A Politician’s Cry

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe
February 08, 2012

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeInitially, Jack wept publicly because he wanted to persuade black people that he felt their pain. Like Brigadier John Sandy, his enabler, he just could not stand how black people were killing one another so he joined his UNC colleagues to impose a State of Emergency that threw black people in prison, for the most part. I noted then, “Jack wept just as Peter wept after he betrayed Christ.”

Jack wept a second time. This time he is weeping silently and unpretentiously because he has been betrayed by those in whom he had placed his trust and confidence. Although he worships compulsively at Mount Saint Benedict each Sunday he never fails to run down to his mandir in Central to appease his Hindu gods.

This must be a confusing thing to God. He has chosen to cover both bases in case one does not work out. If Jesus Christ does not work out, then Lord Shiva will.

But as my mother used to say, “God is not deceived.” You may fool man but you can’t fool God.

Now it seems that both Lord Shiva and Jesus Christ are failing him.

How else can one read the Prime Minister’s pronouncement on Jack’s fate (or is it Jack’s faith) without feeling a pang of remorse?

Asked recently about their relationship, she responded, “I have no problems with Mr. Warner. Mr. Warner is a very hard-working minister and remains a very important part of the Cabinet, like all other ministers” (my emphasis). But if all the other members of her Cabinet are as important as Jack then none of them, including Jack, is particularly important.

Put another way, her statement is analogous to the logical fallacy of mistaking correlation with causation which is to say that even though Jack may be a (not the hardest) working minister of government and an important member of her Cabinet, it does not mean that there is not a rift between them which she does not deny. Perhaps Jack is comforted by the fact that she held his hands, like all the other ministers, at the second anniversary of her becoming the political leader of the UNC.

Such a tepid endorsement does not bode well for Jack or the people he serves. Nor for that matter, does it speak well for his position as a leading figure in the UNC. After all, this put down comes after none of the ministers attended his launch of the Fisherman’s Cry (the petition drive he started unilaterally in support of hanging) and the public humiliation he received from the prime minister. It was one thing for the prime minister not to attend the launch of his grandiose scheme; it is quite another thing to announce that it was not even on her agenda.

Quickly after he announced his petition drive, three of his ministerial colleagues decided that they would not sign his petition unless it was approved by Cabinet. The Cabinet met and Jack, almost blue with humiliation, announced the campaign was off.

Although one does not always know the truth of these matters, it is entirely possible that the prime minister presented Jack with the following ultimatum at her cabinet meeting: either cease and desist or be fired as a minister.

It was at that moment that Jack’s instincts (or was it one of his faiths) kicked in: either accept public humiliation or the private contempt of his peers.

Faced with such scorn, Jack wept a second time: silently, privately and unpretentiously amidst the gaze of those whom he had humiliated previously and who took a sadistic pleasure at his agony and his shame.

This leads to the question: does Jack have any shame left? Or, is that his ego is so inflated that he is blind to his public humiliation and the private contempt his colleagues have for him?

They say that ego is as cunning as it is deceptive. On many occasions it prevents one from seeing the truth or understanding one’s degradation.

Jack entered the UNC like a knight in shining armor, with wooly hair and a bagful of money to remove the evil that was the PNM. Like Hanuman, the mighty Hindu deity (usually depicted as an ape and called sometimes the monkey god) that assisted Lord Rama to locate Sita, Rama’s wife, Jack boasted of his ability to locate the PNM and blast it into a nether world of obscurity.

However, Jack, the Hindu believer, did not understand that although Hanuaman saved Sita from death and destruction and brought the sacred herb to cure Lord Latchman, he was struck down by Indra’s thunderbolts when he sought to reach for the sun. In spite of his invincibility he was not always welcomed by the other gods.

So that although there was a time when the UNC needed Jack’s physical prowess and monetary strength to face the enemy called the PNM, today he is seen as nothing more than excess ballast for which they no longer have any need. He has fulfilled his function, saved them from destruction, and now he must be cast aside.

