State of the African nation

By Rubadiri Victor
November 03, 2011 –

EmancipationSo many of us cannot deal with history. We are frightened to stare down the naked horror that went into the creation of this modern world. It is simple. 500 years ago Western military conquest began a process that decimated hundreds of millions of people and created unprecedented wealth for itself. This wealth was predicated on a global apartheid caste system of white over brown over black. This passed through periods of Native American and South Pacific genocide, African slavery and holocausts, and Asian occupation and indentureship. This caste apartheid was practised in legislature, education, religion, and in distribution of resources like housing and employment. The only reason it is not as brutal as before is because people fought to reform it.

We find it hard to reconcile a world of shiny iPhones, new cars, Disney World and Cable TV with systems that also delivered genocide and calculated Western advantage. We are afraid to connect the dots. So many are quick to scream ‘conspiracy theory’ when the face in the bed next to them is really called ‘historical fact’. They are only now seeing its ‘wake-up face’ without make-up. These people can accept there was something called ‘Apartheid’ with a policy of white over brown over black in South Africa. But refuse to admit that this was the same system the entire Westernised world lived under until the 1960s. Both my grandfather and father lived that reality in Trinidad. Unable to vote. And confined in terms of housing, employment, healthcare, leisure and access to civic amenities. They fought to change that and better their condition. Probably only 15 per cent of their community escaped the clutches of poverty…

What clueless commentators do not understand is that the things we called Independence movements in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and in Latin America — and what Africans in America called the fight for Civil Rights — were in fact phases of anti-Apartheid struggles we have been fighting for 500 years… These global systems which took so long to go away have not disappeared overnight. Vested interests continue to battle for the status quo…

For some of us living middle class lives in oil rich T&T it is easy to gloss over the last 500 years and their legacy. By the accident of some dinosaurs dying under our soil we have oil- which this world deems valuable. We were fortunate that the process of its extraction from our soil has been peaceful. And so some of us have enough money to run from the worst scars of a bloody legacy. But for many others the last 500 years has had no coffee break. Speak to the over 50 million dispossessed Native Americans whose hemisphere has been stolen. Speak to the Sioux, Aztec, Comanche, Navajo, and Taino tribes and ask them why they just don’t ‘suck it up’ and ‘move on’ after having their populations decimated and ways of life destroyed. Speak to countries where resources have been extracted at the barrel of a gun.

As difficult as it may seem, there are shell-shocked communities right among us, communities that have not been insulated from the worst of history’s lashes. They live lives far removed from the ones some of us take for granted, lives closer to the one my grandfather lived. There are those who haven’t escaped the programmed tightening cycles of poverty. Many of these are the same communities seeded by the escape from the plantation…

It is a hard task emotionally to face down the last 500 years of European imperial expansion and its fruits. But stare it down we must — because its cycle may be coming to an end. We must also understand that all the madness we are witnessing in the world today is the result of the flaws within and backlash against that system. Climate change is a direct result of the West’s flawed philosophy of disrespect and over-exploitation of Nature. The Arab Revolts and the Latin American Socialist governments that have taken over in the last decade are the backlash for decades of foisting dictators on people. The right-wing Nazi movements rising in Europe are due to constituencies internalising the stereotypes and messages of Apartheid. The collapse of the Western banking and financial system is due to flawed ideas of materialism and concentration of wealth…

And the imperilled state of the African nation worldwide is the result of a legacy of plunder of a motherland, and the uncompensated enslavement and cultural disenfranchisement of a people. It is the result of the establishment of a global caste system based on colour, and a system that continually mobilises to negate African progress at the centre — with repercussions at the periphery. All these are fruits of the same tree.

The Western Empire is at a moment of crisis — its implications are being visited upon us all. This is not Mayan Prophecy. This is not conspiracy theory cum racial propaganda. It is simple historical fact. We have to find ways to solve the problems that have been created by this history together. With clarity. Without running from the truths of this history. And to the naysayers, these words from the Mahatma: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

* Rubadiri Victor is a cultural activist

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  1. “We find it hard to reconcile a world of shiny iPhones, new cars, Disney World and Cable TV with systems that also delivered genocide and calculated Western advantage.”
    Why are voices like Victor blind to modern day slavery in Haiti but seem excited about it the Western world, not realising that it was abolished a long time ago. Time to end slavery in Haiti immediately.

