By Nalinee Seelal
December 10, 2012 –

BABY’S FLESH BITTEN OFF on the front page of NewsdayENRAGED that there was no food in the house for him to eat, a 24-year-old man violently turned on his own five-day-old baby daughter, grabbing her tiny body and biting off the tender flesh from her left cheek before biting off a chunk of flesh from her right leg at their East Dry River, Port-of-Spain, home yesterday morning.

And while her father remains in police custody, the little baby girl who was given the name Jinayah only two days ago, is warded in a critical condition at the Paediatric Ward of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope.

A mouthful of baby Jinayah’s flesh was found on the floor by police but doctors have expressed doubt that it could be reattached to her body, telling police investigators that the baby will require plastic surgery on her face — if she survives.

Police said at two o’clock yesterday morning, the man arrived at his Smith Place, East Dry River, Port-of-Spain, home telling baby Jinayah’s mother Tineka Henry, 22, that he was very hungry and asking, where was the food?

At the time, Henry was lying on a bed in the small apartment home with her baby daughter asleep on her (Henry) chest. The man, who is a technician at a local cable television company demanded food. He was told by Henry to go to the kitchen downstairs but when he did so, he came back to the bedroom in a rage saying there was nothing for him to eat.

The man, police reported, started to push Henry who protectively clutched at her baby daughter even as the man angrily shouted that he wanted his food.

What happened next shocked, astounded and galled even seasoned police officers.

Without warning, the man grabbed baby Jinayah — who had rolled off her mother’s chest and on to the bed after all of the pushing — and with one big bite, ripped off a chunk of flesh from the baby’s left cheek. As he started to chew, the baby’s flesh fell from his mouth.

As blood spurted and the baby screamed, the man then reached for her right leg where he bit deeply into the fleshy part of baby Jinayah’s leg. Baby Jinayah’s screams and that of her mother, alerted her (Jinayah’s aunt) Marcia Guy, who rushed upstairs only to see baby Jinayah’s eyes wide open and the gum and jaw on the left side of her face exposed with the cheek bitten off.

“My belly dropped. I felt physical pain. I just grabbed the baby and ran downstairs while at the same time shouting for the neighbours to call the police,” Guy later told Newsday. She said that she ran out of the house hugging baby Jinayah with the baby’s father running after them. Guy said she was able to avoid capture and jumped in a car at Duke Street. She took the bleeding child, wrapped in a pink blanket to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where doctors immediately began attending to her.

“All I kept saying as I held the baby in my hands, was ‘Red Woman, Pinky, please stay alive, you cannot leave us now. You just came’,” Guy said, as her eyes filled with tears. “Red Woman” and “pinky” are baby Jinayah’s nicknames.

Guy said the doctors and nurses recoiled in horror when they saw the extent of the injuries the baby had suffered. Baby Jinayah was stabilised and transferred to the Paediatric Hospital at the EWMSC in Mt Hope.

Guy said while on the way to the EWMSC, she asked the ambulance driver to pick up the child’s mother, but a party of police officers were already at the apartment home. Officers led by Ag ASP Ajith Persad and including Insp Nesbitt and Cpl Sankar arrived at the scene and a few hours after the horrific incident, arrested the suspect who is now detained at the Besson Street Police Station.

“What manner of man would do this to another human being, let alone a child and his own child at that? This is the worst that I have seen in all my long years as a policeman,” stated a source who was among the officers who visited the scene yesterday.

Guy told Newsday she saw officers cringe when they discovered and removed a piece of Jinayah’s flesh which was found on the floor of the bedroom. Guy said she has been left traumatised and is now praying for Jinayah to survive.

“Everybody at Smith Place loves Jinayah and although only a few days old, was already nicknamed ‘Red Woman’ and ‘Pinky’ because of her complexion. Neighbours too are in pain over what happened,” Guy said.

When Newsday visited the scene yesterday, several neighbours were gathered looking on as police officers searched for clues at the crime scene.

Henry was at a neighbour’s home being comforted. Though hesitant to speak, Henry said she is praying for her daughter to recover.

Asked to comment about what happened, Henry said all she wants to say is a plea, for members of the public to say a prayer that her daughter would recover.

Checks last night at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex revealed that baby Jinayah’s condition has improved but she will have to face the pain and trauma of plastic surgery if she is to have a normal life.