The only question that remains is how to achieve such an end without their having the appellation of nemakaram added to all of the other words that describes the inherent lack of principle or decency that marks everything the UNC does.

In spite of all of his frailties and miscalculations, Jack deserves better than the public humiliation and private scorn that he now receives at the hands of the UNC. But when you have Macandal Dagga, Rupert Griffith and others of that stripe in a party that lack principles, projects, or programs, then one can only expect double-talk and treachery which explains Jack’s fate/faith and the final humiliation that is yet to come.

Jack should remember: “God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap.” Thus it has always been; so shall it always be.

20 thoughts on “A Politician’s Cry”

  1. Maybe the now abandoned church in the Arima surrounds would be a good place for you to preach your hatred.

  2. articles like this one keeps Trinidad a third world country and a divided nation; it amazes these same critics would migrate and live elsewhere and would be continue the same lifestyle and complaints, instead of look, listen, observe how other cosmopolitan countries ppl live and interact with other ethnic groups;
    T&T used to be a paradise,which aches my soul of the changes it has gone through;

  3. While the preceding posts think the forecast or prediction of Dr. Cudjoe is preposterous, the evidence is there to support some form of cataclasmic ending to Jack’s future in the UNC. Most of us have seen this behaviour played out so many times that to print before it happens may not be what those who support the UNC want to hear BUT however they may choose to characterize Jack’s presence, past or future, he is done with because there are newer and more lucrative clients to fund the UNC. No one is counting on Jack’s role in future elections! No one is looking for Jack’s wisdom for future battles, you know why? Because one thing is true in Trinidad and Tobago ‘EVERY ONE HAS A PRICE’. The UNC now has the means and the power to fight any kind of race that might be forthcoming in the next election so that is not a worry for them at this time. As for Jack’s choice of religion, he cannot be a christian and practice pagan principles at the same time. The Christian god says ‘for I am god, I’m a jealous god and thou shalt have no other god but me’. So, Jack’s behaviour is blasphemous at least and CANNOT in any way be considered an act of faith. I cannot judge by how the Lord will treat him or deal with him but we know by the words of the bible, his behaviour is unbecoming in dealing with his view of christianity.
    One does not have to be schooled in economics to understand what is taking place in Trinidad might be ok for some in the near term but disastrous for us all in the future. There is a move afoot to tie every aspect of industry and commerce with India, Hindu and far eastern practices, however veiled the attempts to conceal might be there can be no denying that this is the course presently set for our future and since all the money and power are now in the hands of hindus, we all have to standby and see what happens.

  4. Jack has been snookereed, but he has first been self-snookered.

    His abject worshipping at the iniquitous alter of self-hatred, masquerading under the guise of the ‘HNIC in the UNC’ has disgraced not only himself, but also all other self-respecting Black people, period!

    And while one, as another Black man, feels some sense of reluctant empathy for another now about to be emasculated, his shameless performance while singularly his is nonetheless, unfortunately, and undeservedly ours!

    As an ancient people, in fact, of all peoples the most experienced and wise, we have travelled too far, and been through too much to have fallen so far to achieve so little.

    For surely, given his race he has, in his valiant determination to rise out of a ubiquitous obscurity and vast poverty, he would have had to face more than his share of being humiliated without cause.

    Despite his experiences, he so mistakenly turned to practising self-degradation.

    Despite this, he is uniquivocally one of us; a fighter–if shameless–and child of fighters, a testimony to sterling survival no less than is Toussaint, Dessalines, Frederick, Sojourner, Uriah, Harriet, Nanny, Rosa, Malcolm, Bambata, Zumbi dos Palmares, Carlotta de Matanzas, Winnie …!

    In short, Jack Warner tried to prove what he didn’t have to: that he is uniquivocally human, and as a Black man, a human being plus ultra. He is no make-believe man, nor deputy human, but is a branch from the stem of original humanity from homo sapiens idaltu to homo sapiens sapiens.

