Why is T&T Not Talking to the Venezuelans

By Stephen Kangal
October 08, 2008

Trinidad and Tobago and VenezuelaPrior to the commencement of the TT/Barbados Maritime Boundary Arbitration I wrote in March 2004 to former Minister of Foreign Affairs Knowlson Gift advising that T&T should hold immediate consultations with our Venezuelan treaty partner with respect to collaborating on the defence of the maritime boundary that they jointly established by treaty in 1990. Points 1 to 22 of the boundary are illustrated in the chart below.

That advice was ignored. T&T entered an appearance into the arbitral tribunal hearings held in London led by former AG John Jeremie without appreciating that the heart and soul of the success of T&T in the bilateral litigation, from a T&T perspective, lay exclusively in upholding the legal integrity of the illustrated bilateral boundary in tact against any encroachment on the allotted areas from Barbados.

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  • Thanks to Mr Kangal for continuing to raise this very important issue. I agree that the PM should be talking to Venezuela about this. I will add that the PNM knows fully well what they are doing and are acting according to orders issued by the White House. The governments of Barbados and T&T are tool’s of the US empire. Mr Manning has avoided Chavez primarily because of this.


    Remarks Delivery by U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman
at the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad & Tobago May 2008

    “Even in the face of strong pressure from some in the region, this country has shown great leadership in resisting non-market based energy supply arrangements”.


    Mr Bodman is referring here to Chavez while patting his puppet Manning on the back for staying clear of business relations with Venezuela.
    It was, after all Barbados and T&T who did not sign the Petrocaribe deal with Venezuela of which most of the region signed on to and i submit that the Bajans, who clearly needed cheap oil that they could pay back at a very low interest from anyone including Chavez, knew that the US already had plans for them with regards to the stolen maritime border, So they were confident in saying no to Petrocaribe.

    And i also submit that the US will be using the maritime waters of T&T and Barbados to amass troop build up and “Joint” Military exercises. To counter the revolution in Venezuela visa vis the Russian presence. T&T’s natural gas maritime border was “given” to Barbados to better control the rate of profits in US dollars, they have already surveyed some area’s and are prepared to drill.

    This is what happened under PM Manning’s watch and sign of where things are heading:

    THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER editor Bob Chapman wrote in 2005: “We reported on the large contingent of Israelis and Mossad personnel in Colombia a couple of months ago … they are there in the thousands.

    Now we find them popping up in Trinidad & Tobago, which is prosperous due to oil and gas production and processing.

    It is also used by the Israeli Mafia for transshipping drugs.
    We are beginning to see bombings occur and authorities have arrested Dahtangmik Agaronov.

    The drug operation is run by Sergey Mikhail and Yuri Robolaevich … their organization includes 5,000 criminals in Colombia, Moscow and Trinidad & Tobago who not only move cocaine and marijuana, but weapons as well”.

    Mr Manning is easily used by the US/Zionist and will be a pawn in the attempted overthrow of Hugo Chavez and his democratically elected government in Venezuela. He has allowed the immoral Zionist mossad agents into T&T who was responsible for those bombings which maimed and killed nationals downtown p.o.s. Which will rear it’s head again soon, to create hysteria, and blame the crisis on Chavez. Both himself and the Parliamentary system of government in T&T should be removed before further damage is done to the Nation and region. Even George Chambers refused to let T&T be used by the US to stage their operations.

    We need strong “independent” leadership in T&T not a sell out weakling who allows the US/Zionist to waltz in and out of T&T killing nationals for their own sport.

    Let’s organize to oppose the Free Trade Area Of the Americas conference hosted by Manning on April 17-19, 2009 Hyatt Regency P.O.S.
    Let us denounce the PNM and the opposition for the puppets they really are!

    Boycott! March!
    Take back T&T!

  • Which of you on this blog, including mr.Kangal, will be willin to organize and impliment a march against the government? Which ever of you can do this I promise to follow. Lets put the money where the mouth is for once. We can sit here and type like crazy everyday and It won’t make any difference. Even is Manning or Panday or Dooks reads this blog, they are much too busy with their own agenda to give creedence to any opinions shared on this blog.