Police sources last night told Newsday if baby Jinayah survives, once investigations are completed, the man could face a number of criminal charges which could range from attempted murder to several other charges under the Children’s Act Chap 46:01. Investigations are continuing.,170389.html

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  1. what d azz is dis ? how dey wicked and evil sooo ? ah praying d dis man get back the same thing he do this baby. please doh waste tax payers moneywith court and trial just sentanced he to 24 years every day HE ..yes HE ..have to bite of piece of he own body parts and if he refuse sombody will be happy to do it for him that also goes along with at leaset 4 strokes per day …if he could do this to he own child what he go do to other people children ? …. monster …


  2. 22 year olds having babies with 24 years old ,living in a over crowded one room apartment with other clueless relatives, yet unable to provide food , even while claiming to work,or too stupid to recognize that an overwhelmed unmarried ,young mother, might be too tired from taking care of an infant ,to prepare a meal from ‘nutten chops,’ for him. What a revoltingly disgusting state of affairs!
    There is work to be done Auntie V – St Rose , so get down to it , and quit posing for the media , with those futile beefs you have with your ex boss Her Majestick Queen K, who could care less – about women rights, child neglect/ abuses- if not presented in a politically astute fashion. Wink , wink!
    Yes we know why this topic is the rage today , as it happened in ‘kinky head Afro Trini Nation,’ but sadly it and similar despicable acts are taking place throughout the length and breath of our country , but one would be lucky to hear about it by lazy members of the 4th Estate, for obvious reason.
    I however remain an optimist, that by the end of the reign of our first female PM ,an agenda would evolve , by which ensuring Gender equality, and curbing/ eliminating child abuse/ neglect , as well as blatant social poverty amongst de lower caste Trins, would be viewed as a Human Rights matter, and given the priority attention it deserves, beyond electioneering catch phase slogans.
    If not , then to quote Uncle Basdeo, what we did via de ballot ,two years ago was ‘not change , but exchange.’
    By de way , an authentic agenda, moves beyond de stupid ,Trini time wasting ,political maneuvers ,of simply making more laws, or worst yet, importing another European foreigner,or self serving expat, to head Government controlled departments.
    We luv dis land , ennt?

  3. Dumbstruck,dumbfounded,perplexed and unable to “cry” although my tears will flow as my fingers navigate the keyboard.A cannibal lives in my beloved country.Is this the 21st century?

    Then,hasten and administer a psychiatric evaluation of this (father)individual.Finally,a few tears!!!!!!

  4. Very interesting submission Neal and agree to the points you have made. Let’s not lose focus here though that this 24 year old regardless of being in impoverished conditions needs some psychiatric evaluation. To carry out such despicable deed on his own child reflects how warped his mind is. Keeping in mind that thoughts preced actions, Can one imagine when confronted with an individual such as this e.g. road rage, what the possible consequences can be?

    1. Igualmente Loyal Trini, and yours too was a “very interesting submission,”my friend. Let me see if I can decipher where you are going with this ‘close de stable when de horse is out ,’ move de la “Psychiatric evaluation.” If after this assessment, experts came to de conclusion , that he is a certifiable nut, then what does that prove, or mean for thousands of children across this blessed nation that have suffered / will continue so to do, long into the future, wanton abuses, at the hands of adults , and worst yet ,neglect by the state, as well as well meaning, elitist civic leaders – starting with Churches, Mosques, Temples / other similar civil society head hunchos?
      Unfortunately, our country has fallen into the futile trap of reactionist, limbo / jig and dances, whereby little preventative measures are taken to deal with social ills, but more laws , and public outrages are seen as progress.
      Throw in those unmentionable neo-tribal panderers, and the phonies who gets their rocks off on foreign / domestic media posturing , to prove that all is suddenly well in la la land , simply because …… well , you could fill in de blanks as to their earth shattering assumptions, SINCE by now you should know fully well where I am going.
      In de interim, female abuses, and child neglect is almost the norm. I am on record as saying de following:- 1. No society can positively evolve/ or as in our case, sustainably develop , unless women ,and children are protected, as well as encouraged to reach their full potentials.2. Children cannot vote, so no government- past or preset will pay much attention to their plight beyond lip service.
      Who can forget that clueless, insensitive brute ,call Patrick Manning , failure to own up PNM’s historical political failures,neglect, when a Lavantille ,crack head mom ,was singled out as the sole reason why her 7 year old daughter , walking to the grocery ,was raped and murdered.
      3. Civil Society has an important role to play in conjunction with government , and the private sector , in helping to effect positive social changes.
      4. T&T’s problems are not unique , as many are global.
      5. There is an urgent need for a new kind of elite in T&T- those who can loose that ‘me , me ge me , ge me , selfish, dog with de bone , but let’s try and save the rest of de world mentality.’ I remain and optimist , and so should you , my fellow citizens.
      Stay tune , as yours truly, move beyond talk ,and flesh out his ‘HUMAN SECURITY ,Initiative .’ Hey folks , let’s continue to luv country over tribe, yes?

