Real Truth about Jesus’ Birth: Afri-centric Analysis – Updated

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
December 20, 2012

Dr. Kwame NantambuAs Trinbagonians gear up to celebrate the Christian religious event of Christmas, it is apropos to disseminate the real, historical truth about the birth of Jesus.

Indeed, if one looks at the first three hundred years of Christianity, it is in many aspects, a derived Afrikan religion.

Now, on the walls of the Temple of Dendera in ancient Kemet (Egypt), there are four scenes dated 1700 B.C. that depict the birth of the royal Pharaoh. In the B.C. era, the Kemites considered their Pharaoh, Divine, that is, God incarnate. These scenes depict the Divine birth as it is known today.

In the first scene, God Thoth, messenger of the Gods and the God of science, writing and knowledge, comes to the Divine Mother, wife of the Pharaoh and announces to her the impending birth of the Divine child, who is descendant from the God Amun-Ra in the personification of Heru (Horus). This represents the Annunciation event in Christianity.

In the second scene, God Kneph, personification of the Holy Spirit, holds the symbol of life to the mouth of the Queen/Mother . This scene shows that the Queen is conceiving by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God Kneph is the personification of breath, air and spirit. In this ancient Kemetic spiritual belief system, spirit was synonymous with breath. Hence, it need occasion no great surprise that in the Christian gospel, Mary conceives by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is known as the Immaculate Conception in the Christian faith/belief system.

In the third scene, the Divine child is born. This is equivalent to the nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem.

In the fourth scene, all the Gods in the ancient Kemetic pantheon gather around this Divine child to sing his praises and adore him– just as the angels gathered around the infant Jesus to sing his praises and to adore him.

In other words, 1,700 years before Jesus was born, there existed the Annunciation, Immaculate Conception, Birth and Adoration of the Divine child, that is, the complete, derived Christian nativity scene as described in the gospel, but already occurring and depicted in ancient Kemet (Egypt).

It is also very interesting to note that all the Sun Gods of ancient Kemet in the B.C. era, particularly Heru (Horus), had their birthday celebrated on 25th December.

By way of elucidation, 21st December marked the Winter Solstice and at that time, the Sun was at its lowest ebb. According to erudite Egyptologist Dr. Charles Finch, the ancient Afrikans/Kemites used to describe natural phenomena in very poetic terms. So, the Winter Solstice was often described as the “Sun in its cave.”

For three days, the Sun remains in its cave. The first day when the Sun begins to rise again is at midnight on 25th December; so, midnight 25th December can be said to be the birth of the Sun in a cave. This is equivalent to the Christian derivative of the birth of Jesus, Son of God, in a cave. In ancient Kemet, Sun was synonymous with Son. In other words, the worship of the Sun God under Afrikan spirituality in the B.C. era has now become the worship of the Son of God under the Christian religion in the A.D. era.

At midnight on 25th December 3,000 years ago, when the Sun comes up on the eastern horizon, the constellation Virgo is sitting on the horizon so that the Sun can be said to be born in a cave of the virgin.

Also, Sirius, was the brightest star in the heaven at that time. Sirius is a very important ancient Kemetic star because it rose in such a way to announce the flooding of the Nile River. Indeed, it is universally accepted that it was the star Sirius that led the so-called Three Wise Men to Jesus, to the Sun/Son.

In other words, if one looks at Sirius on the night of 25th December in the southerly latitude, it is directly overhead on the meridian; thus, when the Sun is born in the cave, Sirius is directly overhead.

In addition, adjacent to Sirius is the constellation of Ausar (Osiris), the hunter. Now, there are three stars in the belt of Osirian that point directly to Sirius as if they are following Sirius. Those three stars in the belt of Osirian are known as the Three Kings in Christianity.

So, one sees that much of what is called Christian gospel has direct correlation with ancient Afrikan/Kemetic/Egyptian astronomical facts that are represented mythologically and allegorically.

The fact of the matter is that in orthodox Christianity, the birthday of Jesus was originally celebrated on 6th January. However, in the third and fourth centuries when Christianity began to expand all over the Mediterranean world, it ran up against centuries of Sun worship whose birthday was celebrated on 25th December.

