China Offers Caribbean $6 Billion in Loans

Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (rear left) and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan (rear right) attend a signing ceremony for an intergovernmental agreement between the two countries at the Diplomatic Centre in St. Ann's Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, on Monday, September 12, 2011.
Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (rear left) and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan (rear right) attend a signing ceremony for an intergovernmental agreement between the two countries at the Diplomatic Centre in St. Ann’s Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, on Monday, September 12, 2011.
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$6B for region

By Andre Bagoo
September 13, 2011 –

IN A BOLD declaration of his country’s bold ambitions for the Caribbean region, China’s Vice Premier Wang Qishan yesterday unveiled a suite of measures including a $6.3 billion loan to regional governments, aimed at deepening cooperation between the People’s Republic and the Caribbean.

In an opening address at the Third China-Caribbean Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, the Vice Premier wasted little time unveiling a series of six concrete steps which his country will take to consolidate its already considerable influence in the region.

Among measures announced to thousands at the Regency Ballroom, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain, were:

• a US$1 billion ($6.3 billion) loan to Caribbean countries to support local economic development;

• a $6.3 million (US $1 million) donation to the Caricom Development Fund;

• measures to increase Caribbean exports to China;

• support for the building of seismic and tsunami warning systems as well as 2,500 training opportunities;

• training for doctors and nurses;

• measures to increase tourism flow between the regions;

• the provision of resources to boost agriculture and fisheries;

• support for the development of alternative, small-scale energy projects such as solar power.

The Vice Premier launched these initiatives amid the backdrop of the faltering US-led global economy.

“The underlying impact of the international financial crisis is still lingering and the global economic situation is extremely complex and uncertain,” the Vice Premier told the delegates, which included local ministers and business officials, 13 Chinese ministers and 80 high-level Chinese business officials. “Against such a backdrop, enhancing cooperation in various fields between China and the Caribbean will go a long way in promoting economic development in our respective countries and ensuring world economic recovery.”

Speaking with the aid of an interpreter, he declared the need for the world to embrace China’s rise.

“China cannot develop itself in isolation of the world and the world needs China for its development,” he said. “The comprehensive economic and social development in China will not only benefit the Chinese people but also bring opportunities to the Caribbean and the larger world.”

He assured that, “China will stay committed to the path of peaceful development and steadfastly follow the win-win strategy of opening-up. We will, as always, support Caribbean countries in promoting economic development, improving people’s livelihood, advancing regional integration and playing an active role in international affairs,” he said. Of the $6.3 billion loan, the Vice Premier said, “China encourages exchanges and cooperation between the commercial banks of the two sides.”

“The China Development Bank will set aside US$1 billion to be used as special commercial loans for infrastructural development,” he said. Additionally, “China wants to discuss and sign an investment protection agreement with the Caribbean countries to promote two-way investment.”

The loan and donation, he said, would be first among six areas of assistance.

“Secondly, we will step up capacity building cooperation,” he said. “China will provide no less than 2,500 training opportunities for the Caribbean countries and 30 opportunities with master’s degrees for Caribbean professionals to study in China.” This would be in addition to the efforts to build seismic warning centres.

A third area, he said, would be “exchanges and cooperation with Caribbean countries in such fields as environmental protection and new energies” including solar.

“Fourthly, we will intensify cultural, educational and health cooperation,” he said. “China will build ‘friendship schools’ for Caribbean countries and provide assistance in terms of Chinese language teaching, teachers and textbooks. We will continue to provide scholarships to Caribbean countries and stand ready to negotiate the signing of agreements on mutual recognition of diploma and degrees with Caribbean countries.”

“We encourage schools on both sides to forge sister relationships,” he said. “We will continue to send medical teams to Caribbean countries and provide training for your doctors and nurses.”

Fifthly, he said, China would encourage Caribbean countries to increase their exports to China and diversifying the export mix.

“We encourage Caribbean enterprises to come to China for important exhibitions and trade fairs to promote their products with competitive advantages. Likewise, we also encourage Chinese enterprises to go to Caribbean countries for exports expositions to increase their imports from Caribbean countries.”

Tourism promotions between the regions would be bolstered, he said. In a sixth area, the Vice Premier said China would continue to send agricultural experts to run agricultural and fishery projects.

“China’s Ministry of Agriculture will sign the Common Initiative on Agriculture and Fisheries Cooperation with the agricultural authorities of Caribbean countries and set-up the China-Caribbean Working Group on Agricultural and Fisheries Cooperation so as to promote cooperation.”

Speaking at the same event, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced that Trinidad and Tobago will set up a trade office at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in Beijing. “China’s willingness to tap into the Caribbean market should be seen as an indication of their confidence in this region,” she said. She asked participants to seek to “develop this relationship in a way that will be mutually beneficial for all of us.”,147140.html


China grants US$6m to T&T
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar says T&T is to receive a 40 million Yuan (US$6.26m) grant from the Chinese Government.

TT gets $40M grant from China
The Peoples’ Republic of China yesterday gave Trinidad and Tobago Yuan 40 million grant (TT $1 = Yuan 0.998359) to engage in mutually acceptable projects between the two countries.

Finance Minister: T&T intensifying relations with China
China is now a major global player and it is important for T&T to continue to build relationships with them, Finance Minister Winston Dookeran said yesterday.

Kamla: Ties between T&T, China will be stronger
Ties between Trinidad and Tobago and China will soon be stronger as Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced that a Trade and Investment Office will be established in China as part of a proposed Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in the People’s Republic of China.

Dookeran: $207M Chinese loan for NAPA
TO PAY for remedial works done on the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), the State has agreed to a loan extension to the tune of $207 million from the Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of China, Finance Minister Winston Dookeran disclosed yesterday.

Trinidad and Tobago PM, Chinese Vice Premier Discuss Bilateral Ties
Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar exchanged views with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan on bilateral relations Monday.

China Woos Caribbean With Offer of $1 Billion in Loans

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  1. Soon we will all be speaking Mandarin or Cantonese. The Chinese are on the move across the developing world. They are aggressively exporting their products and assisting poorer nations. In Antigua a spanking new stadium. In Surinam they noticed a lot of land and low population so they are planning to build a hospital, for T&T $6 million to prove their love.
    I am sure this will soften the heart of PP amd maybe some contracts ahead.

    The government have to tread carefully when dealing with them or soon a million Chinese could come flooding our shores. First restaurants, then grocery shops, then laundry mats.

    In the words of chairman Mao “give a man what he wants then you can control him”. The Chinese are known for giving generous gifts, first to politicians and then nations. People may call it bribe but they call it gifts.

