girl for the purpose of political defecation. On the contrary Toruba’s billion dollar stadium stands as a white elephant of PNM corruption never really got any media coverage. Where was the voice of the politically deleterious press on this issue. Silent on real issues loud on bacchanal and heresay.

    As for emailgate, Trinidad would perhaps be the only democracy where an Opposition Leader presented a set of comical emails and then demanded the government resign base on his macoing. Rowley has proven to be a better maco than Manning who set about deliberately to maco from the President down. It is now a PNM tradition to maco and then go to Parliament and say ” look what I havefound”.But this is the nature of bacchanal politics. Unlike the host of talkshow ramblers, Shah takes a somewhat sanitized view of this emailgate episode. Parliament sunk to a new low when the Rottweiler let loose. As per entertainment value I would give this whole thing a blunt zero…

    1. “Parliament sunk to a new low…………..” and so did the Republician party during the “Watergate” fiasco of the seventies.

  4. Truth always triumphs.Several years ago I discovered that to communicate by e-mails is more accurate than telephone conversations.Some people “lie” repeatedly during a telephone conversation,and unless said dialogue is recorded your efforts to embarrass them are futile.E-mails (“e” electronic mails)are consistently “accurate”….They record the date and time of the transmission.An omission of “one” character in an e-mail address informs the sender that your attempt has “failed”

    I have three e-mail accounts..Yahoo,Google,and Hotmail.Google is the largest “search engine” on this planet.Whenever in doubt about the Internet consult with “Google” and rest assured that they “will deliver” The e-mails which were presented by the Leader of the Opposition (Dr.Rowley)I have read and printed “each one” There are “sources and methods” to determine their validity.

    Of course!there are “hackers”….someone or some group tried to “compromise” my bank account.Canada’s largest bank (RBC)repeatedly instructs its clients “how to deal” with “hackers”.I followed their instructions,and for some “unearthly reason” there are a few people who refuse to converse with me about anything anymore.

    Truth manifests itself in countless situations…….

  5. TMan, the only people who frown on the no-confidence motion is the PPP who do not want to be criticized or is afraid to be scrutinized. Democracy puts no limit one’s right to get to the truth, my father paid the price of loosing his job in the oilfield because he questioned the authority’s denial of his right to strike. Today, people like you take it for granted that you can do that even though many had paid heavy prices in order for you to earn that right today. Your PM and your Speaker are arbitrary in their use of influence in the Parliament and those of us who see it as an intrusion will not be denied the right to say so. Democracy is also not a spectator sport and I will not sit in the spectator’s seat while players like you go on using the field of influence to hoodwink those that are not privy to the truth. When in doubt, you try and try again until you succeed. No amount of persecution will deter right thinking people that there is not corruption in this regime. Every day we get word of another world government who has no confidence in this regime and your denial of this stops no one from believing. If and when the PM agrees, the people will have an opportunity to say whether we want to continue to have the PPP in government, of this I’m in total agreement with you. But dont ever try to hoodwink people who have access to these blogs that somehow Rowley is abusing his privilege because he brought to our attention behaviour that might be questionable in the highest corridors of power in TT.

  6. ” The PP and their followers represent individual initiative, free enterprise and personal success. They would be successful in or out of government.” T – Man