So, for geo- political reasons and power control intent, albeit European supremacy, the birthday of Jesus was changed from 6th January to 25th December at the Council of Nicea, May-August 325 A.D. This geo-political power control-religious decision is the origin of the universal “Twelve Days of Christmas” carol.

This Council was convened by Roman Emperor Constantine and it was at this crucial juncture in Christian religious belief system that Jesus was decreed “Savior of the world” who “washed us from our sins in his own blood.”

Let the religious record show that in his Infancy Narratives: Jesus of Nazareth (2012) Pope Benedict XV1 categorically states that “the Christian calendar is actually off in the calculation of Jesus’ birthday” and that “we all realize that December 25th is not the actual date of Jesus’ birth.”

He further opines that “there were no oxen, donkeys or camels common in nativity scenes at the birth of Christ.”

Truth Be Told: The Holy Bible is very clear that he was not born “Jesus Christ”. This prima facie evidence is presented in the Gospel of St. Matthew 27:17. Pontius Pilate, the governor of Galilee, gave the people a choice as to whom he should set free. According to St. Matthew, he asked: “Whom will ye that I release unto you— Barabbas or Jesus which is called Christ ?” Furthermore, in 27:22, Pilate said: “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?” The people replied unto him: “Let him be crucified.” Pontius Pilate never referred to him as Jesus Christ, period.

In the final analysis, this biblical information speaks volumes as to the stark reality that the name “Christ” only represents Jesus’ title; it is certainly not his real name. It is only a title given to him– the Holy Bible confirms this.

Shem Hotep ( “I go in peace”).

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies.

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  1. “In the final analysis, this biblical information speaks volumes as to the stark reality that the name “Christ” only represents Jesus’ title; it is certainly not his real name. It is only a title given to him– the Holy Bible confirms this.”

    Dr.Kwame is right Christ is his title. The word Christ means “anointed one”. This word points to Jesus being the promised messiah since the Genesis 3:15 account that indicated the “seed of the woman” whould bruise the head of the serpent. Not the seed of man, pointing to the virgin birth.

    Saint Paul uses the Christ title before the name Jesus. Jesus means saviour. The Christ title before Jesus now meant that he is the anointed saviour. It means that he has occupied a special place in heaven to perform his duty as saviour of the world. Prior to his death he Jesus Christ, meaning that until the work of redemption was completed he could not be Christ Jesus. After dying on the cross he now Christ Jesus.

  2. There is this line I picked up some years ago ,from a one time bare feet ,Roxbrough kid, who emerged into being a leading lecturer ,oth at Valsayne Teachers College , and A Levels, privately .
    It stated , “something is good if it works.” Thanks Uncle Elder. It is estimated , that some 500 million of us peaceful, caring Buddhist , exist across the globe, and none of us became such, by virtue of some gun being placed to our head, barbarian slavery, or similar dehumanizing acts of conversion- a la Islam.
    The levels of atrocies that have been perpetuated by Afrikan folks who fell prey to several of these more popular , yet pagan religions , are austounding, and yet ,there are those who would still tout their virtues. Go figure!
    In 1994,some 99 % of the Rwandans genocidal maniacs ,who savagely murdered each other ,claimed to be Christians.
    As for Islam , all I need to mention is Sudan, Nigeria,Chad, Liberia, Algeria, Mali, Somalia, and you get the picture.Time to come on home guys , and may our ‘AfroBuddahSunGod ,’ -WHO RESIDES RIGHTFULLY IN YOUR HEARTS, and not de ficticious ,sky heaven-have mercy on your souls.
    Then, ain’t it a beautiful thing to -for once -have a conversation ,that does not entail ‘de unmentionable , rabid ,Trini Tribalist,’ but stay tune , as they would come out of the woodwork, and force me to commence my next discourse as to why Uncle Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha ,extricated himself from the selfish, class/caste oriented, discriminatory faith he initially grew up in.