    Like a man pushing against an open door, he tried to prove what he had no need to, but in so doing gave comfort a cerberus in need of a racial sop.

    Now, he doesn’t even have the faded dignity and reduced status of a prodigal returned, but must wallow, lonely in the pigsty of political treachery.

    Thus, the strategic scenario now left to unfold is, when and under what contrived and convenient pretext, unlike that of a more acceptable set of political financiers will he be unceremoniously extradited to the US? In handcuffs!

  5. What is this Integrity Commission all about? is it a Soap Opera? or is it some big joke -playing on people’s intelligence? Hiring and Firing? This Bacchanal mentality, this Lagoon Conch and Canal Crab Mentality have to go- just let it GO!!!!

  6. Preach brother, preach! I know its like hot oil in the ears of those who love the status quo. After more than 500 years in T&T, people of African descent are being asked to accept second/third class status. All races are created equal. Our differences should not be viewed as marks of superiority. This is a difficult concept for those steeped in a culture defined by caste.

  7. Cojoe, I’ve got to hand it to you. The truth can be so mean,it sometimes vilifies its orator.
    I find it hard to forgive Jack myself yet I had some sympathy after all you just don’t be a man as you’d beat a snake albeit,Warner deserves a liking like the rest of the surrogate UNC new-comers
    It is necessary that Hindu Bhagavad Gita be allowed in all of our schools so we all understand and appreciated above all our traditional secular history and current dysfunctional system of governing which is laying ground for increase hate thus that(unspeakable) which usually follow God Forbid!

    There’s none as dangerous as religious-race-political(base)influence. Trinidad & Tobago is under a real threat.

    UNC surrogates or the By-Gods palatable posing as objectionist are an affront to unity rather are self serving individualist that have been rejected by mainstream public and traditional parties whom either fell-out or became irrelevant to the power houses of Trade Union movement and various social groups.

    Lets face it; Jack served his purpose: he provided the money needed to depose Panday, reign in disaffected Gangs that unseated the PNM.
    Now that the PP Gov are in control of the country’s coffers, why would it need Hanuman a Monkey god.

    1. You are right! The UNC government has the supreme power to move from god to god because there is a god for all seasons and all reasons. Jack’s problem is that he might not be in sync with the rest ‘caste’ members. Who knows? Maybe at this juncture he might be considered a dalit!

  8. Much like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, Jack brought the Children of Africa to the tent of their anti-black Judges, jury and executioners. It is doubtful that he had any concern for their fate, as like Judas, he would receive his thirty pieces of silver in the form of a Cabinet Position. Pity the poor fools who followed him to their social and economic doom. Pity their shallow memory that could not identify the regurgitation of a stratagem that has been used against Africans going back centuries, and adopted today by mindsets that share the same prejudices and anti African antipathy that invented this stratagem.

    Yes, so Jack is weeping like Judas Iscariot after betraying the Christ. But he is not weeping because he recognizes the wrong he has done. He is weeping because he is discerning that now that Herod has achieved what she wanted, his is of little or no use. Maybe like Judas he will go out and do the honorable thing and rid us of the image of this current Day Benedict Arnold who valued 30 pieces of silver more than he valued the very source of his existence.

    Doctor Cudjoe is once again on the ball. Like Malcolm X, he does not allow political correctness to censor his identification of the traites, behaviours and attitudes of Africans who shuffle in front of their prejudiced Masters in order to authenticate their ethnic mastubatory idiotic notions, or the ideological motivations of said masters.

    Africans are learning that we cannot change centuries of enculteration and religious beliefs that are based on racist supremacist self serving notions by continuing with this kumbaya petition for inclusiveness and equality. We must, I repeat, we must say to hell with all that, take control of our present and future, and do as others do, regardless of who expresses condemnation over the fact that we refuse to stay in the stratified role they have prepared for us. It is time to believe and accept what is before our eyes in broad daylight, rather than waiting until darkness intervenes to take seach lights and try to see it. Amanda!!!!

