Breakdown of State of Emergency ‘Hot Spots’

State of EmergencyAs part of the state of emergency announced by the Prime Minister a curfew will be in effect from 9 pm to 5 am for the next two weeks in a list of hot spots.

Residents in the designated areas engaged in activities that require them to be outside during those hours can seek a permit granting the necessary clearance by making an application at the police station nearest their residence. (

Affected areas are as follows:

The City of Port of Spain

St. James East

St. James West


Northern Port of Spain

Belmont East

Belmont North & West

Southern Port of Spain

East Dry River

St. Ann’s River South

St. Ann’s River Central

St. Ann’s River North

Belmont South

The City of San Fernando


Les Efforts East/Cipero

Les Efforts West/La Romain

Marabella East

Marabella South/Vistabella

Marabella West

Mon Repos/Navet


Spring Vale/Paradise

The Borough of Arima


Arima North East

Arima West

Arima Central




The Borough of Chaguanas



Enterprise North

Enterprise South




Munroe Road/Caroni Savannah

The San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation

Maracas Bay/Santa Cruz/La Fillette

Febeau/Bourg Mulatresse

Morvant/Upper Malick

San Juan West/Caledonia

St. Ann’s/Cascade/Mon Repos West

St. Barb’s Chinapoo


Success/Trou Macaque

Aranguez/Warner Village


Petit Bourg/Champ Fleurs/Mt. Lambert

San Juan East

The Diego Martin Regional Corporation


Goodwood/La Puerta


Diamond Vale

Morne Coco/Alyce Glen

Petit Valley/Cocorite

St. Lucien/Cameron Hill

Belle Vue/Bossiere #1

Moka/Bossiere #2

20 thoughts on “Breakdown of State of Emergency ‘Hot Spots’”

  1. I am happy to see that a new approach is being taken to stop the tide of violent crimes. The PM must heed the call of the PNM for joint talks to find solutions for the problem. The government has run out of ideas after making brave statements about how they would solve the problem and condemning the former governments. Please be humble enough and admit failure. Consult before it is too late.

  2. This decision made by the PRIME MINISTER OF TRINIDAD&TOBAGO is the most effective act of law to attack crime.Those insurgent of drugs and crime should be dealth with to the full extent of the law, I love this PRIME MINISTER she is the best for the caribbean also the corrupt GOVERMENT OFFICIALS should be put in an EMERGENCY LOCKUP EVEN after the State Of Emergency, I am a U.S CITIZEN AND I LOVE THE PRIME MINISTER.

  3. I think its the best thing the government could do ,given the situation the country is in

  4. Why don’t the port cities; Moruga, Cedros etc, appear on this list? If memory serves the cities and towns that appear on this list were the bastion of the middle class. Hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens.

    Is the purpose of the PM’s emergency measures a pre-emptive strike against the hard working citizens of the nation and their Unions; who might want to show their dis-satisfaction with their prevailing wage and the ridiculus 5% Cola increase presently in contention?

    If this were really an attempt to stop the lawlessness in T’n’T surely the PM would have placed a lock down on the points of entry for the drugs and guns. Yet the entire south-west coast of T’n’T remains vulnerable and probably more so no that our soldiers and police are over-supplied in these unnecessary areas. St Anns, Cascade, Les Efforts, Vistabella, Petit Valley, c’mon.

  5. I am a Canadian citizen who was born in Trinidad.Once upon a time that island was a paradise.”Back in the day” to engage in sports was a part of my mortal existence.Our motto:”the best means of defence is to attack.”Hon.Prime Minister may God guide in your attempt to purge TnT of these abysmal miscreants.One of my desires is that you become”the mother of the nation.”This accomplishment requires more than one term of office.I will endeavour,and encourage as many “ex-pats etc” to support your cause in the next general election.The pseudonym “swordfish” is somewhat applicable; although “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Sometimes,(in this instance)the pen,and sword are interchangeable.Continued success my humble prayers are with you.God bless….

