The Strategy of Denial: Goading China into War

Streamed live on Sep 15, 2021
A conversation on Elbridge A. Colby’s book The Strategy of Denial which offers an examination of how America’s defense strategy should change in order to checkmate China’s growing power.

“Elbridge A. Colby was the lead architect of the 2018 National Defense Strategy, the most significant revision of U.S. defense strategy in a generation. Here he lays out how America’s defense must change to address China’s growing power and ambition.

Based firmly on the realist tradition but deeply engaged in current policy, this book offers a clear framework for what America’s goals in confronting China must be, how its military strategy must change, and how it must prioritize these goals over its lesser interests.” Source:

Strategists admit West is goading China into war

By Nury Vittachi and Phill Hynes
December 01, 2021 –

US military experts say a war over Taiwan is desirable, because Asia’s growth to become world’s economic heartland has become unstoppable.

Yes, we want war. But just a small one, please, followed by a quick surrender. The United States is diligently working with Australia and the UK to goad China into what they hope will be a limited war over Taiwan, according to military strategists. By continually poking at the giant developing nation, the aim is to force it to fire the first bullet — and then use that to paint China as the protagonist, the bully that the rest of the world must unite against.

To prepare for this, the partners in the scheme are teaming up. Rather like the “coalition of the willing” in the Iraq War 2.0, the US is pushing for another misadventure, this time through a coalition of the coerced.
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