MSJ Withdraws from People’s Partnership

MSJ Out Partnership

By Cecily Asson
Monday, June 18 2012

MSJ leader David AbdulahIn a highly anticipated move, political leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) David Abdulah yesterday announced his party’s withdrawal from the coalition People’s Partnership (PP) and his resignation as a Government Senator.

In response, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she has accepted his resignation, thanked him for his service, but in a parting shot noted that the demands he had made of Government were “impossible, unreasonable and reckless.”
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Flashback: What now, MSJ? T&T needs to know

Prime Minister’s statement on the withdrawal of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) and resignation of David Abdullah from the Peoples Partnership Government:

June 17, 2012

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarDavid has informed me of the decision by the MSJ to withdraw from the People Partnership government and I am in receipt of his letter of resignation from the Senate. I respect the decision of the MSJ and David so to do.

I am compelled to tell you that the list of demands made by David over the past few months were always impossible, unreasonable and reckless. It seems David’s entrance into Government never allowed him the advantage of a national perspective. He remained trapped in isolationist thinking. You cannot negotiate Governance like a Labour Union leader representing the interest of only one group. In Government your responsibility is larger than that; it seems not everyone can make the shift. As for David’s accusations they are vacuous and without a shred of evidence. We have established a more transparent and accountable Government than any other before. David’s comments and criticism as a parting shot fired from the gun of a new political aspirant is an ambitious quest for power.

We do take this opportunity to thank him for his service and wish him all the best.

We will continue with our labour agenda regardless of the absence of the MSJ. Minister Errol Mac Leod whose life long dedication to the struggle of the labour movement can never be challenged, and he remains as a huge resource within the Peoples Partnership Government.

So in a sense, the government can be strengthened by David’s predictable but timely departure.

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  1. MSJ was using time as a means to launch a bombshell but how effective is it when the writing was on the wall for all to see for some time now. What is glaring is the incitement to encourage COP to ensue i.e. to break down the Partnership slowly. It is even more glaring how the majority of blogs from both Express and Guardian reveal a concerted effort to criticize this PM unceasingly. Let’s give Jack her Jacket. This lady is damned if she does and damned if she don’t e.g. her non-attendance to the Rio summit. With respect to the shambles of the Global economy especially Europe and US that controls over 80% of the world GDP (relate this with name calling between Spain and Uganda) the T&T government’ on national policy has been solid on both the economic and finance fronts.

    1. Loyal Trini,I seem to have forgotten,so please remind me- exactly who is the PM.Who is she that she cannot be criticize? Is is God? Guess what, criticism comes with the territory.Critism is only right for Patrick is for every one in office.It is one sure to remind them that we don’t like what they are doing. Like you did not realise what is the CHANGE that people voted for last electin.People did vote for a change in government,people voted in a change in their attitude towards leaders of government,especially those who waste taxpayer’s money,playing the %^$#@# in India under the guise that they are trying to help the country.Look you cannot play mas and fraid powder and if she cannot stand the heat ,please do the country a favour and get out of the kitchen.

      1. Maybe the change you are advocating for is not too far away from what has happened in Iraq, Egypt, Libya and is happening as we speak in Syria. India is known for it’s political and economic stability and is a very democratic society amidst it’s diversity. Why bring in India into this discussion? Prejudice of thoughts are very difficult to suppress and conceal. Herein lies the problem, it is not the handling of criticism it is how meaningful and constructive it is meant to be and it begins by appreciating what one has now and adding improvements.

  2. Show must go on—TOP leader

    Monday, June 18, 2012
    Richard Lord

    Political leader of the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) Ashworth Jack says the show must go on despite the resignation of Senator David Abdulah and the withdrawal of his Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) from the People’s Partnership Government. Abdulah announced his decision during special news conference at the headquarters of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU), Paramount Building, San Fernando, yesterday.

    It comes after his labour-based party publicly criticised the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led government for not doing enough to stamp out corruption in the public sector. The People’s Partnership is now left with four parties—the United National Congress (UNC), Congress of the People (COP), National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) and Jack’s TOP.

    Minutes after Abdulah’s announcement, Jack said: “It came as no surprise to us, we expected it and we were inoculated against it.” Extending his best wishes to Abdulah and the MSJ, Jack said he was sure the matter would have been well thought through “and he would have made a decision based on his conscience. I want to wish him all the best.”

