Teen apologises on Facebook for Kamla threat

State of EmergencyMinor Violator
“I could not sleep last night. I just want to say I am sorry to the Prime Minister (Kamla Persad-Bissessar) for insulting her like that. I am sorry for the language, I am sorry for all the racist stuff I said. I do not really care about racist things because I am not racist, I do not really look at it like that but I am just real sorry.”
The above apology was made and posted on Facebook by a teenager, who is the subject of a police investigation in relation to a previous video she had created.

…Teen in Facebook threat apologises, but Ball now in DPP’s court says AG

…Teen apologises on Facebook for Kamla threat
ATTORNEY General Anand Ramlogan yesterday urged the YouTube user who posted a video which contained threats to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to surrender to the police, after the user issued an apology in another video.

…AG to Kamla hater: Surrender to cops

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Doctors still await curfew passes
Doctors have still not been issued curfew passes, more than a week after the State of Emergency (SoE) was declared in the country.

AG: Stiffer penalties for curfew breakers
CITIZENS who are found outdoors in any of the six curfew-restricted areas could now face a maximum fine of $3,000 and six months’ imprisonment.

3 men get curfew fines
THE want for a cigarette to smoke, was an excuse given on Friday last by one of three men charged for breaching the curfew hours. Each men were fined $500 when the appeared in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court before Senior Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan.

Ghany queries ‘limited’ in emergency

Lara: Don’t use my name for detention centre
Former West Indies cricket captain Brian Lara has called on the media to immediately stop using his name in connection with the proposed detention centre at the stadium in Tarouba.

Fr Harvey says: Publish names of detainees
A Roman Catholic priest is calling on Government to immediately publish the names of people detained during the current State of Emergency in Trinidad and Tobago.

Kamla: No extension of curfew in South
There will be no extension of the curfew to southern areas of Trinidad, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday.

Roadside scrapyards ‘under the gun’
The Defence Force and other state agencies yesterday confiscated copper and cleaned up Beetham Estate’s scrap iron businesses following information that guns are being hidden in the scrap iron and are also being manufactured from the iron.

Soldiers clean up Beetham
ATTORNEY GENERAL Anand Ramlogan yesterday said the security forces have targeted scrap iron yards throughout the country as part of a major operation against criminal elements during the current state of emergency.

Rowley: Govt must not use its power for ulterior motives
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said Government had to be sure and clear that the powers it has assumed under the Emergency Act as a national security matter are not abused for other purposes, no matter how legitimate it might be.

It’s a war on crime and nothing else says PM

Unions have nothing to fear
THE Joint Trade Union Movement has nothing to fear during the State imposed state of emergency, once they operate within the confines of the law, Minister in the Ministry of Labour, Rudy Indarsingh, a former trade unionist, has stated.

We back state of emergency
SEVERAL regional corporations and individual councillors have voiced expressions of acceptance and approval for the state of emergency and ensuing 9 pm to 5 am curfew imposed in designated crime “hot spots” across regional corporations in the country.

TOP leader supports State of Emergency

What’s the objective, asks Hotel & Tourism Association president

Gangs get warning from Sandy
GANG members who have been plotting to wage war against law enforcement agencies in retaliation for their arrest under the State of Emergency are being warned that such actions are not wise.

Detainee takes legal action
CUTHBERT LEE, the alleged gang leader from Trinidad who was said to have been arrested by law enforcement officials while hiding out in Tobago, has taken legal action against the State.

Mother: What did my sons do to be arrested?
A Pleasantville mother is accusing the police of using the current State of Emergency to terrorise her family.

Subhas: Review anti-gang law
FORMER minister in the Ministry of National Security Subhas Panday has described the Anit-Gang Legislation as severe, as he admitted there were loopholes in the law that could lead to people being abused…

Powers of Police and Army clarified
Emergency Powers Regulations 2011

EOC clears air on complaints
No person arrested during the state of emergency may file a complaint against the State with the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) on the ground that he/she was discriminated against because of where he/she lives.

Shotgun, pistols recovered
DURING a 12-hour exercise in the Western Division on Saturday, officers recovered a 12-guage pump action shotgun and two Ruger pistols with 18 rounds of ‘live’ ammunition. Twenty persons were also arrested on various offences.

Sandy not happy with number of guns found
National Security Minister John Sandy is not satisfied that only 15 guns have been confiscated in the crime clean-up operations so far.