  6. Justice only cries out where there is in-justice. 9-5 sounds like a good shift. What about from 6-8 most of these elements would be heading out in no -hot spot areas.
    Good move PM !!! but check some of the Penalties that should go with committing Crimes. To some of those hard-core violent criminals this might just be another JOKE.

  7. Another knee-jerk reaction or phase one of a bigger plan by the prime minister? A lockdown of these area means the criminals have more time to plan their next move,let us hope the crime rate decreases after the two weeks,Yeah Right! and I dream of winning the lotto and buying my way to fantasy Island.

  8. All holes need to be blocked Pleas include all areas. Anywhere air can pass aman may try so if you want to catch a bird dont just clip the wings puncture the vein so it will take along time to heal. not all advise come from a book some just need to be realize In other words Block tobago and all other holes that roaches can laid eggs because they wil soon hatch there i only take one perosn to spread a virus and many to cath it. Good luck

  9. Please enforce our coat of arms Together we Aspire and Together we Achieve. If his is your moto. A change must come.
    Don,t Just clean the island, clean the head also. Corruption is a rich thing, and no small income can survie it. So let forcus on the achivers, and reel out the trini swissbankers, their provisions are divisions, and needs to have revision before going for submission

  10. The level of crime in Trinidad is as bad as the worst parts of the world. It is dangerous for Trinidadians and foreighners alike.Visitors are in a more dangerous position as they are viewed as prime targets for robbery.Violence now appears to be a part of the robbery package as criminals have no value for a victims life.Most of the crime appears to be committed by young black male. Being a black man myself this is disheartening.Behaviour is thought in your family home,church,school and to some degree by relatives and peers in your neighbourhood.Strong family upbringing dominated in the pre 40’s,50’s and 60’s. In the more modern era of working mothers,TV and video games there appears to have been a major decline in disipline unless you have attended the better schools or forged a proper education.With an education you have some hope to survive.Why are most of the criminals coming from among black youth.We have equal learning capabilities. Has there been a breakdown in family values? Why are most of the violent criminals
    only coming from certain districts? Is crime an accepted norm in these areas? We have tough guys throughout the island but they do not view crime as the primary avenue for survival as appears to be the case in Morvant Lavantille and some of the other bad lands in our island.These known areas should under strong and continuous surveylance in the fight against crime as they are clearly the hot bed for criminals.
    The pendulum must swing to the extreme to minimize crime.Capital punishment should come as an automation with violent crimes, if found guilty. Insumountable bail for possession of arms.Minimum of 5 to 10 years for unlawful possession of guns. Naval and aireal surveyance of known drug import areas.(ships in the yauth club) and other points of entry should be gated and subject to on going surveylance.Morvant,Lavantille and San Juan should have an extended lock down.
    The road from Morvant to Gonzales should be closed permanently with a 15 feet brick to keep the Morvant rif raf out of Belmont.
    Some Police are now known to be a part of the crime problem.Some purging of the police force is required. Bribery with money has created problems in both the Police Force and Customs.
    More surveylance cameras should be planted in hot bed areas to identify criminals. Criminals are operating fearlessly.If caught their youth should be taken away 20 to 25 years

  11. Curfew order

    August 23 2011 –

    The following is Legal Notice No 164, issued by Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams, stating the conditions of The Emergency Powers Curfew Order, 2011 which applies to the areas of Port-of-Spain, San Fernando, Arima, Chaguanas, Diego Martin, San Juan/Laventille:

    1. This Order may be cited as the Emergency Powers (Curfew) Order, 2011.

    2. This Order applies to the areas described in the Schedules and such areas as are declared Curfew Areas for the purpose of the Emergency Powers Regulations, 2011.

    3. Subject to the exemption hereinafter provided, no person shall be out of doors in the areas and at the times specified in the Schedules without a permit in writing of the Commissioner of Police or such other person or authority as may be authorised by him for the purpose and any such permission may be granted subject to such conditions as may be specified therein.