    Please people , ain’t this the ramblings ,of a man on some form of uncontrolled substance? Who exactly ,does he think , help put ‘Her Madrasstrick Queen K,’ and her UNC dominant PP ,in power,and so qualify to be categorize ,as he put it ,”PP and their followers?”
    As your Guyanese cousins would say,’No Banor,’it was not only folks from Central, Tacarigua, Tunapuna, Aranguez , ElSecorro ,and similar enclaves,but more so ,a cross section of multi ethnic / racial , along with varying political strands ,from all across our nation.
    ‘You allz ,’ need to get it in your thick skulls T-Man,that it weren’t becasue they were enamored with Aunti K , and her slick talk,and ‘Obamaish postings ,’ as given to her by crafty media handlers, or becasue they suddenly trusted Suraj Ramlogan- the way Jack Warner naively did-or Goopiesingh, de medical Professor of UWI Trini Asian genocidal studies.
    Rather , it was only because they wanted to send the arogant leaders of the PNM,a message, and here it is.
    Go into the political wilderness for no more than five years- as is the T&T norm-then return to the people , with progressive, win/ win policies.
    The clock is ticking T-Man , and the people are watching , and trust me when I say , they don’t give a hoot about the sensibilities about your leaders , since they too,obviously care little about them. This ain’t the change voters envisage ,I can tell you that.
    As for this comedian turn speaker Wade Mark…. Please don’t get me started . He is making , the self hating creature ,Uncle Morgan Job , look like the Dalia Lama , in comparison. Remember him , when he was holding a UNC portfolio? Here was his mantra:-‘All Afrikan folks were evil, their women were ugly, their kids were dunces, and without , his Indo Trini citizens counterparts , T&T , would have drop off the ocean.
    Now he is pedaling unreadable tripes in airports , and across media entities , trying to make a living , while still irrelevant.
    This man Mark , has given his entire soul in furtherance of the UNC’s interest, and what did he get in return , pray someone ,tell me!
    With such an abysmal , post Trade Union – com political ,track record , between him ,and de other Afro camelion ,Errol MC Cloud, the roaring lion , George weeks, and Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler , must be turning over in their respective graves, Si!
    “Neal Guyanarization has already begun….”Kian
    Your point is well taken Cuz Kian , so on that note , let’s therefore, do all in our respective power , to halt any further Guyanization of our T&T , ehhh?
    ‘Where my T&T progressive at,’ and ain’t our Twin Republic an unpolished gem?
    I Luv this land. Stay tuned!

  7. “The PP and their followers represent individual initiative, free enterprise and personal success. They would be successful in or out of government.”……………………..TMan.
    Your statement has confirmed my analysis of you and the objective of your participation in forum such as this. Your objective? -Show Indian power. You said it yourself when you said, “They would be successful in or out of government”. This, unfortunately is the objective of Her Majesty, the seventh standard lawyer, the doctor that nobody knows where he got his Phd from, the famous UWI professor and Principal, the constitutional law upkeep professor and others like them. The objective, unfortunately is Indian power and NOT nation building. When people of every stripe decided that Manning must go because of his arrogance and personal hold on power, they thought that handing over power to her majesty (a women) would bring about a better understanding among people and would foster positivity among the various tribes that live in T&T. Their dreams were a futuristic hope of what Trinidad would be, being lead by a woman of substance (their view, not mine) and so all of Trinidad would be happy. With the coming of those aforementioned, everything that were inching down, slid at a faster rate downward, with missteps after missteps occurring at a paste that would never would allow a national conscientious to occur even though our political philosophy were different. When noticeably, all Africans in high position were stripped of their jobs and replaced with Indians or professional public servants were replaced by incompetent Indians such as Reshmi the message became loud and clear. Your message reeks as that of Sat Maharaj and the hope that you will eventually build a nation of haves (the Indians) and have-nots (the Africans). Most of it achieved with the help of Africans who yearn personal power for themselves but would never find comfort in the company of their benefactors but had the personal satisfaction of achieving a position of importance.
    TMan, you are both a competitor and an inspiration to me by enlightening us to the cause and objective you strive for.

    1. “all Africans in high position were stripped of their jobs and replaced with Indians or professional public servants were replaced by incompetent Indians” (KIAN)

      A totally false statement which reeks of racial prejudice.This is the sort of uninformed garbage that is being floated by the PNM propaganda machine.

      When I say that they would be successful in or out of government, I am simply stating a FACT.
      Competition is good for the soul and for ensuring success. This does not mean at the expense of others. Western civilization was successfully built on free competition.

      1. TMan, in reply to my statement you said “A totally false statement which reeks of racial prejudice.This is the sort of uninformed garbage that is being floated by the PNM propaganda machine.” Question, was ‘Reshmi’ fact or fiction?. I know you always have an answer. I await your reply.

