Columbus & the Falsification of History: Updated

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
October 15, 2012

Dr. Kwame NantambuAt the outset, it must be stated quite clearly that we Afrikan people, are the original, majority people with original ideas. Europeans are only an inherited, transmitting, global minority people. Europeans did not invent, create or discover culture or civilization; they just inherited them and in some cases, stole them. Afrikans never lived in caves and in the icebox during the Ice Age for 20,000 years.

The bottom line is that Afrikans are the ancestors of Europeans. We created them, according to scientific research of the modern-day Imhotep, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop in terms of the origin of humankind. These Afrikans who left Mother Afrika with their melanin intact to populate the world and with Black skin, large nose, big/thick lips, Black woolly hair, large-broad nostrils etc., got caught in the ice and lost everything. As a result of having to adapt to this new cold glacial environment, their Black skin then became white, nostrils became small and narrow, lips became thin, etc.; they became white, period.

For the first one hundred and ten thousand years of human or world history only Afrkian people inhabited this planet. No European existed. Yet Euro-centric history, HIS-STORY has the arrogant audacity to state that during these thousands of years, Afrikan people did nothing, created nothing, contributed nothing to human civilization and discovered nothing.

The fact of the matter is that the continent of Europe is named after Princess Europa of Mother Afrika. Yet Euro-centric history tells the world that Afrikan people and their Homeland were in total darkness until Europeans, under the guise of colonizers and explorers, brought them into the light in the 15th century.

In the first place, Christopher Columbus was a smooth, slick, deceiving operator. He had many aliases; he was a con-man. In Italy, he was known as Cristoforo Colombo; in Portugal, he used the name –Cristovao Colom; in Spain, he was Cristo Colombo.

Euro-centric history books indicate the fact that Columbus sailed on four voyages. That’s a blatant lie; they were not voyages. Neither Columbus nor King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain regarded them as voyages. They were regarded as “business trips” as part of Columbus’ business plan called “Enterprise of the Indies.”

The notion of ‘discovery’ was not the initial intent; it was a question of Demand and Supply — business.

Columbus set out at the beginning to search for spices so that his fellow Europeans could season their meat. Of course, Columbus knew that meat needed to be seasoned because he studied navigational skills in Guinea, Afrika. So he saw Afrikans seasoning their meat.

Columbus was in Guinea in 1484, long before his first ‘voyage’ in 1492. His secondary motives were to christianize the heathen, barbaric non-European world and to enslave them. And that’s why Columbus took twelve missionaries on his second ‘voyage’ and that is the primary reason why Christianity is the major religion among Afrikan peoples in the Caribbean and Latin-Central America.

In fact, the last European ship that brought Afrikans as slaves to the Americas was called the “Good ship Jesus”. Other European Christian names included “Santa Maria” and “Nina”. The reason why Europeans gave their slave ships Roman Catholic/Christian names is because on 8 January 1455, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope of Rome, Pope Nicholas V authorized the Europeans (Portuguese) “to subject to servitude all infidel peoples”. Columbus started on these survival missions or trips by heading East, then got lost and ended up West, hence the concept of the West Indies.

The fact of the matter is that Columbus never set foot on the so-called ‘New World;’ he claimed he had an arthritic fit.

The fact of the matter is that Columbus discovered absolutely NOTHING, period.

He DID NOT discover me.

How can Euro-centric history state that Columbus discovered the ‘New World’ when in reality, Afrikans were in the Americas between 1000 B.C. – 700 B.C., traveling to Mexico, etc.

In Mexico, there were more than 1,000 tribes upward of two million people who inhabited the northern forests and prairies by the time Europeans (Spanish) arrived in the A. D. era.

In his book titled “They Came Before Columbus” (1976) Dr. Ivan van Sertima proves that Afrikans were in the Americas about a thousand years before Columbus.

So who ‘discovered’ whom? The notion that Columbus ‘discovered’ the ‘New World’ is nothing but a falsification of history and European historical supremacy at its zenith.

At least, there is one thing that is certain, Christopher Columbus DID NOT discover this Afrikan columnist.

Columbus was lost; I wasn’t.

Indeed, Columbus is the first to admit that Afrikans were in the Americas long before him. On his second so-called voyage, Columbus notes in his diary in his own words as follows:

“the natives of Hispanola (now Haiti) came to me and told me that Blacks (Afrikans) had come from the South and Southeast trading with them in gold-tip medal spears. They (Afrikans) came in large boats.”