  2. “The Chinese are known for giving generous gifts, first to politicians and then nations. People may call it bribe but they call it gifts.” mamboo
    Maybe that’s why the folks with quite a noble civilization, are on the verge of assuming superpower status , and similar democratic pretenders , are languishing by the wayside , nuclear weapons , and subpar education and all, ehhh mamboo?,9171,811222,00.html

    Well, I am not living in India , but likewise is begining to wonder about the merit of education myself- especially if …..fill in the blanks.
    Ain’t you guys concern about how terrible you treated the hard working Chinese citizens , just because they were able to steal a few too many contracts away from dem suspect ,honest, local construction chiefs , with a penchant for misusing funds , and inflating the cost of projects they won?
    Just instruct Uncle Jack, to ensure that dem oil, and gas wells,are flowing all the way to Beijing , and everything will be fine in T&T, even to the point of having Dr Goopiesing and crew , genocidal claims ,heard at the UN’s Security Council-at a more appropriate time of course. Namely , when out of power.
    It’s call Quid Pro Quo , if I am not mistaken.
    Just maybe , Queen K, can demand that these slick Chinese complete construction of that unfinished Tobago hospital, they started some time ago, before giving the green light to construct another 10 as promised ,prior to victory.
    What a country! Speaking of which ,is Madame Hart , or her two competing husbands ,in jail as yet? Let me refresh your memory mamboo, de jilted/ scorned , chicken farmer ,from Central , and the crooked Canadian, dat help bring down Patios?
    Ah tell you mamboo, between these PP, and predecessor PNM , I am not too sure who is worst, but dat ain’t my voting problem, or yours either mamboo.
    Speaking of which.Tell me, how is de weather around Constitution Avenue ,Ottawa today mamboo?
    To all my cyber friends,stay focus , as much is at stake, yes?

    1. They are changing the demographics in Africa. I was talking to an African friend some time ago and he said there are more Chinese business in Africa, more than there ever was. They are building hospitals, stadiums (free of course).

      In a short time T&T and Caribbean islands will see more Chinese business opening up shop. …

      Here is how it is in Africa.

      One day Africans will be dead from all kinds of diseases and internal wars and the new face of Africa will be changed forever and he aint going to be black….How Long is not far off…(lol).

      1. Lucky for me I know that all comes out of Black and all must eventually fade to Black. Alpha and Omega; think pon dat sucker!

  3. My God, Mamoo and I on the same page! Wonder of wonders!It proves that love of country can make two very different people have ONE THING in common.BEWARE of gifts brought by Asians they give with one hand and get 2X as much of natural resources, with the other.

  4. Maybe not the whole page Ms. Edwards. One suspects Moomoo had no objection to Asians of another stripe. Can anyone spell ISPAT?

    1. Karibkween you do have a point there but it not very sharp. ISPAT saved the steel industry from ruin and kept many people employed. Now that is a good thing.

      The Chinese come and bring in their workers, just ask Patos and that meant T&T dollars going back to China. Remember Calder Hart, Karibkween and the billions he took. The man was in charge of 5 State companies, where were you when this was happening. Silence.

      Where were you when Mannout brought in Cuban, Filipinos, Nigerians and Caribbean people claiming T&T have a labour shortage. They all pocketted the money and left. You were silent Karibbqueen when Scotland yard was given charge of T&T and thousands of British officers were paid millions of dollars to eat fried chicken in back of police cruisers while the local police worked.

      Please Karibbqueen stop your racist diatribe, you no better than Neal or Linda…

  5. Yeah karibkween,notice how he and others behaved as if cat cut their tongue when the other side of Asia, was busy making plans to divvy up T&T?
    Now beginning with Papa deffy , all the way down to Sando UWI geologist in Chief Patrick,see how many concrete , socio -economic – com political ,bridge building mechanisms took place over the 45 years or more , those fake Afrikan , neo imperialist bozos,held political sway in our country. NYET!
    Fast forward to 2011 , and what is the war cry by the other , as they in turn make their neo tribal power grab?

    Seriously though I like this attempt at balance however by capitalist ,Red China , as I also need a place to do my worship as well. Buddha name be praised.
    Serves you right Ms L, when Uncle O is busy fighting useless wars,according to your fellow Texan Ron Paul , someone got to take care of business in the hemisphere, now that Chavez was stricken with the CIA cancer bug -that eluded his mentor Castro for 60 years.
    The latter is on his way out, Russia cannot find their way politically, and the clueless Europeans , well … your guess is as good as mine as to what they are all about.
    Uncle Monroe , sorry but your Doctrine is as good as dead, since there is a new sheriff in town , and he needs the Chinese affection – on imbalance trade, on matters relating to Sudan, East Africa, West Africa, Iran, North Korea, and even planet Mars.

  6. Any country that has one quarter of the world’s population, should be greeted with scepticism when they come bearing guits. Why would they want to give small CAribben islands anything? They have already overun most of Asia. They are building aircraft carriers, and expanding, expanding expanding. They already own most of the US debt, and have mor eEnglish-speaking people than the US, population 310 million.There may be a new plan to carve up the world, and we are mere pawns in some iterntional chess game.

    1. China’s population 1.3bn
      India’s population 1.2bn

      Are we to assume that you’re equally as worried about India as you are about China? Last I checked all Asian Tigers are carnivores.

  7. what you are witnessing is a shift in global power sharing and while we must be cautious in our dealings with China we would be foolish to ignore them,so far and as far as i know with the exception of Tibet the chinese have not harboured views of colonization as Europe and USA, and have given emerging countries and economies a more progressive alternative to the dreded World Bank and its draconian destructive correction methods,but never the less relationships must be conducted wisely constuctively and in the best interest of T&T.

  8. What is that interest Raul? What exactly is the Foreign policy of our politically schizophrenic country for the past 49 years?
    We remain overdependent on fast depleting resources , and so sell oil and gas , that’s all. The resource starved Chinese need oil/ gas , and so does India as both think they are emerging industrial giants, ladened with their ever growing , dirt poor population.
    We provide an Argentinian/ Chilean / Brazil like ,exile haven for Europeans in Tobago. There, folks come in en mass, engage in the sex tourism trade , and emerge holding land deeds, while tourism dies, along with the starving, unemployed many ,if the survive dangerous diseases brought in , or the aftereffects of a decrepit hospital, constructed in 1825.
    Like idiots , we repeatedly allow jokers like Barbados ,to pull fast ones on us , and so the fallout is Tobago flying fish rights catastrophe , and the rest is history bye , bye , to certain continental shelf, oil/ gas zones.
    Fast forward to 2011, and the clueless square pegs ,that replace the bozos two years ago, have just given away airline rights to the Bajan bandits, once more ,under the guise of peaceful coexistence.
    Everyone seems to be getting their knickers and jockstrap in a twist , due to the overtures of the Chinese globally including the Caribbean, but bear in mind that the Russians are also lurking -as long as uncle Sam keep wasting it’s energies on useless wars,and voting war mongering idiots into office , with no conception of Soft Power whatsoever?
    Guess what, this is what you’ll keep seeing. A hospital here, and bridge there, a Hindu Temple over there, dredging of a river down the road, construction of a school up the hill,a few security play-books and personnel down the road,purchase of a faster Coast Guard ship- than that ordered before- to warn under taxed ,drug importers ,that the police are coming,and on , and on.

