Question of Apology for Slavery and Reparations: Updated

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
October 09, 2011

Dr. Kwame NantambuApology for Slavery

In April 2006, the Church of England voted “to apologize to the descendants of victims of the slave trade” and in March 2007, considered paying reparations.

In late April 2006, Jamaica introduced a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of the Caribbean and Afrika with co-sponsorship by most European nations “to acknowledge the legacy of slavery as being at the heart of situations of profound social and economic inequality, hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice which continue to affect people of Afrikan descent today.”

On 25 March 2007, bicentenary of Abolition of Slave Trade, then Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair publicly stated that slavery was “a crime against humanity” and offered “deep sorrow” for British involvement but no apology.

In May 2007, Pope Benedict XV1 condemned “the genocide of the Jews.”

In August 2007, the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, apologized for his city’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. He stated that London was “tainted” by it.

On 29 July 2008, the United States House of Representatives issued “an unprecedented apology to Black Americans for the institution of slavery and the subsequent Jim Crow laws that for years discriminated against Blacks as second-class citizens in American society.”

On 18 June 2009, the United States Senate passed a resolution apologizing for “slavery and segregation of Afrikan-Americans”.


“The 1825 ‘agreement’ that initially forced Haiti to pay France 150 million francs (US $21.7b) in exchange for liberty” was in fact, compensation/reparations “payable to mainly French planters who had lost their property in the revolution” of 1 January 1804.

On 7 January 1998, the Canadian government apologized to the country’s 725,000 “indigenous people”, namely, Indian communities and pledged $245m as reparations.

On 12 June 1998, then President Bill Clinton apologized to more than 2,200 people of Japanese ancestry who were forcibly taken from their homes in thirteen countries in Latin America during WW11 and were imprisoned in internment camps in Texas under the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. The U.S. government paid $5,000 in reparations to each of the internees.

In January 1999, 200 Americans who survived WW11 concentration camp atrocities received reparations from the German government.

In February 1999, the German government established a “compensation fund” totalling US $1.25b to compensate Jewish victims who suffered Nazi horrors.

On 31 March 1999, the United States government established a US$4m international relief fund to assist needy Jewish survivors of Nazi persecution.

In June 1999, Swiss banks established US $59m humanitarian fund for Jewish Holocaust victims.

In December 1999, the United States and German governments established a compensation fund of US $5.2b to surviving slave workers during the Nazi era.

In March 2000, the German government paid US $5b compensation to survivors of forced labourers in Hitler’s concentration camps.

In July 2006, one hundred and thirty survivors of the 1986 Suriname massacre received US $ 13,000 each in compensation.

In January 2007, the Canadian government paid US $8.9m to a Syrian-born Canadian citizen who was a victim of the U.S. “rendition program.”

In mid-April 2003, thousands of victims of Apartheid in South Africa who testified before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission received a “one-time reparation of about $4,000.”

Truth Be Told: The total amount of compensation/reparations, that is, unpaid wages, that are owed to Afrikans who worked on the European plantations for centuries have been estimated to be US $770 trillion plus interest.

Shem Hotep (“I go in peace”).

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies.

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  1. Just a few nuts that believe this hokus pokus! Thats great news for the sane world. Most of us thought that witch doctors were a myth. What is symbolic about grass skirts, spears, bones through the nose, and verbal jibberish? You may not understand the question, so please allow me to translate,”Wooooogy Booooogy”!

    1. Another self-loathing African, if indeed you are African.

      While I do not subscribe to Yoruba Israelite’s biblical interpretation of African history, and as tempting as it is to succumb to the Semitic Ideal of Chosenism , there is much truth in an African origin for the culture traditions and customs of the Jews/Karaites or as we’ve come to know them, Israelites (Sephardic and to a lesser extent Ashkenazi) and Ishmaelites (Arabs).

      If you spent more time learning about and understanding African history, languages, religious practices, migration patterns, etc maybe you wont be so quick to ridicule “grass skirts, spears, bones through the nose.” You would know for instance that Bantu means Mankind, which would make Yoruba Israelite on point in the belief that God’s people are Africans or were Africans first.