  3. To much emphasis on the human side of Christ, His birth fulfilled the ancient prophecies of the One that was to come. Isaiah 9:6 “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given”
    But the Good thing about this birth, is! The Prophecy was fulfilled.!!
    Hebrews 10: 5 “Wherefore, when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not,but a body hast thou prepared me.’
    Acts 1:11 ” Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus , which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.”
    He is risen! That is why His birth on Earth should not be the focal point, But Where He is- in the Heavenly Sanctuary pleading for mankind’s Salvation.
    I know the Critics is waiting to get back and trash this Article, but the Good part about this is: This is not my saying, but it is written, In China, in Africa, in Trinidad, Look up the Bible and you would see it is written there.
    Before you make your mindless comment look it up first, you would see What Ah saying…Peace!!

  4. Taht-Aan had indeed beheld and heard and handled “the Word of eternal life” manifested in Horus [Heru] or Jesus[Iesus] the ever-coming son, for,as bearer of the symbolic Utat,he carried Heru in his hands and held him aloft as the true light of the world,and the symbolic likeness of a soul in human nature that was begotten by Ra,the holy spirit and the father in heaven. Such was the revelation of Tehuti-Aan or Taht-Hermes.The position of Aan, the divine scribe,in relation to Heru,the only-begotten son of God,is repeated on behalf of John in the Gospel.It is in character of Taht-Aan that “there came a man,sent from God,whose name was John.” The same came for witness of the light. He was not the light,but came that he might bear witness of the light,as did Taht-Aan,who carries the Eye of Heru in his hands and testifies that Heru is the true light of the world,as son of Ra the solar god, and of the holy spirit in the eschatology.Moreover,he handled it by carrying in his hands the eye of light, the talismanic maatkheru,and the papyrus-roll or book of life. Drama ascibed to Taht-Aan as the mysteries of Amenta,such as; the mystery of the Great Mother who sat on the celestial waters;the mystery of the dragon,with seven heads and ten horns,upon which the woman rode;the mystery of the seven stars;the mystery of the first-born from the dead who rose again as faitful and true witness on behalf of God the Father Ptah.The Gospel of Kamitic .Their Christ was Heru, or the non-historical Jesus, This is he who says, ;I have come forth with the tongue of Ptah and the of Aset [Hathor]-[Iusaas] that I may record the words of my father Atum with my mouth.; Word-made-truth in Har-Mat-Kheru.;

  5. How could there be Christianity before Christ? The great African Church Father,St.Augustine,studied this question and answered as follows: That which is known as the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist; from the beginning of the human race until the time when Christ came in the flesh,at which time the true religion, which already existed began to be called Christianity.The resurrection of Ausar is shown in a series of bas-reliefs on the walls of his temple at Denberah.We see the dead king as a mummy on bier; he arises gradually,and then he stands erect between the guardian wings of Auset,who stands behind him.In front of the risen god we see a male figure holding up a[crux ansata;]the symbol of eternal life. In Roman times the worship of auset[Isis]was widespread on all the main lines of communication in Europe,usually in ports and important market towns on rivers.With the advent of Christianity many of the chapels of Auset were taken over,and the representations of the goddess with the infant Heru in her arms became pictures of the Virgin Mary carrying the Holy Child.As Auset was black-skinned,they became famous Black Virgans.Notre Dame in Paris was built on the remains of a Temple of Isis[Auset];the orginal name of the city was Para Isidos,the Grove of Isis.There are Black Vingins near Marseilles,near Barcelona,at Czestochowa in Poland,and in numerous other cities in Europe. On the inner walls of the holy of holies in the Temple of Luxor inscribed by King Amenhotep111[1538-1501B.C.]the birth of heru is pictured in four scenes very much like Christian representation of the Annunciation and the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary,and the Birth and Adoration of the Christ Child.

