Make poverty history

By Raffique Shah
December 23, 2012

Raffique ShahIF there were tabloids at the time, two thousand and however many years ago, their editors would have delighted in the heart-rending story that would sell their newspapers, headlines screaming, “No room at the Inn!”. The drop-head, “…woman gives birth in manger”. The text might read, “A very pregnant Mary of Galilee, accompanied by her husband, Joseph, rode into Bethlehem last night on the family’s ass and immediately sought accommodation because there were signs that Mary had gone into labour.

“A distraught Joseph told the Bethlehem Bulb that the keeper of the only inn in town turned him away, saying he had no room. ‘Afterwards, as I pondered what to do, my wife now writhing in pain, I saw the keeper take in two drunken Romans …clearly, he discriminated against us because we are Jews.’ Joseph described how a humble farmer allowed them to stay in a manger where Mary later gave birth to a bouncing baby boy….”

Yesterday, as a little over one million people in this prosperous country prepared to celebrate Christmas, the Express headline read, “No place to sleep”. The photograph on the front page showed a young mother and three lovely children. Their story, all too familiar, speaks of five of them (father employed) having occupied part of a family dwelling as they await a unit from the HDC (Housing Development Corporation) but being evicted upon the death of some relative, presumably the person who allowed them to stay there.

Now, they have no place to sleep. Which also means they have no place to cook, or wash, or shower or use toilet facilities. They probably remain underfed since the father would have to resort to buying cooked food, an expensive option. The children cannot attend school and their health is at risk. This is a family facing disintegration, maybe disaster. They will not celebrate Christmas. In fact, they will not celebrate any day; for them, every day brings agony.

The bigger tragedy in this story is that thousands more suffer similar or worse plights, invisible to most of us who manage to live normally. This woman, no doubt in desperation, went public with her woes in the hope that some public official, preferably someone from the HDC, would reach out and help her. In a way, she is lucky—her husband has a regular job. So once they can access affordable housing, they might be able to fend for themselves.

Other “sufferers” are not so lucky. Many are older people, retired and infirm, living in dire conditions, dependent on paltry Government pensions that could be challenging to access at times. Invariably, they also depend on a health system that is severely flawed. Many in this category held jobs and actually worked during their productive years. But with wages and salaries being what they were, they were unable to set aside anything substantial for their winter years. And the social security system is unforgiving: the maximum state benefits one is entitled to is $4,000 a month.

Then, there are large numbers of younger, able-bodied persons who cannot find jobs, or when they do, they are so underpaid they can barely put food on their tables. I am not referring here to the equally large number of people who seek jobs, not work, or who refuse to work, insisting on some unwritten right to Government handouts, or who use poverty as an excuse to commit crime. No, the law and society must find ways of dealing with such elements.

In the context of the theme of my column today, I refer to people who are willing to work hard, long hours, but who, at the end of the day or the week, can barely make ends meet. You know them—the reliable and honest household help who handles chores the working woman finds challenging; the young man, weed-wacker in hand, walking for miles to tend to people’s lawns and yards; the gifted handyman who can repair or fix small problems at your home or business.

Such people, many of them categorised as “employed” when statistics are compiled, will never be able to build or own decent accommodation if they live for a hundred years—not based on their earnings. Indeed, given current property prices, most middle-income families do not qualify for mortgages to purchase houses on the open market. That is why so many desperate people are seeking Government housing. The units are comparatively cheap and of reasonable quality.

Problem is the number of applicants far exceeds the number of units available or due to come on stream. And the distribution system is flawed. The homeless woman mentioned at the start of my column said the family applied for HDC housing in 2004. I know of people who applied 20, 30 years ago, who are waiting, and who would likely never get keys to a house in their lifetime. But I have heard of others who applied yesterday and got units today—a nasty feature that has plagued Government housing throughout its existence.

No one expects that there would be any miraculous solution to the nation’s housing problems, or to the wider, more serious problem of persistent poverty. Equally though, Government and the wider society cannot pretend that they do not exist and react only when cases crop up, especially at Christmas time. The many ills that beset the aged, the destitute, the infirm and the homeless won’t disappear over the holidays or in the new year.

So as we splurge during the season of plenty, let us spare more than just a thought for those who will enjoy little or nothing, not even a roof over their heads or food in their stomachs. Let us resurrect a battle cry of yesteryear: make poverty history.