  2. What Victo proves is that surely the cruel and oppressive Euro-Americo empire is vastly now crumbled.All the battles to rebuild it shall fail.And it must.No of us as victims will alllow Britainica to rule the waves.Or Allow the kind of fratricide that the historical Berlin conference which ceded parts of Africa to the colonial powers to exist.Yes all forms of slavery even the houseboy and house girl system in Africa and the implicit idea of Africans enslaving each other-is wrong.And out be be cited.But to miss the fundamentals of of what Victor posses is to miss entirely the solid universal facts that need not be repeated here.That Euro-AMerico oppression has been so brutal that the scars shows up on all the populations that it so terribly brutalised.
    Wacth the ridilous machinizations out of the parliament.The use of the security forces to settle scores upon black youts who were most not guilty of kidnapping other brutalized Esast Indians.Watch the foolish reaction of China attempt to right assist in developing bridges and roads and countless other system of developments in Africa eschewing the Teuro-American world bank,World Vision model,though gladly every nation act in own self interest.Did China invade and raised its flag and conquered natives and forces to do it bidding.Where can the west find free labour and cheap resources now to rekindles its dwindling encomies?
    Truly we live in interesting times and Euro-Americo agents shall weep for Babylon which has fallen in the heart of New Rome.Noo fo of them shall rebuild her.Victor thank you for revisiting what we all who continue to paint its stark reality out to do.Hold up the shattered mirror to the faces of al who seek to escape its reality in a macro way.diferentiate Euro-Americo colonial policy from the China model which is far from perfect but provides some relief.And condemn the brutal Euro-centric heritage so that it can never reach its objectives again.

  3. For the same reason mamboo,why you are blinded to child labor, bride burning,ethnic genocides , and similar injustices in India , Bangladesh ,and Pakistan. Leave Haiti alone , and focus your concerns instead on T&T , destined to be another Guyana- if allowed. Which ain’t happening , rest assured.

    1. “Leave Haiti alone , and focus your concerns instead on T&T”
      Yawwwn, Mr. Neal the topic is not about what you mentioned it is about slavery. Please learn to stay on topic instead of behaving like a frog, jumping all over the place. Slavery in today’s world is still practiced in a nation that was the first to end slavery, or did they. As Eric once said “massa day done” and immediately following that statement Eric day started. One form of oppression inevitably result in other forms of oppression when the “bourgeous class” takes charge of a nation.

      Such is the history of black oppression. One only have to look at the history of Africa and they will stop blaming the Western nations.

  4. Speaking about frogs mamboo,and your adoration of everything European . I am reminded of a story of a boiling frog that can very well be you for all it’s worth.
    It is claimed that, ” if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But if you place it gently in a pot of tepid water and turn the heat on low, it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.” Hopefully you can recognize that the water is boiling beneath you, for I do, also recognizing fully well ,dat “all skin teeth , ain’t laugh.”
    There is one fundamental difference between folks like you mamboo, and those like myself. I , as can be ascertain by looking at any of my bloogging responses made over the past 3 years ,was willing to dismiss and condemn every Afrikan tyrant, alive or dead , from Mugabe to Yoweri Museveni, American cuddled Papa/ Baby Doc , to Mobuto cece seko , and counting.
    In contrast , you and your kind cannot have the decency to even look contemptuously on a single soul from the South Asian , or the rest of the Asian continent.
    In addition you are so enamored by Europeans, who you deem your superiors,that given a chance you might see Hitler, and Stalin as cult heroes worth worshiping as well.
    Having said that let me add something that I find most laughable about you lost Trinis, that make you aptly fit a description that I refer as baby Americans, and here it is .
    You waste your energies on , and on, about far off distant lands, trying to save lost souls in Afrika , Asia and similar remote corners of the globe.
    You for example will loose sleep over Haitians , as if they really care, but in the interim , just take a serious look at your own country , and the sad state it is in.
    For the record, I know exactly why Americans in all their delusional splendor , are reluctant to condemn their own country, and highlight it’s flawsbut care to make a guess as to why ‘you alls won’t,’ especially presently , Mamboo? Phony!

    1. Neal wrote “In addition you are so enamored by Europeans, who you deem your superiors,that given a chance you might see Hitler, and Stalin as cult heroes worth worshiping as well.”