Columbus then became very sceptical and sent two samples of these spears the Afrikans used to be assayed in Spain.

The European experts in Spain found that these Afrikan-made spears had the same identical ratio of gold, silver and copper alloys as those spears found in Guinea, West Afrika.

In addition, after his first ‘business trip,’ European Portuguese told Columbus that they were aware of Afrikans leaving the Cape Verde Islands in Afrika and traveling far to the West with merchandise. Columbus was so lost and confused that he thought Cuba was the American continent and he sent a letter back to Spain saying that the South American continent was an Island.

Actually, on 12 October 1492, Columbus reached what he mistakenly thought was the ‘Indies’ but in reality it was the Bahamas in the West Indies.

In the case of the United States, Columbus was mis-taken again. He thought he was in the distant Indies, somewhere between Japan and India so he called his hosts “Los Indios”.

The original people of the United States never called themselves Indians. The lost and confused Columbus did. As one original American-Indian puts it: “Native Americans had built great civilizations with many millions of people long before Columbus wandered lost into the Caribbean.” The fact of the matter is that based on the treatment of the Kalinagos, Tainos and Native Americans by Christopher Columbus thus makes him the contemporary world’s first serial killer, murderer, despot, criminal and genocidal maniac, besides being an unabashed liar and thief.

According to Dr. John Henrik Clarke in his book titled “Christopher Columbus & the Afrikan Holocaust” (1992):

“(On 12 October), the Columbus anniversary is a celebration of mass murder, slavery and conquest …he was an adventurer, an opportunist and a willful murderer and a liar and that what he set in motion was basis of Western capitalism and the exploitation of both Africans and indigenous Americans who had committed no crimes against European people and did not know of European intention to conquer and enslave them. Columbus was a thief, an invader, an organizer of rape of Indian women, a slave trader, a reactionary religious fanatic and the personal director of a campaign of mass murder of defenseless people.”

The so-called four voyages of Columbus represent a greedy Europe that bulldozed its way into a hemisphere of peace, loving, innocent, civilized people and then subjugated them through colonialism, slavery, Christianity and imperialism in the process.

In Columbus’ own diary he writes:

“They (the inhabitants) do not bear arms and do not know, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They would make fine servants … with 50 men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

Columbus had three goals in mind: slavery for profit, genocidal politics, and murder for money.

For the past five hundred years, the world has been educated to worship and look up to great Europeans such as Columbus and Alexander the so-called ‘great.’ The bottom-line is that Christopher Columbus is nothing but a historical fraud, hoax who should be relegated to the ash heap of history.

The legacy of Christopher Columbus is one of the staunch pillars of European supremacy and the deliberate mis-interpretation, hypocrisy and falsification of world history.

Columbus ‘discovered’ absolutely NOTHING, period.

Shem Hotep (“I go in peace”).

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies.

7 thoughts on “Columbus & the Falsification of History: Updated”

  1. Columbus the great mariner changed the course of human history. It was indeed the golden era of exploration and conquest. With sheer determination and near mutiny with a bunch of criminals he ventured into the unknown. “Give me my men but 3 days” History is always an unpredictable science, you do not know what would happen when you venture beyond where no one has gone before. But history can be subjective for instance in Asia the majority of Asians carry Ghengist Khan DNA. As a conqueror he pollinated the Asia continent with great zeal. The men with Columbus were no different. On a recent visit to Costa Rica I notice the features of the people, they are Latinos. Latinos are a mixtures of Spanish and native Amerindians.

    Columbus was indeed a great man, in some ways the founding father of “La Trinidad”. We owe a lot to the great mariner because he set in motion the chain of events that is Trinidad today.

  2. Cristobal Colon, Columbus, call him what you will, was a chancer of the first water. Had he been alive in today’s world, he would have been a banker looking for a handout. From the get-go he had modified his project profile to give him the best chance to attract funding. The best available data on the radius of the earth was close to the currently established figure. The Arabs had determined the earth’s radius using some simple, but elegant geometry by taking observations of the angle of dip of the horizon. Columbus steadfastly ignored this data and presented a voyage profile based on the SMALLEST radius for the earth that was then believeable.
    His report of his observations on his travels included claims of seeing “dog face” men and races of people with “one eye”. The full significance of these assertions can only be understood when it is borne in mind that the medieval writings of the day postulated the existance of such creatures. Columbus, by claiming to have observed these peoples, was seeking to justify his travels on the basis of scientific research, just as today we understand, as scientific enquiry, runs on the “Large Haldron Collider” seeking to establish the existance of the Higgs Boson.
    There was nothing Noble about the man, but I would not expect Mr Kangal to see him from my point of view.