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  1. Compliments of the Holiday Season to my friends in Trinidad and Tobago!

    My regards to Shah and his efforts to keep the reading public informed of present and past event which effect their lives…

    I find his article to be right on target and the fact that there were no challengers to the given topic and information; makes me think the usual opponents to Shah’s Ideals may have supported him in this regard!

    I end giving my respect to Shah and my hope of him continuing to be a voice for those who may not have the ability to express their situations and needs and be heard as Shah is more able to…

    Stay Strong and give my love and greetings to friends in T&T!


    Cyril Horsham

  2. “Then, there are large numbers of younger, able-bodied persons who cannot find jobs, or when they do, they are so underpaid they can barely put food on their tables. I am not referring here to the equally large number of people who seek jobs, not work, or who refuse to work, insisting on some unwritten right to Government handouts, or who use poverty as an excuse to commit crime. No, the law and society must find ways of dealing with such elements.”

    All Mr. Shah have to do is move to Greece where the unemployment rate stands at 23% and growing. The Greeks are going to Israel and encouraging businessmen to come and buy off their nation. Of course with such high unemployment crime has increased. There has always been a debate about the unemployed in TnT and who can be counted as unemployed as this article seem to suggest, but the facts are there for all to see a nation that has be better unemployment average than the mighty United States should be cause for celebration.

    Most people who want to work at last check in sweet TnT have the opportunity to do so by getting all kinds of lift that do not exist in other nations. Free education, OJT, COSTATT, HYPE,URP, CEPEP are all social programs designed to give youths an opportunity for upward mobility. Recently the government set up a program to recognise and set standards for tradespeople. Now you can be certified. If at anything there is a lack of people to work in some areas of TnT. Try finding a domestic to come and clean and cook one day in the week, or a caregiver for an elderly parent, or someone to come and clean around your house, or someone to build a good septic tank. Yes there are jobs available but people are finding it difficult to find people to fill those jobs.

    If Mr. Shah was to go to many nations in world no program exist to take care of the elderly. In TnT at retirement you are entitled to $3000 plus a huge list of perks including some free bus pass, medicine and other freebies. Mr. Shah should leave the comfort of his home and make a trip to the Congo, where the face of poverty is everywhere in the midst of incredible wealth. Resources that remain dormant while people suffer. The fact is TnT is at top of food chain today, but reading this article you would think that we are at the bottom.

    Finally, there will always be the poor in any nation. The PP has spent over $300 million in a direct effort to eradicate poverty, within it’s short time in office. That money has gone to help thousands, none of their stories will be told in the media…sadly. After all bad news sell.

  3. So let me get it straight, de immoral rascal ,in Cuz Mammoo, want’s our illustrous media guru,Uncle Shah,” …to leave de comfort of his home, and make a trip to Congo, where the face of poverty is everywhere,in the midst of incredible wealth,” huh? Ah wonder why folks? Why should he not go to the turbulent Punjabi ,Peshawa, or Karachi regions of Pakistan, or better yet, those economically stricken place of his motherland India, where Hindu, and Muslim elites, live the good life , while the people suffer, amidst bride burning, nuclear arms race,corruption, Bollywood freaks, and Taliban cuddling Generals, still pining for Yankee CIA dollars to pretend and fight cross border terrorism? How about Columbo Sri Lanka, who just finished 30 years , of Hindustan Tamil, native Senalese Neo Buddhist, genocidal warfare?We could throw in, IMF fedup , South Asian haven Of Bamgladesh, just for good measure.Did they murder. Grameen micro finance Nobelist, Dr Yanis Muhammed as yet? Now that’s an activist we can do with in T&T.
    Aren’t we glad Mamboo ,for a place call T&T, where going on two years , de likes of you ,and T- Man, could suddenly luv,as her Majestick Queen Kled de charge tohelp transform into an our previously afailed state, backward, war torned country , into a peaceful,conomic,crime free haven?I wonder what next, in de bag oh tricks as far as policies Mamboo? I get it,Education Minister/ head hunco,Dr Goopiesing’s brilliant initiative, of ID cards for teachers , and trini Party goers -some who love to eat their doubles in. Peace without de fear of being planass-to prevent Yankee style gun massacres, yes? Kobe Bryant to motivate kids in couva,Tabaquite , Caroni, and Cunupia , to learn Basketball,like de Beetham Shaqfu beneficieries? Tell me folks , with citizens like these cretins, who need enemies, eeehhhh Mamboo- de epitome of neo imperial , divide and rule, tribalist, triumphalism? Me think Uncle Shah was paying attention during his Sandhurst coup school lessons, to his Sociology 101 Professor, or did he? Let reread his article again.