  9. Once again Cudjoe and his admirers are using the prism of race to view and interpret Jack’s situation.
    In most countries a Minister with Jack’s problems would have been fired or forced to resign. The PM of T&T has chosen instead to “hide” Jack within her Cabinet by reducing his responsibilities and limiting his power.
    The PP is fully aware of Jack’s influence and power in his constituency and country.
    Jack will be unleashed as soon as his FIFA and Soca Warriors problems have been forgotten or solved.Most intelligent people on the ground know the reasons why Jack’s power in awarding contracts on the new highway project is now under scrutiny.
    Cudjoe’s analysis is entertaining reading, but it is pure fiction,the area of his expertise which he should stick to.
    His piece is brilliant racial and religious propaganda.

    1. TMan, you sound like a someone uncomfortable of having to take a political position–probably also cultural–that is unethical, but is even more uncomfortable in having to break off supporting the institution that is creating this conflict in your tormented soul.

      Of course, I could either way be completely incorrect about the above.

      What is correct is that Jack Warner, in his convoluted climb to power and his meteoric fall to abandonment and disgrace is a morality script awaiting production.

      It is one of an individual who understands too well, the uses of power but not the limitations on power: its uses and abuses.

      The limitations on power are always, always, always imposed by issues of morality.

      This is because as Dr. MLKing Jr pointed out, the ‘arc of the universe bows towards the realm of justice’.

      Unlike Dr. King, Jack knew how to wheel and deal. He was the king-breaker and the queen-maker and thus thought himself a skilled operator.

      He was this, at home and abroad; in Parliament and in FIFA; in the Machiavillian world of real-politiks; and was one above such elemental and discardable expectations based on valuing ethics, morality, honour, and prudence.

      He could, when he wanted to, be the HNIC in the UNC. He could, when he fancied himself as being above dalit-status, level shameless and baseless charges of anti-Indian racism against other Black politicians, and do so knowing that all he needed to make these charges stick was not decency and truth, but brazen chutzpah and bombast.

      And being less answerable because he, too, was Black! And because, too, those accused were like him, uncomfortable of being human in their Black skins.

      Now, like Claudius in Hamlet, he is being hoist on his ‘own petard’.

      However, perched there, he is not alone there. This is because, his being emasculated while being a singular example of the consequences of political imprudence and ethical ambiguity, is even more, both a collective metaphor and a prophecy.

      It is a metaphor of how easily can a Black man who does not know himself; one who is unable to rejoice in the sheer majesty of being Black can be brought not low, but lower, since the self-hatred and self-abasement he practised was itself, already low enough.

      The prophecy is about the larger picture of how Black Trinis can be viewed and assessed. How manageable is the humiliating and packaging of Black people.

      This level of disdain, and ease of manipulation unfortunately gives a sordid truth to a base lie: that Black people can be made the ready instruments of our own vile destruction, and in the process give comfort to those who need justification for the unjustifiable.

      The denouement of his singular narrative, and final fall will occur based among other things, on the initial inciting force of the bringing in of US payoff dollars into the country, undeclared to TnT Customs.

      The fine for this is a fee three times the amount, plus fifteen years imprisonment without parole.

      You might see him, midway before the next election, being extradited in handcuffs and leg-irons to the US where those good ol’ boys drinking whisky ‘n gin know how to deal with ni**ers whose nuisance value has grown them to big ‘for their britches’.

  10. Quoting Cudjoe:

    This must be a confusing thing to God. He [Jack] has chosen to cover both bases in case one does not work out. If Jesus Christ does not work out, then Lord Shiva will.

    Jack should remember: “God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap.” Thus it has always been; so shall it always be.

    The rest of the quotation to which Cudjoe alludes also is instructive:

    “7Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” (Galatians 6:7-8)

    There is a long sermon here, but I’ll restrain myself. I want to focus just on the Israelite angle. For as a “Negro” slave descendant here in the West, Jack is an Israelite. Whether he knows it or not, likes it or not, or believes it or not. This is not a matter that may be validated or invalidated by belief, religious or otherwise. It is a matter of provable Fact.