      Even during the reign of Egypt’s empire the rural class lived in grass huts and were minimalists in their choice of clothing; it’s verified in the History books of the Asiatic. In Diodorus Histories there is a story of a Pharaoh who cursed the Egyptian King that first invented the couch, and set the world on its path to so-called civilization; this was while on one of his military excursions into primative Arabia. So impressed was he with the humility and kindness of his no-frills hosts.

      This is one of the reasons why I do not subscribe to repatriation and why I’d like the rest of the world to leave Africa alone. Unlike you and Yoruba Israelite, nothing can repair me but myself and it’s a constant battle living among you sleep-walkers caught up in the material world; and even though I was raised a strict Catholic it was the Totemism of the original Mankind, as disected by G. H. Massey, that made me understand my true Nature.

      While it would be great to operate in a world where everyone understood their true nature and their relationship with their Creator, I have also learned to accept that not everyone is ready; but really comments like yours makes it difficult for the human in me to recognize the god in you.

      1. Jews/Karaites or as we’ve come to know them, Israelites (Sephardic and to a lesser extent Ashkenazi)

        The Sephardic Jews are not, repeat not, Israelites. The Ashkenazi Jews even less so.

        As to the Sephardic, we may reliably infer this from scripture:

        2 Kings 17:24. And the king of Assyria brought men from Babylon, and from Cuthah, and from Ava, and from Hamath, and from Sepharvaim, and placed them in the cities of Samaria instead of the children of Israel: and they possessed Samaria, and dwelt in the cities thereof.

        The true Israelites of the northern tribes were ethnically cleansed by among others the Sepharvaim, who were brought into the Holy Land and settled in Samaria. They became the Samaritans.

        Later, certainly by the time of the Romans, everyone living in that place assumed or were given the appellation of what now is termed “Jew”, regardless of whether there was any seedline connection to Jacob or his fourth son Judah.

        For example, Herod was a “Jew”, but not an Israelite; he was Edomite, an Idumean.

        Anyway, the Sephardim trace back to the Samaritans, who were not Israelite at all.

        Now, 2,000 years later, of course a population genetics study will get everything nicely blurred, as they will be lumped into some amorphous “Middle Eastern” category.

        The Ashkenazi Jews for their part do not even trace back to anywhere near the Jordan, rather to the Volga. (That is a near-quote from Arthur Koestler, The 13th Tribe, himself an Ashkenazi Jew.) They adopted Israelitish practices ca. 750 CE, that is all, and called themselves Jews. Their astute king undertook this “conversion” as a political stratagem to keep at bay both the contending empires of Christendom and Islam at the time. Here is a ready reference online:

        In any event, the short of the matter is that the Ashkenazi/Khazar Jews are not Israelites of the blood. Moreover their Talmudic practices are heresy.

        The somewhat complicated fact of the matter also is that the Jews — Sephardic, Ashkenazi, and Edomite — are impostors. They have stolen our identity!

        It is the companion theft to the Stolen Legacy spoken of by George G M. James. We all know about the great Afrocentric Debate pertaining to Egypt and its roots in “Africa”. (Scripture calls inner Africa, Pathros; it might be better than naming the continent after a Roman general, but I digress.) There is another great debate taking shape that pertains to the true identity of the “Negroes”, the Afro-Creole descendants of the victims of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. We are, as a matter of historical fact, and in accordance with the prophetic Word of Yahweh, scattered Israelites of the blood and covenant.

        That is a fact, far more reliable than any speculative and vague conclusions sought to be drawn from DNA studies relying on reference samples that assume answers that rather ought to be proven. Reminds me of my days as a 12-year old learning Euclidean geometry. It was a no-no then, and it still is, to “prove” a theorem by assuming that which you want to prove. If the Jews want to prove they’re Israelite, they will have to prove it by the Book and the prophecies that they claim to accept. Whether Ashkenazi, Sephardic, or Edomite. The simple fact is that they do not fulfill the prophecies. We do.