      I fail to see your point Mr. Neal, Hitler and Stalin did not engage in a program to mass murder Afro folks. In fact WWII was in part a factor in changing American attitudes towards black folks. Have you ever hear of the Tustigee airmen. Go buy the movie and see how these brave men escorted airplanes into Germany. They were all On 24 March 1945, during the war, the Chicago Defender said that no bomber escorted by the Tuskegee Airmen had ever been lost to enemy fire, under the headline: “332nd Flies Its 200th Mission Without Loss”;[49] the article was based on information supplied by the 15th Air Force.[50][51]

      This statement was repeated for many years, and not challenged because of the esteem of the Tuskegee Airmen, however, Air Force records and eyewitness accounts later showed that at least 25 bombers were lost to enemy fire.[52]

      The Air Force conducted a reassessment of the history of the unit in late 2006.[53] The subsequent report, based on after-mission reports filed by both the bomber units and Tuskegee fighter groups, as well as missing air crew records and witness testimony, documented 25 bombers shot down by enemy fighter aircraft while being escorted by the Tuskegee Airmen. According to the 28 March 2007 Air Force report, some bombers under 332nd Fighter Group escort protection were even shot down on the day the Chicago Defender article was published.[50][50]

      One mission report states that on 26 July 1944: “1 B-24 seen spiraling out of formation in T/A (target area) after attack by E/A (enemy aircraft). No chutes seen to open.” A second report, dated 31 August 1944, praises group commander Colonel Davis by saying, he “so skillfully disposed his squadrons that in spite of the large number of enemy fighters, the bomber formation suffered only a few losses.”[54]

      Disputing this assertion, Alan Gropman, a professor at the National Defense University said he researched more than 200 Tuskegee Airmen mission reports and found no bombers were lost to enemy fighters.[55]

      In 2008, the St. Petersburg Times, quoted a historian at the Air Force Historical Research Agency as confirming the total loss of up to 25 bombers, where other units were often losing more than 25 bombers in a single mission. William Holloman, of Tuskegee Airmen Inc., a group of surviving Tuskegee pilots and their supporters, and a Tuskegee airman who taught Black Studies at the University of Washington and who chaired the Airmen’s history committee, was reported by the Times as saying his review of records did confirm lost bombers.[56] He further stated “the Tuskegee story is about pilots who rose above adversity and discrimination and opened a door once closed to black America – not about whether their record is perfect.”[53]

    1. “Get a backbone like the young man speaking in the link below, then Africa will be on the road to a solution?”
      Tell you what trinamerican , I suspect you never got as far in your educational escapades, to dabble with ‘ah lil bit oh psychology ,’ huh? If you did , I am almost certain you would not use this borderline nut , as any example of some promising future with his demonic rant.Are you certain that is not the once relevant , Dr Job’s son?
      These are the types of creatures , who once in power, would steal all the countries wealth ,encourage Western/ Asian orchestrated ,small arms proliferation, to thrive in their country, turn little boys into child soldiers, and under aged girls int rape victims ,for his savage illiterate soldiers that suppresses rivaling tribes, becomes a classic public fronting , but closet , European butt kisser, and support every 12 century neo-tribalist, backward dehumanizing social practice imaginable, then sit back and await a conniving white foreign power , to come and rescue his country from the ghastly state it is stuck in-all de while still blaming de Virgin Queen,Elizabeth 1, for all wrongs on de continent.
      As a proud half Arab yourself, you should not therefore look favorably at any form of barbarianism, especially within Afrikan Bantu nation ,as your more civilize ,ARAB SPRINGY COUSINS, are doing such a fine job ,by LEADING DE WAY, to real democracy, for the rest of the globe- including Wall Street.
      Well, not in Syria, Saudi Arabia,Libya Yemen, Egypt ,and Bahrain , as yet.
      Luv Humanity ,and thing progressively.

      1. I provided the link for the passion that and desire that the young man spoke with. Of course there is always the chance that he can become corrupted by power and become yet another weak, spineless, irrelevant African leader. I selected the link for the an example of a young man who, although carried away by his zeal, is trying to do his best for his continent. He has displayed the raw potential, but, as you quite rightly argue, can easily be tempted to erect a cult of personality around himself if he does not keep his feet grounded and the African people’s interests at heart. Fidel Castro in his youth was full of zeal for the Cuban people and ironically, has probably done the most for Africans in any society where people of the African Diaspora has lived.

        Anyone can be corrupted by the drug of power or can be corrupted. So again, I am not touting this young man as a future leader. I am just saying that I like his passion and zeal.

        A more temperate example would be Jean Bertrand Aristide. However, we both know what happened when he sang from a hymn sheet that was different to the one that powerful multinational interests were singing from. But, I digress.