    It is a Fact though that has been kept well hidden from us. Yahweh put us to sleep, as it were (Hosea 6:2), and hid his face from us (Ezekiel 39:24) leaving us to suffer under the curses for our disobedience. The prophecies have been, are being, and will be fulfilled, in toto, up until the voice from heaven will say, “it is done” (Revelation 16:17). One of those prophecies, fulfilled here in T&T, and elsewhere where Israelites have been scattered, is that the “stranger” will rise up high over us: “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low” (Deuteronomy 28:43). Not knowing that he is an Israelite, and indeed acting from a place of disdain toward PNM “Negroes” (his fellow-Israelites) he allowed himself to betray or deny his own. Whether as a Judas, or as a Peter, or merely as a Jack…, only God knows.

    For sure, Cudjoe is right that God is not mocked. But he is in no danger of being confused.

    As an Israelite, Jack is subject to the Law of the Holy Covenant. Therefore, whether he knows it or not, Hanuman worship is forbidden to him. For that matter, so is Shango worship.

    And so is Christ worship. It is a huge error foisted upon us by gentile Xtians, in the guise of the doctrine of the Trinity, to suppose that Christ is to be worshipped as a God next to God. Christ did not say to worship him, he said to “follow” him (Matthew 16:24, 19:21, elsewhere). There is a huge difference. And Yahweh also, categorically has stated that next to him there is no other saviour: “I, even I, am Yahweh; and beside me there is no saviour” (Isaiah 43:11). And more specifically still, this is his very first commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). And Christ himself acknowledged “I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.” (John 5:30)

    Nevertheless, if we worship God as Christ said –following him — to worship God, we would not be in error. He told us how to pray: “OUR Father, who art in Heaven … “, etc. He told us, if we love God, to keep his commandments: “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.” (1 John 5:3).

    Well the very first commandment is that we, the Israelites, must have no other gods, but God. As Israelites, we are also to *follow* Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ) who is our present and future King, and soon to return to establish God’s kingdom on earth. But Hanuman, Ram, Shiva, etc. are strictly off limits.

    And as I said, so also are Shango, Ifa, Oshun, Ogun, and others of the Yoruba pantheon. Yes indeed, they are part of Israelite “culture”, that even preceded our scattering into Africa, after the Roman sack of Jerusalem in 70 CE. For a principal item on the God’s charge-sheet against our Israelite forefathers precisely was our predilection for idol worship. We became familiar with the gods of Egypt during our sojourn there, with the gods of Canaan, when we returned into the land of Canaan after our Exodus from Egypt, and with the gods of Babylon during our exile there. King Saul went to the witch at En-dor, when Yahweh rejected him for being disobedient:

    1 Samuel 28:6-8:
    6And when Saul enquired of Yahweh, Yahweh answered him not, neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor by prophets. 7Then said Saul unto his servants, Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit, that I may go to her, and enquire of her. And his servants said to him, Behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor. 8And Saul disguised himself, and put on other raiment, and he went, and two men with him, and they came to the woman by night: and he said, I pray thee, divine unto me by the familiar spirit, and bring me him up, whom I shall name unto thee.

    So here was Saul, king of Israel, going to an obeah-woman by night, when

  11. Sorry, I must have accidentally hit the enter key, as I wasn’t finsihed. I was saying…

    So here was Saul, king of Israel, going to an obeah-woman by night, when he felt abandoned by his God. We have been doing that as a people for such a long time — over 3,000 years — that as we come to reclaim our identity as an awakened people, one of our first resorts is to the African religions that one way or another derive from ancient Egypt, in both noble and base manifestations. But as Israelites, that option is not open to us, even if at some level it may resonate in our blood.