    4. A person shall be exempted from the requirement to be in possession of a permit, who, on being required so to do by any police officer or member of the Defence Force in uniform, produces evidence that he is–

    (a) a police officer or member of the Defence Force who is on duty;

    (b) a person who is the holder of a permit as mentioned in paragraph 3.

    5. (1) A permit referred to in paragraph 3 may be obtained upon written application to the officer in charge of a police station.

    (2) An applicant for a permit referred to in paragraph 3 shall provide to the officer in charge of the police station to whom the application is made, his name, home address and, if employed, work address and telephone number or numbers, if more than one.


    Between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. in the City of Port-of-Spain as demarcated in the First Schedule to the Municipal Corporations Act.


    Between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. in the city of San Fernando as demarcated in the First Schedule to the Municipal Corporations Act.


    Between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. in the Borough of Arima as demarcated in the First Schedule to the Municipal Corporations Act.


    Between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. in Borough of Chaguanas as demarcated in the First Part of the Second Schedule to the Municipal Corporations Act.


    Between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. in the Region of Diego Martin as demarcated in the Second Part of the Second Schedule to the Municipal Corporations Act.


    Between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. in the Region of San Juan/Laventille as demarcated in the Second Part of the Second Schedule to the Municipal Corporations Act.

    Made by the Commissioner of Police this 22nd day of August, 2011.


    Acting Commissioner of Police,146069.html

  12. It’s time to act and put and end to this problems. Trinidad and Tobago are two beautiful islands and we can’t have this going on in the country. Forget the Queen’s laws and think about how the U.S.A. will handle this problem. Do like New York and put them on the sea in jail.

  13. you need to send all gangs to bagdad thats it and they want to shoot and kill send them there ok miss PM .

  14. In the US government has been caught supplying drug cartels in Mexico (tracing them back to the US) as well as in the States with weapons. It’s a false flag operation with the ultimate goal to abolish the 2nd Amendment, the right to wear arms. They want to scare the heck out of the populace so that they roll over to new control measures. With the UK riots the same thing: thugs were paid to bring chaos to the streets to scare citizens into agreeing to yet more controls, and they already have cam surveillance at every corner. This smacks of Big Brother coming your way as well. It would not at all astonish me, if they keep this state of emergency up for an indefinite time, nay I bet on it. Already they are saying that they might extend it, duh! Watch the Alex Jones channel on Youtube, and educate yourself about the goals of the New World Order. Organize a chapter of We Are Change (wearechange dot org). This is serious people. You’ve got to wake up from your trance they’ve put you in with TV and video games, and get real. There’s not much time left.

  15. Good luck to the PM and all concerned with try to bring order to our beautiful islands. May the citizens remain safe and give their support to this strong but necessary action. Every blessing. Linda

  16. Good political move-Hope you get the “real” gangsters-The ones who hide behind the scenes with disguised businesses-part of the police and army services with money and illegal drug connections. Transforming a culture rampant with corruption, illegal drugs and bribery to a culture of respectful self-worth is challenging, in a country with economic wealth being old and gas and illegal drugs-Good luck and hope someday the “island of paradise” will return.

  17. Day 3 of lock down and one of the country’s well known drug barons is still walking the streets. Haven’t heard of his house getting searched nor any of his close associates arrested. Haven’t heard of the bosses from sealots,hell yard,st barbs, Monroe Rd john john, Belmont or bamboo getting arrested. A real war on crime would involve reprogramming the minds of every violent human being in this land to value LIFE more than emotion and money. Teach Trinidad and Tobago to love.

  18. We have come from the land of the humming bird to the land of the corbeau, and it is time that not only the petty criminal and bandit is rooted out but time for the big corbeau to get his due. These bandits have a controller and the drugs have people with community ties and positions of power. Search from the top down. Waterboard the ringleaders if that’s what it takes to get the controllers. This is the only way to stop this crime wave, or TT will go the way of Columbia and Mexico.
    time to curtail the liberal bleeding heart, politically correct horse ptoees!! and get the job done.
    Where has our beautiful humming bird gone eh?

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