        For the Arab Spring, yes it is gratifying that the people were able to rise up in popular rebellion against their rulers. However, the dynamic in African many African countries are different. Many leaders ensure the support of their ethnic constituency in order to ensure their ethnic survival. The morass that the United States administration is foolishly attempting to become involved in is a case in point. As I am sure you are aware, the tensions between the north and south of Uganda was originally down to political tensions between the impoverished Acholi tribe and the more prosperous southern tribes in Kampala who have held the reins of power for the past two decades. Of course, Joseph Kony has alienated his own people by his despicable acts of employing child soldiers in his armies.

        Which brings me to another point. Africa truly needs to unify. This is easier said than done since there are so many different ethnic groups in Africa. Someone from the Zulu tribe is different to Asante tribe and so on and so forth. This is why leaders need to truly be forces of unity and not exacerbate ethnic tensions by playing to their own ethnic constituencies. This is what will continue to hinder any African political and economic progress. That and that the crippling IMF debt that many African countries are under. The fact that many African “leaders” have mismanaged any aid that they have received is especially galling.

        Africa has a long and glorious past and it is appalling that there is a dearth of great leaders to bring it back to its former glory. I am hoping and praying for one who can rise up to take the mantle.

  5. “So many of us cannot deal with history. We are frightened to stare down the naked horror that went into the creation of this modern world. It is simple. 500 years ago Western military conquest began a process that decimated hundreds of millions of people and created unprecedented wealth for itself.” I am not sure if this means that history started 500 years ago or we should only consider what has happened starting 500 years ago.
    This is what misleads people and starts everyone in the grey areas. There has been conquerors and conquered throughout history. The most recent has been the Europeans. Before that there were the African and Oriental empires. And they conquered and enslaved. Who is going to be the next empire builders?? Along with these empires comes the conquered/slaves. We still have them all over the world and in all colors, creeds and races. In Haiti there are Haitians, all over Europe there are European, In American they are of all colors, creeds and races, in Asia, well please tell me that it does not exist. How to stop it?? Are we looking for answers or just shooting each other to see who is the last man standing?? Or maybe we are looking to see who is at the bottom of the barrel??

  6. Mamoo’s Comment that Hitler and Stalin did not engage in a campaign to decimate African Folks once again exposes that frightening ignorance of this retard trying to impersonate an intellectual. Germany’s campaign of genicide began in Namibia, then known as German South West Africa. It resulted in the virtual extermination of the Herrero people and other groups. The pattern employed was no different than that used against European Jews, only adjusted for Geography and circumstances.

    These backward Indians like Mamoo represent the negative that plague nations like Fiji, Guyana and T&T. They represent the minset that find hemselves in power in those nations, and immediately begin their life’s task of creating the stratification of the Indian caste system in those lands. They need to be identified at every turn, challenged and exposed on cyber blogs. Africans need to understand that these aspirants for the slave master’s legacy are serious, will not cease their efforts, and must be made to understand that we will not go back there. Africans need to begin to disseminate these truths across the Caribbean and the Americas, so that the minds of our youth will have a framework, a paradigmn, continue to struggle to disassociate our lives from these deceitful and backward vagabonds.

    1. The only thing that is being exposed here is your bigoted ignorance.Every comment you post on this site has a singular, racist, anti-Indian theme which is quietly tolerated by certain individuals.You should enlighten yourself and try to overcome your tendency to exggerate and over senstionalize your repeated distaste for Indians. It is very unbecoming of civilized, educated members of the universe, of which you seem to be a member.In our universe it is impossible to disassociate your lives from “these deceitful and backward”vagabond Indians. This type of hate language serves no useful purpose except to unmask you as an ignorant racist with an axe to grind.The editors of this website should censor your one theme, repeated diatribe.

  7. Thanks Keith,for pointing out the plight of our wonderful brothers and sisters of Namibia.
    Still not certain , what was so complex, about the reference to Stalin , and Hitler.
    Tell you what cuz keith,I am fast getting to the point of pure tedium ,with this forum, as dealing with some of these creature, is doing me more harm than good. I am in the final stages of forming a new organization , after much delay, that can hopefully be a catalyst for change , and likewise, ensure some honesty in journalism. That’s it mamboo, you are the recipient of my last blog .
    It was a good trial run ,Trini center. Chao!