    The Hindu gods are not open to us either. Those gods, too, go back to Africa (Kush, more specifically): “And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabta, and Raamah, and Sabtecha. And the sons of Raamah; Sheba, and Dedan.” (1 Chronicles 1:9). This is the origin of Ram and Shiva. They are sons of Kush. So the gods of the Hindu are functionally equivalent to the gods of Africa.

    Those gods work for them; they do not work for us, the Israelites. They certainly have not helped our condition as a people, as the prophecy of our degradation was fulfilled, spanning some 2,500 years since the Babylonian captivity.

    But those gods too, are subject to the God of Israel, which is also the Most High God. He rebuked the gods of Egypt: “For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am Yahweh” (Exodus 12:12).

    So as children of Israel, we the “Negro” slave descendants need carefully to understand who we are. We are subject to the Holy Covenant, like it or not, believe it or not, know it or not. The prophecies are being fulfilled. As Bob Marley would say: “We’ve got to fulfill the Book.”

    So it is in that context that I want to look at our brother Jack. He is by no means lost to Yahweh. We have been sinners, every last one of us. We have all failed to keep the commandments. As Xtians, we have been taught systematically to violate Commandments 1 to 5, plus any number of statutes and judgements. We eat pork, wild meat and other unclean and prohibited foods. We keep none of the set feasts laid down under the Covenant, yet celebrate pagan feasts dressed up as “Christian”, such as Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s. And to those we even add new ones like Divali. God is not pleased. But he also said he will abundantly pardon:

    Isaiah 55:7
    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto Yahweh, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

    Jack too may avail of this promise. But unlike Saul, he must foreswear resort to any lesser God. That was the difference between Saul and David btw. David sinned even more grievously than Saul. But where Saul sought to be “wrong and strong”, David recognized quickly his error, repented, and sought forgiveness. David was punished all the same, but the punishment was measured, and the sin was forgiven. Jack too will attract punishment, if only that God may use him as negative example to instruct the rest of us. But if he acknowledges and repents his error, and comes back to his, and our, jealous God, the God of Israel, and keeps all the commandments, in particular the first, the promise is that he will be pardoned.

    May our misguided brother find his way back.


    1. YorubaIsraelite, while with you I ‘grieve’ for a brother so misguided and fallen so far, Jack, in terms of what he too must confess, thereby reminds me of Cardinal Wolsley when after serving loyally, faithfully and ethically his king, Henry the Eighth, he was eventually imprisoned and readied for the gallows.

      Then, looking back over a life of misdeeds Wolsley was still able to confess, “had I but served my God with half the zeal that I have served my king, He would not in my grey hairs have given me over to mine enemies’.


      1. “had I but served my God with half the zeal that I have served my king, He would not in my grey hairs have given me over to mine enemies’.

        Perhaps the most learned and perceptive fellow to ever rail and “shake-a-spear” at society.

        If not at the core of the Jack Warner morality tale, somewhere close to it is this precept, kin to Cardianl Wolsey’s lament: “… man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Yahweh doth man live.” (Deuteronomy 8:3).

        And its companion: “But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.” (Luke 6:24).

        For those of us who do the Word, Yahweh gives us the bread we need, manna from heaven if need be, even if it might seem like wandering in the desert for 40 years.

        Here is the principal thing, for those tempted to go a-whoring after other gods: “The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that *do his commandments*…” (Psalm 111:10).

        I still pray for our misguided brother that, in his wrong-doing, he go the way of David instead of that of Saul. And *keep the commandments*.