        1. Your statement was,“all Africans in high position were stripped of their jobs and replaced with Indians or professional public servants were replaced by incompetent Indians” (KIAN)

          Do you really want to defend this statement?

  8. Mamoo, the Reshmi Affair will remain in the minds of the people for decades. After the people had said, “yes, we got rid of the PNM and their corruption,” they were slapped with Miss Reshmi even before the ink had completely dried on their fingers. It was like a betrayal of their trust and loyalty, something like a heavy horn. So the people will be in tabanca mode for years to come.
    What is equally disappointing, is the fact that our educated, son of the soil AG, keeps referring to the things that the PNM did in the past to either justify or lessen the wrongs his Government is making.
    Overly disappointing is that he mentions Patrick Solomon and John O’Halloran – two dead men.

    1. Acoording to Wikapedia:
      This is Rowley education.
      “A geologist by training, Dr. Rowley has been the representative for Diego Martin West since 1991.”

      This is PM eduation.
      Kamla Persad-Bissessar attended the University of the West Indies, Norwood Technical College (England), and the Hugh Wooding Law School. She was awarded a B.A. (Hons.), a Diploma in Education, a B.A. of Laws (Hons.) and a Legal Education Certificate. In 2006 she obtained an Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Trinidad.[6]

      You have to have an education to lead TnT. Rockheads like Manning and Rowley have nothing going for them, except tribalism. Eric will be turning in his grave if he knew Rowley was leading the party he founded….

      1. Wisdom is not a matter of how many pieces of paper you have, it is a matter of whether you have it, and how you use it.

  9. Kian
    Your statement has confirmed my analysis of you and the objective of your participation in forum such as this. Your objective? -Show Indian power. You said it yourself when you said, “They would be successful in or out of government”.

    Thank you Kian. I have been pointing this out for ages. That is why I take the position I do with the two most ardent Indian supremacist on this site. This is the mindset that has created friction in societies like Fiji, Guyana and T&T, and must be identified and vociferously opposed in all of its manifestations.

    I mean the pattern proliferates across the plane. From Dinesh Desouza to these in here, you see a replica of what African Americans contended with in the deep south, and still do today in many parts of America. They are not different. The problem is that we are so accustomed to associating certain attitudes with a European personality that we often fail to take cognizance of the fact that those attitudes and mindsets formed the basis of religious and social thinking in India long before they became fashionable in Europe. So the fact that migration and time has not diluted the pervasiveness of its influence should not be surprising, because its benefit is both psychological and material. It is we who must resist it, and ensure that we do not become human carpets for them to walk on into a sense of supremacist self worth.

    1. Rodwell, both TMan and Mamoo are UNC in body, spirit and soul. they have the tedency to look you in the eye, lie without flinching, state falsehood and represent it as fact. The case of Reshmi is a clear case that supports my assertion that they got rid of a professional Col Joseph and replaced him with Reshmi, a clear case of getting rid of a professional and replacing with a novice. But TMan’s integrity permits him to call me a liar. He does not like when I do this but it is also a clear case of his Hindu background. Neal is correct, yourself Neal and I must use this forum to keep integrity in play.

      1. Your statement was,“all Africans in high position were stripped of their jobs and replaced with Indians or professional public servants were replaced by incompetent Indians” (KIAN)

        This is a false statement which cannot be defended.

        “He does not like when I do this but it is also a clear case of his Hindu background.” (KIAN)

        Although I am not a Hindu, I really do not see the need to cast aspersions on peoples’ religion.I respect the right of people to their religion and would not generalise or attribute negative characteristics pertaining to any religious belief.