    I await

  • The people will be doing so come April 17-19, 2009 Felix. I will always continue to support the vital issues raised on this blog but by Feb/March 2009, i for one will be getting involved/and helping to make the people aware of the reasons for their suffering, through a process of programs and advertisements on certain media outlets in T&T. Which will be followed by community speaking engagements. Program’s at UWI and other venues are also in the works March/April. Then finally everything will cumulate into the protest/rally on April 17-19, 2009.

    This will be done under the umbrella of:

    The TTUF(Trinidad and Tobago United Front) together with “any” other “progressive” “non government or opposition” organizations.

    The TTUF is a non sectarian, NON PARTISAN(No party affiliation!) organization that does not seek to divide the nation along racial/ethnic lines, but instead seeks to educate and agitate for the rights of “all” the people of T&T, and help bring about/usher in the much needed change in “our” society.
    The ruling Politicians, opposition and elite make life harder and harder each day for the already struggling people like your dad and brother, your self and myself through policies such as the “selling out” the Maritime borders, the upcoming “Free Trade”/regional “enslavement” meetings, 13% inflation rate, gradual removal of the gas subsidy(IMF “advice” from meeting in 2007)etc etc.

    This is the time for our generation to act!

    This is an open call to all to do your part. Everyone is invited to participate and get involved and organize their own section of this much needed protest. From the old to the young, Organize community programs, speak to your neighbor, let people know!



    Lets make this the spark for a social revolution that can sweep the nation!

    One T&T
    One Caribbean.

    EPA is not good for the caribbean

  • Hosting the Summit of the Americas was intended to be a precursor to T&T getting the headquarters of the FTTA but the ALBA proposal of President Chavez has destroyed all hopes of this happening. The hosting of the two summits with diplomatic largesse and hugh extravagance is costing T&T tax-payers in excess of $4bn with $3bn for the building of the Waterfront facilities, $503m and $11m (hospitality) budgeted in the Office of the PM, NIPDEC’s $100m for the 200 luxury cars, $200m for the luxury suites at the Hilton and the millions to be spent at Foreign Affairs and National Security to say nothing of Minister McDonald sprucing up of Piarco to POS with further millions to CEPEP/URP while 27% of us are caught in the poverty trap with no respite in sight with T&T oil now at less than $70.00 a barrel. The middle class is targeted for picking.
    Stephen Kangal

  • This is just highly disgusting. All for the purpose of a single “meeting”, two years worth of gas subsidies have been spent. Whereas many regional medical centers could have been built or schools upgraded. And now we the people will have to pay the cost as usual!

    This is the same government that is “supposed to be” reducing the amount of cars on the road through harsh taxation measures, now doing a 180 and importing 200 LUXURY CARS! AT A COST OF $100 MILLION DOLLARS, for a 3 day event!

    Then to add insult to injury tells the nation the cars will be used by the public service/utilities. This does not change the fact that $100 million was spent for a ridicules purpose. There are scores of homeless in every city of T&T sleeping on the roads every night. Especially in POS where the FTAA meeting will be held!

    This government as all the previous ones, have totally underestimated the will of the people.

    The system has failed, the people are aware, and the only solution from this point onwards is a Social Revolution.