  9. A global shift of titanic proportions. We minnows ned to notice that whales and sharks eat small fish. While the pictures from the “summit” look good on China TV, I cannot help but worry about our “discovery” by China and the unease it may cause in the OAS ranks.
    In addition, I heard no outcry about this summit, as was heard about the OAS meeting in TnT, and the hosting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference. How much did this summit cost? Aren’t we glad that MAnning and Co. built facilities that can host conferences like these and make us proud? Some nations do NOT put money into public infrastructure. They prefer to poo-mouth themselves as they hold out the national begging bowl. When I look at the skyline of Port-of-Spain, I am gad of the vision, that changed it into a twentifirst century skyscape. I wish the publi toilets could follow suit.

    When money is tossed at you, as a woman, please ask yourself what the man wants in exchange, you, or your daughters?

  10. Seriously people , is everything about race,,,common,, if Indians are coming to TnT, let them if they give us money to help our economy let them. Same for China, let them

    PS . the editor should really stop all of these racist comments from karibkween and neal ect..Thanks

    1. I suppose Neal and I are the only ones who’s post are offensive to you, eh? Well we both have been here a long time; much longer than you; and much longer than your buddy Moomoo, so check yourself. We plan on being here much longer, just to hold you history revisionists in check.

      In the mean time become familiar with Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

  11. When I was in Malawi last year, July and August, China had just built, and given the Malawians a new parliament, a parade ground and were building a Mandarin style hotel and temple. I asked my educated friends, What does China want in return? Before the week was out, it hit the papers that an entire mountain range was 60% iron ore, and that copper and possibly platinum was also in those mountains, so who was on the doorstep waiting to reap rewards for their kindnes? Officially, some early concessions went to the British firm which did the exploration, with China as Johnny on the spot. I do not know how many Malawians would get work in these new iron ore and copper mines, but I know the Chinese are there waiting and underbidding the labour contracts.China is the death of unionism.

    Three months ago, some unrest broke out at the University of Malawi at Zomba, when a reporter asked a university professor if he thought that an Arab Spring type of unrest could happen in MAlawi.There had been some tensions over the president nominating his wife to run as VP, and some heated discussions about the new flag, which he initiated despite protests. His response was that he is already seeing signs of restlessness. The Result? He was promptly fired. Three others who protested on his behalf were also fired. These are college professrs, mind you, and Chancellor College, the branch of the University of MAlawi at Zomba is shut down. No one is going to classes, professors are idle. And why is the world not making a fuss? Copper and iron ore are more valuable that Malawian lives. This is why the unrest in the capital of Lilongwe, where 18 people were shot dead by the police, was only a blip on the international news. What has the Chinese presence got to do with this? Firestorms broke out in Darfur also, when they went there to do oil exploration. A scorched earth policy was the result.
    With Trinidad’s oil and gas, and Guayanese lumber, rice , gold and diamonds, our Caribbean patrimony might be in serious dnger. On every rerun of the China News I hear Bharat Jagdeo talking about Guyana’s 8% growth rate last year, and the other countries almost zero growth. Flash to five years hence, when China owns Guyana and TnT and then ask , How did this happen?

    First they loan you money they know damn well you cannot pay back, then they take your country. China is positioning itself to challenge the USA for global supremacy, and we will be the pebbles they will throw at each other.Getting a foothold in the CAribbean basin, and being a friend to Hugo Chavez, is sticking it to the US> We are just pawns. Almost all of Africa now owes China money they cannot repay.

    Now, weekly, in my mail comes all kinds of financial offers; from a reverse mortgage which lets you borrow the money you already paid out to buy a house, to exorbitant offes of credit from major and minor credit card companies, at a time when mortgages are going under. Why are they anxious to lend me money that they know I do not need, and cannot repay?
    Big Business never lose. They just swallow you up and keep moving. This is not about race, its about economics.I carefully cut all those credit card offers up, reverse mortgage and raising my credit availability to double its previious limit, and put them in the trash. Trinidad and Tobago should do likewise. Let us nort morgage our children’s future, nor borrow money using our oil reserves as collateral, unless it is specifically for more exploration. No is a very useful word to learn.

    1. Good analysis here by Sister Linda. I think what is written here must be looked at critically. China gives loans and help in return for your national wealth. The US is currently owned by China. Some $2 trillion in US treasury bills are owned by the Chinese. They under cut prices to the bare bones and that is how they move forward. Government loves to borrow money. China is willing to feed that desire.

    2. A report was recently released describing what has often been suggested and hinted at in the writings and rantings of those our society has labeled conspiracy theorists; it is the first statistical proof that a small group of individuals/families control the global economy for good or ill. The report is titled “The network of global control” by S. Vitali, J.B. Glattfelder, and S. Battiston; for those interested, and can easily be accessed with a web search.

      For all our assumptions and the attendant media propaganda swirling around China; China appears once on the list of control-holders. The US and its NATO allies account for eighty-six percent (86%) of cumulative control, another twelve percent (12%) is divided between Japan and ‘neutral’ Switzerland, with China bringing up the rear with the remaining two percent (2%); and whereas China might hold the majority of treasury instruments (loan securities) for most or all the countries on the list; where will it be if these economies collapse?

      Enter Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean; China needs to diversify; and quickly. The alternative is nuclear war with those countries that renege/default. We all might want to pray that China, not only succeeds but that the Chinese has as much affection for their children as you have for your own; and hope also that Wen Jiabao doesn’t harbor the genocidal thoughts of Kim Jung Il.

      The financial collapse; actually it should be termed the collapsing global financial system because its ongoing, at its heart appears to have been engineered to bring about the destruction of China as a global economic superpower. Well before the collapse of the U.S. housing market China was the one divesting and curbing its exposure to real estate and real estate investments bumping up interest rates and placing new deposit requirements on developers, to avoid real estate speculation. In fact China might still be vulnerable to its own real estate bubble, according to some financial experts. Where were these so-called experts (America’s Shylocks) when Ireland needed them? These Shylocks with the help of U.S. government deregulations have brought the world to the brink of war and it seems they’ll stop at nothing in their relentless pursuit of wealth. I read recently that these same ‘too big to fail banks’ are now pursuing the 401ks and pension plan benefits of clueless working stiffs.

      Once upon a time savings banks or thrifts operated independent of commercial banks; the U.S. government put an end to that back in the eighties, the result was the collapse of many African-American owned saving banks and the infamous Saving and Loans scandal; Once upon a time the new commercial banks model operated independent of investment banks; the U.S. government put an end to that in the nineties and the result is our present spiral. I’ve been wondering what it would take for Americans to wake up, maybe the thought of being on the street in their dotage might provoke some heroism like the world saw in Tunisia, but I doubt it.