    1. “So let me get it straight, de immoral rascal ,in Cuz Mammoo, want’s our illustrous media guru,Uncle Shah,” …to leave de comfort of his home, and make a trip to Congo, where the face of poverty is everywhere,in the midst of incredible wealth,” huh? Ah wonder why folks”
      Mr.Neal, Shah will be happy visiting the Congo because his 1970s mission was to turn TnT into such. Mubuto and then Kabila slaughtered more of their own without batting an eye. Over 5 million dead in last 15 years (conservative estimate). Over 26,000 rapes per year (conservative estimate).
      Trinidad pursued the course of thiefry with the PNM stealing every election since 1956, first they fix the boundaries and kept Panday as leader of the Opposition. What did the PNM do to help the poor but created Laventille and Beetham. And gave scholarships, housing, jobs to their supporters. Now in two paltry years the PP is suppose to fix all the problems created in 40 years of PNM governance.
      Mr Neal you have to remove the blinders and deal with reality….black failure should not be blame on Indians.

    2. Ah, I love the smell of ethnic triumphalism so close to 2013…The Brits have done quite a number on sweet TnT..

      While my compatriots in TnT are arguing about whose race is better than the other’s, the fiscal cliff is about to unleash problems of unforseen proportions on an unsuspecting world; which is why I am about to make my retreat out of the capitalist, Zionist-colluding cesspool that is the US.

      But, I digress…

      These boards have taught me that there is enough racism to go around from both sides on these boards; the racial triumphalism from the Indians, who for some reason seem to have forgotten that they are also dark-skinned (perhaps the straight hair has misled them), and the Africans who continue to cast racist aspersions on their Indian brethen.

      Ah, the illusion of “white supremacy” continues to ensnare mankind to its own detriment.

      I only post from occasionally, because I have realized the futility of anything that I may share with people too entrenched in their own racial paradigms a long time ago

      1. Pray tell me , that just because de right wing , anti Obama , doom and gloom freak,are predicting the premature end of America, as we know it, due to this phony economic crisis, you too ain’t running off to Canada like early members of triumphalist nation,or heavens help you, one oh dem South Asian , so called ,’fiefdom of peaceful existence, political transparncy, democracy,sustainable development,and economic prosperity ,Triniamerica?
        By de way , who it is that’s arguing about ‘which race is better than de other ,’ my friend? As far as I can recall, there are only two comedians,on dis board that seems obsessed with their tribe, and dat is Cuz Mammoo, and Uncle T-Man, and we de more sophisticated/ astute commentators , tend to take de cue from de good folks at Trinicenter HQ,and let dem hang themselves , with their simplistic logic, acquired in Standard 1/2, of de Penal, Oropuche primary school respectively, ennnt fellas?
        It is not my job to try and decipher what the motives of the then youthful ,Uncle Shah was in 1970′ with regard to his country, what I am happy about is the fact that he was allowed to survive , under our thriving democracy, and has made yeoman contributions to his country, as an ardent patriot should.
        Wish I could say the same for his one time political partner , who he helped create what is today de UNC, and many others who came from within that tradition.
        As for the pertinent subject at hand ,’me think,’it is you ,who must remove the rose colored blinders from your eyes , mi amigo.It is not only the folks from Lavantille that are living in a desperate situation , in great measure, due to their inept Afrikan leaders-who did de limbo dance to apease everyone else’ at their own tribe’s expense- but likewise, it is the thousands of their Indo Trinis brothers , and sisters , that are still suffering across Trinidad,that also got that way because their leader Uncle Basdeo, and many of his ardent underlings did not deliver, preferring instead to use phony victim hood as a convenient crutch , to seek pity internationally, and maintain political relevance domestically. Not certain if dat worked , with 2 victories in 50 years, but ah different story , for another occasion. Dr Ryan, your call!
        Mamboo, I made a promise not to fall into your almost imbecilic trolling cesspit, ‘a la Afrikan gerrymandering ,’, to keep Indo TRinis out of Political power,and so would desist from engaging you further on that subject, since it get’s nowhere.
        As for Congo, it can be aptly described as an extremely wealthy,yet failed state, that has suffered severely, due in main part to outside political interference- 1st by colonial Europen powers, then a 4 decade ColdWar ! and finally , regional tribal fractional sadist, with laschievios eyes on it’s wealth.All of which has contributed to the longest running civil war known to mankind.
        Pakistan , and India in contrast , have both idly boasted of being noble democracies, that should soon be viewed as developed states, ready to take a seat as a permanent member on the UN Security Council.Yet, corrupt Pakistan alone, has as much military coups, and political assassinations, as Central Afrika.
        Google the word India, Mamboo, and what you would see is not only technological advancement, but the name of a certain 23 year old young lady , who was raped for hours, on a public bus,then savagely murdered, after both her and companion were initially beaten with irons, then thrown like dogs from that said ,moving bus.Another, who only recently committed suicide, after local police ,forced her to change her story , re a gang rape, she had reported to them.
        In short Mamboo, just like in war torn Congo, In INdia , and yes Pakistan,women are 4th class citizens, children are extendible inconvenience, the poor and insignificant parasites, and so are ignored.
        Let me add, the folks of Congo know they are far from an ideal , as far as socio-economic- com political development.
        The billions in these two fiefdom that I want Uncle Shah to visit, believe they are on par with Canada, Australia, Or many of the Scandinavian fiefdom , that are touted as progressive. Go figure.De truth shall set u free Mamboo.