  8. Keith Williamsw wrote “Mamoo’s Comment that Hitler and Stalin did not engage in a campaign to decimate African Folks once again exposes that frightening ignorance of this retard trying to impersonate an intellectual. Germany’s campaign of genicide began in Namibia, then known as German South West Africa”

    “The Herero and Namaqua Genocide is considered to have been the first genocide of the 20th century. It took place between 1904 and 1907 in German South-West Africa (modern day Namibia), during the scramble for Africa. In fact, the Herero-Namaqua genocide was the first large-scale act of genocide in German South-West Africa, but it was preceded by a less well-known act of destruction: the Khaua-Mbandjeru Rebellion.

    On January 12, 1904, the Herero people, led by Samuel Maharero, rebelled against German colonial rule. In August, German general Lothar von Trotha defeated the Herero in the Battle of Waterberg and drove them into the desert of Omaheke, where most of them died of thirst. In October, the Nama people also rebelled against the Germans only to suffer a similar fate.” Wikipedia

    Adolf Hitler born 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), commonly referred to as the Nazi Party). He was Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and head of state (as Führer und Reichskanzler) from 1934 to 1945. Hitler is most commonly associated with the rise of fascism in Europe, World War II, and the Holocaust.

    Keith the two incidents do not tie in together as you are saying. Hitler had nothing to do with the Namibian people since that attack took place in 1904 and Hitler only came to power in 1939. So by you writing “Mamoo’s Comment that Hitler and Stalin did not engage in a campaign to decimate African Folks once again exposes that frightening ignorance of this retard” It really show that you are indeed a poor student of history.

  9. Keith Williams wrote “Mamoo’s Comment that Hitler and Stalin did not engage in a campaign to decimate African Folks once again exposes that frightening ignorance of this retard trying to impersonate an intellectual. Germany’s campaign of genicide began in Namibia, then known as German South West Africa”

    The Herrero people was attacked in 1904, Hitler came to powere in 1939, so I would have to disagree with black appologist Keith Williams in his misguided view of history. Hitler and Stalin had nothing to do with th Namibian people. But in Keith’s world of make believe any lie can pass as the truth. Idiot that he is.

    1. One themost insdious reality that is alluded tis the cruel pigmentocracy that we we see in the fair skin Aryanist view perpetuated by te third reich–the Germano-european ascendacy.The fair skinned Aryans.The perpetuation in colonial practes eveywhere.In Indian fair an lovely,In trinidad girls are told stay of the sun for recent queen competition.The perpetual need to favour light skin not only in Indian families but Africa ones two,This slavery goes unanswred.

  10. T-Man like I said, an Indian like you accusing an African of bigotry is akin to a descendant of Nazis accusing European Jews of being ant-German. The genes of racial prejudice has traveled down from generation to generation through your blood line. It crossed the oceans and entered the Caribbean in a religious host doctrined in racial and ethnic prejudice. Again, do not pawn your insidious and hateful cultural traites unto Africans. We have never left our original home to go and oppress others in the lands of their birth.

    Hitler’s racist beliefs and Aryan Supremacist policy is a direct inheritance of Germany’s Genocidal assault upon Africans. To the same extent that Indians like you and Mamoo inherited and practised a prejudice based on the caste system in India which was put in place centuries ago, he inherited and practised the same behaviour of his national and cultural predecessors. The fact that the Aryan description he identified with is something you also share speaks volumes about the affinity between you and those who jack booted to his commands.

    Go over this world and find any community where Africans were, and Indians came later and reached significant numbers in that population, and you will discover racial strife. Whether it is Barbados, Antigua, Kenya or wherever, Africans will always relate the racist behaviours and attitudes imported into their country by people like you.

    Your History in this world is one of creeping in after the struggle is over, feasting yourself on the products of that struggle, and then putting your skinny chests in the air to boast of accomplishments that were made possible by the blood and sacrifice of others.

    When black people come to the realization that they need to look past the facade of the crocodile smile and peer deeply into your psyche they will begin to recognize that what their ancestors faced centuries ago from another group confronts them today in places like T&T, Guyana and Fiji. I represent the modern Day Cuffy, the moden day Kunta Kente who will point to the invisible cloak of morality with which you seek to adorn yourself in order to realize your insidious goals. The dusk of your fourth reich has fallen, the dawn of African Consciousness is coming. And its coming will expose as the cries of the little boy in response to the Hans Christian Anderson’s buck nekkid and vain emperor did, that as far as racial tolerance and inclusiveness is concerned, you guys are as naked as jay birds.