  5. I feel so sick to come on the Internet to read what going on in my country and see this is so repulsive time to bring back the hang man

  6. Surgery for baby Jinayah
    DOCTORS at the Paediatric Ward of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) on Sunday night carried out emergency surgery on the left cheek and right leg of six-day-old baby Jinayah Noel. Yesterday, the baby was resting in stable condition.

  7. when I heard the news about this baby, I could not believe it has cannibalism still,especially in our civilized country,a new born baby,your own child what the hell is going on he must have been really hungry and desperate to reach to that state but think about the mother with a newborn and apparently no food in the house? so she have to be hungry too,I think she need help emotionally and other wise, as for him he should be punished to the max,if I was not a Christian, I would say like one of the readers,going back to the old testament a tooth for a tooth or just let him out to the public take to wood ford square he will not last a day, but like I said earlier we are civilized human beings,he needs physchiatric help first,but we have to pray for the baby’s recovery and also for the mother,I think she also need financial help. From a true trini.

  8. That poor child!!!! These flicking people making babies, and abusing their own children is despicable!!!! How on earth can this man do something like this to a poor, innocent child he laid down and made? My goodness, I cannot even begin to express how enraged I am to read a story like this. He should be tortured for the rest of his life IN JAIL! A 5 day old baby??? Is that man crazy?!?!?!? I really hope he gets what he deserves for doing this to that child. UUUUGGGGGH!!!!! I just want to fly to Trinidad and beat this man!!

  9. Threats for ‘face biter’: suspect rushed away from court
    The man accused of biting off chunks of flesh from the face and leg of his five-day-old daughter had to be quickly whisked away from the precincts of the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court yesterday after being threatened with death by other prisoners.

    SCORES of persons gathered outside the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court yesterday to catch a glimpse of the man held and later charged for biting his own flesh and blood — his five-day-old daughter named Jinayah.

  10. Hearing this news it’s sad but people we have to read God words and believe what He says that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be loves of their own selves, I believe there are meany more things to come look what happen in America the young man that kill the innocent children , people submit yourselves therefore to God . Resist the devil and he will flee from you,draw nigh to God, and he will draw night to you, cleanse your hands, ye sinners and purify your hearts, ye double minded, we are see things happen when man dont want God the devil comes in. Let us get ready for when Jesus comes.

  11. I am hurt that a father could cause so much pain to the ones they say they love …………I am praying for the family

  12. Yes Su Ann , and Cheryl charles, we know that you as claimed might be hurt ,or even outraged by these and similar savageries, to the extent that you feel prays to a mysterious ,heavenly , revengeful sky God, will rectify the situation ,but what next so as to prevent more wanton displays of abuses ,on our innocent ones?
    Are you demanding actions from your sleeping MPs, or preparing to play Tribe along with politically pardoned Marchel Montano?
    Are you disgusted to the point where you, and a few others, would heed a cry from a social activist (wink , wink ) to collaborate on a meaningful protest on a substantive issue as this , or is still gloating over the victory by Dr Wayne K, our new daily media columnist, who sees himself as de next al Gore on the verge of obtaining a Nobel Peace prize for saving 200 squatters from eviction in Point?
    The point I am making is , that if he can follow his convictions, and see results- irrespective of the backlash- then so can you , and us all- as long as we ensure that T&T remains a thriving democracy ,where it’s leaders are less concerned about berating foreign newspapers/ casting aspersions on well intentioned patriotic citizens who disagree with any policy,than seeing that equal- playing field -social justice prevail, as well as, equitable distribution of all our natural resources to citizens, irrespective of their race, creed, class, ethnic/ geographical origins, hmmmmm?
    Luv country over tribe folks … as the consequences for doing otherwise can be dire indeed.

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