What now, MSJ? T&T needs to know

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May 22, 2012 – trinidadexpress.com

MSJ leader David AbdulahTHE “stand Strong” headline theme of the advertising for the People’s Partnership’s anniversary event on Thursday, must attract serious interrogation for its validity. The believability of print ads pushing that theme, appearing on Thursday, was immediately called into question by the leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), a member of the ruling coalition.

MSJ leader David Abdulah dissociated his organisation from the very idea of “celebration” that the People’s Partnership boosters were urging on their constituent groups and the general public. The Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas occasion, promoted as a “second anniversary celebration” has been deemed both untimely and “inappropriate” by the MSJ, which referred to “so many crucial issues facing the country”.

Since T&T is not at war nor stricken by natural disaster, to include “live entertainment” in an event marking the second anniversary of an election victory hardly seems out of order. Again, as “crucial issues” are almost always “facing the country”, the inappropriateness of a time for celebration lies in the eye of the MSJ beholder.

What was clear from the moment of Mr Abdulah’s intervention, and is only clearer today, is the MSJ’s determination that the People’s Partnership no longer constitutes the company it wants to keep. That it wants out is unlikely to surprise the public, which has been used to hearing ever-louder sounds of its discomfort in erstwhile cohabitation within the Partnership.

Last March, OWTU president general Ancel Roget likened the MSJ’s association with the Partnership to an “abusive relationship”. Like other trade union leaders identified as main spokespersons of the MSJ, Mr Roget has been preparing the ground for ultimate withdrawal which, as of yesterday, has been all but finally effected.

“I will take it to the MSJ executive,” said Mr Roget in March, “that they leave the People’s Partnership now.” In an even blunter statement of position, he added: “If the MSJ does not agree to leave, the OWTU will leave the MSJ.”

By yesterday, the photo of Mr Abdulah, who is also general secretary of the OWTU, had been, on his demand, removed from the “We Stand Strong” ads. Also struck out is the listing of his name as one of the “feature speakers”.

Such embarrassing last-minute amendments must be taken as a measure of serious mishandling and mismanagement attributable to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, UNC leader, and also leader of the Partnership. It is up to Mrs Persad-Bissessar, who should have seen it coming, to put on a brave face in presenting a platform materially diminished from the slate offered to voters two years ago.

The country will also now look to the MSJ to advance its own policy and programme for T&T, and to demonstrate in terms of political realism how it seeks their implementation—beyond the all-too-familiar rantings and ravings in protests and marches.


4 thoughts on “What now, MSJ? T&T needs to know”

  1. An indepedent MSJ political party could not win a single seat in any national election.
    Why do you think Abdulah and Macleod are simply ranting and raving without offering up their resignations? They are enjoying their fat salaries and prominence while playing a dubious game with their labor and union cohorts who are behaving like spoiled brats, unhappy with their share of the spoils, willing to court any political organization which will cater to their greed.

  2. It appears that the MSJ is rethinking its Capitalist position!! This may be as a result of failing Capitalist European economies like Greece, Spain, Italy and even France which recently choose A Socialist leader.

    The 1% rich in the Capitalist system controls the wealth, as they Keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Some of These Capitalist also try to use state enterprises to maintain their rich status.


  3. What TnT needs to know is, Can this Prime Minister function as a prime Minister without her sister to, passibly give her her insulin shots, and change her diapers? I know people are often queasy about giving themselves insulim shots, but if she can’t do this, in the interets of TnT, then she has to employ a nurse, quite possibly her sister, at her own expense. This mess has to stop. We simply cannot go on like this, majority in Parliament, or not.
    She neds to be put on a diet, and should follow it.

  4. kamla know the citizens of t&t not as tolerant as they use to be. she know they got raid of PNM because they was fed up. She also knows everything she do and say will be micro analysis to the fullest extent.Kamla you have missed one of the greatest opportunites in your life time in the process you have also made women look week. is a good thing you dont represent most honest,hard working ,strong t&t women other wise dog eat we supper. while i expect you to make mistakes the type of mistakes you making is just plain ‘retarded” how you expect to give your sister so much of tax payers money and they will not find out? was that your plan ? or you think we so stupid we ent dare say nothing ? what really going on in your head kamla? and to compound all of that is like you does just jump out of your bed and say she is a certified nurse Another lie kamla ? if that was me when i say that i would of produce all she credentials the same time , nah but not you ,you have to make the people do all kind of background check to find out where the hell she certified ? they still looking ? and you still trying to convince the public you need your nurse ,gone in the people hospital and waste their time, release your self and come home in time for the big fete. ah wonder what them bajans doctors saying bout that latest stunt. i almost certain them Bajans doctors ent even touch you ,they fraid ,they know how you does lie so they tell you we ent go say anything but you could leave anytime !! what if you was really sick ??
    they does read t&t news too incase you dont know so they well aware of all your stunts. There you go again makeing we shame playing smart with stupidness.Dem Bajans laughing at we …

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