  6. Kushites=[Ethiopia,]There a people,now forgotten,discovered,while others were yet barbarians,the elements of arts and sciences.A race of men,now rejected from society for their sable skin and frizzled hair,founded on the study of the of nature,those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe.[The Ruins of Empires,pp.16-17.]Cheremon and the most learned priests of Kamit were persuaded,the same as Pliny,that nothing except the world.or except the visible cause,ought to be admitted,and they supported their opinion by that of the most ancient Kamitians who only recongnized,they say,four gods,the sun,the moon,the planets,the stars comprising the zodiac.Historical Christianity is based on the four Gospels.These works were supposedly written by the four Evangelists;[1]Mark,[2]Matthew,[3]Luke,and[4]John.The Gospel of John has no value as an historical document.It was written as an interpretation of the mission of Jesus in terms of Hellenistic metaphysics and Alexandrine theology.The other three Gospels are called the Synoptics,because they are a synopsis of an earlier source document.These three Gospel were written sometime between
    65and 95 A.D.Mark,it seems,appeared between 65 and 70A.D.;Matthew between 70 and 75A.D.;and Luke between 78 and 93 A.D.None of these writings have any historical value,and their supposed authors never existed.The four Evangelists,Matthew,Luke,John and Mark were myth duplicates of the four Sons of Heru of ancient Kamit.These were [1]Amset,[2]Tuamutef,[3]Gebhsennuf,and[4]Hapi.They were four corner constellations of the Zodiac.So the four so-called gospel writers were just as mythical as were their writings.Good mythology cannot be transmuted into bad history.Kamit these three letters,the monogram of the Sun are the celebrated I.H.S.;which are to be seen in Roman Catholic churches at the present day,and which are now the monogram of the Sun-god Christ Jesus.The church authorities translated these symbols as Jesus Salvator Hominem[Jesus the Savior of Men].The ancient students of esoteric religion read them as the number[608];the time period of a solar-lunar cycle;the number of years which pass befofe the sun and moon occupy the same relative position in the heavens.The cycle 608[or600]years represented a messianic period,at the end of which a new savior or messiah appeared on earth.The letters IHS were the sacred monogram of the Greek god Bacchus.The Christians adopted them and made them the root of the name Jesus.The IHS when Latinized became IES,and adding the Latin masculive suffix.US,that is IES pius US, became IESUS.When anglicized,the “I”became “J”thus giving JESUS.Since the mythology of Heru was known in Kamit thousands of years before the advent of Chrirtianity,then the Kamitian Christ must have been the orignal and the Christian Christ a copy of the much earlier prototype.The Mystery Schools of Kamit were the world’s earliest universities The wise men of ancient Greece went to Kamit for their higher education.Among these men were[1]Plato,[2]Thales,[3Eudoxus,and[4]Pythagoras.Plato studied in the Nile Vally for thirteen years.The metaphysical doctrines now called Platonic were first taught in sanctuaries of Thebes,Great Pyramid of Cheops,Memphis and Heliopolis long before Plato was born.Amen-Ra.

  7. In my neo spiritual world, Doc-hell,heaven, God , Krishna,Jesus, Buddah,Mohammed, or what ever one wishes to call such , lies within. It’s why for any sensible discussion to take place, we should always define our concepts,yes?
    Much luv to you neo Christians, with your blue eyed, revengeful ,Sky heaven, gods.
    That’s where we part company. Why any educated , self respecting Afrikan, still chooses to subscribe to most of these modern paganist , dogmatic fictions, is beyond me- when more pain, and mayhem ,have resulted from their naive adherence.
    My motto remains- Luv Humanity, and forget de tribe?
    BNo philosoy from without , can bring peace or goodwill.We must bring such to the table ourselves. 32 years ago, I began a career in law enforcement, which lasted for 10 years, until ex Police turned Phony Islamist ,Yasin Abu Bakr, and his MUslimeen thugs , gave me cause to pause , as I looked far elsewhere.
    Never can you find a single individual on Planet T&T , who can say dat Neal did them any harm, abused his powers, and not live upto his oath, during those 10 years.
    There are reasons for this.It was what I brought to the table – an honest caring spirit , and so the police service could not teach me that.
    In like manner, many of my former colleagues ,have abused the people’s faith/ trust , and confidence in them , and have indulged in some of the most despicable acts imaginable.
    Care to know why? They were thugs , and vagabonds ,prior to entry , and with added power, well , you can guess the rest.Time for Trinis to look in de mirror, not de sky, some opaque spiritual Man created power, a teacher, parents, or de likes, yes?
    I wish you well.

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