  • Guys , it’s time you begin to get serious on the merits of marches and participation in high class over the top intellectual Summits that produces white papers and agendas that entrenched power elites are ill prepared to support eventually.
    When I recently heard that our local Cancer Society was on the verge of going under, and the reason that was put forward by one of its heads for such a debacle was because of lack of governmental support, then I almost got a heart attack.
    Where are our civil societies which historically are the catalyst for change and meaningful power from the bottom up? You reach the mass of people in the trenches and lower echelons of society, and the politics will take care of itself. The two dominant political parties are benefiting from status quo remaining as they are.
    Perhaps a few of you cannot see too clearly because you are so entice by our silly neighbor Chavez, the military henchman political buffoon , who daily masquerade’s as a regional savior and some form of a democratic politician figure while Venezuelans are daily starving and constantly running to T&T for solace.
    I hope you are not influenced by old school ‘local military has beens,’ into believing that Nigeria and Pakistan are model countries because their respective citizens were too stupid enough to halt their military elites from running roughshod over their country’s politics, while unable to take care of a petty local disasters when required.
    Call me subjective or bias if you like, but I am yet to see a military leader in the history of the world that turned out to be a worthwhile politician. I also believe that elites are to be kept in check at all cost.
    What our country needs presently are honest, patriotic leaders that can fully comprehend what coalitions, alliances and compromises are in terms of real politics. Similarly, they should be prepared to put our people first over narrow and insignificant tribal interest. First, via strengthening social grassroots movements by investment of time, and resources, while at the same time providing opportunities for social elevation for the less fortunate.
    The end game should not always be political power benefits however, as our people can surprise us with their astuteness in recognizing when they are being given a 6 for a 9.

  • Good points here Neil:

    “What our country needs presently are honest, patriotic leaders that can fully comprehend what coalitions, alliances and compromises are in terms of real politics. Similarly, they should be prepared to put our people first over narrow and insignificant tribal interest. First, via strengthening social grassroots movements by investment of time, and resources, while at the same time providing opportunities for social elevation for the less fortunate”.

    Only problem is this won’t come via the parliament.
    We will begin to get involved and offer a “real” alternative. So should you Neal. This is the age where the US is “socializing” their banking economy to save it from further pending destruction.
    So if the “leaders” in T&T always follow the policies of the USA, then why not this one to?

    “Socializing” T&T and the region is a good thing, and it will happen to the surprise of all the elite’s i can assure you of that.

    Anyone who understands what’s happening in the World today or “our” region in it. Will have no choice to conclude as the US did by Making T&T their “eye’s for the region”. That T&T will erupt because history has shown us that you cannot inflict harsh measures “subtly” on a people/region who’s neighbors are Ablaze with Social change.

    E.g. my fathers generation, who comprise many posters on this blog faced the then Eric Williams PNM and forced it to usher in the social change in our society, a change that we take for granted in T&T today. The world was Ablaze, as it is today. You had New Beginning Movement, New Jewel Movement etc etc. These had nothing to do with “outside” influence as much as they had to do with a genuine need for a removing of the vestiges of old colonial order in T&T, Grenada etc!

    Therefore some of us must start the process of educating the young people as to the causes and effects of the problems so as to help guide this scientific process to its natural goal.(A social Revolution) not an eruption or series of unsustained rebellions with no clear aim for the “people” such as the 1970/1990 coups, we must learn from our parents generation so as to not repeat the same mistakes.

    A storm is on the way in T&T and it will destroy the old order and a new one will come to again make T&T a land where Your neighbor is your brother. Whom you will cook with, go over to the house celebrate Divali/Christmas with, let the children play/grow up together.
    And if i have to be the only one out there protesting policies like FTAA, then i am prepared to do so because every human being has his/her contribution to make, to change the miserable state that T&T is in. My motivation (and i would suggest that others who post as well) is not Venezuela but the children of T&T who will be robed of their natural birth right’s by the US empire and their puppets PNM/UNC/COP.

    One T&T
    One Caribbean.





  • I like your passion Neil, it’s infectious indeed. As cousin Stokley would say I am “ready for the revolution.’ I promise to stay abreast and get involve where necessary.Keep me posted.

  • Well, i’m left almost speechless with what i’ve just read from you guys. I had no idea that you all were so involved actively in the fight for reform of T&T. I for one will pick up a post and hold it up for as long as needed. However, I need more info from those of you who are at the fore front. My email address is Cofash@hotmail.com. Please don’t hesitate to use it. As for that event in April, I would certainly make the time to get down there and do what i can. If there’s anything you guys think I can contribute at this time or any other time, don’t hesitate to ask.

    I can also make my phone number available for further discussions if needed. Just ask.

    Again, I congratulate you guys on your trepidity in taking on the elite and the enforcers of corruption. It’s about time those of us that flew the cuckoos nest return to rebuild and retake our beloved country.

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