      China isn’t the enemy.

      1. PLUNDER the crime of our time

        The interesting thing about all these commentaries is that the start with the sub-prime mortgages; rarely if ever do they ever talk about those loans made to housing developers to create the over supply of housing in the first place. The unsuspecting poor purchaser of a sub-prime mortgage was brought in to be the fall guy when the house cards collapsed.

      2. Quoting karibkween:

        China isn’t the enemy.

        China is the seventh and last head, and the tenth and last horn of Revelation 17:10: “And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.”

        China will continue only “a short space” as global hegemon, when finally she rises, sooner now than most think, to that position.

        As one of the seven heads and ten horns, China, the one that “is not yet come”, is part of the metaphorical multi-headed Beast that is ridden by the “Great Whore, Mystery, Babylon the Great” (Revelation 17:5).

        Therefore, China, the head and horn, is no friend, not even to its own people. In the same way, America, the head and horn that now “is” the global hegemon, is no friend, not even to its own people.

        We may like Americans as individuals, however intensely brainwashed, chemicalized, and therefore stupid they have become. The Chinese have many good qualities also, but they too have been brainwashed, and will eventually fulfill prophecy, marching even to their own destruction. For they “… are adulteresses, and blood is in their hands” (Ezekiel 23:45). In other words, they are a daughter whore of the Great Whore spoken of in scripture. Selah.

        Therefore, we should have no truck with them, and should refuse their blandishments. Otherwise, in scriptural terms, we are complicit in drinking of the wine of her fornication (Revelation 17:2), and no good will come of it.

        But we already knew that this Government, like China, is “partaker of the hope of Babylon” (2 Esdras 15:46) also, spiritually clueless as it is.


  12. Hey Ron , get real on this idiotic race talk , as nobody on this information highway ,have been more critical of his own people -past , present , and future, heroes , and scoundrels -like I did. If occasionally I wish to forcefully throw a monkey wrench into the camp of misguided others , with a distorted notion of self , history , and prevailing global realities, and the conclusions that is derived by such honest , plain talk ,is that I am racist , then so be it.
    For the record , I have absolutely no concern if T&T during the reign of Queen K and her regime ,becomes flooded with 1 million Indians from across the globe, 1 million Chinese , or 1 million Europeans, Americans, and Russians , decided to escape their respective social enclaves, and make Tobago their home.
    I have absolutely no concern if 10 years hence , every native born citizen of my country , in turn ,have to run to Bangladesh, Nairobi ,Sudan,Columbia,Serbia ,Syria , North Korea,or Nepal,to find a place to live, because of over crowding. It’s their right. Why do I waste time with these 3rd world peons such as Ron, I would never know?

  13. I think that I remember speaking about this last year. I believe that anyone who thinks that they can control China is mistaken and that anyone who is in doubt of the influence of China on the global market is foolish. Crabs in a pot, Trini against Trini in an effort to promote old world allegiances that don’t work in the western Hemisphere for either group. The larger problem is how will TNT pay China back and what will happen if TNT defaults? China is seeking to unload it’s potential problem onto other nations/ regions of the world. The greatest threat to China’s growth is a rebellion from within. However, if China can export people along with revenue, it can weaken any threat of instability and unrest. What a better place to come to if people are unwilling to assimilate and subscribe to the norms that define their current reality? The “new arrivals” will be able to overthrow all oppossers culturally, economically, and socially because they will be unified in thier approach while insignificant arguments hamper all attempts for either group to gain power. Oh well, suan le. I need to continue practicing Mandarin. My family will eat when it is all said and done.

  14. Perhaps we need to reiterate for the edification of the the divisive amongst us , that no one is suggesting that sweet T&T , embark on some isolationist foolhardy policy , or it’s political leaders ignore the overtures of an emerging power, but simply for a bit of caution , as any nation that wishes to lie in bed with China ,must recognize the price that can accrue, particularly if they do not know which way is up.
    Like ecstatic kids in a candy store, this ,still undemocratic , new aged capitalist country we call China, will show absolutely no regard for rules, environmental regulations,human right norms,and practices ,domestically or abroad, that they as one of the 5 headed Security Council monsters , professed to uphold, and defend.
    Some say that , one of the best yard sticks,which can used to assess what a country is all about , is to look at how it treats it’s own citizens.
    We already know of the Tibetan problem , as their leader is a global superstar ,with Hollywood celebrities falling over each other ,to elevate their cause,but not so the allegedly ,troublesome, Muslim ,Uyghur minority.

    Some 2 Million indigenous people , will loose their homes , livelihood, and experience other psychologically traumatic beat down ,due to this environmental catastrophe , and yet , no one can stop it. FIrst their own displacements, then Guyana, Ethiopia , Zambia, Brazil ,and the list goes on – just maybe T&T, who knows.

    It is clear that maybe 90% or more ,of all labor force ,would be provided from their own country when embarking on these exorbitant projects. Since many have left their wives , and women at home , guess what is the result , and worst yet, the negative social fall out , as desperate females fall prey to neo imperial pittance ?

    Now if the situation is reverse , do you think foreigners are similarly welcome in China? Don’t bet too much on that , unless maybe they have a famous brother in the US White House.

    Ahhh the intrigues of global politics, and power plays!!
    Just maybe in the case of T&T,birds of a feather , do folk together.
    Let Hansard show that they were forewarned about ,getting into bed with dem benevolent dictatorships , that looks , on the surface, to be more palatable than historically maligned others.

  15. I see I may have shaken a hornets nest with my interpretations, of the racist comments being made by some commentators. I will not be dragged into a “war of words”, with these persons. ( You know who you are).
    The facts and statements made by you are clear.

    With regards to the loans ,I say take it. Those monies are almost interest free, so at pay back time, once invested properly, will not be a problem!

  16. Mr. Joseph, the only problem is that the intent of the leadership in not just Trinidad and Tobago, but the whole region has never been transparent and responsible enough to take on such debt with such high consequences. China has the potential to export more laborers than Caricom can produce. Therefore, (if you compare to produce) countries like TNT will have a difficult time producing home grown talent that can compete with foreign born labor for any particular sector of the economy besides government. What should happen if TNT and other Caribbean countries default on their loans to China? This is not xenophobia, but real world concerns for a country who is terrible when it comes to equity, fairness, and human rights issues. I believe that Neal made very valid points. We really don’t know what will happen because this is unprecedented in our time. The most recent timeline that I can think of that has any significance to this is the fall of Greece and the rise of Rome. I’m sure that there are others, but the point is that we should all be cautious. There are other ways to colonize the world and we will see if this is the begining of that other way. On the other side of the coin, we must not let the U.S. and Europe continue to take Caricom for granted. Centuries of abuse and neglect may be coming to an end now that China is knocking at the door. Xenophobic yes, but racist no, for there are real reasons to be afraid of this perhaps new world order and the consequences that may come from it.