  10. Yeah T- Man , thanks for reminding us , you are a Christian , since you went to an elite Trini Catholic school. What a sick joke! With citizens like ‘you Allzs ,’who need enemies, eeeh?
    The bigger question for me ,my fellow progressive, is this:- what is being done by members from across the isle , or an authentic body in waiting ,that would ensure ,the bozos that presently rule the political roost, serve a single term , and no ‘mas?’
    Me think , not much! Email gate will eventually fizzle out,like a sick joke , and trust me what I say ,de vindictive Uncle Manning ,is hell bent on revenge.
    Maybe Mamboo is correct when he said ,’ lawyers are really smarter than geologist.’
    Uncle Basdeo , in like manner to Manning ,might feel disgust for his successful protege Auntie K , but at 80 years , he wisely stays on the sideline , like a wise statesman, while hoping that in time ,his gurgeous daughter ‘Mikila , Indira, Benizia Panday,’can ascend the UNC throne, with the entire party’s blessing, hmmm?
    Four more PP years guys, and for de record , I am on the verge of burning my passport, and birth paper. May go to Nepal , Burma , or Sri Lanka ,to join my Buddist friends. OOOPs ,wrong countries.
    Luv humanity !

  11. Kian the worse thing for these guys is when Africans refuse to be guilt tripped into silence. The shout racism at us in order to silence us and give them a free field to indulge in their racist supremacy practises. I refuse to be cowed into silence by those whose history, religious and cultural interpretations are founded on the falsely conceived, but ego gratifying notion that the ethnicity within which they were born orders their supremacy over black people.

    Every other racial or ethnic group is able to leave wherever they originate and go to majority black nations and live quite comfortable lives, or conduct businesses in majority black communities without fear that their ethnicity will adversely affect their customer base. I go by evidence and history. And as I continue to argue, Africans do not come from a cultural heritage laden with belief systems that discriminate because of how people look. We have a lot of problems, we have a lot of faults, perhaps too many, but a cultural history of racial and ethnic intolerance is not one of them.

    Wherever we are in this world, we place our bodies on the line to open up societies so that everyone, regardless of their origin, could enjoy the same things we struggle for. Unfortunately more and more we are discovering that as soon as the battle is over, many who played no real part come in and not only take advantage of the spoils, but also have the effontry to boast about they have accompolished in these societies while ignoring the fact that we carried the weight. That is why we should begin to tailor and tighten our struggles so that it benefits us. If it benefits others fine, but that should be incidental.

    1. “We have a lot of problems, we have a lot of faults, perhaps too many, but a cultural history of racial and ethnic intolerance is not one of them.”(Rodwell Paton)

      Once again this writer is proving that he is either delusional or uninformed. The continent of Africa is littered with ethnic and tribal wars and conflicts since time began. As I write innocent Africans in a long list of African countries are being slaughtered because of their cultural appearance, traits and affiliation.

  12. Well said Rodwell. We witness the degrading and if I may say denigrating practice of people who by their choice of words say the damnist things about Dr. Rowley, the DPP and others because in their view, ordinary Africans in the street are not to be educated or informed. History has shown that when a black man rises to the position of leadership and the masses are informed it provides a problem to the ruling class. Such is the case by the current administration. It is not a case of the message being investigated because, if true, it means the end things as they are being practiced now. ‘By ALL means we must get rid of the messenger’ is the cry from those who want to persecute him. No effort is being spared to label him as a ‘fabricator’, ‘mischievous’ and other that are too numerous to mention. What is being drowned out is the message. Meanwhile the main propagators are mostly lawyers by profession who are trained in the qrt of taking a subject matter and making it into anything you want to – in this case, Dr. Rowley is a liar and the population must believe that, not because it is effectively proven by proficient expertise professionals, NOT that it is yet to be investigated, NOT that it CAN be true if allowed to be investigated, NOT that there might be people who practice this kind of surreptitious dealings in order to have their way, not that there is something to be gained by the contents of the acts in the emails. The idea is this man, Rowley is an evil man because he had the audacity to make public such a cowardly act as undermining the very process that makes democracy appear to be working. Our history taught us that the great Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler was also denigrated, hunted, chastised, black listed, falsely accused, denounced and suppressed by those who did not want HIS MESSAGE to get to by those who stand to benefit by it. The labour movement (as we know it today) started by this man commonly referred to by a popular name ‘the chief servant’. Today we experiencing the same kind of persecution in the form of Dr. Rowley being asked to stop his ‘his emails’ from being put into the public domain because it is false, fabricated, manipulated and evil they say. Their cries are not just parliamentary, they speak out of turn in the parliament, they used lightening speed to being him before the Privileges Committee, they used the police service to ‘investigate’ him, before investigating the the sender of the messages. As far as they are concerned he concocted, authored and propagated the messages. If that is the case why not leave it to the professionals to determine? No – we cant do that because the idea in the public domain must be squashed. All this by the same people who hired and promoted Reshmi, by the same people who gave us a SOE in which no one was found to be guilty, by the same people who cried ‘assassination’,
    the same people who told us that Manning stole a piano, the same people who proclaimed Section 34 in the dead of night, the same people who are yet to name the person or persons who gave us these ‘beautiful’ proclamations. These are the same people who are casting all kinds of evil spells on Dr. Rowley. And what is funny is that they want us to take them at their words NOT the tried and tested way of us finding out thru thorough, procedural and promulgated results. Their thunder must be heard by all and sundry first! This story is always true for most of our black leaders in history and it seems that they are being prophetic in making Dr. Rowley such a leader in the history of black men. I hear the AG in his surmation used God to prophesy his annocence (he is a Hindu). This is why I bring religion in understanding why people say the damnist things without regard to its interpretation. He in fact is saying not even God can find him guilty. By Christian standards that is a damnation of the worst kind, a sinner saying that not even god can find him guilty? God is to be feared, God is Almighty, God is Love, God is all encompassing, God is a jealous God, there shall be no other God but him (Jehovah), yes we fear God because there is no other. Our belief system let us fear the things that are bad and proclaim those that are good. God is Love and Dr. Rowley shall be vindicated!