        And if they say they don’t have to prove it, well that is neither scriptural (which requires that we “prove all things”) nor scientific.

        I understand clearly that the brainwashing has been thorough. Even our own scholars (Dr. Clark, Dr. Jackson, even Dr. “Ben” the “black Jew”, Chancellor Williams, etc.) reflexively dismiss any suggestion that the original Israelites were Negroes! Hollywood, sorry, Western Academia, did a number on them too. Israelites are classed as “Asiatics”, wherever they occur in “history”, and lumped in with the “enemy” that “destroyed glorious black civilization”. They’re wrong.

        And the reason is, they haven’t studied scripture with the same depth as they study Herodotus, Diodorus, stelae and papyri.

        Yes, the lies of Xtianity are part of the problem. I too rejected the Bible at one point and for the same reason. But true scholarship requires one to sit humbly before Fact and Truth. You cannot argue against that which you do not know and haven’t studied.

        Be all that as it may, the position of the “Jews” in their claim to the identity that they stole from us, is the equivalent of the Founding Fathers who landed on Plymouth Rock claiming several hundred years later to be of the same seed as the people they found there and displaced — the so-called “Indians”. Guess what, because there would have been mixing, your DNA studies might even conclude that the average “white” American carries 10% (a “for instance”; I don’t know the figure) of the so-called “Indian” gene and therefore, hey presto!, they’re “Indian”! A DNA study is done on the Lemba in Africa, to find that they carry the so-called “Kohanim” (priestly) gene at a rate of over 50% among males. The Ashkenazi carry the same gene at a rate far less (I forget the precise figure, but not more than 15%), but so fixed is the idea that they are Israelite, they infer from the data that the Lemba might have had a distant “Middle Eastern” ancestor who was “Jewish”. The thought never occurs to them that maybe the Lemba are in fact true Israelite, and they (the Ashkenazi) are the ones who had some little admixture due to genetic injection from the priests who converted them!

        Anyway, if one studies Scripture diligently, at least as diligently as one studies so-called Science, one may reliably, repeat reliably, infer that the so-called Jews are impostors. We the Negroes, the slave descendants, are true Israelites. That too may be reliably inferred. For we, uniquely, fulfill all the relevant prophcies.

        Btw, that does not exclude other peoples, e.g. the Irish, who nowadays would of course claim to be of a completely different race, i.e. “white”. Scripture will even explain how come they could start off black and end up white.

        Study hard. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


        My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. (Hosea 4:6)

      2. Chosenism.

        That the children of Israel have been chosen by God, is not any sort of -ism. It is asserted as a simple matter of fact by Yahweh, the Creator.

        Exodus 19:5-6. Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.

        It is not an invitation to treat. It is not an an option on the supermarket shelf in the aisle marked Religion/Philosophy where you can pick the one you find most appealing to the brainwashed you. Unlike the speculations of Massey — necessarily so, because even he would not claim to have understood, really understood, the religion of the Egyptians — the scripture quoted is simple, clear and direct. Yahweh owns the earth, he created it. He created us. He can do what he likes. He chose us. And for the last roughly 2,500 years he has been chastising us exactly as a father would chastise his own son whom he loves. Your vain imaginings do not and cannot constrain the Creator. If you are Israelite, you cannot “opt out”. If you would have eternal life in his sight, your choice is either to obey Yahweh’s laws which are designed to bring us into a state of righteousness and cleanness, or disobey, and be esteemed as a potter’s cracked vessel that is tossed aside. It is as plain as that.

        Chosenism! Hah! The wicked who rule the world would have you believe that you are free to do what you like, believe whatever seems good to you — hence all the competing -isms in a Grand Satanic Marketplace of ideas. That is misguided thinking. It is Wrong Thought. It is never a question of Belief; it is never a question of what is the right -ism; it is only and always a question of what is True.