  17. Thanks for looking out Curtis, and a finer encapsulation of the essence of myself , and fellow patriots concerns ,could not be presented. Excellent job my friend.
    As for Ron run’s critiques, on my alleged racist sentiments . Again, what can I say to that but ,No! Bu shi! Non! Hapana! Ji Nahin! Nyet! NehiiN!?
    Do I at times come across as a bit crass, with my not too subtle attempts at Trini flavored humor, that occasionally might miss the spot, as I push the edges of racial/ ethnic sensibilities? Maybe so.
    Does that make me a racist as defined by Ron run? Far from it folks.
    The love my beautiful country , along with it’s myriad of wonderful people ,is far too strong for such defeatist frivolities. Our recent Angolan Miss Universe winner ,Leila Lopes put it quite well ,when she correctly stated that ‘folks who indulge in such behaviors ,have a problem within ,and requires help.’
    For the past two decades ,I was lucky to travel far, and wide, from our shores, and daily interact, with every race ,ethnic group, social class,and nationality ,on planet earth.
    Trust me on this guys ,both from a theoretical ,and real world , front stage angle, I know what terrible fall outs can accrue, across any given society ,that allows , the fiery ,evil embers of racisms , to permeate it’s soul.
    On the bigger issue, we the folks who understand and appreciate how politics work , recognize that in the end ,the government of the day , has the overall right to pursue ,any policy they desire, and the PP government headed by Queen K, given such a large mandate by the people , is more than entitled ,to take the country in the direction that they deem fit.
    But ahhhh ,the role ,of ex pats,though often irritating , remains vital to our social mix , as we can bring – hopefully -that much needed , un bias , fresh , independent perspective, unclouded by the narrow confines of domestic politics, yes?
    Not sure about my other friends, that occasionally patrol dis here information highway, Ron run, but as for me , I treasure this role, and remain an optimistic cultural ambassador , that looks forward to having a much bigger impact , in ensuring that our twin island Republic assume a leading position ,on the world stage ,starting within the region, where transnational corporations ,wealthy individuals, and more powerful nations ,would gravitate to – not to simply exploit ,as is the norm between too many imbalanced interrelationships,but to respect , and utilize both our human, and natural resources, to good effect, and benefits, for all concern.
    Let’s continue to luv dis country folks,while wishing all 1.3 million and growing, of our people, along with it’s leaders well, hmmm?
    It’s a beautiful day, and remember ,’no security, no development!’

  18. Xenophobia is defined as “an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers. Why are we so inclined to have these fears and or hatred ?.
    As for Neal who has to defend himself every time I make a comment, you are a nepotists.You make such statements as “Our recent Angolan Miss Universe winner”. Is this person Trini? No!
    So how is she “OUR winner”?
    Please stop trying to hide your true anti social diatribe.

    1. You know me by now folks who frequently drive on dis here information highway, and I have little tolerance for borderline illiterate ,mental degenerate , as I am fast suspecting our dear friend Ron run to be ,in actuality. Xenophobia, nepotist ,defending my self based on reactions to your commentaries?
      I am curious really,do you really flatter yourself into thinking that I am defending my self because of your views on any subject Ron run? Not too sure about others, but do you really think that when I engage in my usual cyber joisting ,with others , across dis here information highway, I look at it as some personal operational interplay? No buddy , there is a bigger audience in mind, at least so I hope.
      Nepotism, was what your former PM Basdeo , and his drinking pal , political rival ,Manning engaged in throughout their tenure as political leaders. The former pushed his grateful brother,and wet behind the ears daughter ,upon the people, while the latter ,his clueless wife. No one was the better ,as a result , outside of themselves, and bankers.

      With respect to the bigger accusation you made on fear of foreigners. When did anyone of us level headed , more globally sophisticated folks, indicate we were fearful of foreigners , particularly the Chinese?
      Let me reiterate, for perhaps comprehension was not your forte, at the Sans Souci Primary school Ron run , where you nearly did not graduate in Standard 7 at age 25 , is it?. Your government is free to bring in 1 million Chinese , Indians , Pakistanis, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi , Nepalese , and we’ll throw in Guyanese citizens, for good measure if they deem it fit, and you guys gets your rocks off un such. They are free to sign any treaty they wish with China, France, Russia , USA, and England, as it’s their right.
      In addition , they are free to do a Stalinist purge of every civil service branch across our nation, and ensure than not a single head , has even 1% Afrikan blood in them. While they are on a roll, ban carnival, all Calypsos from our airwaves, get more aggressive in arrests , but only in the Afrikan , alleged criminal enclaves. Don’t even give them trials and keep them in prisons for at least 3 years , after the election. I personally have no concern , or care if they do my friend, for it is the voting public of T&T’s problem , or victory.

      So what do you know ,Ron run is hereby questioning my mindset , because I share a bit of cyber luv, for my Southern Afrikan sister , the beautiful Leila Lopes huh? Don’t worry , I can share some of the luv for your Diego Martin gyul Gabrielle Walcott, if you insist, even though I know she don’t really need it.
      Probably won’t even look in my direction ,if heavens forbid , she sees me in the streets of POS , or worst yet West mooring Mall where those freaky, private parties take place the the kids of the Trini elites who naively think that they are not Afrikans .
      Here is the deal my friend. I too will forever tout the virtues of my country over any one else ,when you and half the other self loathing ,ingrates, across our nation, becomes equally outrage, as I am ,with Trini Nobel Literature winner ,Sir V S.Naipaul for not even acknowledging his country of birth, after global accolades were poured upon.
      Let’s just say that I have a weak spot in my heart for that abused ,resource ladened country Ron run, having spent more than a year traversing same ,around the time I might add, when the winner Miss Lopes was ‘a little bitty, 12 year old ,’during my paltry efforts , aimed at fostering peace. It was gratifying to see the , spirit , and resilience of a wonderful people- especially the women. They endured poverty, political mismanagement, 3 decades of wars, poverty, and foreign exploitation,and yet they remained optimistic ,and more importantly – lived.
      I would wake up from my bed ,and see 12 hungry looking kids , who should be in school, but instead , begging for food, and it hurt my heart.
      I would do my usual runs through the crowded streets of Luanda, and see 40 women fighting for water near a stand pipe, and knew of a 40 year old, ex military general , now government minister, who had 40 girlfriends, and forty brand new cars parked in his garage.
      Can you imagine sending a child to a school , with no windows, or air condition ,located 15 feet from a stinking roadside open market,next to a busy, dangerous road way, unlighted at nights , where folks die daily, and a the same distance from very busy , major national airport, during a time of war? Well that is what this winner, and her people , had to endure my friend , so give it a rest.,-poverty