Michael Harris: Unleashing the whirlwind
What there was, was a knee-jerk reaction to a sudden spike in murders and a fear that her Government, already being challenged for its incompetence and its ineptitude, would suffer more political blows if it were to be perceived by the population that this latest upsurge in crime were to have gone unanswered.

Soldiers’ families beaten
ON THE heels of allegations of soldier brutality last Thursday in Forres Park, Claxton Bay comes allegations of another beating at the hands of soldiers, this time inside a pub in South Oropouche on Saturday. Among those beaten, it was reported, were the wife and daughter of a soldier.

Attorney threatens to sue ‘Newsday’ over PSC story
POLICE Service Commission (PSC) member attorney Martin George has threatened to sue Newsday for defamation of character following an article which claimed he was responsible for issuing a press release from the PSC which led to confusion surrounding the current curfew.

Emergency strategies for a brighter future

Another gang leader arrested
SENIOR POLICE officers of the Southern, Northern and North Eastern Divisions yesterday commended their respective officers for their “unremitting fight against criminal elements and their activities”.

Different ‘airing’ time for gangsters
ALLEGED gang members currently detained at the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca are being given separate “airing times” (time out of their cell) compared to the regular prisoner body.

21st Century thinking
Last Wednesday’s sod turning ceremony by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar marking the start of construction of a new $35 million Arima Police Station which in turn heralds the planned direction of 17 additional stations will provide not only a more timely response and greater security for citizens but for better accommodation and peace of mind for the police officers manning them.

Search on for patrol vessels
ALMOST one year after the People’s Partnership Government cancelled a contract to purchase three Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) from a British ship-building firm, the search is now on for “patrol vessels of proven design for the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (Coast Guard)”.

12 thoughts on “Teen apologises on Facebook for Kamla threat”

  1. This teenager should be thrown in jail no question asked. I saw that video and find that she was quite bold and acting like a young girl who is possessed by hatred for the Prime Minister. Regardless if she appologise, the law must deal with this young criminal and send a message to these morons who belong to a subterranean world view.

  2. When Threatening a Politician Is Still Free Speech

    Two weeks before the 2008 election, a California man left a vicious message about Barack Obama on a Yahoo finance message board. “Re: Obama fk the niggar, he will have a 50 cal in the head soon.” He followed it up with another ugly post, which began simply: “Shoot the nig.”

    There was more to come. On Election Day, the same poster sent disturbing emails about shooting someone that, as one court put it, “would appear to confirm the malevolent nature of the previous statements” – as well as the poster’s “own malignant nature.”

    One of the message board participants reported the initial postings, and the Secret Service investigated.
    Full Article : time.com

    1. That man days will be numbered. Once the secret service gets this information, in just a short time he would die of heart attack. During the Clinton years opponents were “taken out”,no one could prove anything. They have the best ways to end someone’s life. The government can take out anyone at anytime, they don’t need anyone’s permission.

  3. The big bullies having proven their incapability to confront the real criminals in society, have now set their sights on an ill-advised and indisciplined pubescent female. What a joke.

    1. Yeah everything is ah joke.This is how criminals are born when big people like yourself and MP Browne instead of condemning this girl for the wrong she did would be quick to explain how the girl so traumatised and to leave her alone.She big enough to know right from wrong and if you do wrong then there are consequences.

  4. “The big bullies having proven their incapability to confront the real criminals in society, have now set their sights on an ill-advised and indisciplined pubescent female. What a joke”.

    Surely you are not condoning this sort of objectionable behavior,as someone who is noted for intelligent postings?

    I wonder what you reaction was to the “nappy headed hoes” comment by the American broadcaster?

  5. TMan and Mamoo, get real!

    Do you read blogs on this and other sites and see the vulgar and condescending comments made about Black people, including politicians described as dogs and worse?

    Get real!

    What shocked me no end was the level of vulgarity by the 14 year old and as well by other young people. Theirs is a world very different from mine as a child. There’s is not only the world of Facebook and Blackberry, but also of Grand Theft Auto.

    For those of you who are rousing your ire over what this girl has said, go to your nearest video store where they regularly sell such videogames to children as young as five and ask yourself, why be upset by this girl and not also at those who, licensed by the government can bring in voddeogames that teach young boys how to pose as taxidrivers cruising and pick up unsuspecting females as “passengers” and then kidnap them to solitary places where to rape and maul and maim and murder them?

    The world we have created for these youth is one uf uncertainty, unsafety, of having to grow up before they leave grade school.