    1. You are missing one important point. The accused have the freedom of speech to call him a liar and refute his allegations based on assumptions and a lack of evidence if they believe that the accusations are false. And the accused should know because they are directly involved. One has a right to defend oneself if unproven accusations are made against them.

      Do you want to take away that right?

  13. “Something is good if it works ,”so said my former A Level’s , Pol Sci/ Economics,teacher, Uncle Elder, a Tobago kid,and yes successful Entrepeneur,who helped educate , and yes, make numerous professionals ,all across Trinidad.
    So ,where do we go from here my fellow progressives,of Trini Center nation?
    We know the problem , are fully aware of the consequences re failure to do something tangible to rectify the situation , and yet , what is being done , by those of us , in the know ,with some semblance of consciousness?
    Remember guys, no mass of struggling peoples, can fully liberate themselves , with out the help of a vibrant ,middle class , thinking beyond the self, and willing to take , risky , or even unpopular actions.
    Let me I add,in prudent solidarity ,with others across tribal/ racial / ethic/social/cultural/ political,regional lines
    There is work to be done!
    Then speaking of which , just ‘wait a cotton picking minute ,’and is that our illustrious ,one time Political Science Professor , and futuristic / 30 pieces ah silver -Afro Eat-ah Fooder- Dr. Selwyn Ryan , I observe, pedaling yet another book / riding de backs of his people ,while avoiding the real pertinent issues ,as to why Afrikan folks in T&T , are -unlike Mac Sendhouse,Grenadian Monroe ,and radio babbler/ talking head ,Joseph Umbala ,the only success stories ,in business across T&T?Well, I’ll be dar..!


    Just when would equal, socio – economic playingfield Justice,represented as long overdue LAND REFORM,going to become a reality?
    Hey CUz Kian , I here you , but religion do have it’s uses. It must sometimes be used ,as ‘a means to an end.’
    Afrikan folks , from Sudan , Cuba,USA,France ,T&T , Guyana ,and beyond , must quit striving only for an opaque land of milk and honey , with streets paved in gold, while turning de other cheek,as morally depraved,sentient creatures , ‘dig out their (symbolic)eyes?’
    Stay engage / vigilnt folks! Patriotism , ain’t only about waving Independence flags , eating cascadoo,and Xmas ,La Siva Patels,engage in Caura River curry-duck limes,indulge in Toco , and Carnbee Tobago oil-downs,or jumping up in fast fading , sexually obscure,escapist ,Trini carnival.
    Let’s get organize , beyond feel good, back slapping ,old talk, eeeh?

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