      I like what this beautiful angel represent, and is almost certain, she would do her country proud during her reign ,and after, by not returning home and make a bastard child to prove how independent she really is ,like one of our national ,socially clueless, self obsessed ,Angela Jolie wannabe , alleged role models.
      I know that she won’t be doing X-rated movies,with low end boy friends , in Brooklyn USA, like another of our confused local representatives, who thought she too was a Hollywood , or Broadway bound starlet, for she instead takes her national responsibilities quite seriously , in recognizing who she is – a hero, role model, and cultural Ambassador , not only for her country , but the continent. We still love you Penny, and Jeselle. How is that for you Ron run , good enough?
      Hey Ron run, as a one time short parts member of the boys and gals in blue law enforcement squad , I sat in the Queens Park Oval, and saw thousands of Trinis of the South Asian persuasion ,only cheer loudly ,for the Indian , and Pakistan team/ contingent , while booing profusely ,the West Indian team, but I personally ,did not loose much sleep over that, neither should you today as I, a global humanist shares luv for a sister , not solely due to her race , or color as you think, but for what she represent .I have faith in her, convince me ,that I should of my own country and many of it’s leaders, and suspect heroes.
      It’s a bautiful life , yes?

  19. One Brazilian President was reported some years ago, to put intenational loans this way: If I owe you six million, and cannot pay, I have problem, If I owe you 6 billion and cannot pay, you and the world have a probem.

    Greece is exploding because of debts it cannot repay, Ireland has defaulted, Iceland, Portugal and Spain are in trouble for default loans, Italy is said to be too big to bail out, an too big to fail, so it is in Eurolimbo. European banks are scrambling to hold their heads above water, including once-stable Swiss banks. US anks are hoarding their cash and will not spend on the economy, hoping to bring down the President of their own cuntry. The world is on the brink of a recession, and TnT which claims that its treasury is empty, wants to borrow from cash rich China, money that it cannot pay back? We are about to pawn the cuntry, that what we’d be doing if we take this loan.Pawn shops stay in business, because every person who put something in, in exchange for cash, is coming back to retrieve it next week. Few ever do.

    If I took the thousands of dollars offered me, in all kinds of credit schemes,I would be wagering my house and my life in a card game or mahjong game in an opium den. CAll up your Parliamentary rep. and ask them to reconsider mortgaging out country into a fire aale.

  20. The definition of xenophobia has changed in recent years, but the definition that I read was the fear of other peoples cultures. What is unreasonable about not being able to compete and the heightened stress that goes along with that? Everyone must be aware of the ills that could harm their society and prsonal well being especially in this day of global economics, A.K.A. New Millenium colonisation. I personally do fear that if TNT cannot pay back it’s loan just like many other nations, it will become another Chinese (controlled) colony. Is anyone saying that I should not have this fear? Perhaps my fear is not unreasonable and does not qualify as xenophobia?

  21. There is an article today on YAhoo News about China putting a choke-hold on essential minerals that it produces, deduct about 40 % for Western Bias, but od read where we are headed. Chinese Goods are chheap until they have drugges your appetite for them. Alarming.I have sent it to friends/thinkers in TnT, but readers should look for it themselves.

  22. Well Curtis, fear of being colonized is reasonable.
    xenophobia is not ! however we are past this point now, I really don’t think the Chinese are going to colonize anyone for not repaying their debt. They are giving this money to people who cant get a loan, from the world bank, at a reasonable interest rate.
    They in my view wants to show the world “hey look at me I can do this. I am a world power, more powerful than the mighty USA”.
    Yes, they may say we loaned you the money to develop your commodity sector, so we will now buy your oil ect, without competition from others. What is wrong with that, I ask.That is normal business protocol.
    So my friends, there is no real need to fear anyone!!!Especially China or even India. I say again if they want to help us let them.

  23. I was using colonization as a metaphor, but yes you are right Mr. Joseph that we are past this point. As I pointed out before, it is reasonable for countries who cannot get a loan from the World Bank to search elswhere.
    If you can concede that the fear of being colonized is reasonable, perhaps then you will concede that the fear of another World Power who has a horrendous human rights record is reasonable as well. Maybe perhaps the fear of not knowing how the government will use the borrowed funds is reasonable? For me as an American, Trinidadian, and African it is reasonable for me to be at least weary of the exchange of huge sums of money flowing into TNT under the current regime who allows public officials to blame everything wrong with the country on persons who look like me. I fear not only how the government will use the newly aquired funds to orchestrate my demise, but also my inability to fight it. China doesn’t care how their debtors use their funds, but how those debtors pay them back. Perhaps my fear is not xenophobic at all except for the fact that the change that is happening is guided mainly by other cultures which have the potential for disastorus results in bittersweet TNT.
    One in every 7 people in the world is of Chinese lineage. They are looking to expand in order to sustain their “empire”. There is nothing wrong with that as long as they do it fairly. Then again, what is fair in China?
    I wouldn’t fear the investment of individual businesses from China, but when it comes to doing business with the government, that is a whole different story.
    Lets all try to remember that when venture capitalist first initially went to China to see how they could invest their revenue earned in the west, they did so under their governments with the intention of preventing China from feeling the need to grow thier military. The opposite has happened.
    I like buying products at lower costs as do most people in the world, but if any of us lack the money to buy these products it doesn’t matter how much they cost. Detroit Auto workers, and manufacturers all over the world outside of China should have feared that. Is that unreasonable?

  24. No body is afraid of competition as long as the rules to the game will be equally followed and enforced. It is reasonable to fear what we know nothing about. This is all unprecedented.

  25. Quoting tman:

    Yoruba, you present as someone who has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageoutous racism.
    Africans in T&T are too successful a group to adopt victimhood status.

    I “present” as what I am. I am a servant of Yahweh here to preach and prophesy to my fellow Israelites (specifically the Afro-Creole of T&T, the wider Caribbean, and the Americans). I am also called to preach and prophesy to the Indo-Trini stranger in our midst.

    In this context, Yahweh has somewhat against his own people, the children of Israel. That is why we have suffered enslavement and captivity in a “land that is not ours”, made to serve a strange people (Deuteronomy 28:43).

    Yahweh also has somewhat against the stranger that afflicts us (Deuteronomy 30:7, Isaiah 42:22, Isaiah 49:23, etc.).

    I am here to tell you that the Afro-Creole (Israelite) captivity (Genesis 15:13-14, Deuteronomy 28:68) is at an end, and it is now only a matter of short time before Yahweh’s return and the promised regathering (Deuteronomy 30:3, Isaiah 66:20, etc.).