    Asked what the development would mean for the PP Government, Jack replied quickly: “Nothing, really nothing. We saw what happened in the last couple of weeks and we saw that the second anniversary was a resounding success inspite of the fact that the MSJ wasn’t there.

    “It feels a bit sad that we don’t have David with us anymore but the show must go on.” Jack said the responsibility to make the PP remain united and work for the people of this country was not dependent on any one individual but “collectively with all of us working together and we are committed to doing just that.”

  3. Partnership falling apart, says PNM

    Monday, June 18, 2012
    Gail Alexander

    The People’s Partnership coalition Government is falling apart.That was the opinion of the Opposition PNM yesterday, following the MSJ’s move out of the Partnership.PNM leader Keith Rowley and deputy leader Marlene McDonald did not answer calls yesterday.

    Rowley is on leave from the Parliament until June 25, it was announced in Parliament last week. PNM officials said he was in California, USA. PNM MP Colm Imbert, however, said: “The partnership is falling apart and this was on the cards for a long time. “The COP threatened to pull out the other day so obviously things were not going too well for them,” he said.

    “Obviously this MSJ development wasn’t unexpected as there are a lot of disgruntled people out there. People expected the sun, moon and the stars and they are disappointed. But some of the expectations were unrealistic also.” PNM general secretary Ashton Forde said:

    “This collapse was inevitable because this was a government conceived on broken promises and they will die by broken promises.“The people must note that one of the partners is dissatisfied, then how you expect them to treat the rest of the population?” he said.“They went in there as one cohesive unit and they had all kinds of agreement, hugging up one another and for two years later—not even mid-term—and they fall out.“I believe they broke up long ago and today is just the nail in the coffin but the country must stand up and take note because it’s a serious development when a coalition starts to fall apart before mid term.”

  4. Ghany: Abdulah stretched, time had finally come

    Monday, June 18, 2012
    Geisha Kowlessar

    David Abdulah’s resignation as a Government senator and the withdrawal of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) from the People’s Partnership Government has signalled a division within the labour movement. Abdulah’s credibility was also stretched to the point where he had no choice but to make a decision.

    Political scientist Dr Hamid Ghany said yesterday while there were some labour bodies which sided with the MSJ others were not in support of the party’s policies. “For instance president of the Public Services Association (PSA) Watson Duke has publicly called on the Government to institute the property tax, while in 2009, Abdulah was carted off by police as he protested against the proposed property tax outside the Red House.

    “So clearly some labour leaders are not in support of the MSJ’s policies while other would certainly want to make a detachment from the party,” Ghany said. Abdulah’s resignation, he added, signalled that the “time had finally come,” for the former senator. “Ancel Roget is the president general of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) and David Abdulah is the general secretary so the OWTU was facing a possible split if Adbulah did not take a position.

    “Abdulah’s credibility was also stretched out on the one hand by his position as a senator and he calling on MSJ members to resign from State boards while he retained his senatorial position. So it seemed that his time had finally come…it was inevitable,” Ghany said.

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  5. I am glad that overnight, the editors of this mediablog saw it fit to remediate the grave error of publishing late yesterday, the Prime Minister’s commets on David Abdullah’s resignation, BEFORE CARRYING THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF HIS RESIGNATION.
    THIS STARK ERROR SHOWED ME THAT THIS BLOG HAS TACKED IN THE POLITICAL WIND, AND NOW HAS BECOME A MOUTHPIECE OF THE PRIME MINISTER. The correction this morning, is a faint glimmer of hope, but it makes me wonder who beat whom over the head, to make the correction possible.
    Over the years, at least for the last ten or so, I have appreciated Trinicnter’s position of repreenting all sides except the abstrusely ignorant.
    Let me say this: I believe that if there is ONE POLITICIAN in Trinidad and Tobago, who lives by some higher principles it is DAvid Abdullah.

    I salute him for his principled stand. There are those who, despite the rush to comment on the breach and fill it full of words, will try to say that his resignation “is of no effect”.
    Like the shot in Sarajevo in 1914, some thought it was about the Archduke Ferdinand alone.

    Go well David. Stand strong, and move forward. You may well be the only person who could bring Trinidad and Tobago back to a wholesome country, where my greatnieces of all races, could find their equal place.