  12. I think that there have been many valid points made, but I think that too many people are caught up in what and who Jack should be and represent instead of looking at what he was trying to do. It’s easy to be dismisive and say that he was trying to be something or someone that he wasn’t without looking at what it was that was plaguing society from an objective perspective and trying to do what you think is right and fair to correct it.
    Do I agree with everything that has happened? No.
    However, I can remember what created the situation and it was the PNM abuse of power without any real nation building or growth outside of empty buildings and vehicles to show for it.
    Jack and many others aligned themselves with the UNC because the UNC was promising change just like the Obama administration and just like the Obama administration things have changed for the worse. Either way, Jack was caught up in the dream of living in a society where criminals didn’t get away with crime. There is nothing wrong with that. What was wrong was that people where suspects because of who they where and who they weren’t.
    As far as this faith thing is concerned, my focus isn’t to worry about who Jack worships and how Jack worships, but rather getting my own backyard in check. If I spend the sabbath focussing on Jack, perhaps I’m giving him too much time and not giving not enough time to my higher power.
    People want to punish Jack because they are afraid to face reality in regards to their own position in society. Life goes on and this too shall pass. If you and your family are resting dormant in yesteryear without realizing that society is changing and you aren’t prepared for that change, don’t execute those who are trying.
    People complain about crime, but then protect criminals. People want education, but complain about teachers who are trying to teach your bad and disfunctional children. People know that their kids are bad and yet they let them out into the streets for the rest of society to deal with them.
    I’m just saying, Jack aligned himeself with at the time was not only the voice of change, but also the voice of reason. If the UNC doesn’t wish to maximize Jacks potential for the enrichment of the nation, perhaps another political party will. Either way, those that persecute Jack should not do so because others failed to live up to their promise to a nation. No, if anything we should utilize Jack to give us what he initially tried to give us. These where all of the things that we said that we wanted after we were abused by the PNM. If anything, all of this is the Manning administrations fault. If they weren’t so greedy and misguided, we wouldn’t be talking about Jack.
    Yes Jack wept because he could feel our pain. He wept a second time because he realized that we resisted treatment for our ills that continue to plague us. We still resist self accountibility and responsibility.
    Jack made a bad decision, but he was lied to and misled. It’s no different than what the PNM did. Just as they where replaced, so too will the UNC be replaced. This will continue until we as a nation get it right. Jack will not be a symbol of defeat for a transparent and equal society. If anything he is an inspiration for us to continue to see a better way for all of us aside from tribe.

  13. TMAN your opinion on the writings of DR Cudjoe is analogous with David Duke offering an opinion on the writings of African American Journalists and Historians. It will always offend you because your psychology stretches and is connected to a social stratification system where people like him are not expected to have views that contradict the social order. Well wake up buddy, your sacred cow has been exposed, the genie is out of the bottle, and all of the influence of GOIP cannot put it back.

    Doctor Cudjoe does not need to convince you of anything, you are the subject of his analysis. It is your thinking and attitude that is being exposed so that we might become more conscious, and less accommodating of the smoking mirrors you and your Aryan supremacist bros put forth to stifle greater scrutiny and analysis of the odious PP agenda.

    Bantu Steven Biko said in a sppech in Cape Town in 1971, “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” You need to disabuse yourself of the notion that your fatuous responses to African Intellectuals like Cudjoe can impeach the the opinions and facts he presents. Regardless of your yearnings and dreams, we are not dalits you wish us to be, and never will be thus. We were thinking long before mutation created the diversity that reflects human kind today.

  14. The fundamental thing that Jack Warner did not, does not understand, is that a Member of PArliament,of whichever party, cannot start a petition as if he was a private citizen. How duncy was that? Very. Kamla and Cabinet had to pull him up, while denying reining him it. He should have known better, as a FIFA VP was was not a private citizen either. Is he a hard learner, or just arrogant?

  15. People like Cudjoe and his cheer leader disciple, Keith Williams are having great difficulty coping with the fact that T&T is unique. It has evolved from being an Afro-Caribbean country like its many neighbors to being a multi-ethnic country in the Caribbean with more in common with its South American neighbors than with the other West Indian islands.The population distribution demands that the Indo Trinidadian plays a significant role in shaping the future of the country. Why can’t you guys get this simple fact? It is a reality that is not going away any time soon.Whenever Cudjoe’s political party, the PNM accepts this truism and elects a new, younger, intelligent leader, they will form the government again.The objective swing voters will speak!

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