  4. “Other “sufferers” are not so lucky. Many are older people, retired and infirm, living in dire conditions, dependent on paltry Government pensions that could be challenging to access at times”
    Growing old is a natural phenomenon, it is expected that during your working years that you would save up enough money to look after yourself. In America and Canada there is no guarantee of Old Age Security being available for those who retire. The government in Canada have increased the retirement age from 65 years to 67 years. This comes with the knowledge that as people age they are living longer. Not only living longer but more dependent on medical care.

    In Trinidad most retired people have a home that is paid for and family willing to look after them. $4000 per month is good enough for any senior citizen to live comfortably. It was Panday who increased old age pension and since then there has been some considerable increases over the years from less than $1000 to $4000 in the space of 15 years.
    The pension money that my mother received was instrumental in her not depending on her children for anything. They took the money and used it to care for her. If there are two retired citizen in the same house they both will receive about $8000. That is a huge chunk of change for someone up there in age.
    No the pension is not paltry when many, many nations do not have any money for retirees. It is a God send for families who would have to depend on their children to take care of their financial needs.

    1. Mamoo:

      Recently,you advised me to “go to school and get a good education” I have done exactly as you requested;and this “education” has enlightened me that you suffer from a severe case of “cerebral endema”.Last week the Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) of Canada in his address to the nation informed and convinced Canadians:”that the Canada Pension plan and old age security (at present)is “guaranteed” for another 75 years” From where/what source do you receive your “fertilizer?”

      The Canadian Government enacted legislation about six years ago which allows “all Canadians” to remain employed after the age of sixty-five (if they chose to).It is not mandatory to retire at sixty-five.There are corporations which prefer that “retirees” remain ;so that they can assist the recent graduates who are inexperienced.Also,the Government provides “funding” for those retirees who desire to “start” their own enterprises.

      Poverty is universal.Crime,racism,social injustice remains part of the democratic fabric of our existence.Raffique Shah with his “wisdom” is aware of these inequalities;and through his prose the public is enlightened,and encouraged to eradicate poverty.It is pointless for him to visit the Congo.

      What is required in (T&T) is a Ministry of Social Services together with “honest” citizens;who will not “cheat” the system.In this manner the Government can/will assist those less fortunate.A “giant” database which records those who are employed as well as those who are “unemployed” etc,etc,etc…Honesty must be maintained.

        Swordfish read this article and it will give you an idea of where Canada pension is. If you are a retired Canadian depending on Canada Pension to keep your house forget it, property tax (something the PNM wanted to introduce) will keep you out of your house. Why? Because it goes up every year and your income is fixed. The Canadian government encourages you to save, so that you don’t have to depend on pension to live. When baby boomers retire, pension distribution will increase considerably.

        Comparatively in sweet TnT you can actually live off your pension, you and your spouse will get $8000. monthly. You don’t have to pay property tax and the majority of Trinis at retirement own their own homes. This is describe by the writer of this article as a “paltry” amount. I describe it as a God sent….

