Former PM Patrick Manning Suffers Seizure

M.P. for San Fernando East and former Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his wife Hazel Manning walking through the Calypso Fiesta 2013 crowd
Former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and M.P for San Fernando East Patrick Manning along with his wife Hazel Manning walking through the crowd at the Calypso Fiesta during the recently concluded Carnival season.

Former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Patrick Manning, suffered a seizure and collapsed today while meeting with members of the public at his San Fernando East constituency. He was rushed to hospital where he currently remains.


Manning back in hospital
Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning is in hospital again after collapsing at his San Fernando East constituency office yesterday afternoon. Chairman of the South West Regional Health Authority Dr Lackram Bodoe said Manning was in a stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) after being attended to at the Accident and Emergency Department

6 thoughts on “Former PM Patrick Manning Suffers Seizure”

  1. Let’s pray that he finally develop some common sense, and resign his seat , so as to allow a spin off election, which might allow a fresh face , and extension of life into this clueless Party of his .
    This insipid , unwholesome poisonous hatred ,he continue’s to harbor , towards rival Rowley, is gong to eventually kill him.
    Trust me Manning when I say , Papa Basdeo, ain’t too enarmored with her Majestick Queen K , but many of us won’t even know.
    Well, I take dat back, Bas dreams of his lil daughter , becoming de next female , Hindu PM ,in dis country, while as for Manning’s wayward sons?
    Your guess is As good as mine, especially since Shaq O ‘Neal beat dem to the draw, as far as PP Billion dollar Basket ball , initiatives ,for the poor in Lavantille, Beetam , and Carapichima, ennnt?

  2. I like politicians who die with their boots on. Manning I am sure will be that politician, last of the old guard. He gave the PNM his best and now people like Neal choose to beat up on him, talk about ingratitude.

    1. There is absolutely nothing to be grateful about, when itcomes to Manning, and his mentor papa deffy Erice. They are both race traitors, and appeasers, to de other.
      It is their respective stewardship,along with George Chambers, which help elevate de real triumphalist , ungrateful nation, of which you are obviously ,a part of.
      Now what I want You to take a note, and see what luving humanity entails. Forgething/ thinking beyond de narrow tribe.

  3. I started having seizures in my sleep when I started perimenopause. As my periods became more infrequent, my seizures became more frequent. I was having the seizures once a month (almost like they were replacing my periods.) The neurologist could find nothing wrong, but he medicated me anyway. the meds made me worse. Finally my (female) primary care doctor suggested Kolonopin which not only helps with the seizures, but is also an anti-anxiety treatment. The seizures stopped almost immediately. I went from 300 mg of Topamax to 1/2 mg of kolonopin and was virtually cured.

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  4. I hope Mr Manning returns to good health in the shortest possible time. It is boyond my comprehension as to why Mr Manning is holding on to his seat. Why not throw in the towel and allow a fit individual to be elected to represent the people of San Fernando East. I understand that they love him there, that he has served then for more than 40 years, but the time has come for him to step aside. i suspect that he is ignoring the advice of his family and friends.

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