    I wish you well with every fibre of my being.

  6. Loyal Trini, I am not criticising your PM, but it is just the way I was brought up. I dont know who is her speech writer, but I noticed that not once did she refer to “David” as Mr. Abdullah. You see growing up as a child in T&T, even though the person was the village drunk and had a nickname like “bottlehead”, as children we had to refer to that person as Mr. Bottlehead. The Honourable PM is about my age and a lot more educated than I am. I am so glad that my children are now adults and no longer follow the examples of the honourable politicians or see them as role models.

  7. David Abdullah is torn between his obligations to a radical, greedy labor organization and his desire to pursue the national interest. Interestingly, his labor organization does not have the full support of all the unions.One of his major allies, Macloed is the present Minister of Labor and he has no intention of vacating his position.What does Abdullah really want? We are quite clear on the agendas of his cohorts, Roget, Annissette, etc.
    The PP government as attested to by Macleod has been a very good friend to Labor.Where were the objections during the Manning years when wages, and other demands were frozen unilaterally by the PNM? Annissette was a government Senator at that time. Did he resign?
    The Government can attest today to the settlement of 36 labour negotiations all of which have been outstanding for years prior to taking office.
    Achievements for workers include the increase in the minimum wage from $9 to $12.50 per hour and the repeal of the Masters and Servants Ordinance during the recently ended Tenth Session of Parliament.
    The PP government made possible the appointment of the Industrial Relations Advisory Committee to consider and recommend to the Labour Minister areas of the Industrial Relations Act for amendment and modernisation.
    Government also amended the Maternity Protection Act to increase maternity leave from 13 weeks to 14 weeks.
    David Abdullah has to be more specific. If he has concerns, he should describe these in detail. So far he has only uttered some generalizations to the public, without providing specific evidence to support his accusations of corruption.He had the opportunity to do this as a Senator in parliament, without fear of legal repercussions.There is no doubt that the corruption is continuing under the watch of the PP, however; brave men and women need to step up and show that they are serious in their quest to end this.

  8. Abdulah: I have no regrets
    One day after announcing the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) was leaving the People’s Partnership (PP) Government, political leader David Abdulah yesterday said he had no regrets about the decision. Abdulah also quit as a Government Senator.

    ‘PM was not serious about issues’
    Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah said yesterday it was now obvious to him Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar had no intention of addressing key governance issues.

    Abdulah looking for own MSJ—Warner
    Works and Infrastructure Minister Jack Warner says former Government senator David Abdulah was trying to break up the People’s Partnership Government, to develop his own Movement for Social Justice (MSJ).

    Warner: PP stands stronger
    Works and Infrastructure Minister Austin Jack Warner said the People’s Partnership (PP) coalition would continue to stand strong despite the withdrawal of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) and the resignation of its political leader, David Abdulah, as a Government Senator.

    McLeod: I’m not resigning
    LABOUR Minister Errol McLeod yesterday said he has no intention of resigning his post as a minister in the People’s Partnership coalition, notwithstanding the decision of his political party, the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), to withdraw from the coalition.

    COP ‘understands’ MSJ pullout
    Prakash regrets party’s decision to go it alone

    Rowley: PP ‘thinly disguised UNC cabal’
    OPPOSITION LEADER Dr Keith Rowley yesterday said the withdrawal of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) from the People’s Partnership (PP) Government is nothing more than the MSJ’s exercise of a “conscience vote” against the actions of the lead party in the PP, the United National Congress (UNC) led by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

    Roget: MSJ not an eat-ah-food party

    …’We brought integrity to Partnership’

    UNC activists show support for Abdulah
    One day after Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah announced he was quitting the UNC-led People’s Partnership Government, several UNC activists followed suit, tendering their resignations yesterday.

    Cabrera expects massive crowd in Fyzabad today
    resident of the Banking Insurance and General Workers’ Union (BIGWU), Vincent Cabrera is expecting a massive turnout at today’s annual Labour Day celebrations in Fyzabad.

  9. I noticed in Abdullah’s speech he sounded much like NJAC. NJAC in turned sounded like some right wing party “don’t go David don’t go”. What a thing.