    2. “The homeless woman mentioned at the start of my column said the family applied for HDC housing in 2004. I know of people who applied 20, 30 years ago, who are waiting, and who would likely never get keys to a house in their lifetime. But I have heard of others who applied yesterday and got units today—a nasty feature that has plagued Government housing throughout its existence.” AHHHHHH Uncle Shah, I feel yours, and her pain , especially during this period where RECENTLY CONCLUDED ,horse racing escapades ,could have amassed billions, in terms of government revenues from taxation- seeing dat for obvious reasons, land taxation is a taboo subject.
      Remember de “Houses before Horses,” mantra, favored by a young , naive , yet idealistic ex Sandhurst coup school trained , rising political star, and his firebrand buddy? Well, history would show how that work out, both for you and the people who loosed on all fronts.
      Almost certain that Dr Wayne K, our Point Fortin highway reroute,anti Smelter plant head guru , back then , as a a young bare foot, scrunting , and starving kid in Central must have learn well, on his first tase of labor/ grass roots, neo tribal activism, ennnt?
      On a more serious note folks,it’s de season to be jolly, so let’s excuse this clueless , uncaring barbarian , named Mamboo ,who obviously had too much poisonous Oropouch , y Palo Seco Babash Rum , and CARONI RIVER ,stale Kaskadoo Fish ,to respectively drink and eat ,for him to be talking so much senseless, insensitive nonesense/tripe.
      Now , just imagine Uncle Shah, if he was a policy wonk, or worst yet , had some political sway with dis regime,like Papa Sat M, what could be the result for our desperate cross racial , LOWER ECHELON masses, eeeeh ?
      Or does he , and so in reality , the bohemian, almost feudalistic , 12th century policies ,destined to make us a borderline failed state ,we see displayed on a daily basis , under de reign of ‘Her Majestick Queen K ,’ and not too cunning handlers, is not a reflection of his ,and similar elite’s thinking. I luv dis land, and so should ‘you ALLS.’

  5. Some semblance of balance in this dialogue exchange is required here. There were Federal Ministers in Canada who were cheating the system in their claims for housing allowance. There were teachers 9,000 of them who were laid off in a district in LA. I do have a very good friend from Monsterat who teaches in LA did not lose his job but did indicate to me that corruption is rampant with those who are well attired, resulting in some instances as much as 50 high school kids in a classroom with over half of them with behavioural issues. No first and third world here. The question of ‘honesty’ and ‘cheating systems’ are of pandemic proportions. Rape and murder in the Congo is no different from rape and murder on a public bus in Delhi. The need for pointing fingers at one another on the basis of ethnicity must stop. The Jamaican Observer did not reveal the research they did on their article ‘ETHNO STOCKING’. Did they help or are they practising the divide and rule concept from our former imperial masters? Let’s look at our problems with a slant towards the 2020 vision. For e.g. one cannot get basic medication at our public hospitals. Where are the medication and equipment dissapearing to? Check the private medical institutions. Put the cameras in the corridors and on the streets as well. We as a common tribe need to get our act together: Stop the damn thieving from the top to the bottom! ‘All ah we thief’ was the sentiment expressed by a former Gov’t Minister. This has been a cultural value which identifies as and we are referred to as ‘TRICKIDADIANS’. We know how to fete and thief on par. Let’s get over the inebriated state and focus on New Years resolution of commitment; let it be as resounded as ‘Change’ which all of us been calling for some time and become exemplars in the world as how people of different racial background can build a nation blessed with so many resources. Lets begin by being proud of our heritage and let the amalgam of sitar and steelpan resound the musical notes that are pleasing to the ear. This is not wishful thinking it’s time we take the place of Singapore at the podium.

  6. Social Security is not a retirement plan in the United States even if most retirees use it that way.
    The difference between Canada , The United States, and Trinidad and Tobago is the opportunity to earn money while young to save for retirement.
    People who don’t spend money wisely will do so despite the opportunity at hand. In the United States, a weed whacker and a lawn mower could lead to a real landscaping business with hard work. In TNT, it is just getting by.
    Also, Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t utilize all of it’s marketable resources to ggrow it’s overall economy. Everything is based on energy. Perhaps TNT could eliminate a portion of it’s criminals by creating opportunities in tourism, hospitality, management, and makeing sure that all of it’s beaches are generating revenue.
    Dare I attack Carnival and the music industry? Perhaps, if participants spent more time on investing in themselves and less on mimicing the worse that America has to offer, more people would come to TNT and stay for longer amounts of time and more often. Carnival has become like some outdoor stripclub American music included.

