Prime Minister on school violence

We can’t beat our way out of it

By Jensen La Vende
April 21, 2022 –

PM Dr Keith RowleyCORPORAL PUNISHMENT will not be the solution for school violence the Prime Minister said on Thursday as he responded to number of videos of school children fighting.

Speaking with the media at the Piarco International Airport on Thursday, Dr Rowley said a better approach must be used.

“There is no intention to beat our way out of this,” Rowley said when asked if the re-introduction of corporal punishment would be used to curb school violence.

In a media release on Thursday, the Education Ministry said it assembled a team to look at appropriate measures to curb school violence since suspension seems to have the opposite effect. The ministry said suspension now is seen as a “badge of honour.” The statement said based on the School Discipline Matrix, suspension is one of the most severe punishment used as a deterrent.
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