Are Israel and Hamas guilty of war crimes?

The Israel-Gaza war has been raging for a week, resulting in thousands of casualties in Gaza and Israel.

Israel announced a “total blockade” of Gaza, blocking access to food, electricity, water and fuel. This decision comes after Hamas launched a surprise attack against Israel, killing at least a thousand Israelis.

Many have raised concerns about continuing war crimes, such as the targeting of civilians, taking of hostages and collective punishment.

On UpFront this week, Marc Lamont Hill challenges Hamas senior spokesperson Osama Hamdan and Former Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.

Obama’s Tweet about Israel-Palestine is a Problem

The purpose of this video is to give important context and nuance concerning the Occupation of Palestine… it’s meant to be an educational video that provides some context and not conflict!

Critics argue that settler colonialism in Israel has had a profound impact on the indigenous Palestinian population. They highlight that it has resulted in the loss of land, resources, and political rights for Palestinians, as well as the creation of a system of unequal power and privilege that favors Jewish settlers. The establishment of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, such as the West Bank, continues to be a contentious issue in the Israeli Occupation of Israel!

Video Credit: @arabicmclovin @crutches_and_spice

Education is Elevation.

Video Credit: @arabicmclovin