    The Afro-Creole (Israelite) is required to repent his sins and those of his forefathers, and to return to the law of the Covenant (Malachi 3:7, 4:4; 1 John 5:3). Most will not, unfortunately, and will be cut off and die (Zechariah 13:8). Those who overcome will have eternal life (Revelation 2:11, elsewhere).

    I am also here to tell you that Yahweh has already pronounced judgment on the stranger that has afflicted us. Woe is pronounced in particular on the Indo-Trini.

    That is the position of the Indo-Trini. Yahweh has stated clearly and succinctly the charge against you. It is 1) that you are partakers of the hope of Babylon, 2) you are following Babylon in all its hated ways, and 3) you are the glory of your person, i.e. conceited, and arrogant. 2 Esdras 15:46-49.

    More specifically here in T&T, I charge that the Indo-Trini has chosen to “sleep with the Devil” (that’s a quote from a former Indo PM), to acquire political and economic power in T&T. I charge that the Indo-Trini consciously adopted a beggar-thy-neighbor strategy (buy land, never sell to non-Indos) to take control. I charge that Indo-Trinis slandered this country when certain of their brethren went to Canada claiming protection as political refugees. I charge that this and previous Indo governments have wrongfully victimised non-political appointees to state enterprises, through actual and constructive dismissals. I charge that this Indo government likewise is victimising Afro-Trini employees and contractors — i.e. wrongful racial discrimination — on the basis of what they consider to be rightful political discrimination. I charge that this Indo government is knowingly victimising Afro-Creole youth under this SoE, while carefully avoiding the real criminals who have the financial clout to do billion-dollar drug deals. Etc.

    That is only a short list of what is there, out in the open for all to see. Those Israelites — Sandy, Warner, Peters, Daaga, McCleod, etc — who have joined in with this wicked program should carefully consider their position.

    There is also that which has been done in the dark, e.g. the real deals underlying the SoE. In this respect, I am to quote the following:

    John 3:19-21. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

    Understand clearly, that unless you condemn and repudiate such overt and covert wrong-doing by your co-ethnics, you too become partaker of their sins. Those who eat of the devil’s bread, or seek to cash the devil’s checks, will come to find that their wicked dealings will bring only woe.

    So I am also like Jonah sent to Nineveh to prophesy woe to the Assyrians. What will happen, as with all prophecies of doom, will depend on whether the one against whom woe is pronounced, repents and makes amends, or continues his wicked ways.

    You may hear, or forebear.

    Now, as to the Fiji and Singapore example. I maintain that the Indo is a cultural interloper in the house that the Afro-Creole built in T&T. We the Afro-Creole disobeyed Yahweh’s law in being too accommodating of the interloper: “…thou mayest not set a stranger over thee” (Deuteronomy 17:15). However, Eric Williams was right, scripturally, in giving the assurance that no stranger should be oppressed or vexed: “Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Exodus 22:21).

    The PNM should have bitten the bullet back at the time of Independence (although I’m sure Marlborough House imposed certain constraints) and taken the Lee Kuan Yew position of setting certain limits to Westminster democracy. Fiji woke up late, but not too late, to the limitations of “democracy”, and put an end to the Indo usurpation.

    The simple, and biblical, truth is, that there is a point beyond which democracy yields results which are neither legitimate nor righteous. That was my point. The same conclusions apply essentially everywhere the Indo is an interloper. And it would apply also if roles were reversed.

    I am grateful to the PNM for the many good things they have done for this country. And I am offended when such as Michael Harris rush too eagerly to write its obituary; Lloyd Best and his Tapia House ilk have a lot for which they will have to answer. The Israelite quislings within the UNC-PP formation will have even more. Now, I do not absolve PNM of error; it is in fact because the PNM erred that Yahweh makes us now to endure this wicked Indo rule under the UNC.

    But only for a little while longer.


    PS. I have made the point elsewhere, that this Government is not even properly constituted. The Constitution declares at the outset “the Nation of Trinidad and Tobago is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God”. Therefore, a Prime Minister that takes an oath on anything other than the Word of God, is in violation not only of God’s first commandment (Exodus 20:3) — “thou shalt have no other gods before me” — but also by extension the Constitution. Note in this context the promise: “Yahweh is well pleased for his righteousness’ sake; he will magnify the law, and make it honourable” (Isaiah 42:21). Hence Yahweh promises to uphold a Constitution established in his name, and not inconsistent with his Law, but we then should insist on upholding its terms.

  26. Well said, Yoruba Israelite, this quote, particularly, resonated:

    “We the Afro-Creole disobeyed Yahweh’s law in being too accommodating of the interloper: “…thou mayest not set a stranger over thee” (Deuteronomy 17:15). However, Eric Williams was right, scripturally, in giving the assurance that no stranger should be oppressed or vexed: “Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Exodus 22:21). ”

    I and others have often maintained; and history has invariably proven, that the Africans by nature are the most accommodating among humans on this planet; their mode of existence the truest form of democracy as evidenced by the abundance of languages that exist on the continent. If language be representative of culture then Africa remains the one shining example of cultural freedom on the planet. Those who deny that fact have no knowledge of Africa save an Africa in survival mode.

    Thus if it is the nature of the African to be accommodating then we cannot fault the accommodations made by African descended leaders of this nation. I’m not fully African nor am I religious to any extent, but one must ask the question: If every other human save the African represents as self-serving, who will defend the African mode of existence? Clearly, something or someone must prevent this “If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.” (Karl Popper) from happening.

    1. Quoting karibkween:

      the Africans by nature are the most accommodating among humans on this planet … we cannot fault the accommodations made by African descended leaders of this nation. I’m not fully African nor am I religious to any extent, but one must ask the question: If every other human save the African represents as self-serving, who will defend the African mode of existence?

      I have a million dollar education, thanks to Eric Williams, the PNM, and the taxpayer of T&T. So do Michael Harris and Kamla Persad. I at least try to be grateful.

      But I also have a billion dollar education, thanks to Yahweh, the most High God, and his testimony known as the Holy Bible. So I am pleased to give something back, and I am grateful that Yahweh uses me in this manner.

      Let me first teach you some biblical genetics. Nobody is part anything. Everybody is 100% something. Population genetics and its haplogroup nonsense is fundamentally misguided to the extent it suggests to people that they are partially this, or mixed the other. You end up with statistics, based on more or less arbitrarily drawn cluster groupings, that allow those so motivated to lie cleverly with statistics.

      The guiding principle of biblical genetics is very different. You are 100% whatever your father is.