        1. I’ll take my brainwashing over yours any day at least I’m coherent. Your presentation of Tudor Parfitt and Professor Fekri Hasan’s discoveries is proof that science alone unravels the mysteries of the physical world; and by the way I reached the same conclusion on the Lemba based on my knowledge of African history; and the fact that the Maternal DNA of the Lemba has no resemblance to the maternal DNA of the Semite only adds credence to a Neanderthal heritage for non-Africans. And, the God of Climate Change that destroyed Pharonic Egypt, Akkad and most of the high civilizations around the Mediterranean will continue to ‘chastise’ until All Humanity learns to submit.

          Until the mentality, that produced your Bible Biographies, changes and accepts the fact that Creation is change; change is cyclical; every end has a beginning or every thing must end for another to begin; as in Cause, Manifestation, Operation and Disintegration; humanity, if it has a future will remain in bondage and slavery. The dynamic known as the Cushy lifestyle died with the pure Cushitic Race. Sure I’d like for the descendents of Greenwood Tulsa and other African American communities, destroyed during the Jim Crow Era to be compensated for what was stolen from their ancestors; those incidents are current and its effects are contemporary for Greenwood’s present inhabitants. But blanket reparations and blanket repatriation, who realistically thinks that the results of such an endeavor wouldn’t have enormous deleterious consequences? Maybe even as much as the effects of Chattel Slavery; Ask the native Palestinians. And guess what it still would not produce a reconciliation of the races.

          I’m not a fan of American Frontier Movies but on a sleepless night I managed to sit through Tron Legacy, maybe because the frontier was in Cyber Space. And that tale retold many times by Joseph Campbell about the Buddhist interpretation of Christianity, “Man against Nature, Nature against Man, God against Man,” etc was never more obvious as it played out in the movie; and no matter how many times the story is told it remains nothing more than a particularly Male, internal struggle with authority. A Male fantasy of overcoming his creator. Maybe its because men don’t get to share in the joy of creation, whether its the surplus energy they have, and women don’t because much is sacrificed in childbirth and child rearing; that surplus energy needs expression; and so they rail against the ‘responsible’ Source in ways that only serve to produce more torment. If it is true that religion originated according to its etymology in a recollection or reconnection of the All to the one Cause, why does humanity boast so many Creeds?

          Son against father, father against Son, brother against brother, Tribe/family against founder, founder against Tribe/family, Tribe against environment/nature, etc. if I missed anything I’m sure you wont hesitate to let me know, but this is my last installment on this subject, because quite frankly “the Stars in the sky are much more interesting than the stars on the pavement;” to borrow a quote from the Public Broadcast Channel not sure you’ll get it but I really don’t care.

          1. science alone unravels the mysteries of the physical world; …

            This is evidence of the “brainwashed you” I spoke about. What unravels mysteries is Right Thought and submission to Fact and Truth.

            Modern so-called Science has had some success, I do not disagree. When it fails is when it departs from Right Thought.

            It is prone to fail because it engages in, and ever trumpets the latest bold speculation that proves itself to be a better speculation than some previous speculation. For example, Einstein supplanted Newton. And the hunt is on for some “Theory of Everything” that will supplant Einstein. Hawking (A brief history of time) supposes, continuing the Descartian folly, that the God Hypothesis is unnecessary. However he finds himself having to posit a set of prior laws (M-theory) to account for “spontaneous creation” to have taken place (The Grand Design, 2010). That I recognize straight-away to be Wrong Thought. Save the higher mathematics. Where there is law, there has to be a law-giver. The answer to that question brings God back into the question.

            Obviously much scientific investigation may take place without any conscious thought of God being brought to bear. I used to work in a research institute. So I can witness. But in no way can that sustain the inference that there was no Creator, and no law-giver.

            Prof. Hawking has fallen prey to the Science-ism of the age, and believes the propaganda. He wants to deny God, so he invents illogical talk of “spontaneous creation”, arising out of pre-existing laws, which however had no law-giver!

            It is generally not a good idea to believe the hype, and especially not one’s own. Unfortunately, a gullible public has allowed itself — I don’t blame them — caught up in the Science Worship of the era, to be brainwashed into all sorts of -isms masquerading as this or that Holy Grail that will save us: marxism, socialism, scientific socialism, capitalism, liberalism, conservatism, etc. etc. Fundamental to all is the chimera of Science-ism.