  7. There are varied responses to Shah’s blogs. I agree with some and I disagree others. One things stands out to me, Mr. Shah’s writings are soliciting responses on the social issues in T and T. This, to me, is good for our society. People are thinking and thinking helps to bring change and improvement to our society. Therefore we should view Shah as a change agent not a gadfly.

    1. Change agent congsing, & and where do ‘ you alls ,’ get these sobriquet from? What are you talking about buddy? Be it Pat Chokolingo Trinidad Bomb/ Mirror/ BLast/Mirror/ or Trini Center editor,Uncle Shah, has evolved into a journalist, who is simply trying to put food on his table , like the rest of us. He will be the first to tell you to quit heaping unwarranted titles on him.
      Is being a gadfly such a bad thing , if it spurs one into action? If memory serves me correct, he did say Trinidad should hand burdensome Tobago ,a few thousand dollars, and grant them their independence forthwith .
      Just look how after only two years in power ,Her Majestick Queen K ,was spurred into action.
      Maybe other disgruntled folks are next?

  8. Noone seems to have the ability to take responsibility for their role in destroying the nation. Everybody is looking for something that they don’t deserve from the top down and while they know how it has a negative effect on the nation, nobody is willing to forsake their personal greed for the good of the country. That is the problem. Everyone points the finger at one another instead of coming together and improving the infrastructure so that enough revenue can be generated to create income for those who are willing to work for a decent wage that could sustain family.
    Everyone is to blame from the Politicians and policy makers at the top to the individuals who don’t excersice personal responsibility at the bottom who know that they are too poor to start a family and yet choose to…..well start a family at the bottom.
    In regard to the elderly and the menatally challenged, it is societies responsibility along with the aide of families to take care of thee individuals amongst us.
    The only thing that prevents us from doing so is greed and in order for any nation to survive, that has to be limited.

  9. The release read: “2013, like 2012, will see ongoing citizen dissatisfaction with their quality of life. Issues such as roads, drainage, flooding, lack of a reliable water supply, poor conditions at our schools and healthcare facilities, the absence of adequate, quality community facilities and the continuing crisis of violence and crime will make the headlines throughout 2013 as the needs and justifiable expectations of citizens are not met.”

    Signed by political leader David Abdullah, the release said the MSJ projected no significant growth for the economy in 2013 and no growth in 2013 would be sufficient to return the country to the pre-2008 economy led by then People’s National Movement (PNM)-led PM Patrick Manning. The release lashed out at the government directly saying T&T has a government of no vision.

    MSJ is an example of what happens when you start to oppose the government. In a short time you become the “Bagdad Bob” of the nation. A joke, by-word and a marasme to the nation. While they look down the black hole, nothing other than pessimism govern their thinking. Shah to some extent has become like that….

    1. Other than try to promote the PNM, the issues are still the issues despite the change in party. The people voted out the PNM on the belief in the promise that Kamla and crew made. Here we are and there is no change. It may not be worse, although it is different in who bnefits,but the everyday situation for common, everyday people is not better. To me, it is worth exploring other options in regard to political parties, leaders, and public policy. If my pants don’t fit, I get new ones or at least change from the old ones. If I didn’t, I would be miserable untl something changed. Rather than change from one pair of pants, I would change the pants. The same thing should happen here. If elected officials can’t help us, then we need to elect new ones that will.

  10. Money ! Money! Money!
    Money supposed to be only a means of Exchange, in ancient times and in various cultures other items were used as this means of exchange: Especially goods and Services.
    But at hand today, in the form of Paper.-Money is being worship as God.Mostly every known crime are being perpetrated for this Money.
    The Banking Cartels have the Nations tied into debts that they can never come out from. Most of what is in circulation as paper do not have enough value to keep it floating, more and more paper have to be circulated to keep the patron occupied.
    Give them circus and give them bread, they would settle for that. But tell them to think for themselves and what do you have? How dare you ! Boy to think out of the Box??
    Every Form of Ideology is coming into existence, just to have us confused as to What Human history is all about.
    Ein’t- Forget about Christmas, Is Carnival Time! Jump and Whine Now…!!!

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