    Her behaviour is inexscusable, and worse, it is pathetic and a source of deep sorrow that a young girl could harbour such thoughts, and not only she, but others with even more base videos, girls barely teenagers discussing how to please a man by suc*ing his co*k whenever…

    Have we as adults left them a safer world than the one we met? With more environmental hazards and less hope?

    And one would think that the politicials who would now decry her give better examples of maturity, what with all their guntalk and bombast!

  6. Poison in young minds

    Newsday Editorial
    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    There is a perception among many people — and some of them surely know better — that the “social media”, Facebook, Twitter, texting, and the like provides an outlet for totally free expression. That this opinion can reside among those who, prior to social media, never commented on current affairs in any way, is partially understandable.

    Young people, who never wrote letters to an editor, never participated in daily call-in programmes or involved themselves in discussions about current events, might feel that they are free to text or post any libel, slander, obscenity or seditious material on the internet. However, when media personnel, members of parliament and indeed anyone who has lived through a previous state of emergency (or emergencies), pretend that they do not understand the implications of seditious or inflammatory postings, we are facing serious issues indeed.

    Of course we are referring to the recent posting on YouTube, of seditious, inflammatory and obscene comments, which included threats against the Prime Minister, by a girl said to be fourteen years old. Two issues arise here: the specific incident, and how the authorities, and indeed the girl’s parents, deal with the matter, and of course the wider issue, brought to the fore by the girl’s video, of what controls in law, or in “custom”, must apply to social media messaging.

    We do not include ourselves among those who claim that now she has posted an apology the matter should be closed. And we distance ourselves further from the comments of Diego Martin Central MP Dr Amery Browne, that the girl has been traumatized by the turmoil arising from her action, and she should be left alone. Dr Browne falls squarely into the category mentioned above, in that we believe he knows better, and should not be seeking to gain points against the Government in this unfortunate matter.

    Sedition, slander, incitement and obscenity can be prosecuted whether it is written in the newspapers, spoken on radio or television, or in any public place. It stands to reason that printing or speaking on the internet, or via texting, FaceBook or Twitter, must conform to the same public standards and laws which govern “free speech” in our society. There is not, and has never been, any unfettered right to “free speech”, where one can shout “Fire!” in a crowded room if no fire exists”. Similarly, no one, and especially no child, is allowed to use this new-found “media of easy convenience” to slander, threaten or abuse anyone else.

    But the matter under discussion is compounded when someone abuses and threatens the Prime Minister during a state of emergency. That video posting would normally demand immediate detention of the person who posted it.

    The child, and indeed her parents, must acknowledge that a very serious and dangerous breach of the SoE Regulations was committed. If she has “become traumatised”, then she should be counselled. But it is she who traumatised herself, not AG Ramlogan or anyone else. We believe that she and her parents must stand before a magistrate and explain how she did this thing. We do not advocate punishment, but suggest that that she and her parents receive counselling beyond this self-inflicted trauma.

    Young people would be well advised to know that prospective employers now check applicants’ “postings” to judge what sort of standards they maintain for themselves.

    To everyone else: We urge you all to stop seeing the proposed monitoring of social networks as “dictatorship” and the suppression of free speech, and appreciate that sedition is sedition, especially when posted in cyberspace.

    And as far as Mr Browne is concerned he seems to have a very short memory.

    Mr Browne’s reference to a “minor” being traumatised because objections were raised to her behaviour, is instructive. Has he forgotten that among the 140/plus insurrectionists who in 1990 violently and murderously tried to overthrow a duly elected government of this country, was a boy of 14 years who had no problem holding a gun? Has he also forgotten his own pious protestations in Parliament not so long ago and his “shock” at the abusive language of one Nicki Minaj at a concert in Port of Spain?


    1. “The child, and indeed her parents, must acknowledge that a very serious and dangerous breach of the SoE Regulations was committed”

      The Prime Minister was good enough to accept her appology however, I did note that she was a bit “choked up” when talking about the issue. I am sure it affected her as it would anyone of us who are threatened and abused in such a manner. Nevertheless, this girl behaviour reflect the subterranean culture that exist amongst black youths. Being a teenager I am sure this girl was influenced by her environment. Gangsta rap advocates violence and disrespect for elders. Hopefully this young lady can turn her life around before it is too late.

  7. The parents should be prosecuted. Its not just her. She is expressing the views of her friend and family.

  8. i live in new york and have seen it all and heard it all in the 41 years i have been here iam 67years and this is the worst thing i have heard coming from a child mouth she needs some sort of therapy prison is not the answer mom and dad get some sort of help for your self so that your daughter will not end up dead at an early age

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