            Pythagoras did not need modern Science to prove his the theorem ascribed to him. He needed Right Thought and clear thinking. That is not the invention of Science.

            The study of God’s Word is true Science in its literal sense, meaning “Knowledge”. Even the highest theories of Science are by their nature Speculation — the latest and best guess — but not Knowledge.

            Read the Book of Yahweh, and ask yourself only one question. Is this really the word of God? Think hard on this question, and test it at every turn. Just be sure to understand that the Book of Yahweh tells us also how it is to be interpreted:

            Isaiah 28:9-10. Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little…

            So intellectual maturity is required (“weaned from the milk”). And it requires that there be a layering of precept upon precept, some here, some there, a line here, a line there, to arrive at its Truths. This is not Greek axiomatic method, but the Truths at issue are of a different order altogether from those of plane geometry, algebra or calculus. But they may be as reliably inferred as any theorem of mathematics, when its methods of self-interpretation are applied. And these Truths are far more accessible than the Truths of Higher Mathematics, because more humane in their exposition.

            Now… when you come into the Truth of the Book of Yahweh, is when you realize what brain-washing is. The matter is not one of competing brain-washings. It is a matter of Falsehood not being able to dwell in the presence of Truth.

            That applies to the axiomatic method that goes back beyond the Greeks (Diop has demonstrated that even such as Archimedes were plagiarists) to the ancient Egyptians. And it applies even more so to the Word of God.

            As I said before it is not an invitation to treat. It is history, it is law, it is prophecy. If you are seedline Israelite, or Israelite of the Covenant, as are we the Negro descendants of the slave trade, I am here to tell you that we are bound by it. Whether you hear, or you forebear.

            the fact that the Maternal DNA of the Lemba has no resemblance to the maternal DNA of the Semite only adds credence to a Neanderthal heritage for non-Africans.

            I don’t follow your logic here. But let’s say that what you say is true, what difference does it make?

            …Buddhist interpretation of Christianity…

            One -ism vs another -ism. Both may boast some truth here or there. But both are beside the point if you are seedline Israelite or Israelite of the Covenant.

            The gentiles gave us back our own Book and our own Law. We are bound by it, for the Law of the Holy COvenant was handed down only to the children of Israel. But they are not bound by it. Hence it is okay for them to ignore the Sabbath, worship other gods, and to indulge in all manner of idolatry, but it is not okay for us. Belief and Creed have nothing to do with it.

            In any case, Yahweh says that all the creeds and -isms of the gentiles, which includes Science-ism, are ultimately vain and empty: “O Yahweh, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods? Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know mine hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is Yahweh” (Jeremiah 16:19-21).

            As you continue on your journey to Truth, by all means explore this or that mythology, this or that -ism. I myself have been around the block a few times. But at the end of all your exploring, if your search is genuine (leave your emotions and feelings to one side; this is not about revenge, though it might be about karma) and conducted in humility, you will end up with the Book of Yahweh. He is the First, the Last, and Everything.

            … this is my last installment…

            Then it has been nice, and I bid you the best.


  2. What difference woud it make if you did or did not “recognize the god” in me? Why is that important? What is important is that when we discuss political issues that have nothing to do with spirituality that we remember to ony usepolitical points. If someone can just state whatever they want no matter how rediculous it is, I will make it a point to do the same in order to demonstrate how rediculous it can be.
    You don’t know anything about me to assume what I know and what I recognize as if they were the same thing. Nothing that you have posted is new information to me (if it is valid) except for the personal information that list your unsoclicited acheivements.
    It’s time to trim the fat of nonsense being passed off as fact.

  3. I was enrich by this profound piece of dialogue between Yoruba Israelite and Karibkween and Curtis. The Israelite Scholar was more profound and prolific because he had clear knowledge of Scriptures and Science whereas the others seemed so anti the Biblical text that they conveyed it both in spirit and rationale. The Intellect of Yahweh TRUTH and RIGHT clearly superior to so called Science.

    From a Social Scientist, by the way.

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