      Everyone on the planet is 100% of the race of Noah. Some are 100% of the race of Ham. Others are 100% of the race of Shem. And the others are 100% of the race of Japheth. In addition, the biblical story singles certain other sub-races, in particular the Abrahamic nations, for detailed mention. These include the Ishmaelites, descended from Abraham’s son by Hagar the Egyptian, and the Edomites and Israelites, who descend from Abraham’s son Isaac by his wife Sarah. Much mention is also made of the Moabites and Ammonites, sons of Abraham’s nephew Lot, and as well of the sons of Ham, especially Mizraim (Egyptians), Kush (Ethiopians), Phut, and Canaan. The human family tree gets hugely complex very fast, but everyone on the planet has origins somewhere mentioned in the Bible.

      Note carefully: in biblical terms, no one is of a race defined by colour. And no one is of a race defined by a land mass. Hence, no one is “African”, strictly speaking.

      This is a nonsense fostered by those who have a vested interest in confusing everyone else. We do not carry around a land mass in our veins passing for blood or DNA. Therefore, in the clear logic and right thought of biblical precept, no one’s identity is conferred by a land mass. A people’s heritage is conferred by bloodline: from what patriarch they descend. A land mass may of course come to be named after a people. It is only by semantic drift and intellectual laziness that we come to ascribe more significance than that to a land mass.

      Go to Africa, as I have, and you will come to learn that the concept of being “African” as a marker of identity, is an alien concept. Every person’s identity is there determined by tribe. And the elders of every tribe will have some variation of the Swahili proverb: “the beginning of wisdom is knowing who you are: draw near and listen.” The story of one’s identity, will then trace back to a patriarch.

      In the case of we, the Afro-Creole of the Caribbean and the Americas, the descendants of the slave trade, we trace back to the patriarch Jacob. We are Israelites. We are a black-skinned, and woolly-haired people, but we are not Hamites.

      We are related to the Ishmaelites, who are descended from Jacob’s uncle, Ishmael, the brother of Isaac. Old paintings show clearly that the original Ishmaelites (Arabs) are a black people, closely resembling the Afro-Creole Israelites.

      These images provide a good example of what happens when we are too accommodating. The short answer is that we become either wiped out, or bleached out. For the Arab of today, if we go by the leadership, eg. the Saudi royal family, is more white than black, even though the ancient Ishmaelites would have been a black-skinned and woolly-haired people. They were bleached out by in-mixing through conquest and concubinage. The Arab men loved white concubines — Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Circassian, you name it. Nor was there ever a shortage of white women throwing themselves at the conquering Moors. Later Turkish and European conquests of Arab lands returned the favor.

      But with all the mixing, the rule of identity by paternal inheritance leaves the matter more or less clear.

      I say more or less, because Yahweh’s law recognizes that sufficient in-mixing can cause a bleaching out, and therefore loss of Israelite identity. So the maternal inheritance is not completely without significance. For example:

      Deuteronomy 23:7-9. 7Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite; for he is thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land. 8The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of Yahweh in their third generation.

      So the sons who are mixed would have to graft back in with Israelite women, otherwise the Israelite identity of further offspring would be lost. The great grand-sons of the mixed son could again form part of the congregation, if all succeeding generations remained endogamous. That was the rule for mixing with Edomites and with Mizraimites (Hamite Egyptians). The rule for mixing with Moabites (e.g. Ruth) was ten generations (Deuteronomy 23:3). And we were supposed not to touch the Canaanites at all (Deuteronomy 7:1-4).

      I am saying that to say, that Yahweh gave us a law to follow. When we are disobedient, the end-result is to be bleached out, and to lose identity, therefore heritage, therefore all rights, privileges and protections that go with a strong sense of identity.

      Those who are the most mixed are the ones who will be the most muddled. Even so, if they carry an Israelite spirit or vibration, they will naturally gravitate back into the fold. That is part of the function of culture, to create a welcoming vibrational space into which those who have been bleached out may fall back in, and strangers also welcomed (Isaiah 56:6-7, Ezekiel 47:22).

      I make the point about the essential wrong-ness of using land mass as a marker of identity, because black African Hamites (e.g. the Wolof) and black African Ishmaelites (e.g. Arabs of Sudan and Zanzibar) and black African Edomites (e.g. Idoma of Nigeria, Akan of Ghana) sold our ancestors, black African Israelites, into slavery. We were bought by white Edomites, the blood relations of black Edomites and black Israelites both, though by then separated by skin colour.

      Arab slavery was particularly cruel. So I would not accept your easy generalization about “Africans”. And if you go to Africa, e.g. Darfur, neither will they.

      I appreciate this is one of the theses of Chancellor Williams (The destruction of black civilization) and he is partially correct. But it takes heroic scholarship to sustain the point, and I’m not sure that even he accepted that he succeeded.

      Be that as it may, Yahweh told the essential story in a more reliable and comprehensive way, if less succinct. Consider this passage for example, which is the central thesis of Chancellor Williams:

      Ezekiel 30:26
      And I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and disperse them among the countries; and they shall know that I am Yahweh.

      And of course the Israelites likewise have been scattered all over (Deuteronomy 28:64) and notably including Africa (Zephaniah 3:10). See the story for example of the Lemba. There are many others, including Igbo, Tutsi, Baganda, Zulu, Yoruba, etc. which I have mentioned on other occasions.

      But the more direct answer to your question from Karl Popper is that we need to protect vigilantly the genetic borders of the tribe. That is common sense. Only a warrior spirit can do this, and that is what Yahweh requires.

      Yahweh’s law is not for the namby-pamby. There is one very bloody scene in scripture where Samuel hacked to death a captured Amalekite (Canaanite) king that Saul — he was Benjamite btw, as are we the Afro-Creoles of the former British West Indies and the Bahamas — was too “soft” to put to death himself (1 Samuel 15:31-33).

      Beyond a certain point, namely obedience to Yahweh and his law, live and let live is not pleasing to Yahweh. Saul’s fate in that regard is instructive, for he lost his kingdom (1 Samuel 15:27).

      Eric Williams failed a similar test twice: the first was how he treated with the “recalcitrant minority”; the second was how he treated with Raffique and Rex after 1970. ANR Robinson failed the test in how he treated with Abu Bakr.

      We Benjamites have difficulty inflicting violence in cold blood. We need to be either desperate, or the blood has to be hot. See the story at Judges 21. See also the prophecy that Benjamin shall “ravin as a wolf” (Genesis 49:27).

      As Popper points out (and I can guess to whom he refers) there are other nationalities that have no trouble inflicting violence in cold blood (e.g. the true perpetrators of 911 using special demolition devices).

      The answer to the dilemma of the tolerant is the answer that it took a prophet (Samuel) to teach a man of war (Saul). That answer is obedience to Yahweh’s law, even when the unpleasant is called for.


  27. Lest we forget our history. One of the first entrepreneurs in the local oil industry was a Mr Lee Lum. As early as 1808, the census shows that there were 22 Chinese in a total population of 31,478; the Fath al Razak docked in 1845.
    The level of intermarriage between Chinese and other ethnic groups is an indication of their pragamtic,unbigotted, attitude to life in general.

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