Results of UNC Internal Elections

United National CongressCOUDRAY COPS IT
San Fernando Mayor Marlene Coudray has copped a deputy leader position in the United National Congress (UNC) internal elections.

…SHE came, she saw and she conquered!

King Jack
WORKS and Infrastructure Minister Jack Warner’s popularity continues to grow by leaps and bounds within the United National Congress (UNC) as he convincingly beat his closest rival for chairmanship in the party’s internal elections in Saturday, by a whopping 12,000 votes.

Moonilal to unsuccessful voters: Get regularised

Manning’s son at UNC elections
THE United National Congress (UNC) internal elections ballot-counting exercise on Saturday night had a surprise visitor in the person of David Manning — son of PNM San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning.

Fuad: 80% of UNC membership rejected candidates
It was reported that only 20 per cent of the members eligible to vote in Saturday’s election turned up at polling stations throughout the country.

As the dust settles
As far as the UNC goes, the election did settle some things, the most critical of which was the position of Jack Warner within the Persad-Bissessar Cabinet. In running as an independent against a slate promoted by the PM’s pick for her successor, Mr Warner sent a powerful signal of his personal and political strength within the party that she leads.


UNC’s Official Election Results: Votes cast and winners


Jack Warner — 12,656

Ashvani Mahabir — 656

Heru Mooniram — 201

Deputy Political Leader

(3 seats to top 3 candidates)

Roodal Moonilal — 11,061 (Nationalists)

Marlene Coudray — 7,635 (Nationalists)

Surujrattan Rambachan — 8,117 (Nationalists)

Fuad Khan — 5,328

Herbert Volney — 3,593

Sunil Ramjitsingh — 755 (UNC Soldiers)

Elizabeth Mohammed-Ali — 462 (UNC Soldiers)

Affifah Mohammed — 408 (Generation Next)

Natasha Navas — 390

Shavitta Lochan — 387 (Generation Next)

James Mohammed — 342 (Generation Next)

Dougnath Rajkoomar — 111

Deputy Chairman

Khadija Ameen — 8,311 (Nationalists)

Lyndira Oudit — 3,654

Kavita Ramdeo-Dabiedeen — 644 (Generation Next)

Denise Carew — 453 (UNC Soldiers)

Policy and Strategy Officer

Collin Partap — 10,562 (Nationalists)

Amarnath Jagassar — 1,141

Ravi Ramdenny — 603 (Generation Next)

Ramish Ramanand — 429

Education Officer

Daphne Phillips — 9,957 (Nationalists)

Nalini Roopnarine — 1,263 (Generation Next)

Glenda Boodram — 872 (UNC Soldiers)

Bob Soogrim — 363

Errol Benjamin — 266

Research Officer

Arnold Ram — 9,604 (Nationalists)

Krishna Maharaj — 1,296

Nigel Mahabir — 1,037 (Generation Next)

Election Officer

Ramona Ramdial — 11,003 (Nationalists)

Raul Henry — 695 (UNC Soldiers)

Romeo Suresh Dassrath — 613 (Generation Next)

Reynold Chinchamee — 214


William Archie — 9,189 (Nationalists)

Neela Sooklal — 2,190 (Generation Next)

Party Organiser

Chandresh Sharma — 10,722 (Nationalists)

Sookram Ali — 820 (UNC Soldiers)

Hayman Moonian — 481 (Generation Next)

Kamal Indar — 358

Ramesh Karapan — 188

International Relations Officer

Shane Mohammed — 10,350 (Nationalists)

Venetta Rampersad — 1,146 (Generation Next)

Nadia Gebodh — 630

Regional Representative Tobago

Junior Barrington Thomas — 9,900 (Nationalists)

Manohar Singh — 1,276 (Generation Next)

Sean Dalipsingh — 874 (UNC Soldiers)

Regional Representative East

Yvette Richards — 9,596 (Nationalists)

Vernon Nandee — 976 (UNC Soldiers)

Staphan Bhagan — 765

Peter Madiera — 730 (Generation Next)

Regional Representative North

Don Sylvester — 9,725 (Nationalists)

Geewan Ramdeen — 1,193 (UNC Soldiers)

Gary Simmons — 647 (Generation Next)

Patricia Herry — 417

Gail Worrell — 286

Regional Representative Central

Glen Ramadharsingh — 11,040 (Nationalists)

Krishendath Sooknanan — 692 (UNC Soldiers)

Rajendra Gosine — 640 (Generation Next)

Regional Representative South

Shanty Boodram — 10,485 (Nationalists)

Kenneth Paulsingh — 984 (UNC Soldiers)

Andrew Ramsaroop — 834 Generation Next)

2 thoughts on “Results of UNC Internal Elections”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Hats off to the Nationalists who has overwhelmingly procured votes overall. It must also be noted that Jack Warner indeed has sent a strong WARNing to the People’s Partnership that he isn’t going anywhere! Give JACK his JACKET! He is well loved by the people…

  2. The results of the unc internal elections 2012 cleerly indicate what the people wanted.They voted for sound ideology and progress.They wanted good attitude,good manner of speech,respect for the human being and unity in progress.No person must feel that he is a lord unto himself and that only his opinion will count forever.A good leader listens and informs of decisions taken.
    The party should go on a recruitment drive to enlarge its intellectual base because many people are still out there very willing to serve and offer assistance.
    The party hierachy should call an early closed door meeting,of all persons concerned, to resolve differences aired during the campaign,no media allowed ,no press conference after. This is a party matter.

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