    1. Brother KW, you touch upon fundamental truths that has been the norm for centuries regarding the carriers of this racial caste religion.The carriers of this belief system have found in Africans the perfect object that suits the application of thier religion. What they have failed to realize is that though they genuflect to the European Ayran by whom they have in servility been indentures, we as Africans have delivered to their indentured ayran masters the most unrelenting and bitter resistance, rebellions, uprisings, wars and revolutions known to mankind, many of which occurred IN THIS REGION! So they should be warned that we came here as brave warriors and due to fear of the inherent rebellious scholar, warrior, king, ruler, mighty hunter, it was essential for the survival of the same slavetrading slave master that he place us in CHAINS. it was Eric Williams who wrote that:

      ———With the transportation of the Negro from Africa to the Caribbean the germ of political revolt was transplanted to the New World. The moment he was placed on the small tubs which made the Middle Passage, that moment he became a revolutionary, actual or potential. Slavery was a state of war, a constant struggle for freedom on the part of the slave. Liberty of death! A correct idea of the revolutionary role of the Negro slave is necessary to an appreciation of the political activity of the Negro freeman.” ——–

      We have the world record for any people fighting for freedom. In the Caribbean we carry the unbroken record in our DNA of four hundred years of war against Slavery. No matter the fascism of the present regime in T&T, the dynamics of the laws of history ( especially in these islands) makes impossible the feverish attempt to introduce a system of creating an African Dalit caste as was done in India centuries ago.
      KW; what you have stressed cogently about thier very deadly effort in transplanting their ancient apartheid and race based belief system in this region cannot be successfully disputed. I would have liked to select a particular sentence or phrase for comment, but the inspirational forces from deep within speaking the bold and alarming truth about these elements make every single letter a solemn Truth.

      Historically, the only succesful uprising of any group of people, whether farmers, peasants, slaves, citizens, non-citizens or what ever have failed. In Egypt it was by the divine intervention of God Almighty through the Prophethood of Moses and superior miracles that led Pharoah to let his people go (our people) and the ultimate defeat of Pharaoh in the Red Sea. This event has been repeated only once again in the annals of history in Haiti where our ancestors rose up and defeated the General who conquered the whole of Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte, and also all the other European invading forces. Twice in History and in both cases African peoples. How then could a people who came as Indentured servants and having non made any dent or imprint on the history books recording a single act of insubordinate behaviour, not making mention of outright mutiny and rebellion on the indentured ships nor on the indentured plantations, be successful in conquering the brave heroes of this region. History recalls the thousands of uprisings in this region by Africans and the people who were down here before us that the Europeans wiped out. The Middle Passage records thousands of mutinies. BUt history has recorded nothing but servile obedience of a people who claim to be such excellent achievers, albeit on the backs of others. Having come when the great wars and heavy toil were over, only to benefit from African rule. It is only under the stewardship of the African rule that Dalits from India have been able to become elites in every field and endeavour, attaining the apex of social, economic, political, cultural etc status that the fundamental Brahims in India would abhor and condemn as against the laws and all the tenets of Hinduism. Yet still they wish the indolent servants wish to impose this religious and social caste chain on their African benefactors who taught, weaned and bread them. It is here we have to become conscious of putting our spiritually uplifting resources to the service of a people intent on returning a totally different favour. This would improve the state of the African nation instead of creating a nation of African Dalits.

  11. “The dusk of your fourth reich has fallen, the dawn of African Consciousness is coming”.(Keith Williams)

    I certainly hope so! It would be a great thing! Hopefully it will improve the achievement, quality of life and aspirations of Africans all over this universe.

  12. “The genes of racial prejudice has traveled down from generation to generation through your blood line. It crossed the oceans and entered the Caribbean in a religious host doctrined in racial and ethnic prejudice” (Keith Williams)

    Unfortunately the only person who repeatedly echoes thoughts of racism and racial prejudice on this website is you, Mr. Williams.

    I am sure everyone is growing tired of your singular focus on race. I wonder if you are not tired of repeating the same used up idea on Indians every time you post.Is it a lack of imagination or intelligence on your part?

  13. Rubadiri, you speak historical truth but what really is the point you are making and what are your solutions to this dilemma. Now, before you answer, consider the other historical fact that all aspects of the world are in constant evolution and the 60’s have produced a world population that is no longer under a cast apartheid system as you call it but rather a system where now more than ever people can determine their futures. Also some of us tend to examine everything through race tinted glasses, but was it just race or did it have more to do with the haves and have nots and the maintenance of power structures and greed?

    Nuff Said

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