  10. “Today in the spirit of Butler we call on the government of Trinidad and Tobago to settle all outstanding negotiations in three months: begin seriously addressing the Workers’ Agenda and begin addressing all the demands and issues identified by MSJ which are all reasonable” (ROGET)

    Here is Roget, supported by Abdullah, invoking the name of Butler to justify their greedy agenda, regardless of the government’s ability to pay in these global harsh economic times.
    Do we now understand why Abdullah had to quit?

  11. MSJ withdraws?SNZZZZZZZZZZ! Ummm hmmm, wake me up when someone really cares as to what this closet socialist , opportunistic bozo ,called David Abdullah does.
    Now here is a woman who is doing something for her country,and what I would like to see a few more of our fake expert,cyber yappers doing?
    Sistaz L,give me a call when you wish to attack, post PNM / Patios , continued failing social services in T&T.
    I am big on security,and health affairs. My 3 decades background in the arena , exposed me with lot of skills , and resources to ….., well fill in the blanks on where I am going with that.
    You and a few others might have the Zeppo on how to link up with some of Cuban doctors ,and similar health experts ,so that we can do something that can mirror what Sistaz Susan DeFritas did to help her country- after using her own personal family challenges, re young siblings.
    The problem of T&T cannot change , merely by politicians, on various sides of de Trini tribes ,changing residences, and positions in the House chambers- as we can now fully attest. Civil Society, is the key to real changes, and long elusive, sustainable development .

  12. A socialist society is one that provides basic services for its people free, or at low cost. In TnT this takes the form of free education, health care, and services for the elderly like bus transport. It also includes low cost housing. The national pension scheme is also part of the socialist system.
    In countries that are not that way oriented, all education is paid from one’s family’s personal funds. Hospital care is costly, and there is an absence of service for the elderly, except if the family provides it. Most of the British Commonwealth countries have socialist systems.
    CAlling DAvid Abdulah a socialist as if it is some kind of a disease, is a nonsense statement by an ignorant person. Britain goes even one step further, they would provide a wig as medical support, if a female cancer patientor one suffering from alopecia needs to return to work. They send home help nurses to assist pregnant mothers who are having difficulty.
    In CAnada, you get a child “milk money” allowance, regardless of your income. And people admitted as refugees get a subsistence allowance to help them settle in.
    In the US Medicare and Medicaid take care of the medical needs of the poor and the elderly, and in some cities, specialized transportation provides help for the handicapped. They go to your house to pick you up and take you where you need to go, for free.

    So, socialism is an almost universal western system of caring for people. Why do some people behave as if it is a curse?
    Do we want to return to the awfully crippled, emaciated beggars who used to sit on the streets of POS and Sando, holding up their disabilities while begging? Did that make us feel good, superior?
    I saw those types of beggars in Barcelona, Spain, while on a cruise in 2008. They were sitting outside the famous cathedral.Spain does not seem to have a social support system.

  13. Abdullah is a fake in all categories and everyone knows this. He resigned for selfish reasons. He is forseeing himself as a future PM candidate in the alleged turmol in TnT. TnT is not in turmoil my friends. All the diegruntled folks are so inclined because they felt bypassed by supporting the PP. Such is the situation in TnT. With corruption so rampant everyone feels they deserve some favor or other from the PP just by supporting it. So the real reason for a change was not for a better government but for what they could get in return for votes. Of course I’m right, otherwise why are they complaining now. A new PP has to unravel the mistakes and clean up the mess of the past.
    Abdullah is no different. He did not get his share so like a spoied child he resigns hoping to hurt the PP party. No such thing will happen. His utmost strategy now is to talk bad of Kamla hoping to get folks on his side and is very hopeful to place himself as a candidate for PM at election time. He is no different from past union leaders. Union leaders are very selfish individuals, always trying to oppose gov’t for personal gains. Many have said before and I say it now he really do not CARE for his members’s welfare, he cares for their union dues. I work here in the USA with AT@T for 33 years and after the first year I dropped out of the union because the leader always wearing a new suit and new cowboy boots everyday. Not to mention six bodyguards where ever he goes with a new cadilla auto. He would never dress and drive like that on his own salary, so he is obviously using union dues from workers to live like a king. The same goes for Abdullah, he only cares for himself and how far he could reach in government with union dues. Wake up TnT all union leaders always harm the economy of any country because they ask for unreasonable increases to benefit themselves. He will get a rude awakening because next election Kamla will win again.

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