  3. Crisobal Colon was from a long line of assasins. Colon was the very name given to his family in the country now called Italy for this very reason. However, we must be clear and loose ourselves of old historical traditions. Columbus did not learn of using spices by traveling to Afrika (though he had gone ther many many times), he withnessed it first hand in his home country and in Al Andaluz now known as Spain and Portugal. Millions of Afrikans from all over the content poured into Al Andaluz. And, spreadout through the contenent of Europe even as far as the British Islands. This occured long before the taking of Al Andaluz as noted by Pliney of Rome as they entered Pictland or Scotland today. David MacRitchie points out in his book Ancient and Modern Britons that the original black people of Scotland were finally overturned in 1455 prior to the Moors being booted out of Castile in 1492, this was the last push against the blacks.

    Indies, or the use of the word Indian has nothing to do with mixing up the subcontenent India with a people called Indians in the western hemisphere as there was no such place as India at that time. That subcontent was named Hindustan or Bharat. True, the people if the European continent borrowed from the Scots the term Indian for anyone that lived on an island. Columbus had been taught for years the Earth was round because the Afrikans in Al Andualuz had been teaching this science with globes for more than 700 years. In fact because the Moors had been coming to the western hemisphere for years, they were the ones teaching him about the Indies across the great beyond.

    We need to stop with continuing the old mantra of drunk, syphillis ridden Columbis didn’t know where he was going and was lost thinking he was in India…Nope, He knew where he was going because he knew of the many battles that had taken place in the Indies between the white European and the Black from Afrika and the original black skinned people of the West. Moros Y Christianos comida de Cuba lets us know this. And these battles are also commemorated in Mexico.

    Paz mi gente!

  4. Good Dr. Nantambu,

    In the interest of brevity,I stick to the absolute essentials. Those who know ought now be doing the work of operationalizing the work left us by our forbears (like Diop) who has done the work required…?! The only outstanding issue–WHEN. To which I retort–NOW! white supramacy is OVER;that is the true meaning of obama’s nomination to the presidency of white supramacy–THEY WERE DESPERATE. Move from rhetoric to excecution;Hesitate a moment longer and you will keep losing ground already won. POWER belongs to those who seize it…! Keeping in mind Tothmosis was the first IMPERIALIST in His-story, with the longest run of duration. Carpe Momentum–or be slaves,peons,peasants and serfs in the NEW MULTIVERSE being born…

    I go in WAR


  5. It is amazing that the one thing that the Europeans did create is being used by the author – the term doctor.

  6. Is that al Albutt…? Come better dan dat man! If you have an argument on the merits/demerits of said statements, then put forward a cogent argument to that effect? For your edification and education, if Afrikans never encountered a european,they would not of starved to death. In fact I would argue–and convincingly so–that relatively speaking,taking a broad sweep of history, we owe you nothing!!! and would of made out a lot better than we have to date in the loving and tender care of you lovely people–What a burden, one ought not be allowed to carry any more. Put your burden down man; unburden yourself; we will take it from here.

    Again, I go in WAR


  7. And Apop, why should I raise an argument against the diatribe that is inherent in the article. The argument that, “For the first one hundred and ten thousand years of human or world history only Afrkian people inhabited this planet. No European existed. Yet Euro-centric history, HIS-STORY has the arrogant audacity to state that during these thousands of years, Afrikan people did nothing, created nothing, contributed nothing to human civilization and discovered nothing.”, is made by the same racist mentality that this author is perpetuating. Intelligent people have long gone past that. And my point is that if everything that is history is wrong then why are we using the same instruments that the wrong people are using to show themselves as learned?? That my friend is hipocracy. It is hipocracy to make an argument based on the premise that I get from the propogators, using the propogators information and credentials. It detracts from your argument. Pepople have throught history burned oppressors documents while fighting the oppressors. If I fight an oppressor why would I be seen as him??

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